Chapter - 109: My enemy’s enemy is my friend
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Two masked men, encountered each other, in a secluded dark park, not very far away from the casino of Tian Gang. The difference was, Ye Feng’s face mask was a white grimace face, while the opposite party had a black skeleton face mask.

Through his mask, Ye Feng stuck his eyes at the opposite party, and in a sinking voice, asked : “Who are you?”

“Don’t be so nervous.”

The skeleton masked man stayed still, raised his hands, and with a chuckle, said : “As the saying goes, my enemy’s enemy is my friend. So friend, may I dare to ask your ultimate goal, isn’t it Cai Shao?”

As the word went out, the razor-sharp mind of Ye Feng started racing instantly.

This guy, how did he even guess that his ultimate goal was Cai Shao? Moreover, he also said that ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’, after all what was his identity?

“In good faith, I would like to show you my identity.”

The skeleton masked man smiled softly, as he took out a silver token from the bosom of his western-styled clothing suit. He tossed it twice in his hands, and then lifted it in front of Ye Feng’s eyes in order to show him.

Southern Heavenly Gates!

These three characters made Ye Feng instantaneously understand the identity of this fellow.

A year ago, when the mysterious organisation had just come into light, by using his enormous power, it had immediately eradicated the complete existence of Southern Heavenly Gates, which was one of the big four gangs of Yanjing. And as the rumour spread, it not only eradicated this gang, but had also slaughtered its whole family, making the entire gang completely disappear from Yanjing.

Was this human skeleton masked man, by any chance, the member of Southern Heavenly Gates?

No wonder that the enemy’s enemy is a friend. Because of that Cai Shao, this guy’s hatred was certainly deeper than Ye Feng!

“Well, correct, the enemy’s enemy is my friend.”

Ye Feng pretended as if he was now relieved.


However, all of a sudden a muffled sound echoed everywhere, making the heart of Ye Feng skip a beat. Promptly he looked up and saw that skeleton masked man had pulled out a pistol and fired a shot directly towards him!

Of course, his target was not Ye Feng, but it was that young dealer, who was still in Ye Feng’s clutch. Bullet precisely hit his forehead, making him perish instantly.

“After knowing my existence, it was impossible for me to still let him alive.”

The skeleton masked man said faintly.

“The marksmanship is quite good.”

Ye Feng smiled, and tossed the body of that young dealer off nearby dense bushes: “Perhaps we really can cooperate.”

So easily, he could kill the man of the so-called great Tian Gang, Ye Feng was finally almost confirmed that this masked man was indeed standing on his side.

“Soon people will start arriving here, let’s go to some other place first, then we’ll talk about the rest of things.”

The skeleton masked man said while looking around.

Although it was a remote park, but still it had been the favourite spot of a lot of young couples. Just a few minutes back, almost all people had run away out of fear, but soon some other new couples might come. And if they would notice the corpses, then Ye Feng along with that masked man, would certainly get caught in some big trouble. So, the early they would leave this place, it would be better for them.

In any case, because of the technique used by Ye Feng, the police could definitely not find out his identity, moreover, in this case, two gorillas were involved, it was quite normal that the general police wouldn’t be competent to process this matter.

Both of them, after mutually arriving at an agreement to maintain a distance of ten meters between them, before as well as after leaving this remote park, finally left that place. The man in the skeleton mask was leading the way. He was walking towards the western side along a small alley.

Naturally, Ye Feng was calmly following him.

This skeleton masked man was hidden for a whole one year, so it was quite obvious that he might be knowing about Cai Shao much more than him, and most probably he would also be knowing where Cai Shao would be hidden right now.

If something went wrong, then Ye Feng would immediately wave his sword to flatten him then and there.

Threats must be resolved immediately, he wouldn’t be lenient!

“Just now the guy I shot was the head of Tian Gang’s casino, and was actually called as Fang elder brother. He used to kill several people every day, who weren’t able to pay their gambling debts. He had also led several people towards the road of losing everything, which immediately followed by bankruptcy. He truly deserved to be damned ……”

While leading the way, the skeleton masked man slowly continued explaining things : “And tonight, his duty was to let Lin Zhiqing gamble and lose all public funds, and leave behind a big evidence, so that they could start their preparation for the big action”

“Is Lin Clan the prime target of Cai Shao?”

Ye Feng asked.

“More or less, yes.”

He smiled and in a very soft voice, said : “He has been sent by Pei Keang Group to China, with the assignment to control and nibble away the property of Lin Clan gradually, to disrupt the economy of the country China, so that they can develop prohibited drugs and drift them into the domestic market of China. Furthermore, their other plan is to nurture a group of loyal subordinates here in this country. ”

“Pei Keang Group …… as expected, Cai Shaohong is Cai Shao!”

Immediately coldness flashed in Ye Feng’s eyes.

“Correct, as for Lin Clan, Cai Shao’s plan is very detailed. His plan is to threaten Lin Zhiqing, to control Lin Xiuwen, and lastly for Lin Shiqing, his wants to completely take possession of her …………………. to resort to extreme measures!”

With somewhat regret, he continued : “Unfortunately, his secret effort is too perfect to the extent that even if these matters would be told to someone else, still no one would ever believe it.”

Indeed, such a grand plan, even someone would plan to implement like this, he would totally fail, because it was simply inconceivable. Must be said, if this planned came out successful, then the economy of the entire country China would collapse, making the person with high aspirations, seek the sudden huge profits from it!

Moreover, during weekdays, usually Cai Shaohong, with the help of his performance in Yanshan University, had also paralysed almost everyone, apart from the present guy, the man in the skeleton mask.

“So, how about you, how did you know about all these things including his plan?”

Overwhelmed with relish, Ye Feng asked : “It seems that you have that identity which can make him trust you.”

“Ha-ha, if you can get rid of him, you’ll know.”

That masked man chuckled softly and said : “Let’s take your current strength, even if you have huge power, still it would be best for you to not to butt heads with him, because just like the previously encountered gorilla, there are over a hundred of that kind, who are lurking around Cai Shao …….”

When Ye Feng heard that there were more than a hundred gorillas, his heart suddenly felt a chill. As per his current strength, to bump into a single one of them was really a bit difficult for him to manage. And now this shocking fact there was over a hundred of such strange thing. But the important point was, where had been they usually kept?

Without waiting for Ye Feng to fire his question once again, the skeleton masked man again continued : “Since, Lin Zhiqing’s things have been resolved, then let’s go nearby Yanshan University. It may be possible that he might try to accomplish one of his plans tonight.”

“What plan?”

Ye Feng asked that with some doubts.

“In some way, get control of Lin Xiuwen ……”

The masked man chuckled and said: “Thus, from here onwards, you can see the calamity without end. There is a person, the young lady of Xiao Clan, she will be sacrificed in this plan. But, I, alone as a single person, just by relying on my strength, can’t dare to destroy this plan.”

The young lady of Xiao Clan?

The moment he listened to his words, suddenly a scene flashed in his mind, from today’s early morning, when Cai Shaohong and Lin Xiuwen were talking something , while they were on the basketball court.

Was it Xiao Qi?

Ye Feng suddenly again recalled another scene from today’s morning, when he was in that café, and had met that lively and pretty young girl as well as the owner of that case. For a while, he slightly pondered about her. Although at present, he only wanted to deal with Cai Shaohong, but if Xiao Qi was involved in his plan, then no matter what, but his plan wasn’t appropriate from any angle.

“Let’s go to Yanshan University college first to have a look around, afterwards come along with me to deal with that Cai Shao, what say?”

In a sinking voice, Ye Feng asked.

He was still constantly thinking about the basement of Cai Shaohong’s villa, where he had sensed divine spiritual influence.

“It depends on whether you have enough strength or not for that.”

The skeleton masked man also replied in a low voice and then said that he himself was just an average person, even if he had a pistol, but still he couldn’t pose a threat to Cai Shaohong. Otherwise, he had been ambushing for one year, had long been personally killed Cai Shaohong.

In order to exterminate Cai Shaohong, he could only rely on Ye Feng!

“Don’t take it wrong, but wait for an opponent, he is really worthy of consideration.”

In a somewhat dignified tone, the skeleton masked man said while holding a serious looking expression on his face: “If you have the sufficient strength to defeat him, then without further ado, let’s go to deal with Cai Shaohong and resolve this matter once and for all, tonight!”

As for this match, Ye Feng thought that it was worth paying attention to his rival, could it be that his rival was a very powerful martial artist from the world of the martial arts?

However, he didn’t ask anything. Not long after, they advanced towards the western side, and soon approached near an apartment close to Yanshan University, the environment around was pretty good and quite calm.

The night breeze was blowing gently, it was fairly peaceful nearby the apartment, after all, it was night, naturally the residential area couldn’t be too noisy.

“The young lady of Xiao Clan has rented a house here ……”

As the skeleton masked man said that, exactly at the same time, Ye Feng’s facial expression terrifically changed.

What he saw was under a street light, near the apartment, a lonely figure was standing, his body was wrapped in the tattered cloth, as if he was a beggar. But Ye Feng knew it wasn’t a beggar, because the facial features of that figure under the ragged cloth, was actually –

Zhao Yibei?

Wasn’t his corpse missing, then how did it appear here? Moreover, his face was pale and looking horrible, could it be that it also had something to do with Cai Shao’s plans?

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