Chapter - 110: The rising dead
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Firstly, why the corpse of Zhao Yibei would appear here, and secondly, obviously it didn’t have the vitality, but still how could it move?

Ye Feng’s heart felt a slight chill, and in a sinking voice, he said:. “Where does Xiao Qi live? I’ll go over there first.”

“It’s the fourth floor of the second building ……”

The skeleton masked man barely said that, and the next moment, without wasting even a single second, Ye Feng rapidly moved his footsteps, simultaneously he cast out Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, and quickly advanced towards the mentioned building.

In the World of the Immortals, there were lots of Immortal Techniques related to dead bodies, such as Dead Soul Control, which was used to control the corpses of all the living creature of the world. Moreover, it could also preserve their fighting strength before death. It is rightly said that fierce are not afraid of dying, Immortal cultivators, who used to practice this Immortal Technique, were used to be incredibly formidable.

But on this planet earth, was there the existence of this kind of thing?

Ye Feng didn’t think about it much, he just ran quickly, and soon arrived in front of the second building. When he looked up, his eyes fell on something, which suddenly gave his heart a severe jolt. He saw a guy standing on the balcony of the third floor of that building, and was also wrapped in a ragged cloth, just like Zhao Yibei.

“Tornado Axe?!”

Totally thunderstruck, Ye Feng’s heart took a sudden jump. That tall and sturdy fellow, with a pale face, and clearly visible scars on his throat, wasn’t that the trace of him being struck and killed by the flying knife of Zhu Bainiao? Ye Feng still clearly remembered the scene from before, back then, Tornado Axe’s corpse was perfectly disposed of by Scar and Zhao Yibei. They had carefully thrown his body in the flowing river, then how could he be here?

The point was why on the earth he appeared here at this place. But still, Ye Feng couldn’t afford to waste a single second to ponder about it right now.

Without waiting for the Skeleton masked man to keep up with him, he directly made an effort, started condensing his Zhenqi under his foot and quickly leapt high. Coupled with the explosive force of Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, he jumped directly to the third floor’s balcony!

If it was someone else from the world of the martial arts, then let alone five years of Cultivation, even if he had a decade of Cultivation, still it was next to impossible for him to jump so high, unless he used to practice any exquisite and incomparable subtle dodge. However, Ye Feng, merely relying on the strength of his Zhenqi, partnered with Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, easily enhanced his jumping ability, which was completely beyond the reach of ordinary people, and that also from several times.


An orangish-red Zhenqi sword condensed out at once and immediately dazzled in his hand. By the moment Tornado Axe could react, his head was sliced off from his body, and was immediately kicked off. As a result, he heavily collided with the wall of the balcony, and his entire body burst out, making his whole body turned into one handful of ashes!

Upon seeing this scene, Ye Feng’s heart stopped beating for a while and his mind blanked out, wasn’t the corpse of Tornado Axe an entity? Then, in that case, just a moment ago, that Zhao Yibei’s ……

“As expected, he would be here ……”

Right at this time, an old and gloomy voice spread out from inside the room attached to this balcony, along with the cries of a young girl asking for help, as well as a snarling roar of a youth, as if he had lost his senses.

“Xiao Qi, Lin Xiuwen? And who is that old man?”

Ye Feng’s heart was extremely vigilant at this moment, he immediately cast out Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace once again, and by grasping his long orangish-red Zhenqi sword, moved fast and in one fell swoop broke open the balcony’s door, and rushed in the room.

He saw a pink-coloured bedroom of a young girl, where Lin Xiuwen was standing in a very strange condition. His upper part of the body was bare, his whole body’s skin was rising red, he was constantly making a sound like a general roar of a wild beast, while pushing a young girl to the corner. This young lady, wasn’t she Lin Shiqing’s best friend, the young proprietress of Qi Qi Cafe, Xiao Qi of Xiao Clan?

But right now, Xiao Qi’s originally brightly glowing and lovely face was clouded by the two obvious bloodstains and her snow white nightgown was totally ragged. Holding high-heeled shoes in her hands, she was continuously pounding towards Lin Xiuwen, as if she was trying to kick him out.

Very obviously, the beastly personality of Lin Xiuwen had completely taken over his mind, and had made him delirious. And in this delirious state, he was trying to harm Xiao Qi. However, Xiao Qi was not that kind of a girl, who used to sit and wait for her death, instead, on the one hand, she was crying for help, while on the other hand, she was protecting herself from him.

Besides those two people, there was no one else in the room.

“Just now, was that the voice of an old man?”

Ye Feng was still super vigilant, instantly leaving behind a remnant afterimage, his stature flashed and appeared in front of Xiao Qi, and in a fraction of a second, he kicked that crazy Lin Xiuwen, making his whole body flew, and with a huge force, “bang” he bumped into the wall.

“Are you all right?”

Ye Feng, wearing a grimace face mask, turned his head and by looking towards Xiao Qi, inquired.

“Don’t have …… is all right ……”

The girl was frightened to death, a pair of her water-laden eyes was looking at him fearfully, accompanied with vigilance.

Who was this man in the mask? How did he come from the balcony? Everything appeared very suspicious to her! Although this masked man saved her, by kicking the delirious and brutal Lin Xiuwen off her body, but perhaps it was like, just escaping from a wolf’s den, and entering into the tiger’s den.

Ye Feng noticed that she was being extremely vigilant and scared seeing all these strange things, but he didn’t care about it, rather he walked towards Lin Xiuwen, while being very careful. Soon he discovered that really there was no other person in the entire room, which gave him a little relief.

He looked at Lin Xiuwen, and saw his both eyes were blood red, he was bare-chested, his skin was boiling hot, and he seemed to have completely lost his consciousness. Moreover, he was also making whooshing sound unceasingly. After being kicked by Ye Feng, he collided with the wall, and had gotten badly injured, to the extent where he was really struggling hard to crawl and get up.

“What happened to him?”

Ye Feng asked in a low voice.

“I don’t know either……”

That young girl, Xiao Qi had a lingering fear: “just a moment ago, an old man hurtled to come in together with him, he thought to me, to me …… ”

“An old man?”

Ye Feng asked again.

“He is ……well, human?”

Xiao Qi looked around, but didn’t see any figure, which a bit startled her.


Just at this point, not very far away from this building, a light sound of a gunshot rang, making Ye Feng’s ears set upright suddenly.

“You take care of this fellow, I’m going out now.”

Without thinking much, Ye Feng directly threw a punch at the delirious Lin Clan’s Sanshao, and made him unconscious on the spot. Then he jumped a step out from the balcony. This was obviously the sound of a pistol, without a doubt it would be fired by that skeleton masked man, did he encounter any enemy? Perhaps it would be that old man!

For a moment, Xiao Qi’s mind was stunned by seeing Ye Feng jumping down directly from the balcony of the third floor.

She followed him and quickly ran to the balcony. When she looked downwards, she saw there was no one around. Quickly she turned around and looked towards the floor, where the collapsed Lin Clan’s Sanshao was lying, all these things sent a shiver down her spine. Panic-stricken, she jumped towards a pillow and pulled out her cell phone, and hastily dialled the number of Lin Shiqing.


While on the other side, Ye Feng jumped down from the balcony, and rushed towards the place from where the sound of gunshot transmitted a moment ago. That was an apartment community, in the centre of which there was an artificial lake, and was surrounded by a flake bamboo grove. As soon as Ye Feng arrived there, he saw a dozen of gloomy figures in the bamboo grove, and immediately his complexion changed.

Almost all these fellows were familiar to him!

He saw Zhu Bainiao, the two fellow apprentices of God Fist Gate, Luo Li and Luo Lei, as well as Zhao Yibei, and so on, altogether there were total eight pale-looking corpses wrapped in the tattered cotton robe. All these fellows had together encircled the Skeleton masked man, but since he had a gun, so for his self-defense, he shot in the middle of the forehead of Zhu Bainiao’s corpse, but still he couldn’t succeed in impeding the footstep of the other party.

Seeing the Skeleton masked man surrounded by a group of corpses, Ye Feng hurriedly rushed towards him, simultaneously started condensing Zhenqi under his foot, and hastily cast out Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, in order to rescue him from this tight encirclement.

“These things….. what’s going on here?”

Ye Feng stopped his footsteps near the artificial lake, and then in a sinking sound, asked that from the skeleton masked male.

“These fellows are being controlled by an old man, who have come from Western Hunan, and who is a necromancer.”

Obviously, the Skeleton masked man knew the ins and outs of this thing, therefore in a dignified tone, he continued: “Since he couldn’t stay any longer in the church, so he came to Yanjing, and happened to meet with Cai Shaohong ……”

A necromancer, the creator of walking dead?

Ye Feng didn’t know anything about this kind of sect, but he made a conjecture that he might belong to any martial arts sect. And as hinted by the skeleton masked man, he quickly understood the situation that his opponents were not these walking deads, but that old man.

“Ga, Ga, Ga.”

Suddenly, at this time, a gloomy and hoarse voice, echoed from all directions : “I am a necromancer! I was actually framed by a traitor, therefore I fled from there. Thanks to the kindheartedness of Cai Shao, who provided shelter to me. Now, I handle matters for him. By the way, I don’t know what’s your name, your Excellency?”

“Mo Jiuge.”

Ye Feng faintly replied to him, and as usual, once again he tightened up his guard.

Only the voice of that old man could be heard, he was hidden somewhere in the dark, which was very much disadvantageous for Ye Feng! Moreover, those eight pale corpses, which were under the control of this old man, were also gradually approaching towards them.

Ye Feng looked at the pale face of Zhao Yibei and suddenly his heart sank.

This youth sacrificed his life for him, but even after his death, he had no peace. He got caught up by some necromancer, a creator of zombies, and now was being controlled to harm other people. This thought really left Ye Feng’s heart with a very unhappy feeling!

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