Chapter - 15: – Brother Tie admires you
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The three goons of Heavenly Serpent gang showed up suddenly that stunned the surrounding people.

Elder brother Ye?

Could it be that the last beating had taught them a lesson and unexpectedly turned them docile?

School gate security guard was in shock. Didn’t they say that these three goons of Heavenly Serpent Gang were very aggressive and domineering? Who could dare to provoke them? But for some reason, after getting all beaten up by a student, the other party was still calling him ‘Elder brother’?

Ye Feng was also in surprise for a moment after hearing this: “Playing tricks on me?”

“Elder Brother Ye, our boss, Brother Tie, appreciates you very much and wants to invite you to join our Heavenly Serpent Gang.”

Although, their leader, that thin and tall goon, called him ‘Elder Brother’ but his attitude wasn’t very respectful, he was still very arrogant and ill mannered: “As you know, our Heavenly Serpent Gang holds a very powerful position in this area, so by joining our gang, you will also become one of us.”

Standing behind the thin and tall goon, those other two goons were present looking at Ye Feng with envy, jealousy and hatred. Obviously they called him ‘Elder Brother’ not because they wanted to, but they were commanded by their boss brother Tie to do so. If not done properly as instructed, their fate would definitely be miserable.

Fortunately, even if they were unable to complete the task of bringing Ye Feng earlier, as directed by Brother Tie, they still weren’t punished by him instead he had given all of the required medical expenses to them, making them dead set on being the members of the Heavenly Serpent gang.

“Hey Small bee …..” Ou B was in a state of shock and said while pulling the clothes of Ye Feng: “Probably it is worth giving a try?”

Actually, in Ou B’s opinion, being invited to the Heavenly Serpent Gang was already a bit too much. Not to mention, even after getting badly beaten up by Ye Feng, the other party still gave him an offer to join their gang, which was not the kind of treatment a normal human being could enjoy.

If he came to know that Ye Feng had also hit the face of Brother Tie’s younger brother with a brick then his reaction could be imagined.

Just when the surrounding people were very much expecting that Ye Feng would agree and would go with them to meet their boss, Brother Tie, suddenly the whole situation took a huge turn.

Ye Feng lifted his foot and once again kicked between the two legs of that thin and tall goon and whispered “To show up like this unexpectedly in order to invite me and on top of that with such an annoying attitude, perhaps, you could have shown a little sincerity?”

It was a strong kick and when the tall and thin goon received the kick, he could only get enough time to scream pitifully and fainted immediately on the spot because of the severe pain.

At present, Ye Feng had five months of cultivation and his strength compared with his strength from yesterday morning had increased tremendously!

Ye Feng was aiming to control the entire Heavenly Serpent Gang, so how could he possibly go and work under that Brother Tie? One must know that Brother Tie was merely a small gang leader but Ye Feng’s target was the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang.

Ye Feng’s action once again shocked the students present on the scene.

They looked at Ye Feng with their eyes wide open in astonishment. Was this violence actually needed? Those three men came here just to invite him to join the Heavenly Serpent Gang, but he actually kicked one of them so violently, wasn’t he afraid that they would retaliate? That thin and tall goon was really pitiful, got kicked in his balls, and not just once but twice, this could be said as world’s ultimate punishment.

“This boy is really daring!”

The remaining two goons looked at him with anger flashing in their eyes. This Ye Feng was unable to discriminate between good and evil, wasn’t he aware of the influence of Heavenly Serpent Gang?

“If you guys want to invite me to your gang, then your boss, Brother Tie, will have to come personally to invite me.”

Ye Feng said this in a casual manner, and just then, he kicked the other two goons one after another, making them fall on the ground crying in pain, after that, he left the school gate along with Ou B.

Everyone at the school gate saw the whole incident, how those three goons were kicked by Ye Feng and then how he left the school as if nothing happened and a thought suddenly appeared in their hearts: Recently, this Ye Feng had suddenly become quite Niubi. He was no longer that kid who used to play online games all the time!

Soon after they left, Su Menghan ran up to the school gate to catch them, but unfortunately, they had already gone far away which made her to bitterly stamp her foot on the ground. Then she saw those three goons on the ground, and suddenly, she made a guess about what must have happened here few minutes ago and was a bit startled in her heart. She thought that this Ye Feng fellow had become more and more reckless nowadays, and if this went on, then sooner or later, he would get caught in another incident.

Su Menghan was a very smart girl and after seeing the sudden change in her father’s attitude towards Ye Feng, it didn’t take her long to understand that Ye Feng’s family was definitely quite influential, and that must be the reason why he got quickly released just after getting arrested for visiting a prostitute.

However, Heavenly Serpent gang was an underworld organization and was counted among one of the top three big gangs of Yanjing city! If someone tried to provoke them then it didn’t matter how much influential his family background actually was, it would not protect him from getting shot and dying.


“Small Bee………your elder brother thinks that wouldn’t it be appropriate to go back and apologize to them?”

Ou B was following Ye Feng and the more he was trying to feel relieved, he was getting more restless while talking to Ye Feng.

“No harm”

Ye Feng shook his head: “Very soon I will completely resolve this matter regarding Heavenly Serpent Gang, but for now, going to your house is more important.”

Ou B almost collapsed after hearing this carefree response from Ye Feng.

Even though Ye Feng was in such a terrible situation, how could he still keep on thinking about his family’s high-quality goods? Although Ou B accepted that his family really possessed some very high-quality goods, but after provoking those gangsters of Heavenly Serpent Gang, how could he possibly think about enjoyment.

Although Ye Feng said that one day he would certainly resolve this issue related to the Heavenly Serpent Gang, but it didn’t convince Ou B one bit. Speaking of which, it might happen that someday, this gang could be picked up by the first clan of Yanjing City named ‘Lin Clan’ to cooperate with them to deal with their personal matters, under that situation, how could Ye Feng possibly stand against the Heavenly Serpent Gang?

One must know that Lin Clan was the most powerful clan in the whole Yanjing city in terms of power and influence. Ye Feng had an influential background too, but when compared to the influence of Lin Clan, it didn’t stand a chance.

“Come on, you shouldn’t even think about dealing with the joint forces of both Heavenly Serpent Gang and Lin Clan.”

Ou B shook his head.

“Lin Clan?”

Ye Feng felt something very strange about it.

It reminded him that last night at Weiming Lake, his grandfather told him that he would introduce Ye Feng to the “granddaughter of the old man from Lin Clan”…… could it be that this was the same Lin Clan his grandfather was talking about?

Then suddenly, a second thought appeared in his mind that in China, there were several Lin Clans, so it was not such a big deal.

“Right, this Lin Clan is the first clan of Yanjing city and it is so powerful that its influence has proliferated into the three major fields, military, business and government.”

Ou B explained this then it seemed like he was lost in his thoughts and a yearning expression appeared on his face: “Anyway, I once saw a very beautiful woman of Lin Clan, ah I was really fortunate, she was such a beauty, very attractive, that figure, that face…..”

“Well, we have finally arrived at your house.”

Ye Feng patted his shoulder and interrupted his imagination.

Ye Feng was not at all interested in hearing about some beauty of Lin Clan. It was very clear in his mind that whether it was the World of the Immortals or the Earth, at both places, strength was the most important thing. Without strength, how could you even stand confidently in front of a beautiful woman?

At this time, “the Oushi antique store” appeared in front of them. It was located in a street not far from the Yanshan High school.

“Dad, I am back.”

Ye Feng had interrupted Ou B’s beautiful dream, that was why he was not in a great mood, but he still shouted and ran inside the antique store. He and his father usually lived in this place.

“You wait here, I will go get something for you to have a look, oh right, what do you want to see, antiques from Europe and America, or Japan or South Korea?”

Ou B ran inside while asking.

“I am looking for some antiques, so go talk to your father.”

Ye Feng shook his head because he already knew that Ou B’s father was an unscrupulous businessman, in fact, he had come here prepared to be butchered.

“Boy, are you looking to buy some antiques?”

Ou B heard what his father said to Ye Feng and suddenly stopped then turned his head with a stunned look on his face.

He remembered that Ye Feng never had any interest in antiques and his mind was full of games! Over these last two days, something was not right with him. He didn’t even hear Ye Feng talking about games during this time.

Moreover, the price of the antiques was usually very high, especially in his family shop, because they mostly kept genuine things!

How could Ye Feng possibly afford to buy them?

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