Chapter - 112: Turned into a retard
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The old man was a martial artist with 20 years of Cultivation, definitely, he was a challenging opponent for Ye Feng right now.

If Ye Feng had at least ten years of Cultivation, then he could have very easily defeated this old fellow, and had made him kiss the ground. But currently, the strength of his Zhenqi was insufficient to cope up with him, which had ultimately prevented him from acting recklessly before his opponent, the old necromancer.

“You two little babies, don’t exchange flirting glances with each other.”

When the old man saw Ye Feng and the masked man looking at each other, he gloomily grunted: “Cultivation disparity is quite huge, it’s not so easy to make up, therefore, must remember, next year,the same today, is going to be your death anniversary.”

His voice just fell, and instantly the corpses of Hai Tang as well as Zhai Yibei acted, they quickly advanced towards the skeleton masked mask. While on the other side, in order to get rid of Ye Feng quickly, the old man himself jumped into the battlefield and displayed his technique – Dead Soul Claw!

But this time, the old man was fully prepared, certainly, it hadn’t been so easy for him to decipher how to break himself free from the clutch of Dragon Claw Hand Technique of Ye Feng.

Ye Feng, on the other hand, was calmly analysing the whole situation and noticed that it had become a little unfavourable for him.

It wasn’t like currently, the only threat to him was that old man with 20 years of Cultivation, but that skeleton masked man was also indirectly a huge threat to him. Ye Feng couldn’t fully bestow his trust on him. Therefore, he needed to be very attentive all the time, and always keep his guard on, for his better protection from both the sides.

Hypnosis and Camouflage, these two techniques were his most preponderant Immortal techniques, which he could put to use with ease while facing a veteran martial artist of this world. If he launched these techniques at a crucial moment, then regardless of the fact that his opponent had 20 years of Cultivation, still his opponent wouldn’t stand the slightest bit of chance against Ye Feng. These techniques would force that old man to prostrate himself on the ground in front of Ye Feng.

As for Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, Ye Feng had already noticed that the agility of the opposite party was almost at the same level with his own, hence merely leaning against the strength of his speed to score a victory, wouldn’t be apparently a good idea. In other words, his speed would only become a means ……

Ye Feng’s heart had already made a firm resolve that by all means, he must constantly keep an eye on the Black Jar of Souls, which was in the hand of the old man. Immediately after setting his heart all prepared, he cast out Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, and the next moment, his remnant afterimages flashed all over the bamboo grove.

“Hmm, do you want to flee?”

The old man sneered and as a response, he also promptly cast out Dead Soul Claw technique. In a flash from the white layer of his withered hand, his inner qi burst out like a breeze, and instantly cut through the two blurred images of Ye Feng, and started following his main body!

Merely relying on the speed of Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace was really not enough to cast off this old man from pursuing him, as Ye Feng’s position was constantly being watched by him, quite attentively and unwaveringly.

But suddenly, under the mask, Ye Feng’s facial expression suddenly changed, and the corners of his mouth curled upwards.

Naturally, he wasn’t planning to run away like a scaredy-cat, instead, he quickly displayed Camouflage Technique, simultaneously, made a strategy that for the time being, he must continue running throughout the bamboo grove. By using Camouflage Technique, he might not probably succeed in concealing his breath from the opposite party, but if it would be used throughout the bamboo grove and for a longer period of time, then he might succeed in defeating this old man.


Suddenly, a sound of a gunshot passed on from one side, again.

The masked man, while confronting the corpses of Zhao Yibei and Hai Tang, calmly and unhurriedly fired a shot, so as to stop the movement of the fast approaching figure of Hai Tang for a moment. Afterwards, he directly jumped into the artificial lake water, suddenly making a burst of water splashed out with huge force.

Although the two pale corpses chased him to the lake, but when they didn’t find any trace of him, they suddenly felt somewhat helpless and distracted. As they had been commanded by the old man to must take hold of the Skeleton masked man. But now, since the masked man had jumped into the water, leaving them totally aimless and helpless, so how could they follow the order and grab him now?

Since they had no option left, so they turned around and advanced towards the old man. Now they wanted to help the old man while dealing with Ye Feng. But at this moment, “Bang” again a sound of a gunshot echoed, actually that masked man peeped out from the water, and fired a shot directly into the head of Hai Tang’s corpse!

“Grrr grrr ……”

All at once, both the corpses got attracted towards the artificial lake and they started pacing back and forth around it, by completing ignoring the existence of Ye Feng.

Ye Feng was already quite alert and had been paying attention to the situation around the artificial lake all along. He thought that the Skeleton masked man was really pretty intelligent, he knew how to pin down these two troublesome fellows. Meanwhile, Ye Feng had also found out that the Black Jar of Souls, which was in the hands of that old man, that was actually used for condensing souls out into the form of the walking corpse, besides that, the fighting efficiency of each corpse was directly proportional to its lifetime experience.

For example, currently, the congealed soul of Zhao Yibei was very weak, while on the other side, both the speed as well as the strength of Hai Tang were way bigger than Zhao Yibei.

In case the corpse of Hai Tang managed to besiege Ye Feng, most probably, it would make him fluster. At present, the move of that Skeleton masked man had given a convenient chance to him to open the door.

In the hot pursuit of the old man, Ye Feng had already circled around the bamboo grove twice. However suddenly something hit his thought process, and soon a simple strategy, to deal with this perplexed situation, cropped up in his mind. Immediately his mind started processing everything, and the next moment, his Zhenqi sprang out from his body, making his strategy finally come into existence!

In the eyes of the old man, currently he was in this piece of a bamboo grove, but suddenly it turned into the clouds and mist, like a fairyland in general, making him feel a cold shiver in his heart.

What just happened?

Originally this was a big night, but, the sky over the bamboo grove had a strange brightly illuminating light, wasn’t this also too weird?

Not good, was it done by that masked man, Mo jiuge?

The old man immediately reacted, as he quickly noticed that the situation had become a little different now. Hence, by applying his full strength, he quickly launched his technique Dead Soul Claw. Immediately two withered arms appeared, as if they were enclosed in a layer of deathly-pale inner qi.

Forest of bones!

Deal Soul Claw Technique was a martial arts’ technique, which was used to hit the target and kill him terribly. The old man finally decided to enter this battle with his full might, since he had a feeling that something was wrong, and this boy, Mo jiuge was not normal, he was a little strange. If the old man didn’t come up with his full force today, then, sure enough, he would lose this fight awfully!

He stamped his feet heavily, one after another!

Soon, from the ground, his inner qi suddenly jumped out and quickly condensed to take the form of the Forest of bones. The scope of this technique was quite broad, to the extent where it captured the entire bamboo grove, with its non-discriminatory attacks.

“You are late.”

Ye Feng chuckled, at the same time he climbed up a relatively more robust bamboo, and then he looked downwards, at this terrifying killing technique displayed by the old man.

In fact, the whole bamboo grove didn’t change a bit, just because Ye Feng used his Zhenqi to flow in a particular direction, which had formed an imaginary picture of fairyland in the eyes of the old man. But when the old man used his technique, and instantly his inner qi released from his body, and took the form of the Forest of bones, exactly at the same time, Ye Feng disappeared from the groud and climped up a bamboo. If he hadn’t acted fast, he would have dead by now.

Unfortunately, Ye Feng had already done his preparation beforehand, quickly he climbed up the bamboo and jumped upward.

The moment the Forest of bones appeared, it seemed like it just flashed for a second, and then instantly disappeared in the bamboo grove, under the moonlight without any trace.

Without thinking much, Ye Feng jumped down from the bamboo, and with a lightning speed, he arrived in front of the old man, waved his sword, and directly jabbed it into his chest!


After getting done with the old man, naturally, Ye Feng and the Skeleton masked man didn’t return to Xiao Qi’s apartment, since for them, killing Cai Shaohong was the most important thing for them, at this moment.

However, there in Xiao Qi’s residence, finally twenty minutes later, Lin Shiqing rushed over. As soon as her red Lamborghini arrived there and got parked outside in the neighbourhood, she quickly ran like the wind to the third floor, her pretty figure was appearing very fascinating.

“Xiao Qi, what’s the matter, is everything fine, are you alright?”

Lin Shiqing pushed open the door, burning with anxiety and impatience, she shouted out loudly.

But soon she noticed that there was no trace of Xiao Qi anywhere in the room, only her younger brother, Lin Xiuwen was there, lying on the ground totally unconscious.

She quickly ran up to him, and swayed his shoulder in order to wake him up. As expected, soon Lin Xiuwen woke up from his stupor by hearing her loud words.

“Xiuwen, speak out quickly, where is Xiao Qi?”

Anxiously, very impatiently, she hastily asked that. She had received a phone call from Xiao Qi few minutes before, asking her to immediately rushed over to her apartment. But now Xiao Qi had disappeared, then how could this thing make Lin Shiqing feel at ease?

But fairly soon, Lin Xiuwen’s reaction made her dumbfounded.

“Ah, ah, ah?”

Lin Xiuwen slowly sat up, and with an expressionless face he looked at Lin Shiqing, at the same time, saliva slid down his mouth, as if he had lost his mind. Moreover, he was looking extremely sluggish, with incomparably delayed facial expression.

“Xiuwen, what happened to, Xiuwen?”

Suddenly Lin Shiqing remained stunned.

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