Chapter - 20: Sword
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At nightfall.

Ye Feng sat on the bed while holding the half Spirit stone in his hand, he then started absorbing the Lingqi present in that stone. Not only his cultivation was growing rapidly because of the absorption of Lingqi but the meridians inside his body were also getting stronger simultaneously.

The core dan in his body was absorbing the Lingqi continuously from that spirit stone. Once the absorption process ended he would become a truly strong martial artist. Just like that oval faced girl or other martial artist who had absorbed Lingqi to attain such kind of well-known power and strength, similarly he would attain the same kind of power but since he had only half piece of spirit stone so he would attain half the amount of zhen qi.

“The meridians inside my body are not very strong so they can only hold cultivation for maximum three to five years. Seems like time is needed to work hard to broaden the meridians in order to enhance the limit of the cultivation…… “

Only the thick and strong meridians could contain more zhen qi and for longer period of time.

One year four months!

Close to the midnight, the time finally arrived when his cultivation rose to a brand new height and this happened when that half piece of green stone which was in the hand of Ye Feng suddenly turned into powder.

Just to check his strength, he pounded a fist conveniently in the air, and from the flow of the air, he felt a massive explosive power coming out from his fist!

If a punch of an adult male could produce a force of 150 kg, then at present, the current Ye Feng’s Bagua boxing had already become almost double, reaching 300 Kg. It was because not only the Bagua boxing technique was itself very stronger but also the style and moves of this technique were exquisite. This boxing technique was actually one of the basic fighting techniques of the World of the Immortals, here on the Earth, it was working wonderfully.

“But unfortunately no matter how strong the power of the fist is, it still cannot stop bullets.”

Ye Feng was already aware of this fact, therefore after being familiar with his current strength, he was now completely prepared to practice the agility technique again that he had once practiced in the previous world, it was called – rapid shadow immortal trace.

In the world of martial arts, only the fastest couldn’t be defeated. The same was true in the World of the Immortals as well. There, each and every single person was very much focussed on practicing agility techniques. And Ye Feng’s master, Ice Fairy, had taught him a superior agility technique.

He searched a bit in his memory and finally came to the conclusion that there was a similar type of martial arts practiced in this world called surging waves micro step, but it had only scratched the surface and couldn’t be compared with ‘rapid shadow immortal trace’ of the World of Immortals.

“To reach the highest level of this technique ‘rapid shadow immortal trace’ at least five years of cultivation is needed. If I practice now, perhaps I will have to finish it in haste for quicker results. However as long as it can be used at crucial moments, it can save my life ………”

A thought started running in his mind, he recalled the display method of ‘rapid shadow immortal trace’ then congealed zhenqi in the meridians throughout his body and started circulating it in his two legs, agglomerating in the key position unceasingly, then suddenly erupted it!

Instantaneously, his figure moved a few steps forward leaving behind a faint afterimage!

“Not bad.”

Ye Feng nodded with satisfaction then he stopped suddenly and noticed that the meridians in his both legs were little sore. Obviously in a short period of time, if he repeated this move once again then it would certainly be dangerous for him. The current Ye Feng could perform the ‘rapid shadow immortal trace’, but only for few seconds. Once his cultivation would reach a certain height then he could use this technique for a longer period of time.

“From the point of view of this world, using ‘rapid shadow immortal trace’ to run means covering 100 meter in just three seconds, dodging bullet is very easy now……….”

Ye Feng finally had the self-confidence. But still, it was a temporary measure to escape one time. If the other party would keep on firing openly then he would certainly be in a tragic situation.

As for the open fire, he should have an anti-bullet defence technique?

This was also not the matter he should think of.

At this time, he raised his hand to accept that he was satisfied now, but suddenly, he felt slight cold in his finger in which he had worn that Ancient Dragon Sword Ring and then it started bursting out one after another.

“What’s going on?”

Ye Feng’s facial expression suddenly changed. This was his first time facing such a kind of situation. Actually the zhenqi circulating in his meridians were being absorbed by the Ancient Dragon Sword Ring, gradually condensed and after that, it gushed out suddenly.


After a light sound, a red light appeared from his ring and filled his entire bedroom, it was shinning blood red!

Ye Feng opened his eyes and looked at the thing in his hand, with a somewhat inconceivable look on his face.

“This is ……a sword?”

His whole body’s zhenqi had been absorbed by the Ancient Dragon Sword Ring, a hilt also originated from the ring, and at this moment, a sword made up of red zhenqi was grasped by him in his hand.

Ye Feng never thought that after absorbing his zhenqi, the Ancient Dragon Sword Ring would actually transform into a zhenqi sword, however, it would be scary to bring out this stuff on the streets.

It was blood-red in colour, like a pure condensation, formed by the zhenqi, flashing red light which appeared to be branching off a little bit, and it looked very sharp as well.

Ye Feng waved the red zhenqi sword a little and it easily cut through the villa’s beautifully tiled walls, and left behind a deep gully, which looked very grim.

So sharp?


He used his intention to recover the zhenqi from the Ancient Dragon Sword Ring and the red blade suddenly disappeared, the Ancient Dragon Sword Ring also returned to normal.

“Taking it out and putting away so freely?”

This phenomenon made him very happy and he still wanted to try once again, but found out that the remaining amount of his zhenqi was actually not enough to conjure a red zhenqi sword.

Such a weapon was an absolutely killing artefact. It was a dark and stormy night, Ye Feng was planning to go to the Tianhua casino in search of the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang and having this killer weapon gave several points of assurance to him.

Since the loss of zhenqi was very serious, he could only rest for a while, in the midnight, he finally left the villa and went towards the Tianhua casino.

Although this time, ordinary people were already asleep, but in places like Tianhua Casino, nightlife had only just begun! Ye Feng now had a perfect opportunity.


At this point, in the Tianhua Casino.

In an elegant compartment, many persons were sitting and drinking together, while several females in exposing outfits were sitting beside men and mooching off money in a variety of ways.

One of these men was Tian Youliang.

“Dad, since Brother Tie has already said it then we do not have to worry anymore, cheers!”

Tian Youliang had bleached hair and was wearing a leather jacket, giving him the appearance of a punk, but a middle-aged man was sitting next to him, appropriately dressed, western-style clothing with leather shoes and tie, this was Tian Youliang’s father and Blue sky advertising company’s boss, Tian Zhongkai.

“Indeed, cheers! Brother Tie, I will trouble you with this matter.”

Tian Zhongkai raised his glass and said to a brawny guy, sitting opposite to him and was wearing sunglasses and laughing. This time, he spent money because he wanted to give that kid, Ye Feng, a painful lesson. He also inquired and found out that there was no small enmity between Ye Feng and Heavenly Serpent Gang’s Brother Tie.

That brawny guy was wearing sunglasses and his nose was wrapped in a layer of gauze, obviously had been injured recently, it was actually Brother Tie.

“Humph, rest assured. I invited that guy but he disrespected me, does he think this Brother Tie will forgive him? This time, if I don’t cripple him then my name is not Brother Tie!”

Brother Tie coldly snorted, but in his words, the hatred for Ye Feng was clearly apparent. Even crueller things than breaking someone’s leg was nothing to him.

Brother Tie thought that Ye Feng was a high school student but actually dared to use a brick to smash his nose, but also on several occasions, he repeatedly beat his three younger brothers, even when they went to invite him to join their gang, Ye Feng simply rejected his offer. For him, this was undoubtedly a great insult.

Tian Youliang hugged a plentiful beautiful woman and kept on rubbing her ample breasts and was self-satisfied in his heart.

Thinking that now at the school forum, the discussion about his long tail must be going on, he could not help but feel ashamed. He did not know how it happened, but he always felt that it was related to Ye Feng.

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