Chapter - 114: Cai Shaohong’s trump card
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While standing in-situ, Ye Feng saw that the skeleton masked man jumped, and quietly ran towards another direction. Then a moment later, he raised his hand holding a gun, and fired his last bullet into the open sky.


The sound of the gunshot wasn’t very loud, but since it was such a quiet night, so it resounded in all the directions, simultaneously making the camouflage clothing soldiers, waiting in ambush around the villa, notice all of a sudden.

Ye Feng carefully observed that really these camouflage clothing soldiers were the members of the National Security Agency, and their mission objective was to protect the national security. Their psychological quality was naturally so high that not any average person could be compared of.

When the sound of the gunshot rang not very far away, still no movement or activity started around the villa. However, in Ye Feng’s line of sight, he saw that several soldiers in camouflage uniforms quickly rushed towards the place from where the sound of the gunshot originated.

If Ye Feng and the masked man hadn’t done a careful observation earlier, then it would have been impossible for them to discover these extraordinary camouflage clothing soldiers.

In that split second of the gunshot, Ye Feng, without any hesitation, quickly sprang up high, and jumped out the rockery. Immediately, he cast out Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace together with Camouflage technique simultaneously. Not only his speed was incredibly fast, but with the help of his Camouflage Technique, his appearance had also become translucent, and had almost attained the stealth effect!

To use the true magic of making oneself invisible efficiently, at least ten years of Cultivation was considered the best. That way one could cover the ambient light of one’s body completely, to the extent where no one could see him, not even any camera, surveillance camera, or any other electronic devices could detect him.

However, the current situation of Ye Feng was, he was only able to make him translucent, and there was a risk that he could easily be caught by any electronic device. Moreover, even a cautious observation with the naked eyes could be able to see him in this condition.

But, in this chaos, the mind of camouflage clothing soldiers was already pulled towards the source of the sound of gunfire right now. Hence, very smartly, Ye Feng seized the opportunity, and broke through the blockade line of opposite party at once, without getting discovered by anybody!

After setting his foot in the villa, he quickly assigned away Zhenqi from his body so as to display Camouflage Technique, and to conceal his stature, while maintaining this translucent form continuously.

The villa was brightly lit, but there was no trace of Cai Shaohong anywhere. Ye Feng directly stormed towards the basement entrance, and again felt a really strong divine and spiritual aura spreading outside.

Since there was no one around, so without any hesitation, Ye Feng ran along the staircase and arrived in front of the basement’s door. Promptly an orangish-red long Zhenqi sword flashed out in his hand, and in the next moment, he waved his sword twice and cut open a big hole directly in the wooden doors of the basement.

Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace!

Ye Feng didn’t hesitate and cast it out once again, and then quickly rolled in the basement.


Indeed, a gust of strong wind, roaring approached in front of Ye Feng’s face, and had almost crushed his head into fleshy pulp. But Ye Feng was very cautious, instantly he sensed the danger approaching towards him, and he easily dodged the opposite party’s attack. When his footsteps stopped, he raised his head and looked around the dusky basement.

“You really arrived.”

A faint voice resounded.

Wearing a western-style suit, Cai Shahong appeared in front of Ye Feng. At that moment, he was standing almost in the basement terminus and there was a hint of sardonic expression all over his face, while he looked at Ye Feng, who just now had intruded into his basement.

At the side of Cai Shaohong, the kidnapped girl, Xiao Qi was also there, properly tied up, with her mouth tightly covered. There was a look of anger visible on her face as she was struggling to make herself free, while a pair of her clever eyes were tightly staring at Cai Shaohong.

But apart from these two people, there were also several other figures present in the basement, dressed in a huge windproof heavy coat. By looking at them it became clear that they were really the same strange fellows whom Ye Feng had encountered before. This kind of strange thing whose gene had been transformed by injecting them new drugs. They were waiting for Ye Feng in ambush just at the door.

“So that’s how it is.”

Seeing Xiao Qi here in this situation, Ye Feng immediately understood the previous situation. It seemed like they had intentionally delayed some time on the road, this really gave a fair chance to Cai Shaohong to make some prior arrangements.

Moreover, it also appeared that when he, along with the other masked man, was busy fighting with the necromancer old man, during that period, very cleverly, Cai Shaohong happened to assign people to go to Xiao Qi’s residence, and bring her to him.

The soldiers of National Security Agency, who were assigned outside the villa, also acted as a very good explanation, certainly Cai Shaohong had falsely accused the masked man and would have proven him as a culprit before Lin Clan. In other words, at present, Ye Feng was not only just facing Cai Shaohong, but also the huge strength of the entire Lin Clan!

But, just for the sake of Cai Shaohong, didn’t Lin Clan muster a large force for his protection?

So far, Ye Feng didn’t know this thing that Lin Xiuwen had lost his senses somehow, or else he wouldn’t have been surprised. But he also didn’t know that it was entirely normal, after all, wasn’t that fellow was beaten up by Ye feng, which had made him lose his mind and turn into a retard ……

“You must suffer to death.”

Without the slightest pause, Ye Feng quickly moved and ran towards Cai Shaohong!


At the same time, the figure of those strange fellows also flashed. They not only just blocked the path of Ye Feng, but his strike as well, making his sword strike similar to striking at the wall. As a result, after that forceful strike, Ye Feng bounced a few steps back.

This strange and eccentric things’ eruption speed was surprisingly way faster than Ye Feng!

“Do you think I, Cai Shaohong is a stupid person, because he is constantly sending cannon fodder to die?”

Cai Shaohong crossed his hands behind his back while standing calmly, suddenly his corners of the mouth curled upwards : “Previously, those guys were just to make you a bit careless. Now, here I have five guys, who are the elites, and have been created by the second generation drugs. If they are compared with the previous one, then it is like, one is equivalent to 10 of the previous one! ”

These five elites were the trump cards of Cai Shaohong!

Therefore, he neither escaped nor was afraid of Ye Feng, he just waited for the right time when Ye Feng would himself walk into his trap. As for asking the help with Lin Clan, it was just guarding against any contingency, Cai Shaohong couldn’t fight this battle, since he couldn’t hold any weapon.

In case Ye Feng really turned out extremely powerful, then at the right time, he could at least notify the people of National Security Agency to come and protect him.

Cai Shaohong glanced around and shot his vision at nearby standing Xiao Qi.

The moment he had caught her, since then he had no intention to put her back alive. Just prior to disposing her of, he thought that such beauty shouldn’t be wasted like this. These five elites were very fierce type, and he believed that this beauty could become a good toy for them, and would let them enjoy very much ……

Cai Shaohong was very much interested to know that how long this beauty could last under the devastation of these five second-generation elite fighters?

Ye Feng held his sword firmly, as he noticed that these five so-called second generation elites had already encircled him firmly.

These five eccentric elites, they were over two meters tall, and were looking very dominant and powerful. Whether it was their speed, strength or reaction timing, all were several times higher than those previously met strange fellows. Let alone to cut down their neck, five sword strike was needed, he was afraid that even fifty swords hit would also be completely unable to finish them up!

“My strongest attack technique is Ancient Dragon Sword qi, and I believe that one sword would be enough to break through these strange fellows.”

Ye Feng’s mind was running at its ultimate speed : “But, Ancient Dragon Sword qi really consumes too much Zhenqi, and its a fact that I only have one chance to use that technique!”

He raised his head and looked at Cai Shaohong, who was standing ten meters away from him.

Cai Shaohong also leisurely, quite confidently, was looking at him, his elegant looking face was suddenly filled with a ridiculing expression : “I’d really like to see that what kind of a face is there beneath this mask. You have killed my several subordinates, today I’ll put an end to this story.”

“All right, I surrender.”

Ye Feng said that and then instantly congealed his Zhenqi condensed sword, and raised his hands.

His action made Cai Shaohong gawked slightly.

What, surrender?

These five elites, who were just about to begin, their stature also stopped at once.

However, at this moment, Ye Feng quickly grasped his sword with his one hand, and in an instant, a long sword condensed out, immediately followed by an icy-blue ray of light, which emerged from the surface of this sword. Soon, this icy-blue ray of light turned into an ice blue Sword qi, and it rushed towards one of these five elites, and in a split second, it penetrated through his head, making him disappear in just one fell swoop.

But, this Sword qi’s castration didn’t reduce here, it quickly advanced towards ten meters away standing Cai Shaohong, with an intention to also get rid of him, then and there!

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