Chapter - 139: The midnight thief
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Wearing the night clothes, when Ye Feng went upstairs and pushed open the door to enter the bedroom, at that time, he was already aware that Su Menghan hadn’t fallen asleep yet.

“Girl get up and absorb this Lingshi first, afterwards go back to sleep again.”

Holding Lingshi in his hands, while passing through the door, Ye Feng said that. Although it was already too late, but since he had already noticed it earlier that this little girl had been totally incapable of protecting herself today, and just because of that, he had gone through serious anxiety all day round. So ultimately he decided that she should start this absorption process as soon as possible. And it is rightly said- the sooner, the better.

If she would have three years Cultivation, then he could easily teach her Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, so that if by any chance, she bumped into any dangerous situation, and felt that this situation was far from good, so she should better escape, then, in that case, her escape would be much easier with the help of this technique.


She heard the sound and instantly understood that Ye Feng had entered the door, which made her even more nervous than before. Instantaneously her whole body shrank inside the quilt, only revealing a pure face, while a pair of her nimble and resourceful eyes strangely stared at Ye Feng.


He tossed that small Lingshi towards her and then wanted to leave the room, but right then he gave a second thought and pondered that this girl, could she absorb the spiritual energy of this Lingshi on her own?

As expected, she really stretched her hand out and caught the Lingshi firmly. However, panic-stricken, with somewhat baffled expression, she gazed at that small piece of stone. Although he wanted to make her absorb the spiritual energy of this small Lingshi, but for her, the point was, how to absorb it?

Could it be that it should be eaten up?

On seeing her being all perplexed, Ye Feng couldn’t help but helplessly turn around to come back to her: “Come, hold it.”

He spoke, as he sat on the quilt and supported her to sit and set out the process. In the meantime, he also explored inside her body, to attract her Zhenqi and set her meridians into motion, so that her meridians could start revolving rapidly following the path of the Star Tomb Tactics. Then only he would let her start the rhythmic accumulation of the spiritual energy, while holding the Lingshi in her hands.

At this point of time, suddenly, Su Menghan was drawn close and embraced by him, which turned her face bright red with embarrassment, as if red clouds were floating all over her face. Besides, her thoughts had also become all wild, leaving her completely helpless, as if she didn’t even know where her own thoughts were running.

“First step is quick absorption then the revolution of your Zhenqi by following the path of Star Tomb Tactics.”

Ye Feng quickly noticed her sudden changing expression and felt little funny, therefore promptly urged her one.

On the other side, Su Menghan wasn’t that stupid, she quickly took it as a reminder by Ye Feng. As a result, she promptly reacted and exerted her full strength to stimulate the movement of Core Dan as per the method of the Star Tomb Tactics. Gradually, she began the absorption of the spiritual energy of the Lingshi into her body, simultaneously kept on rapidly revolving her meridians like how Ye Feng had instructed her. Ultimately, after a short while, her Core Dan transformed into Zhenqi!

But in this whole absorption process, her cheeks had already turned red, and she was being very restless. However, because of the rapid promotion of her Cultivation, she could also clearly feel that her body was probably getting hotter now, even her heart had also started to stir restlessly.

“Concentrate on that a bit more.”

Ye Feng said that, however, he couldn’t bear anymore but swallow his saliva.

He just lowered his head and the thing which appeared before his eyes was Su Menghan’s beautiful neckline, peeping out from her loose pink nightgown. Apart from that, those two groups of her snow-white mountain peaks, which were also squeezing out a deep ravine, quite beautifully, also appeared to him quite alluring.

Her light and delicate fragrance had already made him totally capricious to the extent that he was almost unable to control himself anymore.

“It seems like – it’s dead now.”

After a short while, Su Menghan whispered, as she could notice that the dark green coloured Lingshi which she had in her hand, had completely lost its lustre and had turned into an ordinary stone now.

However now, she could clearly feel the changes in her body, as if Zhenqi in her meridians had become more solid. Didn’t that mean – if she encountered any danger now, then she would be now able to run faster?

“It’s dead now, just throw it away.”

Indifferently he said that, then turned over his body and directly pushed her down into the flexible bedding. Then he quickly climbed onto her, tightly pressing her under his body.

“Ah, what are you doing?!”

Seeing this sudden change in Ye Feng’s behaviour, she exclaimed aloud as she felt that a pair of thief’s hands had suddenly slipped into her clothes, which not only startled her but also gave her a scare.

“I’m afraid you might face danger at night, so let’s sleep together.”

Ye Feng solemnly said.

“How come there would be danger, the biggest danger is you, a big pervert, a coloured wolf ……”

Her voice seemed very tiny like that of a mosquito, her black and bright long hair, which was there around her shoulders before, was now spread all over the pink pillow and making her glossy red face appear conspicuously fresh and pure.

Just a moment ago when Ye Feng was taking a bath, at that time she had been struggling a lot in her mind for a long time thinking that in case Ye Feng would come to her with that naughty intention, then what should she do? Did she want to revolt?

She had pondered over this point for a long time, and finally drew the conclusion that she shouldn’t resist and let nature take its course, by forgetting about everything. Moreover, she had a very ample reason to jump to this conclusion, and that was, first, even if she wanted to resist, but could she really resist this? Second, Ye Feng shared his most important secret with her about him being an Immortal Cultivator, just because he had a blind trust on her.

Since the relationship between these two had already been so intimate, so a little more intimacy wouldn’t matter at all……

At this moment, her beautiful captivating eyes were tightly closed, while her long eyelashes were slightly quivering. Softly, she raised her head, as if she wanted to reveal her snow-white long and beautiful nape of the neck, which all of a sudden seduced Ye Feng and became his first target place for kissing.

By now, her heart, which was already bubbling up with intense passion, started beating heavily. She was already very nervous, and now she could also clearly feel the temperature of Ye Feng’s fingertip on her body, which was constantly transmitting a strange feeling throughout her body, making her pair of soft and small hands tightly grab the bed sheet.

Their bodies were tightly stuck to each other, as if they had been glued up, and because of that, the temperature inside the quilt started elevating rapidly.

On seeing that she wasn’t resisting at all, Ye Feng’s movement started to become more outrageous, as if he got the signal from her side. In any case, this little girl was going to be his woman sooner or later, so what was there to fear of?

After his rebirth into this modern city, the first person he saw was Su Menghan, in addition, the first person whom he taught Cultivation and who became similar to him, an Immortal Cultivator was also Su Menghan once again. Therefore, it was already established that their relationship would be the most intimate type ……

Soon, her pink nightgown and Ye Feng’s night clothes were thrown by him on the bedside sofa while their stark naked bodies hugged each other on the bed.

Ye Feng lowered his head and saw her blushing hard with an utter bashful look spread all over her face, which again ended up instigating his large beast down there. His beastly instincts were stimulated high to the point of no return. His hands grabbed the two elastic and soft miracles, without any fabric hindrance, giving them a much smoother and milky texture.


The young girl recited a tender moan that was filled with pleasure as her soft body instinctively stuck to him. In the bed, her two smooth and exquisite thighs were tightly clutching his lower body as if she going to let him prevail in this so easily.

However, all here efforts were in vain because this was Ye Feng she was dealing with.

He looked directly into her eyes and finally gave a passionate yet hypnotizing kiss to her, bringing her completely under his control……

Just imagine a divine pink elegance in the bedroom when the two souls began to recite a song of love and passion in the form of a wonderful symphony of wheezing cries and moaning, coming straight from their hearts and souls which were drowned completely in an ocean of passion and coquettish love for each other.

Under the fierce impacts by Ye Feng, Su Menghan felt powerless and totally surrendered to intense pleasure. She was ineffectively pursing her lips while tightly holding his shoulder with one hand and clutching the bed sheet with another. Her legs were tucked tightly while experiencing a majestic feeling that was constantly sprinting throughout her body and escalating toward an imminent climax. It was as if her whole body was on fire but only a little bit of pain that lasted for a while in the beginning but was ultimately overtaken by immense pleasure……

Having the modesty of a young girl, she was deliberately suppressing the desires and lust exploding within her body and trying her best to croon in a soft voice, but obviously, she couldn’t stop the delicate drops of desire dripping gently yet persistently.

If Long Wan’er was quick like a leopard then Su Menghan was docile like a sheep. The two girls had entire different dispositions. However, at present, she was his only woman and he wanted to give his all to her without making any concessions whatsoever!

A while later, their cozy and gentle moaning along with their rhythmic breathing, had turned the atmosphere of the room all fiery.

On the one side, after a persistent squally shower, this young girl softly cuddled up in his arms quite smartly and gently, just like the waterfall in general. And her long luxurious hair was spread on the pillow, as if a light fine gauge was exhibiting unique aroma of this young girl.


While on the other side, Ye Feng, cuddling her snow-white shoulders close to him, lightly kissed her forehead.


Simultaneously, she also gently rubbed her body against his and comfortably sank herself into his arms.

In this quiet room, where occasionally the sound of the insects was spreading in from outside the window as if making the entire room appear more lonesome and quiet, these two people were submerged into their most intimate relationship.

On this day, Ye Feng and Su Menghan, these two people became the most intimate and finally laid the foundation of the relationship between them.

Henceforth, Su Menghan had also become an Immortal Cultivator just like Ye Feng. Now, she was not only able to practice various Immortal Techniques, but could also easily circulate her Zhenqi within her body as per her desire. Furthermore, now she had the ability to become more formidable presence if compared with a Martial artist.

As for his own woman, Ye Feng wouldn’t be certainly parsimonious, only making her also step into the world of an Immortal Cultivator, was enough for him to finally go all the way to the end together with her.

The terminal point of his life and where it would be, Ye Feng didn’t have any idea regarding these things. However, in any event, Su Menghan would definitely accompany him to the end of his journey. She already had become one of those people, who had occupied a great importance in his life.

But at this moment, the thought of here suddenly reminded him of his master.

Actually, he didn’t know where his master would be nowadays?

Just like how his master held a huge importance in his previous life, similarly, Su Menghan also had now in this new life of him. Actually, she had already become indispensable to his life. No matter what kind of course he would have in his later life, he could pass through it easily together with her now!

In the pin drop silence of this moonlight night, two love birds were floating in the romantic atmosphere. When Ye Feng, hugging her smooth and soft body in his bosom, finally decided to sleep, exactly then, his Soul Search Technique suddenly proliferated and he found that there was an individual sneaking and trying to climb up the water pipe from outside the wall, evidently wanted to steal things!

“A martial artist? With ten years Cultivation? And on top of that, is a thief who has come to steal things ……”

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