Chapter - 130: Mask uncovered!
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Ye Feng felt that carrying on his back, the intense fire had finally got extinguished, which gave him a huge relief. However, without paying much attention towards Lin Shiqing, who was still pressed under his body, he raised his head and shrugged all the broken pieces of bricks and tiles off from his back, and then stuck his head out.

Without looking back, he got the idea who the person was, as he already knew that he was Thunder, advancing towards him, along with his people. Although, without a bit of hesitation, he wanted to use his skills to immediately depart from this place, but at this time, the only thing running in his mind was a feeling of a deep pain in his shoulder and chest.

Actually, he had been shot!

For a moment, Ye Feng’s heart was petrified, as he felt that those two bullets had some kind of strange force, which immediately spread throughout his body and pinned down his Zhenqi terrifically.

“His Cultivation was half-suppressed!”

His Cultivation had been shackled for the time being and it had dropped to a five-years of degree. Therefore, originally he wanted to cast Invisibility, but now it had become next to impossible. Fortunately what he had was Zhenqi, if he were an ordinary martial artist with inner qi inside, then as soon as these bullets entered his body, the whole internal forces running within his body immediately failed to respond.

Without thinking much, he struggled to emerge out of the debris. But he failed to grab the chance to leave, since the moment he set his foot out, he was pressed down from his shoulders by the members of the NSA, and immediately the precision rifles were pointed at his head.

“Don’t move!”

Standing ten meters away, Thunder pulled out a pistol and also pointed at his head.

Just a moment ago, he had gone through such a violent explosion and had also suffered a heavy injury. Immediately after that, he didn’t even get the time to breathe and was immediately shot twice. Therefore, for the time being, he didn’t have the ability to resist. He could only raise his head and looked at Thunder and Lin Detian, coldly.

“Where is my daughter?”

Lin Detian walked to the side where Thunder was, and looked at Ye Feng, when he saw a severely burnt injury on his back and his tattered black cloth, his complexion darkened at once.

Although this guy survived this fierce explosion, but could it be because he was buried in a huge pile of bricks and stones at that time? Everything was burnt, then Lin Shiqing ……

“Dad …… cough…Keke ……”

Right at this moment, a faint sound passed from that debris, followed by a white arm stretched out reluctantly, which looked very smooth and exquisite, without any burnt marks, but just had got tainted with some mud.


“Miss Lin!”

Immediately a pleased expression crawled over the faces of a group of people, not only that, Lin Detian’s anger instantly changed into joy. Hurriedly people ran towards her, and pulled her up since she was still buried in the huge pile of crushed bricks and stones.

“Keke, Keke ……”

She was coughing constantly, although was neither burnt nor wounded as she was shielded by Ye Feng, but still she was in discomfort because her chest had been heavily pressed by him and fumigation had also made her suffocate all along.

By this time, she had been finally pulled out. After coughing several times and taking several deep breaths, her condition gradually improved.

“How are you now?”

Lin Detian supported her, as he asked anxiously.

“No, it’s nothing …… he?”

She shook her head and wiped the oozing sweat from her forehead, as she swept her eyes around the place, and soon noticed that the NSA members had already fallen upon Ye Feng.

“Did you get hurt, go back to the hospital first, here I have your uncle Thunder, who will go along with you.”

Lin Detian said that, as he greeted two National Security members, because he wanted to make them see her daughter off to the hospital first.

“There is no need to do that, I’m all right.”

Lin Shiqing firmly replied, then set out and arrived in front of Ye Feng. While standing still, she looked at him, her beautiful eyes glittered with a complex look, like a starry sky : “No matter who you are, thank you for protecting me, but this can’t become the strong reason for us to let you leave peacefully. ”

Surprisingly, this masked man had protected her, but afterall, wasn’t she taken away by him to the abandoned factory? Besides, this masked man was the pivotal character of this incident, therefore he must be strictly taken under control.

Was this masked man really friends with Ye Feng? Did he already have the relationship with Miss Long, who belonged to the aristocratic Clan of the martial arts world? Still, he wanted to get close to Lin Shiqing, and acquire her favourable impression, so that later on, he could take the control of her entire Clan under his clutch, like boarding the pinnacle of power?

His ambition was truly big.

Although whatever Zhui Hun had said wasn’t true at all, but if one would think logically, then would feel that this possibility was on higher side. Speaking of which, even if there would just be a little possibility of this story, still, Lin Clan could never take a risk and release him easily.

“Inform Xiuwu to make a wide scope search throughout this exploded area, and if he marks anything suspicious, then must immediately report me.”

After issuing this order, he arrived at the side of Lin Shiqing, with his heart overflowing with some doubts.

Had the masked man really saved her daughter?

He glanced at the heap of debris from where these two people crawled out and immediately understood the whole situation, which forced him to admit the fact that this masked guy was still a little manly.

“Thank you for saving my daughter.”

He said that and instantly his thread of conversation took a sudden revolution : “But if you really want to get close to my Clan to fulfil your ulterior motives, then you are gravely mistaken. As of now, just follow us, the truth will be thoroughly investigated, and if you turn up innocent, then I assure you that we never tarnish a genuine person. ”

These words, whether they were said to comfort Ye Feng, or he really meant it, nobody could figure it out. However, he was not so stupid afterall. It seemed that even though he heard whatever said by Zhu Hun, but still treated his words as a possibility. He only had some doubts, since he couldn’t bring himself to believe it thoroughly.

Ye Feng heard his statement and his thought process instantly changed the direction, by lowering his voice, he said : “We just have a common enemy. Now the evil person has already died, and since I fall into your hands, apparently it will be very difficult for me to escape.”

“I know fairly well.”

Lin Detian nodded his head to express that he was truly very satisfied with Ye Feng’s understanding, he then continued : “First give him two shots again, then send him to the hospital.”

These words fell, and in a flash, changed the colour of Ye Feng’s face, this person Lin Detian, he was really handling this affair cautiously, very intelligently. Although Ye Feng was already under their clutch, but still was it really needed to shot him twice again? Ye Feng was actually counting on his strength, which would restore soon, then he could go back and pick Su Menghan up, but now it looked like he must have to draw some other plans.

Puff! puff!

Once again, the same kind of two bullets were fired, which were instantaneously shot on his arm. This kind of bullet had been especially designed to paralyze the meridian points, so that it could temporarily suppress one’s Cultivation. After entering the human body, it used to melt and become some kind of strange energy to put down one’s power. Besides making the people of martial arts world totally unable to resist, it didn’t have any other side effects.

At present, he didn’t have the strength left to dodge those bullets, as for now, he could only allow himself to be trampled upon. In a flash, his Cultivation was suppressed and dropped to three years all of a sudden. However, the story not ended here, soon he felt that now he needed a rest of whole night to restore ……


Lin Detian said that and then walked away with Thunder, while discussing with him something in a whispering tone: “Four bullets have been shot and what I think is they would be more than enough to suppress his inner qi for at least one week, this way he can’t become a threat to us. For now, you carefully search the vicinity and try to find out any suspicious thing, which can be used as the evidence, as you already know that Cai Shaohong’s death has become an international issue, therefore we must give a proper explanation to it. ”


Thunder nodded and quickly began to arrange his subordinates, to coordinate with Lin Xiuwu’s Fourth Guards Regiment soldiers, in their thorough search.

Meanwhile, Lin Detian also nodded, as he felt that a big stone, which was stuck in his heart, had finally fallen to the ground, so long as Lin Shiqing was all right, other things were just like the floating clouds.

Although Ye Feng’s Cultivation had been suppressed, but whatever might be the reason, his Soul Search Technique was still active, and with the help of which, he was listening to the whispered conversation of those two men, and thought that the Immortal Cultivator couldn’t be compared with an ordinary martial artist. And as a proof, even though four bullets were shot at him by the specially designed guns, but they couldn’t have any huge effect on him.

Usually, a martial artist took almost a week to restore his depleted inner qi again. But in his case, it was his Zhenqi which had been suppressed, so he could easily restore it within a night, this was the huge disparity.

While he was occupied by his own thoughts, he felt a sweet fragrance greeted his nostrils all of a sudden, and as a reflex action, he immediate raised his head and a pretty face of Lin Shiqing appeared before his eyes.

“Why don’t you go to the hospital first? Your injury is not minor.”

Her lips slightly moved, and a crisp voice resounded, apparently there was a visible hint of concerns peeping out from her eyes.

“Hang on, take off his mask first.”

Right at this moment, suddenly Lin Detian’s voice burst out, as he cautiously said : “We must see who he really is before sending him to the hospital, it won’t take lots of time.”

Ye Feng heard that, and his heart shivered with his sudden statement.

Now he had only three years Cultivation, so in order to get away from here, he at least needed a rest of few hours to get the job done! Literally speaking, for the next few hours, he had to go through lots of sufferings.

A member of the NSA pulled his mask conveniently and uncovered his white grimace face mask.

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