Chapter - 113: Frames him
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Soon, Lin Shiqing informed this matter to her father, Lin Detian.

Currently, the head of Lin Clan was Lin Detian, and as for Lin Shiqing, she was the only daughter of him. While the other young masters like Lin Zhiqing, Lin Xiuwen, and so on were the children of other family lines of Lin Clan.

Although the resources of entire Lin Clan was mostly in charge of Lin Detian, however, his several other brothers couldn’t be ignored as well. The only reason why Lin Clan had been considered as the number one family of Yanjing was because the Lin people of his generation, used to work collectively, and their joint efforts were totally inseparable.

“What, Xiuwen, him?”

When Lin Detian heard the news that Lin Xiuwen had somehow lost his senses, he couldn’t just sit still and ignore this matter.

This was indeed a very important matter!

Who didn’t know that Lin Xiuwen, who had somehow turned into a retard, was the most lovable and favourite grandson of Lin’s Old man. Certainly the old man, Lin Hongchuan would go crazily when he would hear this news, and would absolutely raise a Tsunami throughout Yanjing city and turn the entire city upside down!

After having a talk with Lin Shiqing, Lin Detian hung up the phone, and decided to immediately rush over to the residence of Xiao Qi and personally examine this matter more closely. Since this matter would have a tremendous effect on several things, therefore, he just couldn’t let it publicise everywhere.

But at this moment, again Lin Shiqing made a phone call to him immediately.

“Dad, Cai Shaohong just now gave me a phone call.”

The crisp voice of Lin Shiqing passed through the phone.

“Huh? So what did he say?”

Lin Detian slightly wrinkled his brows.

“It was a masked man who came to Xiao Qi’s residence.”

In a very dignified tone, she continued : “Not only Xiuwen was injured by that masked man, but Xiao Qi had also been abducted by him, there is no trace of her anywhere ……”

Some time before, when Xiao Qi had called her, before she could tell her anything about the current situation, she was forcibly interrupted by someone to hung up the phone. So, Lin Shiqing didn’t know any detail, like what exactly happened there.

“How does he know?”

Quite intelligently, Lin Detian pointed out this crucial point.

“Because, Xiao Qi had called him first, for the help.”

Although Lin Shiqing had also some doubts, but still didn’t want to think much.

Since Cai Shaohong normally used to act very perfectly, making the girls have the feeling of utmost safety around him. Moreover, because of Lin Shiqing’s relationship with Cai Shaohong, Xiao Qi used to follow him very closely, hence they had become familiar with each other. Therefore, her making a telephone call to him and asking him for the help, was by no means seemed inappropriate.

“A masked man ……”

Lin Detian heard that, and pondered for a moment:. “I got it, you immediately take Xiuwen to the hospital, let’s see how the situation is.”

“I’m already on the way.”

She said: “Oh, by the way, one more thing Dad, Cai Shaohong said that the ultimate goal of this masked man is most likely him, so Dad you see ……”

“Got it.”

For a while, Lin Detian thought about this matter and nodded his head.

Obviously, he knew who the masked man was. Wasn’t he that genius martial artist who had a good friend of Ye Feng? Most likely, Ye Feng wanted to succeed in this love battle, as who didn’t know what Cai Shaohong was for Lin Shiqing and what were her feelings for him?

“I won’t let your beloved have an accident.”

Lin Detian said that and then hung up the phone. Afterwards, he immediately started the arrangments by assigning people to go and stay around Cai Shaohong’s villa. At the assigned place, they were supposed to just sit back and wait for the target to show up! It wasn’t only to ensure the safety of Cai Shaohong, but the prime motto was also to capture the masked man.

After having a talk with her father, she thought something while being a bit confused.

Although Cai Shaohong was said to be her lover, but for her, every time she thought of him, she never felt any sweet and happy kind of feeling, instead her feelings for him was the same as her feelings for everyone, just numb and nothing else.

Was this the feeling of love?

No, definitely not……

As the member of Lin Clan, each and every action of her should be taken very cautiously, even if it was love. She must place the family benefits at the highest priority than anything else.

Cai Shaohong, though he seemed to be perfect, but she didn’t feel anything special for him. Actually, she had no attraction towards him. Just for the sake of her family, she considered him as the most appropriate candidate for her.

She couldn’t help but recall her first meeting with Ye Feng, which took place today in the morning.

Could it be that she could only either choose Cai Shaohong for her family interests, or Ye Feng in order to please her grandfather?

Did she have just these two options left?

She took a quick glance at her brother who was lying on the passenger seat, dead asleep and was still salivating, as if he had no control on his brain. She shook her head, since it was really very difficult for her to believe. The only thing she knew that if by any chance, the masked man was really Ye Feng’s companion, who had taken away Xiao Qi, and was also responsible for this miserable condition of Lin Xiuwen, then she would never forgive him at any cost.


While on the other side, at present Ye Feng naturally didn’t have any idea that he had already been framed by Cai Shaohong, as he very smartly shifted the blame onto him completely.

In that bamboo grove, Ye Feng laid a spell all over the grove in order to confuse that old man, and then very smoothly he exterminated him and grabbed his Black Jar of souls. After the old man’s death, he instantly killed Hai Tang and Zhao Yibei’s pale corpse, making them turn into ashes and scatter on the ground.

When all these things came to an end, then the Skeleton masked man finally came ashore from the middle of the artificial lake.

After killing the old man, they threw his body in that artificial lake, and without wasting any further crucial second, they dashed towards Yanxi Villa District with an extremely fast speed. Whether it was the masked man or Ye Feng, both of them knew the location of Cai Shaohong’s villa very well, and they had a feeling that most probably he would be in his villa at the moment.

They just wanted to rush over to his villa as fast as possible, and then erase his existence from this world!

However, the ultimate goal of Ye Feng was to get his hands on the divine spiritual influence, which was hidden in his basement. Regarding this, he certainly couldn’t tell this to the skeleton masked man.

All the way, he continued examining and exploring the Black Jar of souls, however, he couldn’t discover the mystery. It was just an ordinary looking black jar, which was filled with some bone’s ashes.

“There must be the soul of Zhao Yibei inside this Black Jar of Souls, but most importantly, it can’t be preserved for a long time. So, I just need to wait for my Cultivation to hit at least ten years, then I’ll be able to use Gathering Soul Technique, to summon his soul from this jar……”

Ye Feng also thought that this jar would be definitely a very precious and unique tool of that zombie creator. Moreover, it seemed like the status of that old man was really very lofty, since the quality of this jar was indeed extraordinarily high.

However, he was not the slightest bit interested in using this thing, for the time being, he would just preserve it, and wait for the day when his Cultivation would reach 10 years or more. Then he would summon the soul of Zhao Yibei.

As for the souls of others, did that really matter to him?

With a lightning fast speed, together with the skeleton masked man, he advanced towards Cai Shaohong’s villa which was situated in the Yanxi Villa District.

“It seems like something is fishy.”

The man in the Skeleton masked said in a dignified tone : “You have killed the old man, this news would have been certainly known to Cai Shaohong, moreover, he must be also aware that after finishing things up here, we would immediately head towards Yanxi Villa District. So, we must be extremely careful, otherwise, our plan might fail very terribly.”

“Could it be that he will be all prepared?”

Ye Feng slightly frowned: “You first tell me, what is that so-called Hidden Pavilion Master thing?”

“Those are just like us, the ordinary people, however after taking the new drugs for almost one year, the cell mutation has occurred in their bodies, and as a result, they transformed into this kind of senseless thing.”

The skeleton masked male explained : “At this time, so long as they are injected with some gene medicine in their bodies for cell mutation, they would eventually turn into that shape, and simultaneously, their strength also increases greatly, and their bodies turn as hard as iron.”

Ye Feng listened to him and thought that under the layer of their skin, there was really a very strange layer of steel, was that the result of cell mutation?

It seemed that indeed Pei Keang Group’s technological and scientific level was impressively high. And if it would act unreasonably in this country China, then definitely it would bring a catastrophic situation all over this country. Not only that, but it could also result in immeasurable losses. Surprisingly, Lin Clan didn’t notice this plan all along.

“Finally arrived.”

The skeleton masked man said that gently, as they had finally arrived outside the Yanxi Villa District within half an hour. In order to completely conceal their actions, without leaving behind a single trace, these two people couldn’t afford to hire a taxi. Therefore, they came all the way by running on their feet, so as to procrastinate the point of time.

Quietly they entered, and hid behind the rockery, separated by an artificial river and then poured their visions at Cai Shaohong’s villa. They took a broad view of the area as far as they could see, and noticed that there was nothing threatening and suspicious around it, however, they didn’t dare to be negligent.

“There is an ambush around the villa.”

Ye Feng observed carefully and quickly said that. As he noticed that around the villa, there were shadows of many people hidden in the bushes, dressed in camouflage clothing, and holding a very dignified facial expression.

“Let’s split up.”

The man in the skeleton masked looked at the brightly illuminated lights in the viila, and made a prompt decision : “These are certainly the people of National Security Agency, who must be sent here by Lin Clan. I am going first to distract these people, meanwhile, you enter the villa, and try to quickly look for the opportunities to kill Cai Shaohong, once and for all!”

Ye Feng squinted his eyes and nodded.

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