Chapter - 12: – Rumor spreads everywhere
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Ye Feng heard that voice and was startled then looked in all directions but couldn’t see his grandfather’s shadow anywhere.

However this voice indeed belonged to his grandfather, but the voice seemed to echo and also had a mysterious profoundness in it. Was the person who called Chief Liu and saved him actually his grandfather?

In Ye Feng’s memories, his grandfather was a person he remembered since childhood, and also met him several times, but in his memories, he didn’t have a profound impression of his grandfather, rather he seemed like a normal person. He had not seen him for several years, and every year, his grandfather just gave his school expense and living expenses, so in his heart, the image of his grandfather was nothing more than a shadow.

Until now, Ye Feng was waiting for the opposite party who saved him from a difficult situation but his savior actually turned out to be his own grandfather.

“So you brat still remember this old man.”

That slightly hoarse voice once again spread out of thin air: “Today I helped you settle the matter with that girl but if something happens later, then this old man may not settle it for you.”

Ye Feng heard this and immediately understood that his grandfather knew about the matter of the three grasses and the girl he saved today and he was the one who saved Ye Feng from this mess. Just what kind of authority and status this guy’s grandfather held?

He could actually transmit his voice, and threw a chestnut from an untraceable distance, and it held enough strength to knock him down. Considering all these points, could it be that his grandfather was also a martial artist of this world like that maiden he saved today?

Moreover, his cultivation level was definitely not low!


The gust of winds hit once again. Ye Feng tried to dodge again but was knocked by a chestnut, stinging in the back of the head, and was pushed two steps forward. This time, he turned his head quickly but still saw that University couple currently looking at him with surprised looks in their eyes.

“Hey, look this man was hit by a ghost just now!”

The girl said in a surprised tone to her lover while pointing at Ye Feng.

“Baby, you are an educated individual and still believe in ghosts, let’s go, I think that person is mentally sick.”

The male University student held his girlfriend’s hand, glanced once towards Ye Feng, and left in a hurry.

Ye Feng was totally helpless, hit by a ghost? Mentally sick?

“Well brat, this old man is quite busy and has other matters to take care of.”

That elusive hoarse voice started to mysteriously appear and disappear from one direction to another direction: “Remember, you must pass the entrance examination of Yanjing University and get admission at any cost. At that time, I will introduce you to your fiancee. As I recall, the granddaughter of that old man from the Lin Clan is pretty good, but you will have to work harder……”

As the voice faded, Ye Feng felt the breeze flowing from all directions, and was somewhat startled in his heart.

There was no doubt that his grandfather was a martial arts expert. No wonder he was so elusive and mysteriously appeared and disappeared in all directions and Ye Feng couldn’t sense his true location at all.

“Pass the entrance examination of Yanjing University then he will introduce me to my fiance? Granddaughter of Lin Clan’s old man?”

Ye Feng recalled these words and was a little aggrieved. As someone who had come from the World of the Immortals and had cultivated in order to become an Immortal, when did he ever need to listen to others? In addition to that, who was this Lin Clan’s old man and his granddaughter?

Although he was unhappy, but right now, he really didn’t have a choice but to do what the other party said, because the other party was clearly much stronger than his current self.

“Even if I leave home, there’s a high possibility that this old guy will find my trail…… it seems like I must increase my cultivation level as soon as possible, and gain a sufficient enough strength to protect myself, so for now, I need to follow a careful conduct and do as he says.”

Ye Feng slightly regretted in his heart because he wouldn’t be able to cultivate unbridled as he initially planned. And not just that, contrary to what he thought, in this world, there were many people who could pose a threat to him.

“Well for the time being, what’s the harm in listening to what this old man said?”

Ye Feng whispered in a soft voice.

It seemed that from the next day, he would be ensuring his own safety. He would enhance his cultivation and simultaneously ponder about how to get admitted into the Yanjing University.

There were three months left before the entrance examination of Yanjing University, and looking at his current grades, it was simply impossible for him to even dream about passing the entrance examination of Yanjing University. However, for the current Ye Feng, with the virtue of cultivation memory, it would be easy for him to pass the entrance test and get accepted in the Yanjing University.


He spent the whole night on the Weiming Lakeside.

During the first half of the evening time, he relaxed his mind, took out a golden leaf grass, and swallowed it. Till midnight, he completely absorbed the Lingqi present in it and finally achieved the five-month cultivation!

This achievement was not worth mentioning compared to his past cultivation level, but cultivation was the thing that needed to be accumulated bit by bit. Once he had five-year cultivation, he could practice agility technique, then it would not be easy for his grandfather to catch him, and only then he would feel safe.

Late at night, he silently walked around on the Weiming Lakeside.

He was walking around searching for some spiders, ants and centipedes. He bought a bottle of mineral water, dumped half the water from the bottle, then finally put those bugs and a golden leaf grass inside the bottle and soaked them together.

Five-month cultivation allowed him to control his inner Zhen Qi very smoothly and easily, and soon in a place where no one was watching him, he compressed a dark and swarthy pill inside the mineral water bottle.

This was the poisonous pill he was going to use to control the boss of the Heavenly Serpent Gang to ensure his own safety and also to gain control over the influence of this gang in his hands.

But, just now he realized that he did not know where the general assembly of the Heavenly Serpent Gang actually took place, and thought of Ou B.

“That kid’s information network is quite broad, there’s a chance he might know where I can find the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang. Moreover I also need to go to his house to look for antique goods. If there is any ancient jade Lingshi, then I can once again enhance my cultivation.”

Ye Feng had been busy all evening, first cultivating then refining a poison at the Weiming Lakeside, so early in the morning he went to a hotel in order to rest for a while.


At this time, early in the morning, at Ye Feng’s residence, outside the residential villa of Ye Feng in the Qingfeng Park, three goons were waiting all night. They were the same three goons who had been beaten by Ye Feng yesterday at the school gate.

“It’s really bad luck, damn. We waited all night and that guy didn’t come back to his villa.”

The tall and thin goon said, and even now, his balls were still in pain, but fortunately, yesterday when he went to the hospital, the doctor said that the injury was not a big deal.

However, right now, they did not come looking for trouble with Ye Feng, but the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang was very much impressed with the ruthlessness of Ye Feng and ordered these three men to personally go over to his house and discuss the matter of inviting him to join the Heavenly Serpent Gang.

“This boy has quite an impressive luck. Brother Tie took a fancy to him just by looking at his aggression and ruthlessness.”

Another goon enviously said.

“If you are also so ruthless like him, then Brother Tie will certainly take a fancy to you as well.”

Finally, the third goon with a cigarette in his mouth helplessly said.

How could they ever expect a trivial high school student to actually fight so ruthlessly? No wonder Brother Tie had his face smashed by a half-brick, because, Ye Feng was definitely not an ordinary guy as they thought.

They were waiting outside the Qingfeng Park but Ye Feng didn’t come back home.

“First, let’s report to Brother Tie, then we will find a place to sleep for a while and later we will go to the Yan High School to look for him.”

Their leader, the tall goon, made the decision and took out his cell phone.


Ye Feng slept until noon and when he woke up, he discovered that last night, he forgot to switch on his cell phone after picking it up from the table in the interrogation room.

He switched on his cell phone, only to find a lot of unread messages and missed calls, many of which were from Ou B. He got many voice mails from Ou B, who was scolding and yelling at him, convincing him that he should not go astray, and must never fall so low as to actually visit a prostitute. Once grasped in the tight clutches of prostitution, he would have a very dark future ahead. From now on, his life would be destroyed and he would lose everything and so on……

Ye Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because it seemed that rumors about him had already spread throughout the Yan High School.

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