Chapter - 147: College entrance exam ends
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Half a month later, the date of college entrance examination approached on tiptoe.

Bubbling with full confidence, Ye Feng entered the examination room, completely disregarding the gazes of the surrounding students, which was infected with a feeling of despise.

Now, he could confidently go for the test and definitely hit the same high score as Su Menghan. Most importantly, Su Menghan had always been the first rank holder, not only just in her class, but also in the entire school. Now that she had turned into an Immortal Cultivator, which had already significantly enhanced her memory, so now it wouldn’t be a huge problem for her to take the college entrance exam and score the highest numbers once again.

Moreover, now the gap between Ye Feng’s and Su Menghan’s level didn’t remain that far!

However, merely relying on his memory was still not enough for him to achieve such an enormous progress in just half a month. The key was purely Su Menghan and her determination; she followed him all the time and spent a lot of time in home tutoring him. And if in return, he didn’t show any good result, then he should better hurl in the river and kill himself.

The entrance exam was going to continue for the next two days. Ye Feng passed through the people holding a supercilious look, no one thought that he could ever get the good grades.

Everyone knew that Ye Feng had already gotten the first rank from the bottom in the class before, even in the entire school he was the last rank scorer! The whole school had the expectation that the last rank scorer would certainly give up the college entrance examination. But surprisingly not only Ye Feng actually showed up there for the exam, but also made a group of people feel very surprised.

Certainly, whatever these people were thinking about Ye Feng’s poor performance was one aspect, in addition, they were also very jealous of him, who had actually made him live together with Xiaohua, Su Menghan? Furthermore, his engagement was already set with Miss Lin, so for them, if he scored zero in the college entrance examination, then they would be delighted since this was what they all were wishing all along!

Obviously, Ye Feng ignored all these.

In the afternoon, after finishing the last exam, Ye Feng went out of the examination room and just ran into Su Menghan, who was also coming out from the next door’s examination room, her pink one piece dress was embellishing her freshness and charm, making her a beautiful landscape in the campus.

“Ye Feng!”

Su Menghan waved and welcomed him with a sweet smile : “How was the test?”

“What do you think?”

Ye Feng smiled, as per his situation, certainly hadn’t displayed the abnormal possibility.

On this day, almost all third-year senior high school students across the country had gotten out of the abyss of misery, the hellish sort of their painful life eventfully ended today. However, those whose exam results didn’t turn out good , they would certainly burst into tears, and those who would hit a good score, would be in a state of extreme merriment.

From a hell to another hell, or from now on they had finally entered the heaven? Everything was totally dependent on how the final outcome would be, they just needed to wait for the college entrance examination’s result to be declared, to finally draw a conclusion.

“Come on, let’s go home.”

Ye Feng stepped forward and held her soft and small hand, then gave her a mischievous smile. Today, he was also equally in an extremely cheerful mood, because the pain of being under tutoring had finally ended now, he could finally be with her ……

On seeing his smiling face, harbouring a naughty intention behind that smile, regarding which she didn’t have any clue what he was thinking, suddenly made her blush and her pure face turned red.

This scene suddenly attracted the eyes of other male students around, making each and everyone one of them secretly sigh, because, for them, it was just a total waste of such a nature’s beautiful gift. Such a pretty and attractive pure beauty, had actually fallen in the hands of Ye Feng, this wasn’t at all nature’s justice.

However, naturally, Ye Feng didn’t care about how other people thought about them. Ignoring everything, he just walked side by side with Su Menghan and left the examination place, all set to go back home and finally take a good rest.

He looked around, since he didn’t know where his grandfather, Ye Wentian was. He just planned to wait until tomorrow morning, when Xie Min and Xie Chengye’s trial would come to an end, then he would consider the way to get rid of the old man, so that he could go to the East China Sea.

In these last two weeks, Ye Feng noticed that Lin Rentian did everything to publicize Xie Min’s case everywhere, not only he ignited this matter in the school, but had also spread this matter everywhere, making a lot of people in the society know about it. Now, many powerful public figures often used to discuss that with the backing of Lin Rentian, the person who sued Xie siblings, most probably wouldn’t have the good end.

Naturally, Ye Feng had nothing to fear of.

Anyways they had Su Xinchang at their side to testify, who could play the effect of giving the final word. In worst case scenario, even if this man was bribed by the opposite party, still Ye Feng could rely on his Hypnosis, making him reveal the truth, even could make Xie Min confess everything on her own!

Together with Su Menghan, he arrived at the school gate, where suddenly he noticed a familiar car, with a familiar figure actually waiting at the school gate. Surprisingly, it turned out to be Lin Shiqing, clad in a classy long-sleeved floral shirt, she was looking graceful.

However, just like the last time, again she became the centre of attraction. Seeing Ye Feng and Su Menghan walking together while holding hands with each other, she promptly moved ahead to meet up with them.

“How was the test, Little Ye?”

Lin Shiqing smiled, as if making the people bath in the spring wind.

“Pretty good.”

However, Ye Feng wasn’t got affected a bit, in fact, in this last half a month, Lin Shiqing had been frequently approaching him and had been inviting him to dinner, but had always been turned down by him on the ground of his college entrance exam.

“Today you are free, right? The elder sister invites you to have a meal with her, what do you think?”

She really didn’t want to give up, she looked at Su Menghan, then continued.

“Sorry, just finished the test, we are extremely tired rightnow, so we will directly go home.”

Ye Feng shook his head, pulled Su Menghan’s hand, directly bypassed her, the first beauty of Yanjing, and then moved towards his silver BMW.

He didn’t know the reason why Lin Shiqing had been chasing him for dinner, logically speaking, she didn’t have to pester the opposite party, since the matter of Cai Shaohong had already been resolved. Then didn’t this mean the first beauty of Yanjing still kept on thinking about him?

On the other hand, while looking at those two people leaving the place, a trace of frustration immediately crawled over Lin Shiqing’s face and she thought: This boy also has such kind of individuality, sorry Xiao Qi, I have no way to help you out by inviting him and making him totally drunk, so as to draw some information out about the whereabouts of Mo Jiuge ………..

Then suddenly a thought crossed her mind and she couldn’t help but slightly curled her corners of the mouth upwards, actually, she just had to wait for two months, then after Ye Feng would automatically arrive at Yanjing University, wouldn’t it be certainly very interesting?

This kid, although superficially he looked so ordinary, but that wasn’t the case.


Next morning, Ye Feng woke up quite early and then advanced towards Yanjing first people’s court along with Su Menghan. Last night they rolled all the time in the bedroom, still, both of them were remarkably lively and full of enthusiasm, looking all radiant, an Immortal Cultivation was really something very different.

Ye Feng opened the door of silver BMW and saw Su Xinchang was also led by Scar, who sat next to him in the passenger seat. Then he lightly asked: “You know what you have to say when the time comes, don’t you?”

“I know.”

Although Su Xinchang looked a bit disturbed, but still nodded his head. He looked at the bright and gorgeous Su Menghan and suddenly felt uneasiness in his heart. The condition of his daughter was entirely because of him, she had been infected by the drug addiction only because of his evil plans. Besides, he had also heard Scar speaking recently that it had been extremely painful for her, but also she couldn’t quit.

However then, he remembered that recently Lin Clan had also put forward a condition before him. As long as he overruled this trial and proved that Su Menghan had falsely accused the opposite party, Lin Clan would return the shares of Su Sheng Group to him ……

Suddenly, Su Xinchang fell into the dilemma of choices.

Scar personally drove them to the court and soon they arrived there.

Along the way, Ye Feng constantly kept on scouting out, but didn’t find Ye Wentian’s figure anywhere. But when he got off at the entrance of the court, suddenly noticed him leisurely standing aside, as if he had been following him all along.

This left him with a bit of puzzled feeling, it seemed that escaping from the evil clutches of this old guy was too difficult.

Afterwards they moved ahead and walked towards the courtroom, naturally, Ye Wentian also followed them with his moderate pace, and as soon as they entered the courtroom, he quickly disappeared. Not even Ye Feng’s Soul Search Technique could feel his presence, as if he was wrapped in a shroud of obscurity.

But Ye Feng knew that he would be certainly always staring at him, to prevent him from running around.

“Squeak” sound echoed.

Everyone arrived at the courtroom door, and the moment they pushed the door, the situation inside left them with a huge surprise.

Fuck, even the visitors’ seats were fully taken!

Wasn’t it just a murder case involved a hired person to kill someone, then why so many people were there?

Ye Feng arbitrarily swept around and sensed the presence of a lot of familiar figures there. Not only he noticed the presence of Su Menghan’s uncle and aunt from Langfang, but also sensed a bunch of Xie people, several people of Lin Clan, as well as Xie Chengye’s several military subordinates, were also there, presumably, they all were at Lin Rentian’s side.

Almost everyone present at this moment turned around simultaneously and looked towards them.

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