Chapter - 134: He was just the first
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Although Ye Feng was taken aback, but on the surface, he still maintained a very serene stature. He stretched out his hand and lightly patted the hand of the opposite party : “Are you really so sure that I am Ye Feng?”

“A guess.”

Nan’fang smiled while pulling his hand back.


Ye Feng remained noncommittal as he serenely looked at him.

“As the rumours say, Ye Feng and Mo Jiuge are good friends.”

Nan’fang smiled : “But the fact is, actually nobody has ever seen them together at the same time, therefore, in my opinion, very likely both are the same person, what do you say?”


Under the mask, Ye Feng’s corners of the mouth slightly curled upwards, he neither properly admitted it nor denied it completely. However, his this attitude made Nan’fang more convinced.

As for Nan’fang, he would never rely merely on the martial arts skills and outside appearance to distinguish two people.

At first, Nan’fang wasn’t a martial artist himself, therefore, he couldn’t be like Long Wan’er. Secondly, Ye Feng was perceived as an ordinary person, so on that basis, he concluded that he couldn’t practice martial arts. Moreover, he was also proficient in appearance changing skill, so he had a more solid understanding of the fact, that appearance could never represent anyone.

He raised his hand and cast his black skeleton mask off from his face.

Suddenly a delicate and pretty young man’s face appeared before Ye Feng, perhaps because of all year round he was under the mask using a new identity, therefore, his face turned a little pale, but it was still looking very elegant.

Nan’fang was one of the survivors of Southern Heavenly Gate’s extermination case which happened a year ago. After Cai Shaohong was killed, he again saw the light of the day finally!

“I had been secretly gathering all materials related to Cai Shaohong.”

His voice was very refreshing and crisp like sunlight, but at this moment, he said with a bit of emotion: “Originally, I had thought that it would take more time to expose his evil plot, but never thought he would be killed so fast, thanks to you for this.”

While saying, he raised his head and looked towards Ye Feng’s face, his white grimace face mask appeared incomparably gloomy and very strange under the moonlight.

“No need to mention it, one reaps what one sows, he really deserved it.”

Ye Feng smiled as he patted his shoulder: “Come on, let’s talk while walking.”

“Your wound ……”

Suddenly burn marks behind Ye Feng’s back appeared before Nan’fang’s eyes.

“It’s nothing that critical.”

Ye Feng shook his head, as for this injury, he was just waiting for the full restoration of his Cultivation, then he could use Holy Cure Technique to cure it. As long as it wasn’t the injury of lethal crippling, Holy Cure Technique could easily cure it. However, to treat his wound, this technique would consume some of his Zhenqi.

Naturally, if his head was exploded, or his hands or legs were chopped off, not even this Holy Cure Technique could do anything.

Their figure soon disappeared in the darkness, leaving behind the yellow Santana rental car still standing at its original position, waiting to be towed away by the army next morning ……

In the cluster of weeds, walking two people were appearing exactly like the wilderness ghosts.

“You had grasped so many evidence, but why didn’t you report directly to Lin Clan?”

Ye Feng asked.

“Because if Cai Shaohong hadn’t died first, then he would have figured out plenty of ways to deny them.”

Nan’fang answered as he thought that since Cai Shaohong had died now, therefore, he dared to feel relieved and handed all the evidence over to Lin Clan, without a bit of fear that Cai Shaohong might think of a way to resolve it!

“Usually, in the school, there should have a lot of opportunities to kill him, don’t you think?”

Ye Feng had some doubts, presumably, as per Nan’fang’s methods, killing Cai Shaohong in the school wasn’t a difficult job, was it? Then that meant, he wanted to bravely face dangers and grab him.

“He was just the first.”

Nan’fang said, as his eyes flashed a hint of cold awn : “He was my first personal enemy, even if I had to put my life on the line to grasp him, I would have done that. Unfortunately, he was just the first, I have to be more careful now, can’t throw away my life like this, and that also so early………”

Ye Feng listened to his explanation and probably understood his hidden meaning.

However, he did not dig in the detail to ask who the opposite party was. Although they had worked together very happily and cooperatively, but something was still there which Ye Feng couldn’t ask him to clarify, just like how Ye Feng did, similarly Nan’fang also didn’t give all of his cards in the hands of the opposite party.

“Maybe we can also continue to cooperate.”

Nan’fang went into a deep ponder for a while, and then by putting on a smile, said : “No matter how, this first time cooperation had been quite delectable. Tomorrow I will set out for the East China Sea, so it’s like a destined goodbye. ”

“Going to the East China Sea?”

Ye Feng said as his eyebrows automatically turned into a frown.

“Hmm, my next personal enemy, it is said that these days will appear in the East China Sea …… Of course, you don’t misunderstand.”

Nan’fang waved: “My personal enemy is not someone from Long Clan.”

“Did you already know that I have relation with Long Clan?”

Ye Feng asked.

“Now I’m afraid,perhaps the whole country knows about it, right?”

Nan’fang helplessly smiled : “Just a rumour, you got on top of Miss Long …… Keke Keke.”

“Has it been spread by the person of Heavenly Sword Palace?”

Ye Feng pondered for a moment and felt a bit puzzled, this thing finally happened.

“As per my intelligence report, just recently, one of the persons of ‘Happily married couple of swords’ was killed, if I haven’t guessed wrong then it should be you?”

Nan’fang guessed that while gazing at Ye Feng’s strange white face mask.

“It’s me.”

Ye Feng smiled : “In addition, I will also go to the East China Sea.”

“Oh? Is it because of Long Clan, or to accompany me?”

Nan’fang tentatively asked that.

“At present, I can’t leave Yanjing.”

Ye Feng said while thinking that he didn’t have any clue where his grandfather, Ye Wentian would be currently. As he still remembered that his grandfather had strictly prohibited him from leaving Yanjing for the certain time period. Ye Feng was still very afraid of him since he knew that he was no match for him, even his Invisibility would completely fail in front of him.

“Then I’ll go ahead tomorrow first.”

Nan’fang said with some regrets : “This is my telephone number, you can contact me when you arrive at the East China Sea, meanwhile, I’ll go first and will try to find out some information.”

As for the identity of the sissy type man, Zhao Mingze, naturally, it was no longer needed!

“Thank you very much.”

Ye Feng didn’t decline, instead, he quickly wrote down his number. Since the opposite party would certainly head to the East China Sea tomorrow, so didn’t it mean that his next enemy would be certainly someone from the martial arts world? Hence, by judging his own strength, wouldn’t it be very difficult for him to strike his enemy down?

The plan was like this, at first, Nan’fang would carry out a proper investigation by the time Ye Feng arrived, then both sides would cooperate with each other again, which in return would result in the mutual benefits and achieving common progress!

On the one hand, they were having a friendly interaction, while on the other side, Ye Feng was moving step by step closer towards the location where Su Menghan was. It was less than one kilometre when these two people had parted their ways.

They just walked together, because they really needed to exchange some words. However now, it was obviously impossible for Ye Feng to take him further towards Su Menghan’s location.

“The cooperation was delectable.”

Just before his departure, Nan’fang raised a fist towards him.


Ye Feng smiled, similarly made a fist and bumped with his. Not only the thought process of Nan’fang was meticulous, but had a very strong logical reasoning ability also. Things not ended here, he was proficient in hiding his identity. After going to the East China Sea, he could perhaps become Ye Feng’s big boost!!

Soon, Ye Feng looked at the rear view of Nan’fang fading away in the bushes, then after, he displayed Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, and advanced towards that place where he had hidden Su Menghan. Two minutes later, finally by using Soul Search technique, he detected his Camouflage magic array.

But right at this moment, his facial expression suddenly took a huge change.

Su Menghan had gone!

His heart was a bit startled, where could she go? The Camouflage magic array which he had set up was still there, even the Camouflage jacket was also there. Before leaving this place, he had to take his Camouflage Jacket off so that he could pretend to be the masked man, or else if wearing the same clothes he had appeared before the people, even the fools could have understood that Ye Feng and the masked man were the same person.

He ran three steps around the edge of that magic array, but really didn’t find Su Menghan’s figure anywhere.

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