Chapter - 144: A ruthlessly beaten face
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When the surrounding students saw Xie Chengye, leading several people, rushed towards Ye Feng, their eyes went wide open. They didn’t want to even blink their eyes and miss this splendid scene.

These people, with the strong build and extraordinary temperament, were definitely not the ordinary street punks, they all looked practised men! Despite the fact Ye Feng had already knocked down a few small punks of Heavenly Serpent Gang before at the school gate, still, those trivial punks, were they truly capable enough to be compared with these practised men present at the moment?

The people with discerning eyes looked at Ye Feng, as they thought that this time he would be certainly violently thrashed by these people!

However, the thing which happened the next moment was far beyond their expectations.

On seeing those people advancing towards him, Ye Feng just lightly snorted and quickly pulled Su Menghan close to him. By still exhibiting a calm, relaxed and carefree look, he effortlessly threw several kicks towards them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Along with his seven subordinates, even Xie Chengye didn’t have the ability to resist his kicks. In an instant, he was kicked and thrown by him directly to the end of the corridor, where covering his stomach, he became totally unable to crawl up again!

This was just the matter of split second, but had already turned Ou B all shocked, standing behind with his mouth open.

This was precisely that frightful state one achieved after practising the martial arts, wasn’t it?

As for the crowd of other students, they entirely had no idea what martial arts was. Upon seeing this scene, all they could do was gawk, with their eyes wide-open, while being completely motionless. Simply, they couldn’t believe their own eyes, was this guy Ye Feng so formidable all along?

However at this moment, Su Menghan was the only one person, who wasn’t affected by this incident, she just stood next to him, gently smiling. Presently, she was the only one in the world who knew his identity as the Immortal Cultivator. If he couldn’t resolve these ordinary people, then what was the meaning of being an Immortal Cultivator?

By totally ignoring the shocked expression of the crowd, Ye Feng strode towards Xie Chengye, who was still lying on the ground, then stamped his foot on his chest, and said: “Whom you have found as the powerful supporter, and also how could you dare seek me for trouble?”

Xie Chengye hadn’t thought before that he would be crushed like this. At present, he was not only stepped on by him, but had also started suddenly spitting out a mouthful of blood, his face had already been coloured with a terrorised expression.

If he had known that earlier, this thought would have never crossed his mind to approach Ye Feng to trouble him!

But now it was too late.

He listened to Ye Feng’s interrogation first, then by coughing a fresh blood off, said : “You have provoked Lin Clan ………..you will have to pay for that surely.”

Provoked Lin Clan?

Ye Feng heard that and immediately scowled, when did he annoy Lin Clan? If it came to Lin Clan, everyone knew that they didn’t hold any favourable impression of him. However, when he gave a second thought, then he assumed that it might be Lin Rentian.

He was Lin Xiuwen’s father and younger brother of Lin Detian.

Immediately this thought ran through his mind, then he turned around towards Su Menghan and asked: “Menghan, who is the President of Yanjing’s first People’s Court, do you know that?”

Su Menghan immediately gave a ‘No’ by shaking her head, however, she immediately dug out her cell phone, her white, slim and tender finger rapidly hit on the screen, and soon with a delightful sweet smile, said : “Lin Rentian.”

Nowadays, the network had become so advanced, Lin Rentian was such a renowned public figure, obviously, he would be found easily on the internet if searched.

Indeed, it was him!

The name of Lin Rentian barely fell into Ye Feng’s ears and instantaneously his eyes flashed with coldness, a person, holding a high position like Lin Rentian, could really keep on causing trouble for him everywhere, couldn’t he? Lin Xiuwen became a retard, although Ye Feng had nothing to do with this matter, still, Lin Rentian actually aimed at him everywhere, simply like a crazy dog.

Undoubtedly, Xie Min, Xie Chengye and this group of people were stirred up by Lin Rentian to come and cause troubles, but unfortunately, they had underestimated Ye Feng. Because as per Ye Feng’s method, suppression needed direct violence!

After getting the reply, holding hands with Su Menghan, Ye Feng advanced towards the classroom’s door.

“Don’t come, don’t come over ……”

A mere slap on the face had thrown Xie Min towards the classroom’s entrance. So, on seeing them approaching, she hurriedly got up. But then she thought something and felt that now they had gotten the support of Lin Rentian, therefore, she didn’t have to be afraid of these little brats. In return, she pointed at Su Menghan : “You slut, revoke the prosecution at once, otherwise not even Lin Clan could save you! As you know that Lin people stand by my side now…… ”

Ye Feng snorted coldly and completely ignored her words, instead, he moved close to Su Menghan’s ear and taught her some amazing uses of Zhenqi : “Just condense Zhenqi in your palm, this way you can enhance the power of the palm, this is the simplest and easiest use of it. ”

Since Xie Min dared open her mouth to scold and humiliate Su Menghan, this truly made her firm to personally resolve this issue!

Su Menghan gritted her teeth and gradually started condensing Zhenqi in her palm, just like how Ye Feng taught her, simultaneously she raised her head and glared at Xie Min.

Although she had never been in favour of violence, but this woman Xie Min, the so-called her “stepmother” had not only trampled her for last so many years, but had also conspired a car accident and killed her grandmother. Even now, she was still insatiate and constantly calling her slut.”

Even though such a good temperament and courteous girl Su Menghan was, but now she was also completely unable to stand her!

She stepped forward and arrived in front of Xie Min.

“What do you want to do? Slut. I tell you people, if you don’t withdraw ……”

Xie Min’s half face had already swollen up, besides this, although she was already extremely afraid of Ye Feng, still, she was boldly facing Su Menghan, just like a tigress, with a razor-sharp tongue. She must retrieve her influence in front of everyone now, or else, where could she show her Clan’s face?

Moreover, she also firmly believed that in front of Lin Rentian’s strength, Ye Feng didn’t have any chance to be compared of. To put it like this, he was just a kid, although she could make a good show, but today she was actually beaten up by him. Therefore, certainly some another day, she would make him know that what would be the tragic consequences of hitting her.

“I won’t revoke the prosecution.”

Su Menghan stood before her holding an unwavering determination, while constantly looking into her eyes, then she lifted her small hand.


A slap, again forcefully landed on another side of Xie Min’s face, making her directly repel several steps, staggeringly she dashed against the wall and turned all dizzy!

Once again this scene turned the surrounding people totally stunned, except Ye Feng.

What just happened, clearly didn’t this pure and innocent school beauty abruptly hit a person? And that Xie “aunt” was also too weak, she actually got slapped by a school girl, but still, why didn’t she fight back?

How could anyone imagine that this young girl Su Menghan, standing before them, was now an Immortal Cultivator, and after absorbing a Lingshi, she had already promoted her Cultivation by three years. So her unmatched speed and power were entirely beyond Xie Min’s imagination.

Furthermore, her Cultivation had barely hit three years, and the present situation was very crucial for her, otherwise Ye Feng would never have dared to make her beat someone. In case she had five years of Cultivation, and she hadn’t known how to keep her strength under shackle, then most probably she would have killed an ordinary people just by a slap ……

“You also hit me! Smelly whore, you’re screwed now!”

Xie Min touched her face and immediately an inconceivable expression crept over her face, as she looked at Su Menghan. She had never thought that this docile girl could become so decisive this fast.


Su Menghan didn’t utter a word, just stepped forward, and engraved a slap directly on her face and threw her out of the way.

A radiant drop of tears rolled down from the corner of Su Menghan’s eyes, as she thought how the opposite party had schemed against her grandmother and ultimately killed her a few years back. This thought instantly transformed her into a merciless person. Even though she had ruthlessly slapped her, but still what was the use of it? Could slapping her bring her grandmother back to life?

Two palms, they had not only suddenly shattered Xie Min’s prestige, but had also sent her to see stars in this daylight, also making her realise that if she would still continue saying bad words like this, then definitely she would be left with huge humiliation.

At this moment, she also didn’t want to think much. Therefore, she just turned around and started running away.

For her, to escape was a lot better choice than being here and got beaten up over and over, therefore she ran to one side, while fishing her iphone out of her bag, as she intended to call someone for help.

But by this time, she had barely reached the stairway, and suddenly a figure appeared right before her out of the blue, readily raised his foot and kicked the phone she had in her hands. Then that figure turned and immediately stepped on it heavily.


Let alone her cell phone was iPhone, even if it had been Nokia, still would have been 100 % unable to withstand the pressure of being crushed under the foot, because that figure was –


Originally Ye Feng was also looking towards the direction where she was advancing, however suddenly, that figure came in the line of his sight, making him totally unable to bear but gawk at once.

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