Chapter - 123: Xiao Qi’s abduction
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These words, said by Ye Feng, were equivalent to giving a slap to the face of Lin Clan, on the scene. After all, merely relying on a mask to identify the identity of the person, didn’t it mean, their IQ had also reduced a bit?

But the fact was if Lin Clan could become the leading Clan in the entire Yanjing city, then naturally, the members of Lin Clan might not be as idiotic as they posed to be.

Regarding the other Lin people present on the scene, they didn’t much consider this matter, because firstly, since this matter was not directly related to them, and secondly, they also didn’t personally experience this thing. Hence, whatever they heard from the mouth of Lin Dentian and Lin Rentian, naturally, they didn’t go deep into thinking about this. Because, their energy and thoughts were still moving around other relatively more important affairs, as well those things which could fulfil their own interests.

However, in the case of Lin Rentian, because his son turned into a retard, so he flew into a rage out of humiliation. His son’s IQ became like a baby, this point actually didn’t matter to him that much.

As for Lin Dentian, being the head of Lin Clan as well as the leader of the National Security Agency Department, he was bound to deal with this thing, to give an account to everyone, including the higher authorities as well as Pei Keang Group, which was also an extremely important burning issue currently.

In this kind of circumstances, regardless of anything, an essential point was must seize a scapegoat anyhow. It no longer mattered whether Cai Shaohong had done anything wrong or not, what mattered was the masked man had killed him, and this had become an undeniable fact!

Actually, Thunder was the only one among all, who was being a little uncomfortable seeing all this. He was an honest man, unlike this kind of politician, Lin Detian. Moreover, as the captain of the National Security Agency, he must do everything to protect the national security.

Based on his intuition, Cai Shaohong was involved in something dangerous, and soon he was about to bring his dangerous plan into action, which could have been a serious threat to the national security of this country China. But unfortunately, he couldn’t find any evidence to prove this point.

“There can be several people who wear masks, but the skill that masked man has, can’t be seen everywhere.”

Lin Dentian said lightly : “To be able to escape in the secret room, even more than that, killing the three elites of National Security Agency, as well as, destroying the evidence completely, quite intelligently, this sort of skill is generally rarely seen in the entire martial arts world.”

“Despite everything, since you have insisted on thinking like this, therefore, nothing can be done now. However, what I actually expect, when Xiao Qi wakes up and speaks out everything clearly, then, at that time, where would you go to hide your face?”

Ye Feng smiled and changed the subject : “Right Su Menghan, the magnificent and dignified Clan of Yanjing, Lin clan, probably only knows how to bully a high school girl, right?”

“The whereabouts of the masked man, just say it and I will let her go.”

Lin Dentian said.

“You let her off first, then I will reconsider whether I want to betray my friend or not.”

Ye Feng raised his head and while looking at him, said : “You also know this kind of betraying a friend matter, any person can suffer a huge mental pressure because of it. If I don’t see Su Menghan before, I won’t consider this matter.”

A wrangle? Ye Feng could also do that!

“Hmm, then you are considered to be that sort of useless friend.”

By pushing his eyeglasses aside, Lin Rentian contemptuously said : “What can he give you? What can you give him? You both are just a sort of useless friends. And here you are talking about betraying! Even if you don’t betray him, will he even think of coming over here and help you save your woman?”

Ye Feng immediately fired his glance at him, naturally, he would never agree to this kind of standpoint.

“Just put Su Menghan out, otherwise, it’ll be just a waste of time, for both of us, that’s all.”

Just like a rogue, Ye Feng crossed his legs, while sitting around the conference table, and roughly said.

Lin Dentian was also a very decisively figure, seeing this argument going on in a more complicated direction, he finally waved : “Thunder, send someone to fetch her down here.”

If this kind of stalemate situation continued, then it wouldn’t be advantageous to him. Anyway, he caught Su Menghan just to attract Ye Feng over here. Although he showed up now, but if he wouldn’t cooperate with him, then his whole plan would be ruined. In his opinion, Ye Feng was just an ordinary high school student, although had a very good psychological quality, but since a girl was involved in this case, therefore, to slip away from here was almost impossible for him.

Lin Rentian wasn’t feeling well, he just sat down. There was an ashtray in front of him, on the table, which was already full of cigarette ashes, anyone could guess by seeing it, how anxious he was right now.

Soon, two members of the National Security Agency, fully armed, led Su Menghan down from the upstairs. At this moment, clad in a white one-piece dress, Su Menghan was looking gorgeous, very pure and delicate, with a pleasant face like always. The moment her eyes fell on Ye Feng, her heart jumped with happiness, and she ran 32 steps straight, to come close to him.

Seeing her finally in front of his eyes, Ye Feng finally smiled from the bottom of his heart, and embraced her into his arms: “Are you all right?”

“Yes, I’m ok, they didn’t capture me for ….. Actually you ……”

In the middle of saying something, Su Menghan looked around, and suddenly an anxious looking expression crawled on her face.

“Relax, all these people are on our side.”

Ye Feng comforted her by stacking up a soft smile and patting her shoulder.

“Well, now you can say, where is that masked man?”

Impatiently, Lin Rentian broke off a cigarette with his hand, and covetously looked at him.

“My apologies, but I still really don’t know. I’m sorry for deceiving you.”

Ye Feng said that again like a rogue. At this moment, there was a very ugly appearance on his face, like a dead pig who does not fear the boiling water.


Lin Rentian pounded on the table, and suddenly stood up, even his eyeglasses almost fell to the ground.

This kid, how could he be so shameless?

“Ye Feng, you are trying to take advantage of your status as the grandson of Old man Ye, how dare you try to make a din in our Lin Clan.”

A touch of coldness appeared on the face of Lin Dentian : “As I can see, you are not afraid of creating lots of confusions here, I assure you, even your grandfather can’t protect you from me!”

“Afraid, I’m extremely afraid. Therefore, you better let us go quickly, then I won’t cause more trouble for you people.”

Ye Feng softly pulled Su Menghan’s little hand and smiled.

“Don’t even imagine that.”

Lin Rentian straightened up his eyeglasses, and fiercely shouted out loud : “Seize him and also hold him here, if the relationship between him and that masked man is really that good, then he will certainly walk right into our trap!”

He actually wanted to capture Ye Feng and held him as the hostage.

Ye Feng shrugged his shoulders as if he indicated that it didn’t matter to him. This kind of nonsense talk and delay would continue like this until Xiao Qi would wake up and clarify the things. Then only the truth would come into the light. The masked man had saved her twice, she wouldn’t definitely speak anything venomous about the masked man, would she?

Moreover, Xiao Qi was taken to Cai Shaohong’s basement, where she was supposed to be killed, since she had already seen a lot of things, like that strange fellow, which was one of the secrets of Cai Shaohong.

For Ye Feng, all these points were very beneficial evidence to solve this case

However, right at this time, when both the sides were caught in a deadlock situation, all of a sudden Lin Dentian’s cell phone rang up and he quickly answered the phone.

“Dad, not good.”

A clear, pleasant and familiar female voice, with a hint of anxiousness passed on, it was Lin Shiqing : “Just a moment ago, Xiao Qi was carried away by a masked man from the hospital!”

At this moment, Ye Feng’s Soul Search Technique was already active, therefore, he heard everything from quite afar, which made him wrinkle his eyebrows tightly.

Correct, as expected, just like how Cai Shaohong’s accomplice destroyed all the evidence, similarly, he couldn’t let Xiao Qi off like this!


Ye Feng turned very dignified at this moment, and somewhat despised the opposite party.

“But, he has left behind a note, with an address written on it.”

Lin Shiqing continued.

“Tell me the address.”

Lin Dentian said without a bit of hesitation.

Very quickly, she said the address, it was the address of an abandoned factory which was situated in a remote suburb area of Yanjing, and had already been uninhabited. However, Ye Feng couldn’t understand what the plan of the masked man was, behind leaving a note with the address.

“Thunder, bring your squad and start preparation for action.”

Lin Dentian waved his hand and hurriedly passed the order, then he turned his gaze towards another 27 or 28 years old young man, who was present on the scene : “Xiuwu, you also bring your group, and get prepared for an urgent military operation, on a standby.”


That 27-28 years old youth, named Lin Xiuwu, had an unusually valiant appearance, was the Regimental Commander of the fourth Security Regiment of Yanjing’s military region garrison force. This group was called as the fast contingency troop, and they always used to be in light adornment. Basically, they were responsible for the security of Yanjing, and were usually sent out in a small group.

“Thunder, seize Ye Feng and take him along with us, we’ll now set out.”

Lin Dentian said that, as he shot a glance at Ye Feng, and thought that the opposite party had Xiao Qi as the hostage, hence, he would also capture Ye Feng to use him as their hostage.

For Ye Feng, actually, this didn’t matter.

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