Chapter - 21: Ye Feng attacks
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Tianhua Casino was situated in the most conspicuous place on the bar street. It was not very far away from Qingfeng Park.

In a while, Ye Feng finally arrived at the Tianhua Casino and quickly summed up the trump cards he had right now: First was “Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace” which could be used to escape at the critical moment;  second one was “Ancient Dragon Sword Ring” that could turn into a double edged red colored sword after absorbing his zhenqi , it was very sharp and matchless and could be used several times during the fight; third was the poison which was made up of the golden leaf grass and was there to be used to control the main boss of the Heavenly Serpent Gang.

However there was a problem, Ye Feng must find the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang first to use the poison on him. He had heard that this boss was a very fierce bald person having a knife cut scar on his face. Fighting with this man was very dangerous which could lead to one’s death, but for Ye Feng, as long as he would find the boss, he didn’t need to worry about subduing him.

Before coming here, he already made this very clear that which area was under the influence of the Heavenly Serpent Gang and that was the north eastern part of Yanjing City keeping in mind that Yanjing University was at the centre.

Located on the bar street, Tianhua Casino was actually the headquarters of Heavenly Serpent Gang, it was said that each and every group boss of the Heavenly Serpent Gang would show up here. However, no matter what, Ye Feng still had to go to this place to check the details.

“If I can bump into someone who guides me in the Tianhua Casino, it would be good.”

Ye Feng thought about that Brother Tie, as a group boss, there was a high possibility that he knew about the whereabouts of the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang. However, meeting him by chance wouldn’t be that easy.

When he walked into the bar street, he saw that it was very lively as usual, nobody cared about his clothing, he looked like a simple boy. After a while he arrived at the golden and jade green gate of the casino, he looked up and saw “Tianhua Casino” written in large characters and was shinning golden bright, demonstrating luxury.

He walked into the casino very calmly. Nobody stopped him however some people obviously noticed him. They could figure out very easily that he was a student who had entered this place and it was a matter of surprise for some of them.

Casino was very crowded, people were moving continuously, Ye Feng had just now entered the casino and felt that the atmosphere was fiery, he gave a quick glance around to observe the situation.

Before he could look around, he suddenly heard a loud shout coming from his front side: “It’s that guy, catch him!”

Ye Feng heard this and a cold feeling appeared in his heart, he looked up and saw two goons and immediately recognized that they were actually two of the three goons, who were with Brother Tie last time, and were going to rape Su Menghan back then, in that alley.

Those two goons were coming out of the elevator, they immediately recognized Ye Feng and without wasting a single moment they rushed towards him to catch him. This attracted the eyes of people who were present there.

“Hey, grandson, want to catch me?”

Ye Feng wasn’t afraid at all, instead the corners of his mouth curled up as he taunted one of them. He then ran towards the area with few people were standing in order to make space for the upcoming fight. His figure was matchless and very agile!


Both of the goons chased after him without a slightest hesitation, there were fierce looks on their faces. They thought that this boy was really extremely daring, not only he offended Brother Tie but he also dared to come to the Tianhua Casino, was it like he came here to court death at his own initiative?

They didn’t think that a single high school student could become a threat to them, although they had already heard that he could fight well, but he was still nothing when comparing with Brother Tie, who was simply like the gold medallist goon of the Heavenly Serpent Gang!

Although the Tianhua Casino was the headquarters of the Heavenly Serpent Gang, but it was not like the men of this gang were present everywhere around this casino. So Ye Feng ran all the way to the restroom since there was no one to stop him and occasionally he kept on kicking away few small goons who were trying to come in his way.

He ran inside the restroom.

Seeing this those two goons became very happy, they thought that since he had entered the restroom, now there was no way for him to escape from inside.

But when those two men crashed inside the restroom, the next thing that they saw a big fist, which was as fast as the lightning. The goon who was in the front didn’t even get the time to respond. Ye Feng punched directly on his chest, “Kacha” a sound of the broken ribs rang out and that goon flew backward and knocked down the second goon who was standing behind him.

Ye Feng threw a solid punch to finish that gold medallist goon of the Heavenly Serpent Gang.  His punch had the strength of 300 kg, how could an ordinary person possibly withstand it? It was good that the goon’s physical strength was better than an ordinary person, or else that punch was quite enough to kill a normal person very easily.

However, even so, that goon had lost his battle efficiency already by just a single punch. Ye Feng moved forward towards the second goon who was knocked down but he wasn’t severely injured. Ye Feng coldly said: “Take me to your boss or else your fate will be just like his.”

The man struggled a bit, however that was of no use, he barely turned to his one side to take a look of his companion. What he actually saw was his companion’s chest had been destroyed completely. His eyes were rolled up, had also vomited blood and had already passed out long ago.

This Ye Feng’s single punch could make me like this?

Suddenly that man started sweating, just a moment ago he had been knocked down which was a little painful, now he could easily infer that how strong Ye Feng’s fist actually was.

Could it be that he was a young Tyson?

That goon used to worship the matchless boxing king “Tyson”. Ye Feng and Tyson were very different. But now actually it was not possible to compare the strength of these two men since they were at the same level of strength!

“Boss… is.. on the sixth floor.”

He replied in a somewhat stammering way, he, as the gold medallist goon of this gang, had been assigned to do a very important work and that was to take care of the protection and safety of the each and every group bosses of the Heavenly Serpent gang, for him to know the whereabouts of the boss was not at all surprising.

He was not at all afraid that Ye Feng was looking for his boss since he knew that his boss had a gun, no matter how powerful this Ye Feng was, he won’t be able to kill the boss.

Ye Feng then tied his hands with a black handkerchief, that goon had a very fierce expression on his face although Ye Feng’s hands looked like the hands of a boy but still that goon didn’t dare to resist.

Very obediently he led Ye Feng, they passed through few people and then from the stairs they reached the sixth floor of the Tianhua Casino.

Ye Feng carefully observed and discovered that there were many cameras in the corridor. He secretly pondered in his heart, if he did not manage to poison the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang and if he could not put him under control then this would cause a big trouble for him in the future.

Tianhua Casino’s sixth floor.

This was the place where all the elites of the Heavenly Serpent Gang were present, and during this period, in that room, almost everyone was embracing a woman for their enjoyment. Ye Feng together with that goon whose hands were tied with a black handkerchief passed through the corridor without paying any attention to those people.

Finally they arrived at the entrance of the most luxurious passenger compartment. The goon moved forward one step and knocked the door rhythmically.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

“Come in.”

From inside a middle aged man’s voice resounded and there was no sentiment in his voice.

“Well, if only I had Shen records.”

Ye Feng thought in his heart that if he had waited ten years to develop his cultivation to practice the technique “Yinshen”, then under this situation he would have been able to sense everything even there would be any slightest sign of trouble, he could even investigate everything inside the room from outside the walls.

That goon slowly opened the door and made a gesture of invitation to Ye Feng, hinting him to enter the room.

Ye Feng looked at him coldly and noticed that the other party was exhibiting an expression of panic from his face, however by looking in his eyes, there was a touch of malice in them.


Ye Feng’s mind was very alert, he walked into the room proudly by holding up his head.

The moment he went in: “Bang” a gunshot occurred!

Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace!

Ye Feng was already well prepared, he had already condensed zhenqi in his legs and instantaneously moved forward leaving behind a faint blurred afterimage and thus dodged the bullet clearly!

He quickly observed the situation in the room and saw a knife cut scarred face, bald man holding a pistol in his hand and exhibiting a fiery expression from his face. And next was a very beautiful flirtatious woman wearing a very sexy dress, leaning on his body, her sexy and attractive body was mostly exposed.

Both of them saw how Ye Feng dodged the bullet instantaneously and were extremely shocked by this sudden movement of Ye Feng!

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