Chapter - 118: Masked man’s shadow
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When a blood-curdling screech passed on from the second floor of the villa, it literally shocked everyone in this dark night. As a result, the Captain, Thunder, who was in the basement at this moment, promptly responded and rushed towards the second floor.

“Be prepared for action!”

He shouted out fiercely, and immediately examined his fighting equipment, at the same time, several other men also rushed upstairs, following him.

This villa of Yanxi Villa District was quite luxurious, which had several large rooms on the second floor. Everyone immediately rushed towards that luxurious room from where that pitiful yelling voice was transmitted. They saw one of their team members was lying on the ground, and the fresh blood was streaming out.

Seeing this scene, suddenly Thunder’s heart was taken aback and he quickly ran up to him. While the other men, who were also in a state of shock, carrying their sophisticated weapons, started searching the entire room thoroughly, simultaneously they were extremely alert, since they had a feeling that again a surprise attack might happen at any time.

All the members of the country’s National Security Agency used to be a veteran warrior. In addition, they were fully sophisticated armed soldiers, and each of them could easily deal with ten strong men at the same time. Since because of their status, they had always been given several difficult missions, and during these missions, they often used to get injured, but they have never seen deaths.

But actually one of his team members had died here!

By taking big strides, Thunder hurriedly arrived in front of the deceased, examined him a little bit, and immediately drew a conclusion : The throat of his team member was lacerated by some kind of sharp weapon, and as a consequence, he died!

On body equipment of the NSA members’ were also used to be chosen perfectly. All team members used to carry a small-sized real-time video recorder with them always.

Without a bit of hesitation, Thunder quickly opened the collar of his deceased team member. But to his surprise, he saw that the small video recorder, which was supposed to be there on the collar, was actually badly crushed into pieces now.

Fresh blood was constantly dripping out from his throat. Although he could see blood, but there was no trace of the weapon which was used in this murder. However, he could certainly see that a sharp weapon was used to cut his throat.

A sword? A dagger? Or a hidden weapon?

Although Thunder was looking very calm and composed by his face, but his brain was constantly making conjectures, like could the culprit kill his team member instantly, could he affirm that the opposite party was definitely someone from the martial arts world.

From the technique he used to kill his man, it could be said that his Cultivation would be quite high. Moreover, it was also apparent that he was very much familiar with the equipment used by the members of the National Security Agency. At least he knew about the small video camera, therefore he crushed it, so as to erase all evidence.

But currently the issue was, did he arrive here just to kill his team member, who could be the opposite party? What was he up to?

“It’s not good, quickly run downstairs!”

Immediately the facial expression of Thunder changed, and he stood up hastily. The dead had already died, he couldn’t stick to him for so long, because he still had a lot of relevant proofs and information of this case lying in the basement, which he had to protect at any cost.

When a group of people rushed downstairs and arrived at the basement’s door, from quite a very far distance, they felt a heat wave, which was blowing and hitting directly on their faces.

The fire was soaring in the basement, shockingly it was set on fire!

Seeing that, Thunder lost his control and started burning with fury. He shouted loudly, commanding his two soldiers to promptly open their fire-fighting equipment with the maximum speed, which they used to always carry with themselves, and then immediately burst into the basement to extinguish this fire.

Apart from all these things, one must know that one of his team members was still in the basement, who was assigned there to take care of the things!

“Oh, that’s right, our vehicle is outside!”

Suddenly Thunder remembered something, and he couldn’t control himself and turned too overwrought. They had just processed the scene, but all their evidence, like those five Stange fellows, Cai Shaohong’s corpse, and that sophisticated remote control, all were still in the basement, since they didn’t get adequate time to shift them somewhere else. But, they had already transferred five fine iron password-locked boxes to a military truck, which was parked outside the villa.

“Half of the people follow me, and the rest of people, you people take care of the things here, extinguish the fire of this basement, simultaneously, be always on your guard against sneak attack, or anything else. In case you notice any kind of suspicious thing, then send me a signal immediately!”

After finished saying that, along with his three members, he quickly rushed outside the villa.

When they arrived near their green-coloured military truck, they saw a dark shadow was carrying few boxes down the truck. But then instantly his stature flashed and he ran towards the nearby artificial woods. Extremely soon, he went very far away from them, his speed was extremely fast!


Thunder passed the order without any hesitation, by raising his hand in his direction, and instantaneously, all of his three members responded and raised their firearms in hand to shoot.

Ping! Ping! Ping!

After three crisp and ear-piercing sound of gunfire, these three bullets, mixed with blue light of their gun barrel, drew a very beautiful and profound arc light, under the moonlight, as if a poisonous snake pursuing the dark shadow, who had fled into the woods, and its speed was far more than an ordinary bullet!


A gloomy but a deep voice in a lower tone burst out from the direction where that dark shadow was.

They only saw that the figure of that dark shadow sparked, and tapped his footsteps thrice on the ground, then after, very smoothly, while carrying some password-locked boxes, he went through the woods, and in a blink of an eye, disappeared, leaving behind those three blue-coloured bullets, which at last hit the ground and then immediately disappeared.

The special firearms of NSA were specially designed to cope up either with the people of the martial arts world, or with the ghost or soul kind of supernatural thing. Their penetrating might was enormously high, coupled with a tremendous destructive power. Moreover, they also had a very special kind of meridian erosion feature.

But regardless of the enormous might of these weapons, if they still failed to hit the target, then that would be considered as a complete waste of power.


Seeing the opposite party easily escaped, Thunder couldn’t bear but cursed loudly. He thought in his heart that the agility of that fellow was very fearful. In his ten years of duty, he had never come across any martial artist, who was as quick as this fellow was.

But just before the disappearance of that shadow, soldiers had actually seen through their sophisticated electronic eye-shades, that there was a white grimace mask on the face of that shadow.

“Really that fellow was the masked man.”

Thunder became very agitated seeing this, hurriedly he rushed back to the military truck along with his men, where he found that one of his team members, who was also assigned there for keeping an eye on the truck, was already dead and lying on the back seat. His throat was also punctured by a sharp weapon in a similar way like others. In addition, all iron boxes, which they had shifted before, had already vanished without a trace.

Soon, the other team members, who were in the basement, spread the news that the fire was also artificially caused by someone. The entire basement was filled with gasoline and the fire intensity was also very enormous, to the extent that not even the precision equipment of NSA was capable of suppressing the fire quickly.

It was an estimation that all the evidence present in the basement, like five strange fellows, Cai Shaohong’s corpse, sophisticated remote control, and so on, all would have been disappeared by now in this fire. Also, they didn’t get any information about their team members, who was left behind earlier in the basement. Might be, he had also been killed similarly.

A shadow had caused such a big loss to them, not only he had broken the whole trail, but had also slaughtered their three team members!

“So formidable, it’s granted that if the entire people of the martial arts world would line-up, then he must be able to stand at number one place in that line, because of his strength.”

Thunder was known for his incomparable dignity, however, such a big matter happened, and he, as the Captain of the National Security Agency, hadn’t been able to deal with it efficiently. Quickly, he pulled out a small and exquisite communicating device, which was just a thumb-sized device, and then by pressing a button, he made a call to Lin Detian.


While, at this time, Lin Detian, along with the six members of the National Security Agency, boarded on a green military truck, and directly headed towards Qingfeng Park, and soon arrived outside it.

When the young security guard of the community saw them, he quickly ran out to block their way. But the truck driver flung a document towards him, making him scare away. And as a result, he really didn’t dare to say a single word, and silently slipped away back to the security room.

Finally, the military truck pulled into Qingfeng Park, and stopped outside Ye Feng’s villa.

“…… What, wearing a mask again?”

Lin Detian got the phone call, while he was getting out of the truck. His complexion had already become even more ugly than before.

All the evidence of Yanxi Villa District had been completely destroyed by the masked man! Moreover, three team members of the National Security Agency had also fallen prey to him and mercilessly killed. One must know that all the members of NSA used to be very carefully chosen, and that also, after the most rigorous training of five years, which cost lots of millions!

That was too much, it really went too far!

Lin Detian was shaking all over with rage, if he still didn’t capture that masked man, then how could he show his face to the country?

However, if he really wanted to find out that masked man, then at this present stage, he could only rely on his “good relationship” with Ye Feng.

“Go inside and search!”

As soon as Lin Detian waved his hand, immediately four members of the National Security Agency jumped down the truck, and hurtled to enter the villa.

“What are you doing?”

A pretty figure opened the front door of the villa. She was actually Su Menghan, who was tossing and turning but couldn’t fall asleep.

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