Chapter - 18: Triple Compensation
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Ye Feng coldly looked at that young attendant, but he did not speak anything, he just steadily placed that vase on the floor.

“What’s the matter?”

The middle aged personal servant came back and said aggressively in a threatening manner, he bent to pick up that white jade Yin Yang Fish that had fallen and broken into two halves, his complexion changed, he looked at Ye Feng and said: “Boy, do you know how big a trouble you have put yourself in? Didn’t you know that this stuff belongs to none other than the Sanshao of Lin Clan?”

“Damn, it is obvious that your own guy is the one who broke it!”

Ou B saw other party making false accusation, and all of a sudden, his blood started boiling with anger, he pointed at that young attendant and started scolding him.

If it were not Ye Feng who came out of his way to help him, then not only that white jade Yin Yang Fish would have broken into pieces, but that Vase wouldn’t have survived either. Because of all these things, that poor young attendant was extremely scared, and out of fear, he was frightened to the point of peeing in his pants, at this time, he knew only one thing to push the blame on someone else.

“Without even investigating this thing properly, it is unfair to accuse an innocent person like this.”

Ye Feng knitted his eyebrows and said.

“Accuse an innocent person you say? I tell you if this matter is not resolved today then no one will leave this place.”

Middle aged personal servant rolled up his sleeves, there was a bandit like expression on his face, he seemed very violent and fierce and it appeared from his action that he was ready to fight anytime.

Seeing this situation, Ou A hurriedly came over to smooth things over and said: “I will compensate for this loss! If Sanshao wants, he can go inside right away to select some other things and I won’t charge any money this time!”

At this time, Ou A was looking at them waiting for a reply, but these were the people of Lin Clan’s Sanshao, how could they be reasonable? Would they tell their boss the truth, the genuine reason? The right thing to do under such a situation was to quickly extend an offer to give compensation to the shopkeeper but that young attendant placed the blame on Ye Feng and continued staring at him.

The whole incident took place in Oushi Antique Store, he had no option but to consider Ye Feng or else the Lin Clan’s Sanshao would probably put Ye Feng to death in secret!

“It is not so easy, let’s see how our Sanshao plans to deal with this matter.”

Middle-aged personal servant gave out a cold humph then pulled out his phone and dialled a number. Lin Clan’s Sanshao had left the store already after selecting the desired things. So, there was no other option left except using phone call to get in touch with him.

However, would Ye Feng allow himself being treated unjustly?

Seeing that the other party was being persistently unreasonable, Ye Feng moved forward, he wanted to beat up that middle aged personal servant, at this time, speaking nonsense with him was completely a waste of time, the only solution to this situation was a solid punch.

While on the other side, Ou B was already prepared to calm down the suddenly angered Ye Feng, seeing his violent form, he rushed towards him and pulled him back: “Small Bee, don’t be impulsive, just leave this matter to my Dad, don’t interfere.”

Ou A was also on his side, he patted Ye Feng’s shoulder to calm him down. Ye Feng looked into his eyes and saw care for him that moved his heart and decided to listen to him and not to act rashly.

“What a spoiled person you are. Not only have you broken our stuff but you also dare to fight back?”

That middle aged personal servant sneered, and at this time, the phone call got connected, and it did not take him too long to report the whole circumstance to the other side, and then got the reply from Lin Clan’s Sanshao.

“Triple compensation, then consider this matter as over.”

Hearing this, Ou A finally heaved a sigh of relief, it would be good as long as Lin Clan’s Sanshao didn’t investigate into this matter.

“Well, you guys are lucky today since Sanshao is in a good mood, otherwise this wouldn’t have been so simple.”

The middle aged personal servant hung up the phone then coldly glared at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng kept on watching everything from the sidelines, he still wanted to grab and smash him badly, but taking many aspects into consideration, he endured it after all hitting Lin clan’s people in the Oushi Antique Store would also involve Ou B into this matter as he was his close friend.

However, in his heart, Ye Feng had already created an impression of Lin Clan which was extremely bad, the middle aged personal servant thought that Ye Feng’s life had been saved, what he didn’t know that it was actually him who was spared by Ye Feng and this was just because Ye Feng looked into Ou A’s eyes and refrained from being violent.

“Triple compensation should be no problem.”

Ou A still had a smile on his face, and like before, he ran to the side to begin the process, not only he just finished the whole process very soon, but also helped them in carrying the other antiques to the white van standing outside, then they drove away.

“Uncle Ou, today, I would have made sure they crawled out of this shop.”

Ye Feng looked at the departing opposite party and said with a cold humph.

“Crawl my ass, if you had tried to be impulsive then back luck would have befallen you, not them.”

Ou B scolded him: “In the whole Yanjing city, who doesn’t know about the bad reputation of Lin clan’s Sanshao, if you dare to anger him then that means you are courting death! He would do anything to kill you!”

Ye Feng heard that but he wasn’t in the mood to give any explanation, he immediately cupped his hands and said to Ou A: “I have put Uncle Ou in trouble so this younger generation should better say goodbye now.”

“No need to be so anxious, why don’t you first have dinner with us before going?”

Ou A gave a very passionate invitation to him, his eyes were shinning because he heard Ye Feng referring to himself as ‘younger generation’ while saying goodbye, which was definitely not the way modern people talked these days.

“No, it’s fine……..right, Uncle Ou, you paid triple compensation just now, how much did you pay?”

Ye Feng thought for a second then asked this.

“Not much, it was just three million.”

Ou A waved his hand casually, the air around him gave this feeling that the amount of three million was not worth mentioning at all.

Ye Feng’s whole body got covered in cold sweat after hearing the amount of three million, Uncle Ou really was a big profiteer, he actually sold an item of 150,000 for one million, that Sanshao of Lin Clan was really a very foolish person, or maybe he simply had too much money that he didn’t care? However, Uncle Ou really was quite courageous to actually defraud the Sanshao of Lin clan.

“Well Uncle Ou, now I owe you three million, I will definitely repay it in the future.”

Ye Feng nodded and said, he was confident that as per his ability, he would certainly earn three million in the future. This sentence was heard by both the father and son but didn’t sound very reliable to them.

“Just, don’t mention about this matter again.”

Ou A waved his hand: “As the saying goes, saving someone’s life is like a victory, just like making a seven-story pagoda, today three million has rescued your life, which is very cost-effective. Right, I forgot to ask, what did you buy today?”

“Dad, it is that half piece of green stone.”

Ou B described the appearance of that half piece of spirit stone.

“What! Brat, how much did you sell it for?

Ou A was startled and immediately asked.

“Two hundred……..”

Ou B said in a somewhat guilt-filled tone and looked scared.

“I will kill you prodigal son!”

Suddenly, Ou A turned extremely angry, he didn’t attend to Ye Feng, however he caught Ou B and started scolding him: “Just a few days ago, I contacted an old friend of mine and convinced him to come and help me in its appraisal, how could you sell it……”

“Dad, didn’t you say that this item was useless?”

Ou B brought him into an inconvenient situation.


Ou A didn’t argue with him rather he turned towards Ye Feng and said: “Ye Feng, how about you give me that stone? You go inside once again and pick something else.”

Ye Feng looked at his reaction and was already feeling strange in his heart. Perhaps, Ou A had correctly guessed the function of spirit stone? Anyway, he wouldn’t return this half piece of spirit stone at any cost, because for him, its value was far more than three million.

“Uncle Ou, the younger generation has obligation and reason to listen to you, but this thing is really very useful to me, I cannot return it to you, still I hope you will excuse me.”

Ye Feng shook his head, “You want it back from me but Uncle Ou is a senior businessman and should not go back on a promise, right?”


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