Chapter - 16: 16 Lin Clan’s Sanshao
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Not after a while, Ye Feng entered into the shop and saw Ou B’s dad, Ou A.

He looked like an astute middle-aged man, a pair of his fox-like eyes was shinning like a profiteer, clad in a very ordinary dress short sleeved shirt and grey trousers, and there were 7-8 points which clearly showed the resemblance between him and Ou B.

To be honest, Ye Feng very much admired this family considering the fact that they had managed to gain such a wonderful reputation in just two generations…..

“You said that you are looking for some good antiques?”

Ou A was also a bit surprised like Ou B when he came to know about the purpose of Ye Feng coming to his antique store.


Ye Feng nodded his head then began to move forward to look around the store. Lobby of the shop was not very large and was stocked up with several porcelain antiques, each with ornamental value.

The moment he entered the shop lobby, he immediately started to check the temperature of his Ancient Dragon Sword Ring. Since the last time when he encountered that oval faced young girl, he was aware that his Ancient Dragon Sword Ring had a basic function – treasure hunt.

When the Ancient Dragon Sword Ring would come in contact with the Lingqi then it would start to gradually emit heat, just like previous time during the golden leaf grass incident.

“Why do you want to buy antique goods?”

Ou A asked this straightforwardly, a high school student buying antiques, already it was not normal, not to mention he already knew that Ye Feng was not very rich, rather he was very poor, sometimes he used to skip classes to go to internet cafe, and for this, he usually asked Ou B to lend him money.

“Anyway, don’t stand idle and keep looking.”

Ye Feng certainly would not say that he came here looking for a Lingqi rich object, he smiled and said: “Consider that I want to buy something that strengthens body, keeps it healthy, and prolongs the life.”

His words did not lie, moreover there were indeed a good number of high-quality ancient jade items that held the function of strengthening the body and prolonging the life, so Ou A didn’t had any suspicions at what he said.

“Come inside, there are no good stuffs outside, you are my son’s classmate, I will not sham you.”

Saying this, Ou A guided him towards the inner hall.

This antique shop was divided into two halls, one was the lobby where majority of the things were of ornamental value, but their actual value was not as high as they appeared to be, it was because even if a customer didn’t understand their value and broke them accidentally then it wouldn’t be a huge loss.

As for the inner hall, most of the things were very expensive. Here things were perhaps not very attractive and pretty, but they were absolutely priceless!

Ou B was following Ye Feng and whispered: “Hey Small Bee….what do you actually want to buy?”

It could be said that previous Ye Feng never used to have much money on his hand, even if he got something out of some illegal business, it was impossible for him to actually spend it in buying antiques! According to previous Ye Feng’s temperament, as long as he possessed wealth, he would waste it only on online games.

“Well, I haven’t thought about it, it’s for my grandfather.”

Ye Feng noticed that Ou B was unwilling to give up so he used his grandfather as a shield to escape from his questions.

And it really became a very nice excuse, after that, Ou B didn’t ask any questions, rather he started to sell things to Ye Feng: “Since you want to buy something for your grandfather then look at this ancient Jade item, if worn by an old person like your grandfather then it will really give a very good effect on his health.”

Ye Feng smiled a bit then shook his head, the environment was quite gloomy, but the hall was very spacious, soon he got attracted by the dazzling antique products.

Oushi antique shop was indeed very famous in Yanjing city, there were lots of antique goods here making it worthy of its fame. Ye Feng looked around casually and saw lots of things of some obvious eras, and were being sold at thousands or hundreds of thousands or even more.

Of course, this was just a small antique shop and could not be compared with those large antique malls. Those large antique shops held antiques that were worth more than one million, Ou A couldn’t place such high-valued things here in his small shop.

“Little Ou, you introduce the antiques to him.”

At this time, Ou A raised his head and looked at a relatively old clock on the wall: “I have to receive an honourable guest, hey.”

There was a very deceitful and self-satisfied look on his face making it obvious that the identity of this honoured visitor was very extraordinary.

“Go, I am more than enough for this.”

Ou B pulled Ye Feng without paying attention to Ou A who hurriedly went outside, instead, he started introducing things to Ye Feng one by one that were placed there in the hall. Ye Feng looked at his eyes and chuckled in his heart, this boy grew up into a profiteer absolutely like his father.

Ye Feng listened to the introductions being given by Ou B, while paying attention to the Ancient Dragon Sword Ring, but it hadn’t responded at all throughout the time. After a while, they came in front of a counter, and inside, there was a delicate white jade yin yang fish which seemed quite extraordinary.

“Small Bee, this thing is very incredible and it’s actually a new good that arrived just a while ago.”

Seeing this item, Ou B’s mood suddenly picked up pace and he immediately started to give explanation about it, “It has a history of more than 1000 years. Moreover the material quality is insightful, excellent workmanship, and above all, it was deeply buried in the soil for over 1000 years but look how perfectly preserved it looks, there is not a slightest defect……”

“What’s the cost for this one?”

Ye Feng interrupted his endless explanation in a somewhat ridiculous way.

“The price should not be a problem.”

Ou B continued to grin and said: “The main point is that nowadays this stuff has become very popular among old people and it is being worn a lot nowadays and it is best suited for them, therefore if you want to buy it for your grandfather, buy it absolutely without any doubt, even if you want to send it as a gift to someone, then also go for it.”

“What’s the cost?”

Ye Feng asked again.

“Well, dad once said that this thing could be worth 150,000, but if you really want to buy it, since we are friends so considering it, it can be priced cheaper for you…”

Ou B said in a somewhat awkward manner.

He was considering that once he would introduce such an expensive item to Ye Feng, he would finally get the response from Ye Feng that he did not have enough money. Since their childhood, for ten years, he had known about the situation of Ye Feng that he was actually quite poor, and living in a villa was only for show.

“So expensive? There are too many dark spots on it.”

Ye Feng gave a surprised look and thought that didn’t selling this type of damaged item for 150,000 seem too deceptive?

Certainly he was not at all interested in buying this white jade yin yang fish, but just now, he wanted to negotiate the price of this thing in order to mentally prepare himself. His Ancient Dragon Sword Ring didn’t react in front of this white jade fish besides he too didn’t feel any significant Lingqi around it, so he lost interest.

Seeing Ye Feng like this, Ou B felt somewhat helpless as he already knew that this was the case.

Just when he was about to give an explanation, suddenly, they heard a despising laughter coming from the outer hall: “Dislike expensive things? Good things are certainly going to be expensive. Boss, if there is any good stuff to introduce then you do it freely because as long as the stuff is good, money is not the issue!”

Who was so arrogant?

Ou B and Ye Feng both of them simultaneously turned their heads and saw a person accompanied by Ou A. He was wearing designer clothes, branded sunglasses, and on his left wrist, he was wearing a 5002 series of Patek Philippe wrist watch. Everything was exhibiting his honoured status.

Only the value of this watch was more than ten million CNY! (CNY is Chinese Yuan)

“Ha, ha, indeed, taking the broad view of the whole Yanjing city, who doesn’t know about the extravagance of Lin Clan’s Sanshao?” (Sanshao means third son)

Next to that youth, Ou A was standing and showing the look of an unscrupulous businessman and said with a smile: “Since an old friend has introduced Sanshao to my shop, so I can’t disappoint you can I?”

“That is natural.”

The so-called Lin Clan’s Sanshao nodded and gave a joyful smile: “Well, I don’t have much time to spend, take your best stuff out.”

“No problem Sanshao, first come and have a look at this white jade yin yang fish, it has been freshly unearthed and was found in the ruins of a Shang Dynasty ancient tomb, dating back to nearly five thousand years in the history……”

Ou A smiled, his eyes narrowed and took a crescent moon shape and he led Lin Clan’s Sanshao towards the place where Ye Feng and Ou B were standing.

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