Chapter - 2: – Half brick
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Ye Feng ran into the small alley and soon saw a figure running out from there, who seemed to have lost his mind out of fear. (NT: to lose one’s mind out of fear (idiom))

“Tian Youliang?”

When Ye Feng clearly saw the appearance of this guy, he found information about him in the memories of his counterpart from this world.

Tian Youliang was a dandy guy and a student in his high school class, and he belonged to a considerably rich family. He would pester Su Menghan all day and not just because she was beautiful, but also because her family was filthy rich. She belonged to a multimillionaire family that owned assets throughout the Yanjing city. (NT: ‘Yanjing’ used to be the old name for Beijing)

Bleached hair and a black leather jacket gave Tian Youliang an appearance of a school punk, but right now, he looked confused with a sign of panic in his eyes.

“Ye Feng?”

Tian Youliang was frantically trying to escape but when he lifted up his head, he was somewhat startled to see Ye Feng there.

Tian Youliang had seen his goddess Su Menghan at the Bar Street, and had helped her in searching for Ye Feng for half an hour but they still couldn’t find him, but he did not expect to actually meet Ye Feng here.

Unfortunately, now, Su Menghan had been surrounded by the guys from the ‘Heavenly Serpent Gang’ and things were going to get very ominous for her.

If it was an ordinary small fry, then Tian Youliang could have tried to help her. But, even his father would not dare to provoke the ‘Heavenly Serpent Gang’, then how could a mere school kid like him try to save her from their clutches. It was a common saying in that locality that those who dared to annoy ‘Heavenly Serpent Gang’ would have a very miserable fate!

Just the thought of his goddess getting defiled by four drunkards in front of his eyes had left Tian Youliang in a bad mood, however to him, his own life was obviously more important than that of Su Menghan.

Tian Youliang was not in a mood to pay attention to Ye Feng, because he was afraid that those drunkards might rush out of the alley and come after him. After he saw Ye Feng face-to-face, Tian Youliang immediately ran out of the alley and soon disappeared.

“It seems quite dangerous ……”

Ye Feng looked at the back of the guy, fleeing with all his might. He thought deeply for a moment, and then picked up a half brick which was lying quietly on the ground. Since, he had not practiced in this new body so his strength was extremely low and could not take rash decisions.

Without making any sound, he crept around the corner to come inside the alley and slowly stuck his head out to look. He secretly chuckled to himself after seeing the scene inside that alley.

He saw four drunken tall brawny guys, with a white snake painted on their cuffs, which was definitely the symbol of ‘Heavenly Serpent Gang’.

They had completely surrounded and trapped that Xiaohua, Su Menghan, inside the small alley and were about to commit atrocities. (NT: Xiaohua = School beauty)

Ye Feng had chuckled because all of the four brawny guys had their backs towards him!

“Hey, grandsons!”

Ye Feng roared and ran forward, then threw the brick in his hand skillfully, with all of his might.


Su Menghan was crying.

She now regretted her decision of chasing that stinky brat all the way to the Bar Street, and now hated him even more for leading her to this damned place.

When she had first entered the Bar Street, she met Tian Youliang who often pestered her in the class. Tian Youliang said that he was familiar with the Bar Street area and could help her in finding Ye Feng, but near this small alley, they bumped into four drunkards of the ‘Heavenly Serpent Gang’. When they saw her beautiful appearance, they could not control themselves and decided to trap her in the ally and have some fun with her.

When Tian Youliang saw those four brawny guys, he got scared to the point of wetting himself. He abandoned her and immediately escaped like a scaredy-cat.

By this time, the four tall and burly drunk men, who looked as if they had smoked up all day, had surrounded her in this small alley with an evil look in their evil eyes, looking at her as if they were going to strip her down with just their looks.

Desperate Su Menghan had to shout for “help”, but in such a small remote alley of the infamous Bar Street, no matter how much she shouted for help, who would come to her rescue?

She had tightly gripped that fruit knife which was hidden in her skirt, and had already prepared herself to struggle hard against those four drunkards, when suddenly, a familiar voice spread over from the corner.

“Hey, grandsons!”

A loud outburst of this provocative phrase immediately attracted the attention of the four drunkards.

“Where did you come from you spoiled piece of shit, I, your father, will immediately prepare your funeral ……”

One of the foul-mouthed drunkards turned back but couldn’t react when he saw a brick flying towards him and the very next instant, it heavily smashed into his face.

It was the half brick!

This direct hit from a brick had caused the blood to gush out of his face. He couldn’t bear the extreme pain and immediately fell down while screaming incessantly.

Although, Ye Feng was not strong at the moment, but he had once cultivated to become an immortal, so his grasp on control and angle of a projectile weapon was absolutely impossible to achieve for ordinary people. For others, they couldn’t have hit a person from that far, let alone with such accuracy to hit the face with enough force to cause the blood to gush out.

The other three drunkards were stunned, and even Su Menghan was totally stunned.

“Don’t you want to run?”

Ye Feng did not hesitate to take advantage of the fact that those stupid men were drunk, and he quickly held Su Menghan’s hand and ran outside the small alley.

If these people were not drunk, but sober, then let alone saving her, he certainly couldn’t guarantee his own safety in this situation. Fortunately, they were totally wasted at the moment so their thinking capacity had decreased considerably and that had caused the delay in their reactions. Before they could react and take some actions, Ye Feng had already pulled Su Menghan and ran more than ten meters away.

One of them finally reacted and started examining the face-injury of that foul-mouthed guy and the other two started to pursue them: “Brat, I, your father, will definitely catch you!”

“If I was chasing after someone then I won’t waste time on useless talks.”

There was a disdain in Ye Feng’s smile and while pulling Su Menghan by her hand, they turned several curves and soon returned to the Bar Street main road.

When Su Menghan saw the street full of people, she was immediately moved to tears, but unfortunately, the two drunkards had already caught up with them, and their desperate escape started yet again on the main road.

“You’re running too slowly.”

Ye Feng frowned and put his hand around her waist to pick her up. Her soft and fragrant body was very light like a flower. Ye Feng embraced her tightly and rushed forward, but not only did his speed not decrease, he had actually gotten a bit faster, and the distance between them and the drunkards also widened considerably.

The people on the Bar street raised their eyebrows in succession. What was going on?

“Grandma Xiong, that boy runs really fast.”

After seeing that Ye Feng, while embracing Su Menghan, was running too fast and had already left them far behind, both drunkards had to finally give up on their chase. One of them spat on the ground and said: “Forget it, elder brother Ba Tie will kill them for us, that brat’s fate is sealed.”

With the help of Heavenly Serpent Gang’s influence, finding the identities of Ye Feng and Su Menghan would be quite easy for them.


“Put me down!”

He ran out of the Bar Street, and after seeing that the danger was gone, Su Menghan started struggling in his embrace.

The feeling of being carried at a lightning speed had left some aftertaste. Since her childhood, she had never allowed other males to touch her, except her dad. However, today, she did not expect that not only would her naked body be seen by Ye Feng, but he would also conveniently embrace her all the time during their escape, which made her even more angry.

When Ye Feng heard her, he loosened his arms all of a sudden.


Su Menghan suddenly fell on the road, and shouted with the pain and cursed in her heart. How did this guy have such a demeanor?

She stared bitterly at Ye Feng and held the street lamp post to slowly stand up.

In the night, under the dim light of street light, her graceful fragrant body, under her snow white dress, appeared incomparably attractive that perfectly complemented her oval face and her delicate features. She indeed was worthy of the title of Xiaohua of his school.

Ye Feng looked at her and could not help but recall the feeling of holding her in his embrace. That creamy soft, full breasts and fully stretch…… He could not help but think of his master, who was the same peerless beautiful woman who was called the ‘Cold Ice Fairy’ in the world of the immortals.

“Master, she was captured by the monsters ……”

Ye Feng once again thought of this matter, but now he was in a different world and could not do anything. In fact, his master’s cultivation was ten times better than his own and even if he was still in the Fire Dragon Cave, he would not be able to do much for her.

He wanted to quickly find a place to practice, in order to find a way to go back soon.

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