Chapter - 121: Lin Clan!
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As Ye Feng noticed the fuming with anger facial expression of several souls, it planted a smile on Ye Feng’s face in return.

He then glued his eyes directly on Cai Shaohong : “Cai Shao, right? Whatever you were trying to stir up in this country China, I know it now all along. Tell me now, how many accomplices you have, and where are they?”

Cai Shaohong gloomily just stared at him, while maintaining a silent form.

“Still, you are being stubborn.”

Ye Feng said that faintly, as he raised his hand, immediately a sudden gust of cold wind blew, “pop” and with a sound, the soul of God Fist Gate’s Luo Li dispersed, and immediately turned into a burst of cold breeze, without leaving even the slightest bit of trace.

Henceforth, this person no longer existed in the world.

“If you won’t speak out, then you will also end up like him, and will vanish from this world, forever.

Once again Ye Feng fixated his eyes on Cai Shaohong, and threatened him.

“Do you think I would be so stupid?”

While still holding a very calm expression on his face, Cai Shaohong replied to him contemptuously.

He was already dead, even if he spoke out everything, still, it was impossible to resurrect him. Hence, what was the point in answering to his questions now? Besides, for Cai Shahong, cooperating Ye Feng was totally unacceptable, it was like wasting his time on this cheap person, Ye Feng.

On the other side, when the incomplete and badly damaged soul of Luo Lei saw that his brother Luo Li was immediately exterminated by Ye Feng, he turned a bit scared.

Ofcourse, the words of Cai Shaohong was making Luo Lei very uncomfortable. Just as he expected, Ye Feng lifted his hand and once again cast Releasing Soul Technique. Consequently, before Lu Lei could even think something, he felt that his already floating light soul, scattered in the air all of a sudden, making his consciousness return to nihility at once!

As for Luo Li and Luo Lei brothers, Ye Feng was not even the least bit considerate of. Although these two people’s malevolent scheme had indirectly helped him and Long Wan’er, but the opposite party dared to set up a drug against Long Wan’er, how could this evil behaviour of these fellows imprint a good impression in Ye Feng’s heart?

Thus, the souls of these two men finally disappeared from the world, leaving behind a serious warning to others!

“So really, you won’t say anything, will you?”

Ye Feng tilted his head, and stared at him indifferently.

“You really have gotten guts there, so do I start?”

Cai Shaohong smirked.


Without any mercy, Ye Feng, right away, cast his Releasing Soul Technique on him, making his soul scatter, and immediately turn into a smoke!

Soon, Ye Feng’s mouth slightly curled upwards, this guy really had nothing to fear of, hadn’t he? Unfortunately, Ye Feng didn’t have any interest to carry on any kind of idle talks with a deceased person. For him, if the opposite party wasn’t ready to cooperate him and speak anything, then his soul would be directly dispersed of.

Under the state of the soul, Ye Feng’s hypnosis couldn’t show any effect. As for the highest level of Gathering Soul Technique – Searching Soul Technique, he had to wait atleast 20 years before he could use his Cultivation. As of now, he had no other choice left than to extinguish the soul of Cai Shaohong, and then forget about him forever.

Who the associates and the back supporters of the opposite party were, if he hadn’t received this answer yet, then wouldn’t he have any other way to investigate it? So long as he found out the skeleton masked man from before, he still believed that all these unanswered things would be 100 % answered by him.

But he had few regrets left, like why Lin Xiuwen became a retard, and how the heavenly stone bead appeared in his secret room. These issues didn’t have the means to be resolved now.

Ye Feng raised his head and looked towards the souls of Hai Tang and Tornado Axe.

Could these two people still dare to provoke him at this moment? Both of them were fluttering in the sky, quite away from Ye Feng, but still, they actually couldn’t leave the body of Ye Feng, beyond the scope of around three meters. Because of the current incident, a terrified look had taken birth on their faces.

Regardless of whether it was a fierce an evil name of one of the Jiangsu Duo’s Tornado Axe throughout the country China, or one of the members of Heavenly Sword Palace and Happily Married Couple of sword’s Hai Tang, both of them were terror-stricken at the moment, because, at present they were facing the real threat of getting disappeared from the world, a kind of a natural fear!

Not to mention how resolute Ye Feng was, as far as the case of Cai Shao was concerned, he just asked something from him twice, and when he didn’t get any reply, he directly exterminated him ……

All of them were deceased people, precisely, since they had already died once, therefore, they had become more terrorised by the true death.

“You can ask anything from me, and I promise that I will certainly answer everything! Just begging you, let me off.”

The beautiful face of this seductive woman, Hai Tang was appearing a little damaged, she said further : “Or, perhaps save me, then from now onwards, I will be always at your service ……”

After saying that, her floating soul started stroking her hair coquettishly and making various actions for enticement.

Unfortunately, all these things were completely useless to Ye Feng, not to mention the fact that presently he didn’t have any means to save her. Although, just now, he cast Sealing Soul Technique on Zhao Yibei, but in return, this technique consumed a tremendous amount of his Zhenqi. As of now, he had to immediately rush to the residence of Lin people, hence, in such a crucial time, he didn’t want to let his Zhenqi get consumed, by any other useless activity

“You people, just go inside it for now, and when I need your help, I’ll summon you out again.”

Ye Feng waved his hand, making the souls of both the people dragged inside the Black Jar of Souls instantly. Behind keeping the soul of Hai Tang, certainly Ye Feng had some reasons, probably he wanted to ask a few things about Heavenly Sword Palace. As for keeping Tornado Axe’s soul, he thought that this guy probably might be aware of any good martial arts’ consultant. Hence in the future, he might turn out quite useful.

Thenafter, he put away the Black Jar, and looked up towards the north direction.

Changping District of Yanjing city, it was in the north, about 20-30 kilometres away from Yanjing University, where the residence of Lin Clan was situated.

Ye Feng clenched his fist tightly, thought that tonight indeed was a sleepless night. Anyways, this matter with Lin Clan, he must try to do everything to resolve it and dispose it of, once and for all, completely tonight!


In Yanjing City’s Changping District.

The land area of the villa’s park was quite broad, and was brightly lit as well, at this point of time. Furthermore, several Lin Clan’s people had gathered here tonight, because what happened tonight, was really too shocking for everyone.

The Sanshao of Lin Clan, Lin Xiuwen somehow strangely became a mentally retard, and the one who was responsible for his this miserable condition was the masked man!

In the conference hall of the villa’s spacious park, Lin Detian, Lin Zhiqing, and almost a dozen of Lin people, along with Thunder, the Captain of NSA, were sitting around the conference table, waiting for something.

“Second Brother, where is our Shiqing?”

Lin Xiuwen’s father, Lin Rentian was a generation younger to Lin Detian, had a pair of glasses on his face, which was making him look very refined and decent man. However, there was a sullen look on his face at the moment. He was just quietly sitting in front of Lin Detian, when he asked that.

“She is in the hospital, taking care of that young lady of Xiao Clan.”

Lin Detian looked dignified as he said: “In particular, what exactly the matter is, when Xiao Clan’s girl will wake up, then we’ll know about it clearly. However, as of now, most probably, that masked man is behind all this chaos. I have already given the order to trace the whereabouts of Ye Feng in the entire city, by using his phone signal. Just finding him out means there is still a hope to find that masked man. ”

“I actually think that the kid will himself come over here.”

Someone said: “His girlfriend is in our custody, even though if he doesn’t dare to come over, won’t it mean he is no less than a coward, and is ruining the name of Ye Clan?”

“Hmm, talking about this is triggering my angry, it was that Old man Ye, who had led his own son to such a miserable path, or else how could he turn out so?”

Lin Detian said that with a bit of irritation.

“Now the time has arrived to consider how we should deal with this matter, if my son doesn’t get cured, then I will definitely turn over my face and fall out with Ye Clan!

Lin Rentian said that with a calm and collected face, this time, the most important thing for him was his son had turned into a retard. As for Cai Shaohong’s death, did he have any kind of relationship with Lin Rentian? Similarly, the death of those three men of NSA, had also nothing to do with him, since the NSA’s soldiers weren’t his men.

“No matter how, but I’ll certainly find that masked man out, even from all corners of the world. This matter has already threatened the national security.”

Lin Detian frowned, and angrily pounded on the table.

The Captain of NSA, Thunder was also sitting there, he wanted to say something, but had some hesitations, hence he couldn’t bring himself to share his views. As per him, there were already lots of questionable points related to this matter, and he could say that with 100 % guarantee, because he had done a thorough inspection of the spot, in every way possible, and on that basis, he had concluded that somehow Cai Shaohong seemed a bit suspicious character.

However now, all evidence had already been destroyed by the fire, so without any evidence, he couldn’t dare to utter a single word casually, in a baseless way.

Suddenly, at this moment, a roaring sound passed on from the conference hall’s door, bang!

“Where is Su Menghan?”

A young voice, filled with anger, resounded everywhere.

Everyone present in the conference hall, altogether turned back and looked towards the entrance of the room, which made them stunned for a while, when they noticed that the door was kicked open by a guy, who was slowly coming inside, however, that person was not Ye Feng, then who was he?

Seeing him proudly coming inside, ticked off the anger of Lin Detian, and he angrily pounded on the table once again, at the same time, he stood up, and angrily said : “Thunder, take him under control!”

He was threatened by Lin Detian to come to the residence of Lin Clan, still, how could he show such arrogance? Did this kid seriously think that he was the true grandson of the Old man, Ye Wentian?

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