Chapter - 11: – Weiming Lake
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Although Ye Feng did not know about his own background, but he would definitely use this chance to make this aquiline-nosed man suffer a hardship for getting him into this mess.

After his handcuffs were untied, Ye Feng smiled and in a very friendly manner, he patted on the shoulder of the aquiline-nosed policeman and said: “Thank you for taking care of me. I will certainly engrave this in mind.”

The aquiline-nosed man’s face suddenly darkened with horror clearly visible on it, but still squeezed out a smile and whispered: “Ye Shao, I was blind, why would you care about a petty and insignificant man like me ……”

“Oh? A moment ago, I think you seemed to be talking to some big personality?”

Ye Feng faintly smiled and said.

“What are you talking about?”

Aquiline-nosed man was almost scared to death, and in his heart, he cursed Boss Tian several times. Damn, he should have thoroughly investigated the background of Ye Feng before taking any major actions, because due to his negligence, he ended up kicking an iron wall.

In order to not incriminate himself in the eyes of Ye Feng, he made the decision almost immediately and said: “Ye Shao, I was instructed to do all this by Boss Tian, the chairman of Lantian Advertising company……”

“Isn’t his son named Tian Youliang?”

Ye Feng asked.


Aquiline-nosed man gawked for a moment.

“So the so-called protectors of justice, policemen, can also get their strings pulled by someone and can get controlled so easily, go back and get a good reflection on it.”

Ye Feng snorted and intentionally looked towards Chief Liu.

Chief Liu immediately perceived the look in Ye Feng’s eyes and responded: “Ye Shao, rest assured, Zhang Guocai has violated the discipline of police, so he will be suspended from duty effective immediately and an inspection will be also be performed.”


Ye Feng put on airs and looked around, then calmly picked up his cell phone from the table then swaggered outside.

With a wide smile on his face, Chief Liu saw him off at the entrance of the police station, but when he looked at his own cell phone, he suddenly remembered something then looked up and said: “Wait, Ye Shao, I forgot to inform you that you will have to take the trouble of going to the Weiming lakeside, someone’s waiting for you there.”

“Weiming lakeside?”

Ye Feng wrinkled his eyebrows and responded immediately, but he quickly understood that this person was definitely the one who helped him from the shadows and now he was waiting for him at the Weiming lakeside.

From the memories of this world’s Ye Feng, it was obvious that he had never become friends with any great person, so Ye Feng was also a bit curious to know who this person really was, who actually helped him at such a critical time.

“Got it.”

Ye Feng nodded and left the police station. Today, he never expected to face so many unexpected situations, and now, he was going to meet his powerful savior.

After he left, Chief Liu finally relaxed.

“Liu Ju, what is the backing of this kid?”

Aquiline-nosed man could not help and finally asked.

“Well, about today’s matter, you are not allowed to mention to anyone. Starting tomorrow, rest at home for a week, do not come to work.”

Chief Liu’s whole body was already covered in cold sweat, and after solemnly warning the aquiline-nosed man, he turned around and left. This matter ended for Ye Feng, but it was not yet finished for him.

Because, he will have to find ways to explain things to the Chairman of Su Sheng Group, as well as his own boss. There was no way for him to tell them that the person who called in favor of Ye Feng was actually more ‘Niubi’ than his boss, that he couldn’t dare to hold Ye Feng even for a second after getting a call from that person. (NT: Niubi means kickass, flamboyantly strong)

He was just hoping that he wouldn’t lose his position as the Chief of Public Security Bureau because he was unable to obtain the three grasses as instructed by his boss.


At this time, with a triumphant look on his face, Tian Youliang was already spreading the news on the internet group of their class that Ye Feng visited a prostitute and was involved in prostitution. He was arrested and was going to be locked up for more than 10 days, this news set off waves of rumors.

In the Yanxi villa, the unhappy looking Su Menghan had locked herself in her room, and to relieve her boredom, she was surfing on the internet, of course, also saw the news about Ye Feng.

“He visited a prostitute ……?”

Su Menghan thought of Ye Feng’s figure and could not help but be a little surprised.

She knew that Ye Feng was not such a type of person, well, he would always bunk classes and go skipping to play online games, but it was simply unfathomable for her to believe the news about Ye Feng visiting a prostitute.

She thought of calling Ye Feng, but then dropped the thought, and with a cool mind, she thought in her heart in a convincing manner that this wasn’t true right?

Just the thought of Ye Feng visiting a prostitute caused a burst of uncomfortable feeling in her heart and she felt like she would never think of that person again. She felt pathetic when she remembered the scene when she was embraced in his arms for a long time while escaping from those drunkards which made her feel even uncomfortable.

She got up and decided to take a bath, but just then, her phone rang.

She looked at the number, it was from Su Xinchang.

Hesitating a bit, she picked up the call.

“Su Menghan, regarding your matter, Dad has given a lot of thought today.”

Su Xinchang’s prosperous voice conveyed from the phone and seemed to contain a self-rebuking touch: “If you do not want to stay together with Aunt Xie, starting tomorrow, you can go back to our Qingfeng Park villa……”

“You are being so kind all of a sudden? Well, just state your purpose Dad.”

Su Menghan lightly snorted and said.

Her own mother had passed away, and this person her Dad just mentioned was “Aunt Xie”, whom her Dad remarried after his wife’s death. She was from the Yanjing City’s Xie Clan and Su Xinchang’s current achievements depended on Xie Clan to a great extent.

“Su Menghan, you deeply misunderstand Dad.”

Su Xinchang sighed: “Starting today, I will no longer interfere with you and Ye Feng’s matter. Last night, I had a very ill conceived approach about him. If you like him, I will support your relationship with him.”

It was not that Su Xinchang had developed conscience and compassion all of sudden, but he just received a phone call from Chief Liu Ju, and was informed about the ‘Niubi’ background of Ye Feng that even Chief Liu’s boss couldn’t put his hands on Ye Feng.

In that case, if he could use this opportunity to make his daughter, Su Menghan, to get close to Ye Feng and they get together, then he would undoubtedly be very happy.

Nowadays Su Sheng Group was at the economical and political center of Yanjing City in China, but it was only a second-rate influence. He was currently relying on Xie Clan but it was also a second-rate clan.

Ambitious Su Xinchang didn’t want to stop there and wanted to rise as high as he could and his relation with Ye Feng was going to be a great opportunity for him!

“I do not like that guy.”

Su Menghan said in a crisp voice and hung up the phone, and in her voice, an undisguised disgust for Ye Feng was clear.

Su Xinchang stood stunned after hearing her reply.

But he was not going to give up, and would continue to push Su Menghan towards Ye Feng, and this time, he planned to resort to a sure shot killer move. By using this move, Su Menghan would have no choice but to obediently listen to his words.


It was already dark outside when Ye Feng left the police station, and a while later, it got completely dark.

Weiming Lake was an artificial lake inside the Yanjing University, and although he didn’t know why the other party elected to meet in such a place, but Ye Feng still took a taxi and headed for Weiming Lake.

In this early April spring season, lovey-dovey couples could be seen roaming about in the Yanjing University everywhere. He was a student of Yan High School, and as a student, he had certainly visited Yanjing University before on school trips. Following his old memories, he walked towards the Weiming Lake.

“Weiming Lake is not small, where will that person wait for me?”

With some doubts in his heart, Ye Feng soon arrived at the stone road on Weiming lakeside and looked at the weeping willows lightly blowing in the breeze, and this atmosphere was pouring a somewhat comfortable feeling in his heart.

There were a lot of pedestrians on the lakeside but he did not see any suspicious looking individual among them.

But right at this time, a burst of gale suddenly hit him from behind!

“Sneak attack?”

Ye Feng immediately reacted and wanted to dodge to one side to see who it actually was, but things didn’t go as planned and he couldn’t dodge in time, and at that instant, it seemed as if a chestnut knocked on his head.


Ye Feng was knocked down and he lost his balance and his body crashed into the willow tree trunk making him to suddenly feel dizzy and his vision blurred.

His mind was alert and he quickly stood up and hastily turned his head but didn’t see anyone suspicious. There was only a University couple at the lakeside, giving him somewhat puzzled looks. They felt strange about this guy who seemed to be in good condition but still bumped into a tree.

Who was it?

Ye Feng was alarmed because it could be someone from the World of the Immortals who had stealthily attacked him!

“Brat, now do you feel emboldened?”

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