Chapter - 19: I curse you that you never get a wife
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“Antique trade fair?”

Ye Feng gawked, for what reason the other party invited him to go.


Ou A said in a somewhat mysterious way: “It’s going to take place on a very large scale, not only this, but probably, you may find many important personalities there, the people who are usually very hard to see on normal occasions.”

People who are usually hard to see?

Ye Feng knitted his eyebrows as he didn’t understand the meaning hidden in Ou A’s words.

“Alright, if you want to go then I will manage to get a letter of invitation for you, and perhaps you can find something beneficial from that trade fair.”

Ou A smiled while waving his hand, after that, he didn’t say anything.

Ye Feng looked at Uncle Ou and his heart was moved a bit, Uncle Ou was a very nice and sophisticated person, but come to think of it, he shouldn’t have noticed Ye Feng’s identity as someone from the world of the Immortals right?

No, definitely not.  Inferring from the spirit stone, Ou A might be considering him as a martial art practitioner. It was not difficult to notice from his actions that he was actually a martial artist.

“Well, then I will be troubling you Uncle Ou.”

Ye Feng nodded, he didn’t point out anything. But he was still very much interested in that trade fair and asked: “Right, Uncle Ou, do you know where headquarter of the Heavenly Serpent Gang is located or where can I find their boss?”

He had already decided to absorb the spirit stone tonight and then he would go deal with the Heavenly Serpent Gang.

“Small bee, what are you planning to do?”

Ou B’s complexion suddenly changed, if Ye Feng was asking about headquarter of the Heavenly Serpent Gang then he was surely planning to cause trouble, had he gone completely insane?

“Headquarter of the Heavenly Serpent Gang is located at Tianhua casino but I don’t know about the whereabouts of the gang boss.”

Ou B noticed that his father was not like his usual self, he was very calm, and on top of that, he was helping Ye Feng by telling him about the location of Heavenly Serpent Gang.

“Dad what are you…?”

Ou B was staring at his father and thinking, why did his dad tell Ye Feng everything, wouldn’t it be like he was leading Ye Feng towards his death?

“Thank you so much Uncle Ou, I will take my leave now, goodbye.”

Ye Feng cupped his fists to salute Uncle Ou, he then patted Ou B’s shoulder with a smile and left. He was going back to start his cultivation process and then he had planned to go to Tianhua casino to have a look and find Heavenly Serpent Gang’s boss, and once found, he would quickly put him under control using the poison!

“Dad, you are really strange today.”

Ou B helplessly shook his head while looking at the leaving figure of Ye Feng.

“A little brat like you won’t understand.”

Ou A scolded him: “If your father is not mistaken, then he should be a person, who practices martial arts, are you still worried about him?”

“Practices martial arts?”

Ou B gawked, he obviously didn’t understand anything.

“Yes, that’s right. Do you know what that green stone is?”

Ou A complexion gradually became dignified.

“What is that green stone?”

Ou A asked in a curios tone.

“From the shape, it is probably a spirit stone, desired by martial artists.”

Ou A solemnly said: “In the beginning, I didn’t know a thing about its importance, but last time I had a discussion with my old friend about this stuff, we talked about many stuffs related with martial arts. Talking about the value of a spirit stone, it is at least one hundred million!”

“Hundred million! You are lying and doesn’t that mean we just had a huge loss?”

Just by listening this, Ou B suddenly jumped up to go and stop Ye Feng.

“Have you lost your mind?”

His profiteer dad exploded suddenly and hit on his head, he scolded him and said: “If it’s really true, then Ye Feng is definitely a martial arts practitioner, that boy may actually be very strong and influential, remember to maintain a good relationship with him.”

Ou B foolishly asked “What is this martial arts stuff anyway? Don’t tell me it’s like what appears in TV, like they can fly in the sky, walk on water?”

“Even I do not know concretely about it, in short, it is something very extraordinary.”

Ou A smiled and said “Last time when I went to Langfang, there, my old friend recommended me to go to this fare to sell that spirit stone. However, now I don’t need to go, so take the invitation letter along with you and give it to Ye Feng in the school.”

As a businessman, it was essential to be quick witted to observe people’s every action. Ou A had already noticed a huge change in the current Ye Feng in comparison with how he used to be. So, he took this countermeasure.

He listened to that old friend saying that each and every martial arts user was a very honourable person because these people were not found easily in this common world. Even the Lin Clan of Yanjing City couldn’t dare mess with them!

Just now, Ou A was not at all afraid for Ye Feng during Lin Clan’s Sanshao incident, rather he was taking advantage of the situation to show Ye Feng about his concern & feelings for him. As a businessman, such an investment was nothing, let alone, the other party was his son’s best friend.

Very soon, the so called no-good Ye Feng was going to bring a turning point for this Ou Family in their growth and success.


Ye Feng spent his last cash in taking a taxi to return to the ‘Qingfeng Park’ villa district. He already had a rough idea that Ou A must have guessed his identity already.

“So according to this logic, at this trade fair, it is most likely that a lot of martial artists are going to be present there, including……”

He thought of that oval faced young girl from the last time as well as his mysterious and elusive grandfather. His grandfather hadn’t told him anything regarding martial arts. Rather he wanted him to lead a stable life. He was no longer that old Ye Feng, how could the current Ye Feng stay calm and lead a stable life with his attitude and temperament?

Even if he couldn’t go back to the world of the Immortals, so what, he should mix in this world as fast as possible!

“Ye Feng! Take me to Langfang!”

He just wanted to go back to his villa, but suddenly, he heard a very pleasant oriole-like sound coming from the next door, it was his school’s Xiaohua, Su Menghan.

Ye Feng saw that Su Menghan was actually calling his name from her balcony on the second floor. She was in white one piece dress and looked very elegant and beautiful.

He didn’t pay attention to her and went straight towards his villa.

“Ye Feng! Take me to Langfang!”

Su Menghan seeing him leaving quickly shouted once again.

Ye Feng patiently replied: “I plan to go there two weeks from now, you can come along if you want.”

“Really? Don’t lie to me!”

Su Menghan was surprised for a moment but then she became extremely happy. She thought that Ye Feng would instantly reject her request once again.

“Why would I lie to a little girl?”

Ye Feng laughed out loud then finally went back to his villa and closed the door with a “bang”.

Still standing on the second floor’s balcony, she was extremely happy at this moment. Although she didn’t know why Ye Feng came back home this late, but since he was taking her to Langfang, it was more than enough for her.

She just wanted to visit her grandmother at any cost. Although she didn’t like Ye Feng, but just the thought of seeing her grandmother had made her extremely happy.

However, he called her a little girl?

Su Menghan could not help but lowered her head and glanced at her own plump bosom and angrily said: “Who is a little girl, you jerk? I curse you that you never get a wife!”

Ye Feng, who had just now returned to his bedroom, sneezed.

“Who cursed me behind my back? Well, forget about it, now I have finally obtained a spirit stone after such a huge difficulty, I must make the best use of time to enhance my strength.”

He got up and drew all the curtains in the bedroom, and without eating meal or taking shower, he immediately sat on the bed and took out that half piece of spirit stone.

A complete spirit stone could have promoted his cultivation up to three to five years in one fell swoop. However, the spirit stone he had now in his hand contained just one third of its original Lingqi content, so it could promote only up to one year of cultivation.

Absorbing such a kind of spirit stone enhanced cultivation only once in a lifetime. However, because the current Ye Feng had only five months of cultivation, and at present, he had no sense of security, so he didn’t mind using it.

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