Chapter - 125: Wilderness attack
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Two green coloured military trucks, along the rugged path, advanced towards the destination place where the abandoned factory was.

“Report the Chief, 450 people of my regiment have already encircled the target location, they have surrounded the abandoned factory in the range of two kilometres!”

Soon, a soldier of the Fourth Guard Regiment delivered a letter, carrying an information report.

“Be on guard, don’t act rashly.”

Lin Detian said that and immediately hung up the phone.

Then his eyes shifted towards Ye Feng : “Ye Feng, if your friend is playing with us, then I am certainly going to be very impolite and rude to you.”

At present, Lin Detian was not as confident as Ye Feng’s firm belief that something important would definitely appear in the abandoned factory. In case, such a huge force was mobilised there, but in the end, they ended up empty-handed with zero results, then certainly Lin Detian would hold Ye Feng responsible for all this.

Ye Feng didn’t say anything, just smiled gently.

He still strongly believed in the skeleton masked man, as per him, since the other masked man was directing them to proceed towards the abandoned factory, then certainly that abandoned factory would have something noteworthy. Moreover, he was himself quite sure about this, therefore he led Xiao Qi there to hide and wait until a crucial moment came up, and they were forced to appear. It seemed like he was just using Xiao Qi to expose the evil plans of Cai Shaohong out.

Of course, the prior condition was that Skelton masked man indeed cooperated with Ye Feng, therefore, there was 90 percent possibility that something fruitful might happen there.

The location of the abandoned factory was not very far away from Changping District. Those two trucks howled around ten minutes, and already arrived at the scene.

Under the darkness of the night, one could faintly see from quite a distance that the soldiers of the Fourth Guard Regiment were standing there, forming an encirclement ring outside the abandoned factory, at a distance of two kilometres of range.


Lin Xiuwu marched forward, came in front of the truck, and then while facing the truck, he saluted Lin Detian as a formality and honoured his position, since the position of the Chief couldn’t be avoided.

However, suddenly his eyes got attracted towards similarly sitting on the truck, Lin Shiqing. Under the faint moonlight, her appearance was looking even more beautiful. As for this young lady, always being harsh Lin Xiuwu could never allow anything wrong happen to her. He thought that in future, whoever would be able to marry her, would have an enormously big fortune.

But, at such a dangerous place, why did she come and what did she want to do?

“Xiuwu, you continue to be on guard, if there will be any critical situation or information, report me anytime, instantly. Thunder, we will proceed towards that factory, and we will stop, when we will be one kilometre away from it.”

Lin Detian commandingly said that.

“Chief, approaching close to it might be dangerous, you ……”

Thunder hesitated a bit, while at the same time, he also gazed at Lin Shiqing, who was sitting upright nearby. He just wanted to make both of them stay in the periphery of the outer encirclement ring.

“All right, since we have you for our protection, so I can feel relieved.”

Lin Detian smiled.


By clenching his teeth, Thunder nodded. He wasn’t complacent because of Lin Detian’s trust on him, instead, he felt increased burden on his shoulders now.

No matter what kind of dangerous situation Lin Detian would encounter ahead, he would still stand firmly on the front line, and would never plan to shrink back because of the danger. And this was his special trait which was highly admired by Thunder.

“Young lady, you ……”

Lin Xiuwu looked at Lin Shiqing, as he wanted to make her get off the truck and stay here in the outer circle.

“No need to say that, I will stay together with my dad.”

Lin Shiqing firmly said, simultaneously looked at Ye Feng and Su Menghan, and thought that if these two people didn’t flinch, then how could she retreat in the midway? Wasn’t it an abandoned factory where the masked man was, what was there to be afraid of?

However, when she noticed that the relationship between Ye Feng and Su Menghan was very intimate, an inexplicable sour thought immediately took birth in her heart. The engagement which her Grandfather had arranged earlier, if it involved some other man, then most likely without demur, she would have gone wild with joy and had also agreed to it, but this wasn’t the case with Ye Feng.

Su Menghan was really lucky since she had this kind of man.

What a pity, Lin Shiqing was that sort of person, who always used to wear a mask to live peacefully, when would she meet with the right man who would truly make her heart beat for him? It was very strange, regarding Cai Shaohong’s death, she wasn’t sad a bit, on the contrary, she was very curious to know that who would have such a big enmity and so much hatred for Cai Shaohong, that he went so far and even destroyed his corpse without leaving any trace?

“Protect the Chief and Miss Lin. Everyone get ready for the battle, Let’s go!”

Thunder waved his hand and issued the order.

Both military trucks quickly started and proceeded towards the inside circle of the abandoned factory. Ye Feng, Su Menghan, Lin Detian and Lin Shiqing, all of them were sitting in the backseat of the open-air truck. In front of their truck, there was the first truck, which was being led directly by Thunder.

Under the dim light and silence of the night, the sound of the trucks, running on the road, was very obvious.

Ye Feng proliferated his Soul Search Technique all around, simultaneously became all prepared to alert the surrounding people at any moment.

Enormously overgrown huge weeds were widely spread and had already captured the surrounding area, the entire abandoned factory was also surrounded by wilderness. This place was too far away from the city, even if someone wanted to develop this region, but how to do that, it would be a big problem.

Under the dim light of the night, when all sides were surrounded by the darkness, in such a case, special tools were required, otherwise, it was simply impossible to see things too far away. Only a man’s height tall weeds could be seen in this darkness, almost everywhere, swaying in the icy-cold night wind, like ghosts and demons.

The gloomy environment, along with the repeatedly blowing heart-chilling, icy-cold night wind, making Su Menghan shrink her body, and lean upon the arms of Ye Feng.

However, suddenly, several strange things, with an extremely fast speed, rushed out from the huge weeds present on both sides of the road, and with a lightning fast speed, they fired toward the two trucks.

Altogether there were eight hairy strange freaks in front of them rightnow!

Ye Feng immediately reacted, subconsciously enclasped Su Menghan, and became all set to immediately act as per the required situation.

“Enemy attack!”

Besides Ye Feng, the NSA soldiers, who were also responsible for the security, they also similarly discovered the silhouette of the invading enemy, and made a loud noise at once to alert everyone. Unfortunately, their quick reaction was still too slow, the speed of the opposite party was beyond their imagination.


Altogether eight long-haired strange fellows, in tattered windproof long coat, crossing over hundred meters distance in just 32 steps, had already arrived at the side of those two military trucks. And then, immediately few of them abruptly came in front of the truck and obstructed the momentum of the advancing truck!



In the astonishment of the vigorous strength of those strange creatures, the two trucks, without prior indication, overturned and rolled away with a massive velocity. The incredible strength of these freaks was actually very dreadful and instantly caused a predicament!

“Protect the Chief!”

Two members of the National Security Agency, immediately supported Lin Detian with their arms, and directly jumped down the truck along with him, and safely rolled to one side! Moreover, Lin Shiqing also got the similar treatment, after all, she was also a very important personage, so, the first priority was to ensure their safety.

Soon, the entire truck was completely overturned in the field, however, the NSA members onboard, including the driver, showed a rapid reaction, and consequently, no casualty took place.

However, after getting off the truck, the warriors promptly raised their precision firearms in their hands, and immediately fired in a split second. More than a dozen of blue-ray bullets, with a terrifying speed, which was three times higher than the velocity of sound, were shot towards those long-haired strange fellows, who had originally overturned the truck.

Ping! Ping! Ping!

Those strange freaks, who had just overturned a heavy truck, were already staggering. At this moment, it was quite impossible for them to escape, hence, when they were shot all of a sudden, the might of huge bullets exploded and formed several holes all over their body.

As a consequence, six of them fell to the ground on the spot, and were no longer moving. However, one of them was still struggling to get up, without any extra effort, he smoothly pounded down a punch towards one of the members of the NSA.


Under the night sky, the fresh blood splashed out, just like how the watermelon juice splashed, it was really a horrible sight.

A strange force, which was capable enough to overturn such a heavy truck so easily, if used to smash the head of the person, then what would be the scene?

But surprisingly, another strange creature, who was a little hurt and was unable to stand up, since he was the one who tried to stop the momentum of the running truck, roared at once, and rolled on the ground, advancing directly towards Lin Shiqing, like a crazy beast.

“Protect Miss Lin!”

Several members of the NSA immediately reacted by putting out their guns and all set to shoot.

However, the speed of that long-haired giant was way too fast!

Almost within an instant, when Lin Shiqing was just trying to turn over and stand up, suddenly she smelled the stench smell, and the next moment, an ugly hairy freak, arrived in front of her and stretched his hand to grab her.

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