Chapter - 148: Adverse situation
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Together with Scar and Su Xinchang, Ye Feng and Su Menghan slowly entered the courtroom.

Ye Feng raised his head and noticed that sitting on the presiding judge’s position, was bespectacled Lin Rentian. Originally Lin Rentian’s facial cast was exhibiting a very refined and cultured appearance, but the moment Ye Feng appeared over there, his expression suddenly changed and became somewhat gloomy.

His son had turned into a 2-year-old baby, obviously, it was very difficult for anyone to bear this blow. However for Lin Rentian, luckily he got the favourable opportunity to finally give vent to his anger on Ye Feng and Su Menghan together.

Whether it was the masked man Mo Jiuge or Cai Shaohong behind the miserable condition of his son Lin Xiuwen, Lin Rentian had no way to punish the culprit. All he could do was grab Ye Feng and Su Menghan intelligently rightnow to vent his anger, afterall who let Ye Feng have the friendly relationship with the masked man?

Originally, inside the courtroom everyone was talking in whispers, however as soon as they saw Ye Feng arrived there, along with the other three people, immediately they all zipped their mouths and a sudden silence spread everywhere, while their fingers raised one after another and pointed at them.

Moreover, several Lin Clan’s people were also sitting together, obviously, they all were in favour of Lin Rentian. Besides them, some other people were also there, probably they were Lin Xiuwen’s friends. On seeing Ye Feng arriving there, a malicious expression slowly crawled over their faces.

Actually, they had never thought after half a month of drumming up support, Ye Feng and Su Menghan could actually really dare to show up in the court. However, they really did the right thing, in front of these many people, it would be good enough to make them completely lose their honour, even eventually, in return they would be sued for a false accusation!

On the other side, perhaps because of the support of Lin Rentian, Xie people including Xie Pinghui were already extremely elated with the feeling of success. Even though Xie Min and Xie Chengye were currently in the defendant’s seat, but still there was not even a little sign of worry or nervousness on their faces. In fact holding an expression of ridiculing others, they were looking at the doorway from where Ye Feng along with his people was stepping in.

Did they really want to harm Xie people? Too tender point!

However, at this moment, Ye Feng’s silhoutte suddenly reminded Xie siblings of the incident when they were slapped twice by Ye Feng, and they couldn’t help but suddenly feel the burning pain on their cheeks. At this gathering place, they would certainly make sure to pay him back for this!

Furthermore, several subordinates of Xie Chengye had also made their presence there, they were also sitting together in a group, their faces were clouded with righteous indignation, and were holding, even more, hatred and hostile feeling towards Ye Feng and Su Menghan now than before. Because in their eyes, Xie Chengye had always been a very good buddy, who was very loyal, how could he make an incitement to murder someone?

Not to mention hiring someone to kill an old lady, it was too absurd!

They could never believe this story, since they were absolutely sure that Ye Feng and Su Menghan must have falsely accused Xie siblings. Just because Ye Feng was on good terms with Old man Lin, this didn’t give him the right to do whatever he wanted to. Fortunately, Lin Rentian, a perspicacious president, was still on the side of justice, and today was the presiding judge to carry on the trial of this case personally, so it was expected that he would surely make the truth revealed.

As for the three maternal uncles of Su Menghan along with the married ladies of the family, altogether 10 people were also present there, sitting in a group. When their eyes also fell on Su Menghan, immediately the expression of hatred took over their faces. Most probably they would have thought that not only she had provoked Yanjing’s Xie Clan as well as Lin Clan, but had also pulled them in, making them very unhappy with her this stupid action.

Especially, that Dai Gen’s aunt from the last time, she was showing even more contemptuous look, accompanied by angrily gnashing her teeth with hatred.

Not long ago, because of the drug addiction, Dai Gen had been carried away by a mysterious organisation, and there was still no news of him so far, and how would he be, this also remained a mystery. So in the opinion of Su Menghan’s Aunt, Ye Feng had a relationship with Heavenly Servent Gang, that gang which was the main culprit, who dragged Dai Gen into this world of drug addiction. She really had fairly enough right to hold a good reason to blame him.

Apart from them, there were also some public figures, as well as an official dispatched by the People’s Procuratorate, since according to the stipulation, they were needed to participate in this kind of a trial. However similarly most of them were again not in the support of Su menghan in this lawsuit. A few days back President Lin Rentian had said that this prosecution was really trying to establish a false accusation, in that case, the final result was inevitable and this trial was nothing, merely a set of procedures.

Moreover, to Ye Feng’s surprise, Lin Shiqing and Xiao Qi, both of these beautiful women were also actually present in the court. In this crowd, only these two beautiful women were the only one who didn’t gloat over the disaster of others.

From a distance, Lin Shiqing smiled sweetly and greeted Ye Feng along with Su Menghan. However when she saw that one of the two men following him was Su Xinchang, immediately a strange expression flashed in her beautiful eyes.

It seemed like today’s key was Su Xinchang.

As for Xiao Qi, perhaps because of the masked man, she held a very favourable impression towards Ye Feng as well. She thought that Su Menghan, who was just a high school girl, how could she support this crime, so there was nothing wrong in suing the Xie people, right? This thing was most probably true!

Unfortunately, it seemed that Lin Rentian had already decided to make Su Menghan lose this lawsuit, so this matter didn’t remain quite easy to handle ……

The cute and lovable face of Xiao Qi suddenly revealed a hint of little anxiousness.

Su Menghan had just finished her college entrance examination and in no time she would turn into a university student. In case she really lost this lawsuit now, and instead was charged with the false accusation to frame up the opposite party, that would be definitely become a major blow to her, even could ruin her whole life.

If the joint strength of Xie Clan and Lin Rentian was really exerted, and they really took this case seriously, in that case, it was quite possible that they could make Su Menghan receive several years of set term imprisonment!

Xiao Qi looked towards the collegiate bench of members headed by Lin Rentian, and thought that these might be from Lin Rentian’s department, so whatever Lin Rentian would say, they would definitely go along with him.

(Lastvoice – collegiate bench of members can also be called as panel of judges.)

Then she shifted her vision towards the defendant lawyer, not only he was a veteran lawyer but was directly under Miao Clan’s influence. It was said that his defence capability was unbeatable and was one of the best in the whole Yanjing. Asking him to appear in the court would have been really very expensive for Xie Clan.

Therefore, at present, the situation was very disadvantageous for Ye Feng and Su Menghan!

“Come on, we will surely succeed.”

Ye Feng was not even the least bit concerned about the other people’s gazes and thoughts, he just smiled and tried to cheer Su Menghan up. Then, along with Scar and Su Xinchang, he finally found the last few vacant seats, where he sat down with them.

Su Menghan, as a private prosecutor, needed to sit on the front seat of the private prosecutor.

When she took her seat, immediately her eyes drew towards those Xie siblings, she noticed the feeling of disdain and banter in their eyes, which in return turned her a bit anxious. Although she had always received good grades in the school, but this was her first time sitting in this situation, as the private prosecutor.

The entire court was solemn and respectful, but there was no one on her side, making her have a feeling of being at a loss. Consequently, she couldn’t bear but tilt her head to look at the side of Ye Feng.

Seeing Ye Feng constantly smiling to encourage her, Su Menghan’s mind finally settled down and she became calm.

Then after, she raised her head and soon noticed various kinds of sneerings, Xie siblings’ sneering, the sneering of defendant lawyer, presiding judge Lin Rentian’s sneer, as well as sneering of numerous collegiate bench member, as if they were piled up with infinite confidence that they were going to hit the victory today.

Having Ye Feng at one side was certainly a good support for her!

Since all people had finally arrived, Lin Rentian at once announced to begin the court session.

According to the convention, naturally he read out loud the Rules of the court first, then after announced the case origin, the prosecution cause of action, as well as the list of collegiate bench member hearing the trial, such as secretary, private prosecutor, defence lawyer and a series of personnel. Afterwards, he immediately informed the litigants in the lawsuit process that they had some rights in accordance with the law, such as they could apply for other people to avoid applying for the witness to show up on the scene, and so on.

After finished reading the whole process, the image of Lin Rentian wearing eyeglasses actually appeared extremely solemn and respectful, but his cloudy eyes and cold smiling face actually couldn’t escape from Ye Feng’s keen eyes.

“Be well prepared, you are the most crucial witness here.”

Ye Feng sitting on the seat, said lightly to nearby sitting Su Xinchang.


Still holding a complicated expression Su Xinchang simply nodded his head.

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