Chapter - 111: Black jar of souls
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Ye Feng, while standing near the artificial lake, looked up and stared fixedly at the deadly pale face of Zhao Yibei, and thought to himself that just few minutes back, the moment he chopped off the head of Tornado Axe by his sword, thay guy immediately turned into the ashes.

“That boy, Lin Xiuwen, just like all these fellows, is also brought under the control of that old man, and is being manipulated to take hold of Xiao Qi.”

The Skeleton masked man continued saying dignifiedly : “Mo Jiuge, if you can vanquish this old man, then with your real strength, we can launch a sneak attack on Cai Shaohong, and most probably, we’ll succeed!”


Ye Feng nodded, however, he didn’t show any emotion, like laughter, anger, sorrow or happiness.

At this moment, by using all his strength, he was just trying to find the trace of the old man, but unfortunately, in the entire bamboo grove, in addition to these two people, and those eight deadly pale corpses, there was really no one around!

“If I had ten years of Cultivation, then by using Congealing Spellbound Technique, I could have been able to sense all the things, which happened to exist within a radius of hundred meters of range, not even a single thing could have been able to escape my awareness, but unfortunately ……”

While keeping his eyes all alert, Ye Feng was secretly thinking that if he would really succeed in taking hold of the divine spiritual influence, which he had seen in Cai Shaohong’s villa, then might be he could boost up his Cultivation up to 10 years in one fell swoop. In that case, he could go to the East China Sea to find Su Feiying, with certainly an increased level of confidence.

Cai Shaohong must be killed!

When those eight deadly pale corpses encircled them, then among them, Luo Li and Luo Lei, these fellow apprentices took initiative and brandished their clenched fists ‘Paochui Fist’, towards the artificial lake, aiming directly at Ye Feng. They had learned this technique during his lifetime, in God Fist Gate.

While dealing with these two fellows, Ye Feng couldn’t be lenient. Immediately a long Zhenqi sword condensed out in his hand, and with a super fast pace, he instantly evaded the fist of the opposite party. And in return, very swiftly he engraved his sword in the heart of those two corpses, one after another, and with a sound “Puff” their bodies turned into dust!

Seeing this scene, the nearby standing Skeleton masked man’s body trembled out. Obviously, he had a great confidence in the strength and fighting efficiency of Ye Feng. He had a pistol right now in his hand, but even though he would use it to fight with these walking deads, but still it wouldn’t have any effect on them. However, this guy, “Mo Jiuge”, he just used a random sword, and really succeeded in defeating these corpses so easily, he was really too domineering and aggressive!

Ye Feng blurred afterimages flashed all over the place, accompanied with his sword, which fluttered about in the air merely 2 or 3 times, and instantaneously annihilated seven pale corpses, making them turn into a handful of ashes and mix up with the bamboo grove. Finally, only one corpse left and that was Zhao Yibei. But as usual, Ye Feng couldn’t bring himself to finish him up, by his own hand.

As he was busy dealing with these walking deads, he was also paying equal attention to his surroundings. Though this bamboo grove was quite distant from the neighbourhood buildings, but still not a single suspicious shadow of any human figure appeared there, making him temporarily lost in thought.

It was close to impossible for that old man, to cast out a magic on his own body, to make himself Invisible. Besides, in this bamboo grove, there was no such place where anyone could hide. Since the old man was currently controlling these corpses, then obviously the distance between him and these corpses wouldn’t be too far.

Finally, he had a feeling that now the appropriate time had arrived when the old man must be on the verge of coming out from his hidden position.

Ye Feng was thinking about this while pretending that he was dealing with Zhao Yibei’s corpse, meanwhile, his whole body entered the garrison state!

While on the other side, when the man in the skeleton mask looked at the swiftly fluttering stature of Ye Feng while dealing with these corpses, then he finally heaved a sigh of relief. As he concluded after seeing Ye Feng’s form that “Mo Jiuge” was such a powerful fighter with excellent swordsmanship, therefore, even if he would come directly in front of Cai Shaohong, then obviously he wouldn’t necessarily lose.

Just after a while ……

While Ye Feng was just busy in his own thought process, suddenly, from behind him, a sound of a sudden burst of water passed on, followed by a fuzzy appearance of a person quickly leapt from the water, and threw a hit directly towards Ye Feng.

There was completely no prior indication of this move, and it seemed like this strike was as fast as the lightning!

“Dead Soul Claw!”

An old and gloomy voice suddenly rang in the ears of those people. No wonder, why this old man couldn’t be traced out anywhere, since he was hidden beneath the artificial lake surface!

“Too good!”

From fairly a long time, Ye Feng had been waiting for the opposite party to show up!

He had already guessed that the opposite party must be hidden under the artificial lake, but since he didn’t know the depth of his opponent’s strength, therefore, he didn’t dare to take the initiative into the water. However, just now, when the opposite party tried to sneak attack, he was immediately seized by Ye Feng. Somehow unintentionally Ye Feng established a superiority over him, all of a sudden!

The old man promptly turned around to free himself from the clutch of Ye Feng, however, Ye Feng didn’t loosen his grip, instead, the Zhenqi within his body started boiling up and suddenly burst out. And just in a fraction of a second, he activated Dragon Claw Hand Technique, and instantaneously grabbed the body of that old man who was totally unprepared, and hurled him heavily on the ground.


Consequently, the dust flew upwards, making the sky covered with dust, accompanied by the water droplets, which also flew upwards from the body of that old man. At this time, the old man appeared incomparably distressed in this lonesome and quiet bamboo grove.

“Dragon Claw Hand Technique’s second level!”

Awestruck, the old man shouted out loud!

Nowadays, in this world, there was a handful of strong fighters who could assign away their inner qi from their bodies. Even though the old man had achieved two decades of Cultivation, still it was extremely difficult for him to reach that level.

Just now the old man used a technique – Dead Soul Claw, if by any chance, he had been able to release his inner qi out of his body, and had also known the second level of this technique, then by combining them with his Dead Soul Claw technique, he could have been able to easily perturb his opponent, by disrupting his listening and seeing ability, later on making him a walking dead! Unfortunately, this old man couldn’t attain that, or else Ye Feng would have become one of the corpses by now.

Bang Bang Bang!

The reaction time of the Skeleton masked man was also noticeably quick, immediately he raised his pistol, and slid on the ground in front of the old man, and opened fire on him.

“What a pity, your Cultivation is too low!”

The old man said that gloomily, at the same time, his the current of his inner qi started circulating crazily within his body, and very strongly he suddenly shaken off the fetter of Ye Feng’s Dragon Claw Hand, and hurriedly his whole body flashed and sprang towards another side, easily evading the three bullets fired by the Skeleton masked man.

Although Ye Feng had never thought that this old man would make him suffer a defeat, even though he had used the second level of Dragon Claw hand, but the disparity of Cultivation between these two sides was noticeably huge. When the old man used his force, then it really became very difficult for Ye feng to cope up with him.


Ye Feng stature flashed and he waved his sword very forcefully towards the old man, however right at this time, that old man pulled a very hard thing out from his bosom and instantly blocked his attack. By looking at it closely, Ye feng noticed that surprisingly it was a black-coloured jar, just like a funerary casket. Although that jar suffered a very severe hit by Ye Feng’s Zhenqi condensed sword, but still, it was totally unscathed. Instead, it emitted an intense counter-shaking strength, which had almost thrown Ye Feng heavily on the ground.

“Could it be that …… it’s a magical instrument?”

Ye Feng’s heart shivered at once.

This magical instrument already carries the divine spiritual aura, but it belongs to the lowest level of magic in the World of the Immortals. Although it is the most preliminary level of instrument, but whatever it is, it’s still a kind of magical instrument, which if compared either with the strong fighters, or with the sharp weapons, still it is considered as completely reborn, with several other definite strange features!

“Boy, do you think that since you succeeded in killing Hai tang of ‘Happily married couple of swords’, so, you can deal with me, this old man very easily? Ga Gaga, too naive!”

The old man smiled hazily, and extended out his withered old hand, soon one after another, he shot that jet-black jar several times.


As a result, a dull sound rang everywhere, immediately followed by a burst of invisible energy drilled out from the jar, and gradually took a form of a human body in front of the old man, and in no time, it took a solid form.

A pale corpse again!

“Hai Tang?”

Ye Feng looked at the appearance of that corpse, and thought that didn’t he kill this crazy woman of Heavenly sword palace in the Changbai Mountains? This black jar, what was it after all?

“Mo Jiuge?”

The old man smiled gloomily: “You could rest assured that after you death, your soul will also be collected by this old man in this Black Jar of Souls. And when the time comes, I would make you a walking corpse like others, and then you would help this old man in running errands ……”

The Black Jar of Souls?

Collecting soul of the people, if that being the case then obviously the soul of Zhao Yibei had also been captured in that jet-black jar?

If he could grab this Black Jar of Souls……

Ye Feng slightly wrinkled his brows and quietly looked towards the nearby standing skeleton masked man.

Ye Feng’s Cultivation was not enough to deal with the old man, if he wanted to strike and kill this old man, the so-called necromancer, then at first he must join hands with the Skeleton masked man and should try to launch a joint attack on him. Although the man in the Skeleton mask had just a pistol right now, but still if it would be used smartly at crucial moments, then it could definitely also do wonders.

However, Ye feng must not forget this point, that although this necromancer dodged all three bullets very swiftly and effortlessly, but it didn’t mean that this old man wasn’t afraid of bullets. If he was shot in the head, then he would definitely die on the spot.

The Skeleton masked man knew the current situation quite well, therefore, he just gave a slight nod.

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