Chapter - 149: An assured victory
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After holding the court session, Lin Rentian schematically read out the indictment loudly, afterwards signalled the accused persons to state their points.

Firstly, Xie Min relaxedly said: “She sued me on this ground that a few years ago I hired someone to drive and hit a person, it is purely fictitious! I had completely nothing to do with her grandmother, then why would I hire someone to hit and kill her!?”

Right after that Xie Chengye also added : “Even I have been also unjustly accused, one must know I’m a soldier, totally dedicated to our country, can a soldier ever do such a thing to do harm to the society?”

His words barely fell, and immediately turned his several subordinates excited, as if they almost wanted to shout out loud to applaud him, because for them whatever he said was right!

In the indictment, Scar had written everything clearly that six years ago, Xie Min conspired with Xie Chengye to hire an outside man to deliberately cause a car accident. Moreover, because of Su Xinchang’s proper explanation, plenty of details were there in the indictment, which were very clear.

However, when Lin Rentian interrogated the facts of the crime mentioned in the indictment, not only Xie Min and Xie Chengye completely denied the contents, but also blamed that Su Menghan was trying to establish a false accusation on them.

“She is clearly talking nonsense, how could it be possible that she didn’t know my grandmother!”

On seeing Xie Min’s flat denial, Su Menghan immediately raised an objection : “Once at the entrance of Qingfeng Park, she had stated everything clearly with her own mouth, I still have that cell phone recording!”

Ye Feng used to often lose his cell phone, but Su Menghan’s conservancy was quite good.

She dug out her cell phone directly and played the voice recording, soon the phone resounded an acrid female voice, it was really Xie Min : “…… What did you say, saw your grandmother? In those days, she had really greatly opposed your dad’s marriage with me, I have a vivid memory. What a pity, you went there only to see her grave ……”

A few words of voice recording was broadcasted, which was sufficient enough to reveal Xie Min’s rampancy and overbearing personality!

Xie Min had never thought that Su Menghan would actually save this kind of recording, her complexion suddenly darkened. But then she looked around and felt surprised to find that including Lin Rentian, almost everyone was still self-poised, which made her mind feel relieved.

“What is this? This is what I found in my subsequent investigation that the old woman died many years back, who still remembers her?”

However, Xie Min still continued to deny the fact and kept on sarcastically replying.

“I have other recordings as well.”

Su Menghan gazed at Xie Min and thought that as expected this woman was indeed too shameless. However, fortunately, Su Menghan had already done her preparation beforehand, at that time when Su Xinchang had spoken out everything about the fact that happened six years ago, she had recorded down everything quite intelligently only for this day.

She had waited quite a long time for this day!

This time, the recording was a little long, although it was played for more than five minutes, but was still enough to bring into the light the clear details of the fact which Su Xinchang had confessed in front of Ye Feng and Su Menghan that evening.

Once the recording was aired, the audience turned completely silent.

Most of the people simultaneously threw their glances towards Ye Feng and Su Xinchang, but as for Su Xinchang, he hadn’t expected this, so he was in a daze all of a sudden.

This girl really used to handle things so carefully, she even recorded his statement as well, didn’t she?

The impact of this was, Lin Shiqing and Xiao Qi, these two beautiful women suddenly remained astonished, seeing this recording. For them, Su Menghan, who looked like a gentle high school girl, actually had such an exquisite mind! Unfortunately, having this voice recording didn’t represent anything. The distance to be covered to win this lawsuit was still quite far!

Still holding a self-composed stature, Lin Rentian pushed his eyeglasses on the bridge of his nose : “The authenticity of this recording is waiting for evaluation, please hand over the recording to the experts, later they will draw the conclusion.”

Lin Rentian, an old and crafty fox, had already expected the emergence of this situation, therefore had hired the specialised expert in advance, and had also made sure the opposite party must stand on his side! As long as the sound recording was in the clutch of the experts, he would regain his control on everything soon.

On the other side, it didn’t take long for Su Menghan to understand this situation, but the situation she was in rightnow, could she have the right to refuse? Soon, her cell phone was handed over to the experts with specialized skills, and the process immediately began to establish the authenticity of the recording.

Although Su Menghan was not convinced, but when she looked at Ye Feng smiling and boosting her up, again resumed her calm stature.

Soon the courtroom started buzzing with the whispering sound of the people, making Lin Rentian knock the gavel : “Silence. Now, first call the litigant to appear in the court, the main person involved in this accident case back then, Li Dagou.”

Immediately, a dark skinned, but also a good middle-aged man was brought to the court.

It was clearly mentioned in the indictment that in those days, the man who drove to kill Su Menghan’s grandmother was this man Li Dagou. It was said that during that period, he was just a temporary worker, however now, apparently he had already become chief labour contractor, and that also in Su Sheng Group.

Even if his status had changed, but his appearance and temperament couldn’t change, even if he was dressed in a western-styled suit, but still looked like a nouveau riche.

Su Menghan looked at Li Dagou who was taken along to the court, soon a trace of hatred gradually appeared in her beautiful eyes. This was the man who drove the vehicle back then to deliberately kill her grandmother!

Right after arriving there, Li Dagou took a quick glance of Su Menghan first, it seemed like his eyes were overflowing with incomparable disgust for her.

Li Dagou, do you admit that in the past, you were hired by Xie Min and Xie Chengye to deliberately create a car accident, causing the death of the victim?”

One individual from the collegiate bench of judges asked.

“I don’t admit it, by the way, this case had already been resolved earlier, hadn’t it?”

Li Dagou said that in a strong voice, afterwards shifted his vision and stared at Su Menghan : “I wasn’t careful back then and suffered an accident. Young girl, you shouldn’t wrongly accuse innocent people like this.”


Su Menghan immediately refuted.


Lin Rentian secretly sneered, but still maintaining an extremely solemn face, he continued asking questions one after another from Li Dagou. And every time he fired a question, Li Dagou replied in such a way, as if he was completely fixated to the point all along that Xie Min and Xie Chengye had nothing to do with this, it was just an accident.

“Now, invite the victim’s son, Huang Ande as the witness to appear in the court.”

Lin Rentian continued.

Immediately after that announcement, one of the three uncles of Su Menghan got up from his seat and was brought in front. Huang Ande was Dai Gen’s father, he looked a little vicissitude, his eyes were also flickering, apparently he wasn’t resolute at this moment.

En route, without even looking at Su Menghan, Huang Ande directly went straight and confronted the collegiate bench of judges.

After taking the oath that the witness wouldn’t perjure, finally, a bit slowly he said : “Six years ago, my mother was already a little mentally disturbed. Whatever was mentioned in the indictment of that accident was absolutely true, she wasn’t careful, rushed the red light and was hit …… ”

“Uncle, you!”

This was really something beyond Su Menghan’s understanding, including her family members, even the son of her grandmother could dare stand on the side of the outsiders!

“Whatever I said are the facts, although the victim was my mother, but the facts are the facts, and I ……”

As Huang Ande said that, his eyes flashed with a hint of anxiety, actually all along he couldn’t dare to confront Su Menghan’s pitiful eyes. Confronting the collaborated strength of Xie Clan and Lin Rentian was something which nobody could handle easily, that was totally out of the question! Besides, prior to the hearing, Lin Rentian and Xie people had already grabbed him and had carried on combining threats with inducements.

Quickly, the interrogation of the two witnesses was completed, and so far the balance of victory had already tilted towards Lin Rentian side!

“Presiding judge, after a thorough evaluation, this recording has been identified as a counterfeit recording, which can’t be used as an evidence.”

Soon the evaluation report of specialised experts came out, apparently, it insisted on the fact that Su Menghan had used a forged evidence. A false accusation and now the false evidence, if these two big charges were together charged on her, it was sufficient enough to force her behind the bar for several years!

“Hmm, please ask the father of the private prosecutor, Su Xinchang to appear in the court as the next witness.”

Lin Rentian’s eyes revealed a complacent look.

A little girl wanted to fight with him, no way!

When Su Xinchang stood up, Lin Rentian felt that it was now certain that he was going to grab the victory any moment now, because he hadn’t even left Su Xinchang alone, they threatened him as well, therefore, he had a feeling that Su Xinchang would never dare to reveal the truth!

“You will help your daughter or your personal enemy? I hope that you would have already considered about it clearly.”

When Su Xinchang got up, Ye Feng reminded him this sentence, then raised his head and looked towards the dock where Xie Min and Xie Chengye were.

If it really didn’t go well, then hypnosis should be done rightaway.

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