Chapter - 138: Tang Clan’s Tang Qingling
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Ye Feng went downstairs, where he took out the Black jar of souls and waved his hand to cast Gathering Soul Technique, so as to call the souls of dead people out. Consequently, the souls of Hai Tang and Tornado Axe soon appeared out.

Only after a little interrogation with them, he could hit the bed peacefully, with ease.

As the souls emerged out, immediately two virtual shadow figures appeared in the villa’s hall, which looked very gloomy and strange against the background of the surrounding.

“There are several questions boiling up in my heart rightnow, so just answer them honestly.”

While looking at those two semi-transparent souls floating in the air, Ye Feng lightly said : “How much you know about Long Clan?”

These words barely fell, and Hai Tang reacted at once, and said : “I’ll speak, I’ll speak first, so far as I know, Long Clan is considered as one of the three big forces in the entire world, which has not only occupied Mt. Wangwu Cave, but Mt. Luofushan Cave as well…….”

However, right after saying that, a trace of fear crawled across her face, because she already clearly knew that this Mt. Luofushan Cave was originally under the command of Ye Clan, however now, Long Clan had taken hold of it. Therefore, she was scared that Ye Feng would certainly lose his temper hearing that.


Ye Feng nodded and indicated her to go on with what she was speaking. However, regarding the former matter, basically neither he had any clue about it, nor wanted to pay much attention to it.


Seeing that, Hai Tang couldn’t dare to be hesitant, although her charming face had already taken the panic-stricken expression, but still she confidently said : “Reportedly, the ancestors of Long Clans have already surpassed 100 years Cultivation. And it is also widely known that there are more than ten people in the entire Long Clan, who had over 50 years Cultivation. The story does not end here, currently, the head of the Clan, Long Mo’ran, who is only in his forties, still has Cultivation over fifty years. Shockingly, at present, he is the first person in the entire martial arts world, who has a terrific talent, he has already grabbed the third layer of Romantic Sword Technique…… ”

The third layer of the sword technique?

Ye Feng heard that and immediately scowled, as per her story, it seemed that Long Mo’ran was obviously something not good to deal with. Moreover, if this development continued, then that day wouldn’t be so far, and soon in just another twenty to thirty years of time, he would definitely become the first most powerful martial artist in the martial arts world!

Most importantly, even such an extraordinary and magnetic martial arts scholar of his time, Ye Wentian had been only able to grasp Dragon Claw Hand Technique to its second layer.

“Who are another two big forces?”

By raising his chin, Ye Feng asked that.

“They are Tang Clan and Taiji Palace.”

Hai Tang respectfully replied.

“Oh? So your Heavenly Sword Palace is not one of them?”

Ye Feng asked doubtfully.


But nearby Tornado Axe, couldn’t bear it and contemptuously snorted: “Heavenly Sword Palace, although it has also occupied one of the top ten Caves, but if compared with those three big forces, it’s not even close to them.”

But this statement ticked Hai Tang off, she heard that and immediately retorted with sarcasm: “But still always much better than the wild and wandering solitary soul of yours.”

“Bah, that’s bullshit, can you make your Heavenly Sword Palace come and rescue you now?”

Tornado Axe contemptuously said.


She got pissed off, and angrily stretched her hand, forming a fist and waved towards Tornado Axe, but nothing happened. Because their void, semi-transparent soul intersected with each other and didn’t have a mutual touch, exactly like the blue smoke punched spatially, in general.

“Shut up, stop you two.”

Ye Feng shouted loudly, making them immediately close their mouths.

The present he had very clearly understood that the best opportunity of any matter in the martial arts world. The reason why he had left those two, naturally because he wanted them to corroborate each other, so as to avoid lies and misleading facts, but without letting them quarrel.

“Hai Tang, you speak first, if there is anything incorrect in your statement, then Tornado Axe can go ahead and supplement with his point. Anyway, in the end, only one of you will leave behind, while the other will be exterminated. And on what basis that would happen, for that you need to pay attention towards your own words.”

Ye Feng said that and motioned her to carry on.

Upon hearing that, Hai Tang’s soul suddenly shuddered with fear, and she immediately began to explain honestly about the things related to the martial arts world, like Tang Clan, Taiji Palace, Long Clan’s relative strength, and so on.

On the one hand, Ye Feng was listening to her carefully, while on the other, healso kept on recording all important information in his mind, so that if in the future he bumped into these details ever, then he could refer to these data mentioned by Hai Tang.

“Perhaps brother Ye, there is something you still don’t know.”

When Hai Tang said that, immediately Tornado Axe shot a glance at her and said aloud : “Tang Clan is that Clan where your mother belongs to. But this fact hasn’t been brought into the light by this seductive attractive woman so far, naturally, she must be scheming something.”


Ye Feng heard that and immediately gawked.

Was his mother still alive? Was it really true that the people of Tang Clan were considered as one of the three big forces of the martial arts world?

“Nonsense, in those days, since Tang Clan couldn’t afford to lose their honour, so they already had expelled Tang Qingling long back ……”

All of a sudden Hai Tang’s anger burst out and she set up the rebuttal, however, after reaching halfway, suddenly she realised that Ye Feng was also there, constantly listening to her. This thought trembled her heart out and she immediately put a full stop in her mouth, while looking at him frightenedly.

“My mother had been expelled from Tang Clan? Why didn’t you mention that earlier?”

Burning with anger, Ye Feng wrinkled his eyebrows, probably now he knew a little about the matter, that his mother was called Tang Qingling. However, since she got married to his playboy father Ye Yunfei, so, she really made her entire Clan hit by a huge embarrassment, accompanied by a sudden fall of its reputation.

However, such a thing happened, still, Tang Qingling was expelled from her own Clan, could it be that Tang Clan was also extremely weak? If this thing had taken place in the World of the Immortals involving an influencing Clan, then instead of kicking his mother out of her Clan, they would have already extinguished Long Clan in return! Of course, there was a terrifically huge gap between the World of the Immortals and this martial arts world, perhaps Tang Clan also didn’t necessarily have anything to be afraid of ……

“I was afraid that brother Ye will get angry.”

Hai Tang hastily piled up a charming smile on her face.

“Where is my mother now?”

Ye Feng asked.

“This ……I really still don’t know about this …… ……”

She replied meticulously, since she was very much scared of the thought, that out of anger, Ye Feng might extinguish her.

“One more question, ten years ago, a visitor swordsman had shown up and had created a huge massacre in Yanjing city, by slaughtering dozens of people in a tweak. Do you have any idea who that person was?”

Ye Feng frowned as he asked that, since he wanted to draw out the identity of Scar’s personal enemy.

(Lastvoice : This swordsman was the one who had caused scar on Scar’s face.)

“That person is ….. my teacher’s younger brother, his name is Situ Zangdao, but ever since the country has been sealed off, he hasn’t shown up …..”

Although Hai Tang answered that a bit hesitatingly, but her heart suddenly felt a cold shiver, as she thought that that did by any chance Ye Feng also have grudge against her teacher’s younger brother, Situ Zangdao?

“Got it.”

Ye Feng nodded his head and conveniently waved his hand to dispose of her soul!

But, as soon as Hai Tang saw that, her complexion instantaneously changed into a surprised and virulent look. She didn’t even get a second to say anything and her void, semi-transparent soul suddenly turned into the blue smoke, and finally completely dissipated!

If Ye Feng hadn’t obtained Asura Tactics before, then perhaps he would have kept her a bit longer, and would have slowly interrogated her to make her vomit out about the core technique of Heavenly Sword Palace, along with other martial arts techniques. However now, he was totally disinclined, since he had already grabbed such an excellent Asura Tactics now, so he didn’t need to know Heavenly Sword Palace’s Core Technique anymore!

Moreover, Heavenly Sword Palace was kind of an abnormal school, if one would practice its modified Core Technique, then obviously it wouldn’t have any good result.

Afterwards, he turned conveniently towards Tornado Axe, to also exterminate his soul!

However, on seeing that, Tornado Axe immediately turned furious and shouted out loud: “Bastard! You didn’t keep your words!”

He hadn’t finished speaking yet, and suddenly his entire void soul was dispersed by Ye Feng, turning him into the blue smoke and then he instantly dissipated!

Ye Feng lightly sneered, keeping words? As for the evil person like Hai Tang and Tornado Axe, was it really needed to keep words? He wanted to dispose them of, so as to avoid future troubles. However, prior to extinguishing them, he wanted to squeeze some more information out of their mouth ……

After done dealing with them, he shifted his attention towards his injury. Therefore, he cast Holy Cure Technique, and soon a touch of golden light finally shone from his hands.

The suppression effect of the NSA’s arteries gun, finally completely vanished!

As per his plan, at first, he took the Black Jar of Souls and established a short conversation with those two souls. Afterwards, he used Holy Cure Technique and quickly treated his burn injury which was on his back. Thereafter, he went into the bathroom, all relieved, he finally took a bath comfortably.

After finished bathing, he took a Lingshi out from the cabinet, which he had found through his thorough two weeks search in the Changbai Mountains, as his only achievement. Now, as per him, the time had finally arrived to let Su Menghan absorb its spiritual energy.

She should be able to achieve three years Cultivation at one fell swoop, shouldn’t she?

Some time before, Ye Feng had inspected her meridians, although they didn’t have thoroughly expanded, but were still more than enough to accommodate three years Cultivation.

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