Chapter - 136: Asura Tactics!
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When Su Menghan saw a figure appeared in front of her, she couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment, as her jaw automatically dropped. How could it possible that someone had really arrived at this sort of place to rescue her?

However this person was also already in a very miserable condition, it seemed that something had scorched his back intolerably through his clothes. Although, he had held a long golden sword very gracefully …… but something was not right!

Su Menghan reacted suddenly, wasn’t this guy Ye Feng?

Since at present, the appearance of Ye Feng was too distressed, she couldn’t recognise him immediately, but when she gave a closer look at him, she didn’t take long and immediately understood the situation. How did his appearance turn like this? Did he get injured in this explosion?

“Ye Feng ……”

Su Menghan couldn’t help but speak out restlessly.

“Relax, everything is all right.”

Ye Feng said that while looking up, and immediately activated his Rapid Shadow immortal Trace. In an instant, his stature flashed, accompanied by a golden sword light and suddenly it pierced through Li Hua’s chest at one fell swoop.

Li Hua literally couldn’t get the time to even react, but even if he had reacted, he wouldn’t have been able to pick up his sword without hand. Finally, he died, but before dying, his gloomy eyes fixedly stared at Ye Feng, he died with injustice and remaining grievance.

Afterwards, Ye Feng kicked his corpse and it went rolling directly towards the corner of the basement, soon there was no longer any movement in his body.

Shua Shua.

Immediately after, without turning back, he brandished his long sword twice and cut off the rope with which Su Menghan was tied. Since his Soul Search Technique was still active now, therefore, he didn’t need to rely on his eyes to see things.

“Be prepared, we’ll immediately leave this place.”

Ye Feng spoke, as he advanced towards another corner of the basement, where he lowered his head and closely looked at those four password-locked fine iron boxes.

He still remembered that in the basement of Cai Shaohong’s villa, these four four password-locked fine iron boxes were there together with that rare Heavenly Stone Bead. However, at that time, he hadn’t gotten the chance to know what actually was there inside them?

Without further ado, he instantly swept his Soul Search Technique and found that there were something like books stored in those four iron boxes. And as for what jotted down on their cover, not even his technique turned out successful in figuring it out.

He waved his long golden sword and cut open the top of those four boxes very easily, in a flash. This kind of material was considered as incomparably hard material quality in the secular world, even if they fell into the hands of the NSA, they still would need a huge effort to open them. However, as for Ye Feng’s sword, they seemed like a bean curd, which couldn’t even withstand it’s single blow and immediately got collapsed.

“Asura Tactics?”

The thing appeared before his eyes were four books, which made him gawk at once. He couldn’t control himself from hurriedly taking them out of those boxes.

These four books were like the rare books of martial arts. Furthermore, they were fine wire-binding books, and it seemed that they were locked there for some years. In addition to Asura Tactics, there were also other three books, and they were ‘A Thousand Miles Chasing Soul Blade Technique’, ‘Asura Suppressing Soul Sound Wave’ and ‘Ghost Shadow Soul Step’.

“Where do these come from?”

Ye Feng frowned as he went into a deep thinking, could it be that Cai Shaohong, together wth that rare heavenly stone bead, had prepared this thing to make himself prepare for practice? Or did he want to ship them abroad to carry out their research?

He couldn’t correctly guess what the goal of Cai Shaohong was, but it was quite obvious that these things had been obtained by Cai Shaohong not long ago. No matter what he wanted to do, but as for now, these things finally fell into the hands of Ye Feng.

“As for reading the books, I will wait until I return to my villa, for now, we should leave this place as soon as possible.”

Ye Feng had made the decision to go back without wasting any single moment, he turned around and saw that actually Su Menghan had already stood up and looking at him eagerly.

“Keep these martial arts books properly, we’ll go now.”

Ye Feng said that, as he tossed those four books towards her, making her hold in her arms, then he went forward and slipped his hand around her slender waist to hug her. Simultaneously, Zhenqi under his feet started moving, and all of a sudden he jumped and came out of the basement.

Right after getting outside, Ye Feng waved his sword and cut open a big hole on the ground. By this way, he intentionally opened the chance for the NSA people to quickly discover this place. Now, better they should leave this place as soon as possible.

Regarding Li Hua’s corpse, Ye Feng was too busy to think about it.

If his Cultivation hadn’t been surprised by those special bullets, then he could have actually used an Immortal Technique ‘Red Flame’ and would have burnt his corpse down completely by now, without leaving any trace. However now, it wasn’t actually possible.

Moreover, if he had the Black Jar of Souls rightnow, then again he would have absorbed the soul of Li Hua, so that he could make a good use of him by drawing something important out from his mouth in future. But what a pity, before heading to Lin’s residence, he had left that Black Jar outside Qingfeng Park, since he wasn’t in the mood to carry something like this two fist-sized thing, on his body all along as a burden.

Come to think of it, if he had that special storage ring of the World of Immortals, then that would have been also nice ……….

Shortly after they left, the soldiers of the Fourth Guards Regiment really showed up there while searching through the area.

“It’s really very strange, how we are looking for that pair of high school students, but still can’t find any trace.”

“True, we are really unable to crack this case. Let’s assume that after the truck was overturned, they would have suddenly run away, but still, it can’t be possible for them to penetrate through our tight encirclement and escape.”

A line of ten individuals was discussing while searching all over. Their searching goal was not only to search and find out some evidence against Cai Shaohong, but they had also received a notice from their Chief that they had also to search the whereabouts of Ye Feng and Su Menghan, unfortunately, they didn’t get any achievement so far.

Soon, they found that place, which actually had a huge hole and underneath of which, there was the dim light shining out!

Several people hastily stepped forward, and saw that in the basement there was the body of Li Hua with a severed arm, as well as two female bodies were also sprawled there, which made their complexion suddenly changed.


The affairs of the suburban area, currently they didn’t hold any importance to Ye Feng.

How to collect more information to expose Cai Shaohong’s crime, international negotiations with Pei Keang Group, things like these, which were supposed to be taken care by Lin Clan, were completely irrelevant for Ye Feng, neither he had spare time to think about, no he wanted to take any initiative.

At present, after casting off his mask and putting on his coat, he resumed the identity of Ye Feng properly. Thereafter, while holding Su Menghan in his bosom, he returned all the way back to Qingfeng Park by using Rapid Shadow immortal Trace.

However, he didn’t enter the villa community, instead at first he separated from Su menghan, afterwards, he turned towards the community entrance and walked towards the nearby office building, which was not far from this entrance.

Actually, Scar was there with his men.

After killing Cai Shaohong, when he returned and thought to use the Black Jar of Souls, right at that time he saw Scar burning with anxiety and waiting at the doorway of his office. Afterwards, soon he saw the Green military truck appeared and captured Su menghan, but he couldn’t do anything!

Therefore, he threw the Black Jar of Souls towards scar, making him take good care of it and also told him a little about this stuff along with Zhao Yibei’s case. Before heading to Lin Clan’s residence, he left Scar alone in the office, guarding the Black Jar.

After getting back here again, when he felt that now there would be no danger, he casually flipped through the book of Asura Tactics for a while and almost got an idea. Therefore, he made Su Menghan return to his villa first along with those four martial arts book, and then he went to his office.

Nowadays, Scar was leading ten trusted friends, who were very dedicated to him. Currently, they all were on shift duty, to maintain a proper watch.

“Elder brother Ye.”

As soon as Ye Feng’s silhouette appeared in Scar’s line of sight, he promptly set out alone to give him a warm welcome. He had a stony and valiant temperament, even if he was no longer the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang, but still he had been exerting an all-around effort to still exists.

“Now , let me tell you two good news.”

By the time, Ye Feng had arrived at the corridor alone with him, where he straightforwardly said: “First, just now I had found one Core Law of martial arts ‘Asura Tactics’. I casually flipped through it and found that the Core Law had a little shortcoming, so, once I modify it, you all can start practising. ”

The words hardly went out, and it aroused the excitement of Scar at once, which instantly appeared on his face, wasn’t it so fast? Not only that, but Ye Feng said “you all” instead of “you”, didn’t it clearly mean that besides him, his trusted henchmen could also practice now?

That way, in the future, how formidable they would become!

“Of course, this matter is extremely important.”

Ye Feng said while holding a plank face : “Once you enter the threshold, your identity would be completely different than now ……”

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