Chapter - 119: Su Menghan is captured.
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Lin Detian walked upto the door of the villa and firmly stood there, with his hands crossed behind his back, but when he saw that surprisingly Su Menghan appeared in front of him, he was somewhat taken aback.

“Call out Ye Feng to come outside.”

The order he left was completely unquestionable.

“He is not here right now, but why are you looking for him?”

Su Menghan was also standing at the door, blocking it, and a pair of her beautiful eyes were looking at him. Obviously, she had recognized the identity of the opposite party. But she had some doubts, what did Ye Feng do tonight outside, which had caught the attention of such a great personality?

If Su Menghan had seen Lin Detian before, standing at her door like this, then definitely she would have been extremely startled. But now, since she had begun practising Cultivation, therefore, her vision had naturally broadened.

“Not here?”

Lin Detian sneered, and immediately waved his hand : “Take hold of this young lady and ask her to be our guest, meanwhile, I am going to inform Ye Feng to come over.”

After finished speaking, he turned around and walked away.

Of course, it was an unconditional compliance for the members of the National Security Agency, but as soon as they heard his order, immediately they stepped forward and took Su Menghan under their custody directly, so as to take her away.

“What are you doing? Why am I being arrested?”

Su Menghan got angry and also started struggling to free herself, but all of her efforts were completely useless. Facing four members of the National Security Agency wasn’t a child play, even if they would appear before Ye Feng, still it would be quite difficult to suppress them. Not to mention she just had started practising Cultivation, she hadn’t learnt even a single Immortal Technique so far, basically, she didn’t even have the slightest bit of fighting strength presently.

“Sorry, we just obey orders, young lady, don’t make things difficult for us, or else we can only knock you down.”

One of the members of the NSA, while looking at her through his electronic eye-shades, said in a sinking voice.

“Where are you taking me?”

Su Menghan snappily asked that.

“For everything, we must listen to our Chief’s instructions.”

One of them replied, and then he looked at his other team member, as if they were mutually thinking that it was too troublesome and really annoying.

“Bang” with a sound, he immediately hit on the back of Su Menghan with his hand knife, very precisely, directly aiming at the exact position, making her easily faint.

Shortly after, she was carried to their green coloured military truck, and from there, she was directly escorted to Lin Clan’s Villa, which was in the Changping District.

While on the other side, Lin Detian took out his cell phone, and on the basis of his former investigation about Ye Feng, quickly drew out his number and dialled it.


At this point of time, Ye Feng was at the Weiming Lakeside of Yanjing University, and was quietly preparing to launch his exquisite Soul Search Technique, while switching on his cell phone. Actually, this phone was given to him by Scar, when he had returned from the Changbai Mountains, and Scar had gone to pick him from the village.

The moment he switched it on, immediately it rang up, leaving Ye Feng with some doubts. When he looked at the number, he thought that did he know this number?

Without thinking much, he picked up the call, however, didn’t speak first.

“Ye Feng?”

From the other side of the phone, a very dignified voice of a middle-aged man, passed on.

“Lin Detian?”

Ye Feng heard it and instantly recognized whose voice this was, wasn’t he heard it before, in the basement, it was the voice of Lin Detian, but, why did he call him?

A random thought suddenly hit his mind, he guessed that since the opposite party certainly couldn’t find the masked man, so he was trying to find him.

“Yes, it’s me.”

Lin Detian seemed condescending, bluntly asked: “Your friend the masked man, where is he now, and what is his identity?”

“Sorry, he’s just my friend, not my servant. It’s already too late, how would I know where he should be right now?”

Ye Feng also replied that coldly.

“Well, I’m not inquiring you, but ordering you!”

Lin Detian lightly groaned : “He is concerned with our military action, therefore, I am really sorry to say but from now on, your each and every movement will be a part of military action. It doesn’t matter where you are right now, must member, within an hour must come to Changping District, and accept the military investigation. In addition, Miss Su Menghan is also coordinating with us, and is already under investigation now. If you don’t come ………..”

The thing which baffled Ye Feng was why he didn’t take his own initiative to find the whereabouts of Ye Feng, was it because Su Menghan was an easy option? Otherwise, with his jurisdiction, he could have very easily traced him out through the phone signal, but he was too lazy to use this way.

“She didn’t know anything, you started your interrogation with her, isn’t it strange?”

Ye Feng’s complexion immediately changed.

“She lives with you, of course, she must be knowing something. Once again, this is a military operation, you must not do anything irrational to resist.”

Lin Detian stressed this with the numerous expressions, afterwards, his tone changed into a scolding : “Even though you are Old man Ye’s grandson, but I can still deal with him if it is needed. Do you know that this time, because of that masked man, Pei Keang Group’s key training object Cai Shaohong, was killed in our country China? Moreover, he didn’t stop here, he not only somehow made Xiuwen lose his intellect, but had also killed three elites of NSA ………. ”

Ye Feng heard that and remained stunned for a moment.

Lin Xiuwen became a retard?

Three elites of NSA were killed?

What relationship did these have with him? He had only killed Cai Shaohong, but that guy was planning something dangerous to harm this country China. There were already lots of evidence related to his plan, in the secret room of the basement. So, didn’t the National Security Agency investigate it properly?

It was simply like eating plain rice free of cost!


Lin Detian, after finished saying everything, immediately hung up the phone.

Ye Feng thought that and tossed his cell phone into the Weiming Lake.

Imagine, if he didn’t arrive at that Changping District within one an hour, then not only Su Menghan would be embroiled, but also the opposite party would find his location, via cell phone signal, with 100 percent guarantee.

He was looking cold, without a thorough investigation, Lin Detian randomly arrested people at his own will, it was simply baffling, and really annoying. If anything wrong would have to Su Menghan, then he would certainly turn the entire Lin Clan upside down!

He just had one hour of time, but it was still enough for him to condense out Soul Search Technique. He must rush to Lin Clan as soon as possible, but if he didn’t go over there completely prepared, then he couldn’t be able, to make other things clear to them, and convince them to restart their investigation in a new light.

Lin Xiuwen turned into a retard, three soldiers of NSA were killed, it seemed like that particular person definitely knew that all these things would stir up problems for Ye Feng.

Was someone deliberately trying to frame him into this mess?

Ye Feng knew that he was really being framed by someone, but he didn’t have any clue who it could be. Supposedly, Cai Shaohong was not that person, then was it his accomplice? Quite possible.

He stood up, and took several jumps to leave the Weiming Lake. Soon he came to a deserted playground, and directly went towards a thick grove maze to hide and start his operation, uninterrupted. Thereafter he crossed his legs, sat down, and started condensing Yin Soul out.

(Lastvoice : Yin means negative and Yan means positive in the Chinese language.)

Yin Soul is a primordial spirit, which is divided into two forms, Yin Soul and Yang Soul. If a person possessed ten years of Yin Soul and 100 years of Yang Soul in the World of the Immortals, then he would become extremely popular there.

With the help of ten years Cultivation, one could easily pour out Yin Soul, and could use it to sense everything around him in a certain range. The higher the Cultivation, the bigger the scope of sensation. A decade of Cultivation could make a person capable of sensing everything which came in the range of his 100 meters, regardless of whether it was static or a fast moving thing, anything could be easily sensed.

A hundred years Cultivation was needed to pour out Yang Soul, and that ability was really much bigger. However, Ye Feng had never thought about it, since he was very far away from that level yet.

By using his full strength, he revolved his Zhenqi very fast under his Dantian, and as a result, very soon a translucent empty Shadow emerged out from the top of his head. Since he had reached ten years Cultivation, so it had become extremely easy for him to condense Yin Soul out of his body smoothly! However, he had an edge, because he was already very much familiar with this Soul Search Technique, since when he was in the World of the Immortals.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Three consecutive arrays of chilled wind proliferated all around Ye Feng’s body and then they blew towards a thick grove, while producing a strong rustling sound.

Soul Search Technique finally succeeded!

At this time, when he closed his eyes, he felt everything which fell within a radius of a hundred meters.

Crying insects, spider web, pedestrians outside the playground, a few flies in the sky, mosquitoes swarm, ants under the ground, centipede ……….. almost everything, as long as he wanted to feel, he would be able to sense it into his mind, just like how the naked eye could see picture clearly!

He opened his eyes, stabilised his whole body’s Zhenqi and then heaved a sigh of relief finally.

Finally, it was the time when he could be completely fearless, no matter what kind of situation he was in, he didn’t need to live in fear anymore. Until now, the gap between a martial artist and an Immortal Cultivator really began to show up.

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