Chapter - 115: A rare heavenly stone bead
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The might of this icy-blue Dragon Sword qi was extraordinary.

It was said that originally the penetrating might of the red Zhenqi sword was almost equal to the ordinary bullet, and the destructive power of the orangish-red Zhenqi sword’s was double of the previous one. However, if the might of the icy-blue Dragon Sword qi was compared with these two, then it could be said that its power was ten times higher than those two!

One must know, using this technique meant condensing out whole body’s Zhenqi, by channelizing it into one move.

Considering the present level of Ye Feng’s Cultivation, it could be believed that after displaying Sword qi, his entire body’s Zhenqi would have been dried up by now, and it would have become very difficult for him to cast any other Immortal Technique at this moment. Furthermore, even maintaining his Zhenqi Sword of Ancient Dragon Sword Ring, or displaying Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace would be like close to impossible for him at this moment.

His swift and fierce sword penetrated the head of one of those five elites in just one fell swoop, and blew it off into a dozen of pieces. Then his qi, while cutting through the vast sky, instantly appeared in front of Cai Shaohong!

Suddenly facing the Sword qi, which had approached towards him in an instant, Cai Shaohong’s pupil immediately contracted.

He had never thought that Ye Feng would be actually able to release his inner qi out of his body like this, which would take the form a strange technique, Sword qi!

Cai Shaohong was just an ordinary human being, obviously, he was too late to make any response. However, in this split second, right before his death, a series of complex expression flashed on his face.

He recalled the time when he used to live in the U.S., his father was the chairman of Pei Keang Group. Wherever he used to go, he was always respected by the surrounding people. Furthermore, he had been considered as a great human being in the eyes of several ordinary people, for instance – some big shots of the certain military work group, always used to invite him to have dinner together with them, and he was in a very good relationship with all of them.

When he arrived in this country China, by virtue of his excellent education background and his inherent charm and affinity, again he equally, very quickly, obtained a great number of achievements, and also succeeded in attracting the focus of a large number of people towards him.

Once he shared his secret ulterior motive with his father. By harbouring countless lofty ambitions, he came to this country China, and by staying on the safe, he kept fighting steadily for whole one year. Soon, his harvesting time had eventually arrived.

But right at this time, he was in the middle of killing Ye Feng, the masked man!

However, Ye Feng surprisingly had a relationship with Lin Clan, and the rumour of his engagement with Lin Shiqing, both of this news terribly affected and delayed his plan to some extent. But when the masked man killed Song Hu, Dubang Long, and his several meticulously nurtured Hidden Pavilion master, on whom he had invested almost one one year, and had made them his first generation fighters, then he was ticked off, and this made him speed up his strategy, and spend a lot of energy to process things hurriedly.

Because of this kind of thing, he was forced to clear somebody else mess, because as the matter stood, he was engaged in something which was more shameful than the masked man ……

Cai Shaohong knew that in China, there were many state-owned outstandingly people who used to practice martial arts, even he had some people of that kind at his side. But he really never expected that a trivial young man wearing a mask, could go so far like assigning away his inner qi from his body.


Sword qi pierced through his heart.

And suddenly fresh blood gushed out of his heart, and with a “thump” sound, he tumbled onto the ground.


While on the other side, the moment Xiao Qi’s eyes fell on the fresh blood splatter, she couldn’t help but screech, then after her head tumbled at a crooked angle, and she passed out, directly.

Seeing the flowing blood, this girl actually felt sick and fainted.

Ye Feng had no time to pay attention to her, since he was also engaged in keeping his eyes on the other side, where the remaining four strange elites were, but soon he found that these four strange fellows had no movement at all, as if they had lost the control, and had become completely motionless.

What might have happened?

Ye Feng walked towards Cai Shaohong who was lying on the ground, and found that there was a remote control in the place when his chest was. But, because of the attack of his Sword qi, that remote just happened to be crushed together with Cai Shaohong. It must be the tool which was used to control these strange things.

However, Ye Feng was totally disinclined to take notice of this high technological tool of Pei Keang Group, in addition, he was also incapable of deciphering it on his own.

Exactly at this moment, Ye Feng suddenly felt a little movement in the Black Jar of Souls which he had placed in his bosom. Therefore, promptly he took it out, and saw a burst of blue smoke drifted out from the body of Cai Shaohong, and was absorbed by this Black Jar all of a sudden.

“Can this stuff also suck in the soul automatically?”

Ye Feng thought that and was somewhat flabbergasted. However, he wouldn’t use this Black Jar of Souls to summon a corpse and make it fight. Apparently bringing this thing was almost useless for him.

When the Black Jar of Souls absorbed the soul of Cai Shaohong, afterwards it didn’t show any reaction at all.

“Although Cai Shaohong’s soul doesn’t hold too much importance and usable value to me, but still I am waiting for my Cultivation to hit ten years, then I’ll summon him, and will interrogate him to drag out something important ……”

Ye Feng thought that and then put away the Black Jar of Souls.

Then he glanced at Xiao Qi, whose both hands were dangled and her mouth was also covered. He quickly waved his sword, and cut off the rope by which her hands were tied, simultaneously making her petite stature gradually, very softly fall down.

“I rescued this girl twice, but the fact is, it was purely coincidental.”

Ye Feng thought this and left her there as it is.

At present, he was worried about only one thing and that was the divine spiritual energy which was leaking out from the another secret room in the basement, which probably let him promote his Cultivation up to five years!

He still had little Zhenqi left in his body, so by slightly pushing it out into a form of Zhenqi condensed sword, he quickly walked to the wall, and without thinking much, directly sliced the wall, making a passageway that could make a human enter inside it.

Suddenly, he felt a strong presence of richer divine and spiritual influence quite close to him!

“What is this thing after all?”

Ye Feng was really taken aback by this strong presence, hence, without further delay, he quickly entered the secret room.

The entrance of this secret room was originally a hidden password space, but since Ye Feng could feel a strong presence of the divine spiritual aura. So, no matter how it was concealed, it couldn’t escape his sensation ever. Perhaps a martial artist might not sense it, but for an Immortal Cultivator, the divine spiritual influence was like fireflies in the dark night, which they couldn’t ignore.

This private room was probably around one hundred square feet, the surrounding walls of this room were painted with white colour, and the room was quite spacious. There were several fine iron password-locked boxes kept in the corners of this room, and there was no clue that, what would have been there inside these locked boxes.

But suddenly Ye Feng’s heart felt something and he remained startled. Actually he could feel the presence of spiritual energy emanating from one of these password-locked boxes!

He ran few steps towards a box, suddenly brandished his sword and sliced open the lid of a password-protected fine iron box, while maintaining utmost vigilance.

After cutting open the lid of that iron box, no sudden accident took place, which made him feel a little relieved.

He moved close to it and took a look inside, all of a sudden something pulled his attention. That was a fist-sized irregular stone, and there were anomalous patterns on its surface. Moreover, its entire body was presenting a translucent green, and was exuding inexhaustible spiritual energy.

A rare heavenly stone bead!

His mood was immediately piqued!

In the World of the Immortals, there were not much heavenly material treasures present, which could be used to enhance one’s Cultivation. And the several treasures, which were easily found there, were effective only during its first use. This heavenly stone bead was the apex kind of treasure among them!

There was a case in the World of the Immortals, Nanling’s Mo Clan could never obtain even a single heavenly treasure ever. If this kind of rare heavenly stone bead would appear there, and this news would spread out, then definitely it would raise a tsunami of a large group of hundreds of years of Cultivation possessing old monster, who would try to make a move and snatch it away.

The key reason was because this kind of rare heavenly stone bead could let a cultivation practitioner enhance one’s cultivation by five years, at one fell swoop.

Five years, even is an Immortal Cultivator possesses just five years of an intermediate level of Cultivation, but still, it isn’t a small figure. The lifespan of a human being is limited, if it could raise a person’s cultivation instantly up to five years, couldn’t it make people jealous?

“Now, it seems like I really can achieve ten years of Cultivation in a single blow!”

From the bottom of his heart, Ye Feng felt a pleasant surprise, it seemed like his luck was very favourable nowadays.

Although he didn’t have any idea how Cai Shaohong obtained this kind of precious thing, but a rare heavenly stone bead appeared in front of Ye Feng was an indisputable fact.

If he was really interested to know the background, then the only thing he could do right now was absorbing the spiritual energy from this stone bead. Afterwards, he could easily cast out Gathering Soul Technique, and would drag the soul of Cai Shaohong out from the Black Jar of Souls, and then he would inquire as much as he wanted in detail.

He repressed his overflowing excitement in his heart for the time being, as he knew that this was not the right time to relax.

But exactly at this moment, he heard a series of dishevelled footsteps’ sound from behind.

“Xiao Qi!”

A crisp and intense sound of Lin Shiqing passed from outside, followed by a sound of tidy and emollient steps of a group of people, and soon they blocked the entrance of that private room, making Ye Feng trapped inside.


A clear sound of an ear-piercing gunshot rang.

Since the entire Zhenqi of Ye Feng’s body had already depleted completely, therefore he failed to dodge the bullet, and suddenly felt a severe pain in his right thigh. Immediately fresh blood splashed out, since he was hit by a shot, which had unexpectedly made a big hole in his right thigh. At the same time, this shot had also affected the meridian of his right leg, somehow his meridians had started to receive a strange force, which was making his meridians erode gradually.

What a gun, could it be actually this much powerful?

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