Chapter - 116: Ten years Cultivation
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Ye Feng knelt down on the floor by leaning against his one knee and looked around coldly.

He coldly looked at the narrow and small doorway in that secret room, which he had created just a few minutes back. At that entrance two heavily armed soldiers, wearing camouflage uniforms, each carrying a strange shape of firearms, wearing hard helmets and electronic eye-shades, were standing cautiously. Moreover, there was a pattern of five-star on their camouflage clothes, right on their chest, which was representing their loyalty towards the country.

Just a second ago, that bullet, which pierced through his right leg, was shot by one of them.

But right behind those two soldiers, a middle-aged man, with a shallow black beard and holding a very dignified look, was standing and looking at Ye Feng constantly. Even though Ye Feng was that kind of a person who was 100 % ignorant towards politics, but still he could easily recognize who this man was!

On the television, he was often seen at various national conferences, even more, the news broadcasts used to also frequently show his form. He was the father of Lin Shiqing, the most important member of Lin Clan, and one of the most powerful person in the entire country China, who was called by the name Lin Detian!

But actually, he showed up here out of the blue, was it because he wanted to personally deal with the masked man?

Ye Feng felt a little funny seeing him there, soon the crisp voice of Lin Shiqing spread in that secret room, and it seemed like since she was unable to awake Xiao Qi, so she was taking her out, so as to send her to the hospital.

Right after seeing Cai Shaohong’s blood, Xiao Qi fainted, so why was she taking this long to wake up from her dizziness?

Ye Feng suddenly felt that his luck was really so unfavourable, because if this girl, Xiao Qi would have woken up now, then she would have explained everything very clearly, and his case would have been easily solved ……

Of course, what happened if his luck was not standing by his side at the moment, there was still a heavenly stone bead in his hand, so as long he strived for few minutes, he could still find out many ways to break through this tight encirclement.

“You have been surrounded, surrender now.”

Lin Detian said that lightly to raise his hands and surrender, it seemed that his decision was completely based on one thing, as long as Ye Feng would revolt, he would directly order to fire a shot again.

At present, Ye Feng was enduring a severe pain in his right leg, actually, that gunshot had not only blown his entire right leg, but had also made half a fist-sized hole in it, from where his blood was constantly splattering. But still it was nothing, what more frightening was because of that bullet, the meridians of his entire right leg had started corroding bit by bit, and was gradually losing his strength.

“National Security Agency, indeed they have some specialized weapons to deal with the people of martial arts world, no wonder there was quite a few martial artists who would dare to act recklessly ……”

Ye Feng tightly clenched his teeth, raised his masked face, and swept his glance at Lin Detian as well as those two soldiers, who were standing at the door.


His stature flashed, and instantly by using his one leg, he sprang up and directly charged into the narrow entrance of the secret room, by holding an almost gradually dissipating Zhenqi sword in his hand, he finally entered the room, simultaneously waved his sword.


Seeing the sudden action of Ye Feng, Lin Detian’s eyelids suddenly tightened and without any hesitation, he ordered at once.

Ping! Ping!

The sound of the gunshots was crisp and ear-piercing, but it was closely followed by a comparative louder bellow. Actually after several sword strikes made by Ye Feng, the entrance door of the secret room had finally collapsed, and as a result, several huge stones rolled down and firmly blocked the narrow entrance of the secret room!

As a consequent, it led to even wider scope collapse. Since the secret room was in the basement of that villa, so when its door completely collapsed, it caused an empty place below the villa, which later lead to a huge destruction.

The quality of the villas of Yanxi Villa District wasn’t indeed worth mentioning.

But tonight, half side of the villa actually caved in, leaving behind an intense deafening sound!

However in this chaos, very intelligently Ye Feng switched off the lights of that secret room, leaving only a culminated stone bead in his hand, which was emitting a green ray of light, and was simultaneously adding a mysterious aura to the entire room.

But at the entrance of that secret room, two soldiers of NSA along with Lin Detian were blocked outside. What would have been going on outside currently, Ye Feng neither knew that, nor he had time to pay attention towards it.

At this point of time, for him, the matter of vital importance was, he must absorb this spiritual energy of this rare stone bead, as fast as possible!

When the entire room was still under the effect of fierce shaking, at that time, on the other side, Ye Feng, while enduring a terrible pain on his right leg, and holding that heavenly stone bead, started revolving his Dantian, simultaneously making his Dantian to start absorbing the spiritual energy of that stone bead.

The value of this precious stone bead was more than hundred times higher than any other Lingshi. In other words, if someone would want to sell this piece of stone in the martial arts world, then naturally he would at least charge 100 million for this, which was extremely high. Of course, even if it would pay Ye Feng 100 million, still it was impossible for him to sell this rare and precious stone bead.

However, the true wealth is not in the money, since money could never enhance his Cultivation. The most important thing was the supreme power, which was not only considered as an extremely precious thing in the World of the Immortals, but was also considered important in the modern city. And above all, Ye Feng also used to believe this point.

When life and death were totally controlled by powerful people, then at that time, was there any use of having a huge amount of money?

Of course, the real strength didn’t only lie in having the highest level of Cultivation, but it also based on something else, such as holding a great influence and so on in this modern city. Then after one could display one’s personal connection, family background, and other ability to show his dominance.

Ye Feng clenched the rare stone bead tightly, and pacified the revolution of his Dantian at its utmost speed, at the same time, a wisp of spiritual energy flew out of that bead, like a boundless sea wave, and made its way directly into his Dantian. Immediately his Dantian transformed that energy into Zhenqi.

Fortunately, while searching Su Feiying in the Changbai Mountain, Ye Feng had almost used half of the time in broadening his meridians, to the extent where we could easily accommodate a decade of cultivation now. After absorbing all the spiritual energy of this stone bead, even if he got a lot of other Lingshi currently, he wouldn’t be able to immediately lift his Cultivation.

Gradually, he broadened his meridians, so as to forcefully made them capable of holding and absorbing a huge amount of spiritual energy, which would simultaneously help him in enhancing his Cultivation.

Six years!

Seven years!

Eight years!

Each time he took several minutes, to increase his Cultivation by one year. However, in this last ten minutes of time, the NSA troops, who were standing outside the room, had already thought of a way, and brought some explosives.

Soon, a huge sound of the explosion echoed everywhere, and blew off the entrance of that secret room entirely!

Because of this huge blast and its jolting effect, Ye Feng, who was on the ground, in a squat form, was lifted up and thrown him towards the wall, and he bumped heavily against the walls. As a result of this blast, several password-protected iron boxes were buried inside by a huge pile of crushed stones and building materials, leaving behind a mystery that what was locked inside them.

However, Ye Feng didn’t get distracted by this, because due to the absorption of the spiritual energy, his senses had become very sharp, to the extent where he had now easily sensed that in these 56 boxes, there was only one box which had something useful, and that was this precious stone bead, while the rest of them didn’t worth to risk his life as well as time.

Nine years!

Right at this time, one after another, dressed in camouflage clothing uniform, National Security Agency’s soldiers, holding the precision firearms, dashed into that dark and dust-laden secret room. They had several big flashlights on at this moment, in this dim-lighted room.

Fortunately, by this time, because of so much absorption, the green light of that stone bead had gradually become dim. In addition, this secret room was already filled with dust and debris, hence surprisingly, Ye Feng wasn’t discovered by the opposite party.

At this point of time, Ye Feng was hidden against a megalith, and his Dantian was crazily revolving and sucking the divine energy continuously, quite speedily.

The meridians of his whole body had also started swelling up and suffusing Zhenqi, continuously giving him a feeling of rising strength throughout his body. Not only that, originally, he had exhausted his Zhenqi completely, which was also fully restored, and the wound on his right leg, also stopped bleeding.

“You have already been surrounded, come out at once and surrender! No matter how much years of Cultivation you have, possibly you can never be a match for NSA’s elite men!”

A rough voice suddenly reverberated throughout the room, apparently, it was not Lin Detian, it seemed like this was the voice of a team leader of the National Security Agency. For them, at present, this room was extremely dangerous. Hence, naturally, it was impossible for Lin Detian to risk the lives of several innocent people.

Merely a single sword could trigger the collapse of the entire villa, this kind of super power was rarely seen in the entire martial arts world!

“Is it?”

Finally, at this time, Ye Feng’s corners of the mouth gradually moved upwards, as he smiled secretly.

Ten years Cultivation!

The level of Cultivation he had before his rebirth on the Earth, he finally attained that again. As a result, he felt like his whole body had become very handy and flexible, as if he was a fish in the water. At this moment, he felt that again he was in the World of the Immortals, and again he was following Su Feiying, while facing enemies, one after another ……

He shook his head, as he knew that this was not the proper time to think about this thing.

He had finally attained ten years Cultivation, now he could cast several other Immortal Techniques quite easily, like Red Inflammation, Invisibility, Gathering Soul Technique, Holy Cure Technique, and so on. Moreover, he could also display Soul Search Technique, by which he could sense any kind of sound or activity which would take place in his surroundings.

Presently, Ye Feng didn’t have much time to cast out Soul Search Technique, however, he was able to display Invisibility!

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