Chapter - 17: Spirit stone
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Did this Lin Clan’s Sanshao actually belong to the number one clan of Yanjing city?

Ye Feng thought, looking at the sinister smile of Ou A, he knew that something was going on in his mind. He felt that Ou B wouldn’t deceive him, then in that case, this white jade fish had a history of over 1000 years, but his father said over 5000 years.

Could it be that Ou A was planning to deceive Lin Clan’s Sanshao?

“Half a month later, it’s my grandfather’s 70th birthday. In order to make him happy, even if it costs more money, that won’t be a problem.”

Lin Clan’s Sanshao said this with full of arrogance then followed Ou A.

He looked at Ye Feng with a despising look in his eyes, because at present, his eyes were selfishly focussing on that white jade yin yang fish that looked really beautiful and attractive!

Obviously, the way he was looking at that thing with was not at all similar to the way Ye Feng was looking at it.

Ou B took advantage of this situation and pulled Ye Feng away and ran to the side, then whispered: “Small Bee, you must not mess with this Sanshao of Lin Clan, let’s go somewhere else to take a look at other things.”

Ye Feng nodded and followed him.

He certainly didn’t think that he shouldn’t mess with Lin Clan’s Sanshao, but there was no need to do that, or else it would sound very impolite, to be honest he actually didn’t care about the other party’s identity or status one bit.

“His name is Lin Xiuwen. Remember what I said before about the Lin Clan of Yanjing City, he is ranked third among this generation of males of Lin clan.”

Far away, Ou B started giving introduction of Lin Clan’s Sanshao. Ye Feng was only interested in playing online games and did not know about these matters, but fortunately, under the influence of his father, Ou B had come to know a lot about the upper level clans and influences of Yanjing city.

“He is the first year student of Yanshan University, his grandfather loves him the most, normally he is a very arrogant and domineering person, there is almost not a single person in the entire Yanjing city who dares to provoke him……”

While giving details about the Lin Clan’s Sanshao, Ou B was thinking, was it a good thing to give introduction about Lin Clan’s Sanshao to Ye Feng?

At this time, both of them came to a corner, Ye Feng suddenly felt that the Ancient Dragon Sword Ring slightly heated up and started emitting warm rays of light, his heart trembled with excitement and he hurriedly started looking around.

“Small bee, what’s wrong with you?”

Ou B noticed that something was strange, so he hastily asked.

Ye Feng didn’t respond, he kept on following the instruction given by the Ancient Dragon Sword Ring, and his eyes moved towards the corner of the hall, a large amount of junk goods were piled up there, apparently they were some unvalued and totally neglected goods.

Among them, there was a half fist-sized dark green stone that attracted the attention of Ye Feng.

Lingshi! (Spirit stone)

Unfortunately, there was only a half piece of it.

Ye Feng secretly sighed in his heart, it was such a pity then he moved forward to pick up that half piece of green stone and started sizing it up carefully.

“Don’t tell me you like this thing?”

Ou B looked at it in a strange manner then walked up to it and stated giving the introduction: “This thing came together with that white jade yin yang fish. Although it is very old, but only half of it could be recovered, so I don’t have any idea what this thing is, even though I have already cleaned up this place, it is still here.”

“Since it is a useless thing, so might as well give it to me, right?”

Ye Feng tentatively asked.

If he had a chance to save money then he naturally must try to save, in any case, Ou B didn’t know anything about this green stone.

Spirit stones were considered as rare practice resources in the world of cultivation and their first time use could considerably promote cultivation level. If used again, then it would only help in fast recovery of Xuan qi, but it was equally precious, because during the fighting, if Xuan qi was exhausted then presence of spirit stones could help a lot.

In the World of the Immortals, many big schools had started giving little amounts of spirit stones to some core disciples to help them with the initial phase in enhancement of their cultivation. As for this world’s Ye Feng, this treatment never happened.

“Unfortunately, this is only half of a spirit stone.”

Ye Feng heaved a sigh inside his heart, this remaining half piece would begin to lose its Lingqi very soon, in fact, now, this half piece of spirit stone contained only one third of its total Lingqi.

“Give it to you? Then I think I will be killed by my father.”

Ou B refused him without any hesitation but his eyeball revolved once and shifted towards Ye Feng: “How much money do you have, might as well give it to me, let’s not haggle over it, or I will have to talk to dad regarding the pricing for this stone.”

Profiteers, two generations of profiteers!

Ye Feng just wanted to beat him up to death, however he had a cheque of 200,000 which he really wished to throw away, with that cheque he could easily buy that whole white jade yin yang fish, moreover, it was needless to say that an ordinary person wouldn’t pay even a single penny for this half piece of green stone.

“Only two hundred, I would like to buy it.”

Ye Feng pulled out the last 200 from his trouser’s pocket. It was given to him by his grandfather as this month’s living expense. Actually this month, he had received a lot of living expenses, but unfortunately, when he opened the room after arriving in this world, there only remained 200 to spend.

“What the hell!”

Ou B saw that and scolded him: “Your grandfather makes you buy antiques and gives only 200 to spend?”

“I don’t have any other option, or else why would I choose this stuff? It looks so ugly.”

Ye Feng shrugged. Ou B had inherited his father’s profiteering traits, but it was quite clear that Ye Feng was not bad either!

“Well alright, let’s finalize the deal for 200.”

Ou B reluctantly nodded then took two bank bills from Ye Feng. Although he grew up with Ye Feng and their relationship was very strong, but his father had taught him since his childhood that when money was involved, even if he was dealing with his own blood related brother, he couldn’t be careless and must clear the accounts properly!

Ye Feng kept that half piece of green stone in his pocket. Right now, he was quite impatient to go back quickly and absorb this half piece of spirit stone.

Although this remaining half piece contained just one third of original Lingqi content, but if it could be absorbed completely, he would be able to achieve one year worth of cultivation! By that time, he would barely be able to use agility martial arts and while facing firearms, probably, he would be able to barely escape the bullets.

In order to deal with the boss of the Heavenly Serpent Gang, he certainly needed higher level of cultivation. The higher level cultivation was the better for his safety and survival.

“Then I should leave.”

Now that the deal was done, Ye Feng wanted to leave right away.

“I’ll see you off.”

Ou B nodded.

They came to the lobby and found Lin Xiuwen had completed selecting things and was about to leave, only leaving behind a middle-aged attendant to swipe the card to pay money, another young attendant was also there carrying two beautifully wrapped boxes and several bags that were hanging on his shoulders, it seemed like he was having a tough time carrying all those stuff.

“Are all of these things purchased by Lin Xiuwen?”

Ye Feng looked at those things and thought, this Sanshao had actually purchased so many things, he was just like the core disciples of those big schools in the World of the Immortals, moreover he was also paying money to carry these stuffs rather than carrying them himself, he just selected things and left first, leaving everything else entirely to his personal attendants.

“Well, one of them is a vase, be careful, don’t break it.”

After making payment, that middle aged personal servant turned back and lifted one side of that tall blue and white porcelain vase, although that young attendant was already carrying lots of things, but he tried to reluctantly carry other side of that half-man sized blue and white porcelain vase.

Unfortunately that young attendant was not very skilled, he lifted that half-man sized vase but he couldn’t maintain his balance, and suddenly, the whole vase fell on the ground!

At that moment, coincidentally, Ye Feng and Ou B happened to pass through.

“Be Careful!”

Ou A had just now received money and was also present there. He couldn’t help but shouted out loud.

Ou B did not react at all but Ye Feng subconsciously extended a hand to help in holding that blue and white porcelain vase.


The sound of something falling on the ground and breaking into pieces echoed immediately, but it was not the vase that shattered, but a box that was there on the shoulder of that young attendant and it had fallen down,  it was that white jade yin yang fish that had broken into two halves in an instant.

“What happened?”

Hearing the sound, the middle-aged personal servant turned back hastily and came back quickly to the other side to see what happened.

“This……. I didn’t do anything, he is the one who broke this, he pushed me!”

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