Chapter - 142: East China Sea’s Coral King
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The impression Ye Feng held of Su Menghan all along was she was the kind of girl who still relatively got jealous of other girls quite easily. That was the reason why he couldn’t bring himself to openly share the matter related to Long wan’er with her, and just waited for the propitious time to ripe.

However now, Su Menghan answered the phone call which was actually made by Long Wan’er, this ……

“Excuse me, although I tried to hit his personal number first but couldn’t get through, therefore I was forced to dial your family’s fixed phone number.”

The voice of Long Wan’er sounded as sweet and melodious as an oriole, accompanied with a light and lively tone, apparently, she was in a pretty good mood.

As for Ye Feng’s cellular phone, last night, in order to prevent Lin Clan from tracking him down, he had intentionally thrown it in the Weiming Lake. Therefore, naturally, no one could get through to him. And so far as how Long Wan’er knew the fixed phone number of their villa, it was not at all strange and surprising, since it was already crystal clear that by using the influence of Long Clan, drawing out a number was not a difficult job for her.

Perhaps because of these words “your family”, Su Menghan turned a little embarrassed: “Ok, I call him over the phone.”

“Thank you.”

Immediately Long Wan’er’s laughter passed through the phone.

Soon, from downstairs, Ye Feng answered the phone: “Hello?”

“Hey little foe, did you ever think of me?”

Long Wan’er perceived that Su Menghan would have certainly hung up the phone by now, so she couldn’t help but lower her voice, and said just like a spoiled brat in general.

“Think of you… where are you rightnow?”

Suddenly, a warm and sweet sensation filled his heart, as he thought that this girl, how brisk and adorable she was.

“I am still at home.”

By suppressing her voice, Long Wan’er continued : “Look, I am under strict supervision, can’t run away……. However about the East China Sea, recently, again a news has become like a fire in the jungle, about the emergence of the Big Coral King in the East China Sea, which is about to mature soon.”

“Big Coral King?”

Ye Feng felt a little strange.

“Hmm, actually this matter has already become a bubbling uproar in the entire martial arts world.”

To give a detailed explanation, she continued : “It is said that the Big Coral King can increase one’s Cultivation up to five years at just one fell swoop. Currently, various forces are guarding it, waiting for two weeks to pass, until the Big Coral King matures. Really it has caused such a huge commotion there.”

Half a month, this time was actually just around the corner!

Ye Feng thought that regarding the other college entrance examination, he didn’t need to worry about. However, he didn’t get any information about his master, Su Feiying so far, whether she would still be there or not……

“Isn’t there any news concerning my master?”

He asked straightforwardly.

“The last time someone caught sight of her is one week ago, when her chartered ship advanced towards the sea. Ever since that day, she has never appeared again.”

she was well-informed since she knew that Ye Feng really cared about this matter, therefore she carried a discreet inquiry of this matter in detail.


Although Ye Feng nodded his head, but her statement left his heart piled up with lots of doubts, and one of them was, why did Su Feiying advance towards the sea? Moreover, such a long time had rolled on, but still, she didn’t show up, did she encounter any accident ……

He shook his head and kicked this thought out of his mind, for the time being, then he asked : “Where is your house?”

“Why are you asking this?”

She heard that and immediately turned a bit tensed : “I’m fine now, you don’t need to come. Even if you try to come, certainly you won’t be able to leave then. By the way, don’t you have to go to the East China Sea to look for your master?”

“Umm, just believe me.”

Ye Feng solemnly said : “I’ll defeat your father inevitably one day.”

“I believe …… Well, I’m hanging up, someone is coming.”

All of a sudden she lowered her voice and abruptly disconnected the phone.

Through the microphone “beep” sound transmitted, making his train of thoughts drift towards that night when he was in the ancient tomb along with Long Wan’er, and suddenly his heart filled with desire for power. As long as he could triumph over Long Mo’ran, then the trivial Long Clan would absolutely be incapable of doing anything to prevent him from getting together with Long Wan’er!

As for Long Mo’ran, having less than sixty years of Cultivation currently was not something which could be easily overlooked. In addition, his talent was also incredibly awesome, as he had already gotten expertise in the third layer of Romantic Sword.

To vanquish Long Mo’ran, the crucial point for Ye Feng was not Cultivation, rather it was Immortal Techniques. All he needed to do was to attain two decades of Cultivation, then after not only his comprehension would be at peak, but his level would also be soaring into the sky. The greater the comprehension, the higher the level of his Immortal Techniques, then triumphing over the opposite party wouldn’t remain a big problem for him anymore!

And to achieve this success, the big Coral King in the East China Sea, was certainly a propitious opportunity.

During this half a month period, he would give his all round the clock, to broaden his meridians. This way, he could raise the upper limit of his Cultivation to about thirteen or fourteen years, so that once he obtained the big Coral King, he could easily enhance his Cultivation upto fifteen years at one fell swoop.

And for that, he must obtain the big Coral King at all cost!

Although if compared with the martial arts world, his Cultivation would be certainly treated as on the lower side, but with the help of Invisibility and other Immortal Techniques, it wasn’t necessary that he would certainly fail in getting his hands on the big Coral King.

On the other side, after thinking for a moment, Su Menghan already well-dressed walked downstairs.

“How about your pain, does it still hurt?”

Ye Feng came around her and squeezed her into his arms, as he asked that with full of concern.

“Last night it was …… but not now.”

Immediately, her complexion turned as she blushed, she couldn’t help but think of last night’s scene, which made her heart fill with bashful thoughts.

At that auspicious moment, she finally became a woman from a girl ……

This guy was really so hard last night, he was such a big colored wolf, a pervert …… although she thought that in her mind, but fortunately she had also turned into an Immortal Cultivator, and because of that her body recovered quite faster, making her all pains and uneasiness vanish, which she had the last night.

“Well, now I’ll teach you two things, the first one is broadening the meridians, and the second is an agility technique, Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace……”

Ye Feng smiled and said that, as he touched her head gently. About the revolution of meridians and Zhenqi, Su Menghan was completely a layman. And now that he wanted to make her learn how to broaden her meridians, as well as Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, naturally it was not something which could be achieved in a short period of time.

Therefore Ye Feng took advantage of the time while they were going out together, and started explaining things. Besides this, she had that legendary luminous pearl in her side bag, which Ye Feng had obtained from the ancient tomb. He wanted to show this to Ou B and ask him to sell it at a good price!

Today, it would be Scar who would personally drove them to the school. When these two people boarded on the car, Ye Feng immediately handed the book of Asura Tactics over to him, along with the other three rare martial arts books.

“Asura Tactics is the foundation of the another three techniques. Basically, Ghost Shadow Soul Step will be the technique you will mainly rely on, while ‘Thousand Miles Chasing Soul Blade Technique’ is gonna be the auxiliary knife technique. As for ‘Asura Suppressing Soul Sound Wave’, naturally it is also an interesting one, so you can also learn it.”

Ye Feng added further : “Do keep in mind, in case any problem pops out, must give me a call rightaway ……”

“You have lost your cell phone.”

Nearby standing Su Menghan gently reminded him.

“Well, then you can call on Menghan’s number.”

With somewhat awkwardness, Ye Feng said : “Scar, you arrange a cell phone for me again, but with the same original number.”

“Understood, elder brother Ye.”

At this moment, after receiving these books, Scar was already in the seven heaven out of excitement.

The rare martial arts books were with him, so that meant he could really start practising Cultivation! It seemed like following Ye Feng all along was indeed the right choice he had taken.

He glanced at Ye Feng, as well as sitting right next to him, Su Menghan, from the demeanour and appearance this pure beauty had currently, didn’t it seem that she had already been eaten up? However, wasn’t elder brother Ye and Miss Lin’s engagement had already been set?

Well, Scar quickly tossed this thought out of his head, since he knew that such an overbearing man like elder brother Ye, how could he possibly have just one woman?

As soon as he stepped on the accelerator, silver BMW paced up and galloped towards Yanjing Senior High School.

In the car, Ye Feng inquired randomly about Su Menghan’s grandmother’s case, and Scar also coordinated with him, and explained everything smoothly, quite clearly. The trial was scheduled after the college entrance examination and when the time would arrive, Su Xinchang would appear in the court to testify.

Ye Feng originally thought that this was just a trivial thing, however, he was totally wrong. The moment they set their foot in their school, shockingly they found that this matter had actually blotted out the sky!

This matter that Su Menghan had sued Xie Clan’s siblings had already spread throughout the school. The reason why, they barely got off the car, and several people, standing around the school entrance, started pointing at her.

From their expression and conversation, it didn’t take long to Ye Feng to understand what they were thinking. The daughter of a disgraced entrepreneur had actually filed a case against Yanjing’s Xie Clan, this was indeed a wishful thinking, wasn’t it?

Even though she got close to Ye Feng, but in the eyes of other, Ye Feng was totally dependent upon his grandfather, and had already his marriage set with Miss Lin, then didn’t it mean he was just a playboy? Moreover, Su Menghan not only provoked Xie Clan, but had also snatched Miss Lin’s man away from her, didn’t she also court her death?

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