Chapter - 22: Invisible kill
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Even if the “Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace” could be used only for a moment, it was quite enough for Ye Feng to cover a distance of twenty meters in an instant and arrive in front of the scarred face bald man directly from the door.

The moment that scarred face bald man wanted to pull the trigger again, Ye Feng came up with his fist, he punched the gun and it flew away. He then hit the chest of that flirtatious woman, meanwhile he started condensing his whole body’s zhenqi in his Ancient Dragon Sword Ring.


The red light flashed. Without giving any warning the red colored Qi condensed double-edged sword emerged suddenly and in a just one stroke it pierced through the chest of that flirtatious glamorous woman!

Woman was staring with her eyes wide open, since she had been following Scarred face bald man so she had seen the deaths of lots of people, even she had personally killed a person by her own hands. But she had never thought that her death would come so quickly.

Along with that woman who collapsed on the floor after losing her strength, the Ancient Dragon Sword Ring resumed itself instantly, it had killed a person invisibly! While the other hand of Ye Feng had still grabbed the bald man’s neck tightly.

Although that scarred face bald man was standing close to Ye Feng, but he didn’t see anything clearly how Ye Feng killed that woman!

The appearance of that scarred face bald man was somewhat like – his nasal bone was straight, the lower jaw was upright, the edges and corners were very sharp, a startling scar of knife wound extending all the way from the right eye to the left corner of the mouth, he looked very aggressive and matchless, like a brave warrior.

Even if someone was just killed in front of him, it was hard to deter such a character.

“Eat it.”

Ye Feng pulled out the jet black pill that was made of the golden leaf grass and forced it in the mouth of that scarred face bald man, he didn’t pay attention to anything, just patted twice on his back and made the pill slide directly in his belly.

“Who are you! What have you forced me to eat?”

The scarred face bald man gritted his teeth and asked.

“Soon you’ll know.”

Ye Feng smiled and finally loosened the neck of opposite party then waved his hands with ease. When he looked at the glamorous woman who was lying on the ground, he saw that the blood was gushing out of her half-naked chest, but he didn’t pay any attention to that instead he slipped to the side where pistol had fallen. This attracted the attention of that scarred face bald man.

If Ye Feng had been slow just a moment ago and had given the chance to the other party to start firing gun then he would have been trapped in a very dangerous situation. But fortunately the Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace was unexpectedly amazing which stunned the opposite party for a moment.

At this time the zhenqi present in Ye Feng’s body had almost exhausted. While on the other side that scarred face bald man wasn’t able to withstand all this. Not only his attack was completely dodged by Ye Feng but also the pill inside his belly had started to attack suddenly. Not a slightest bit of strength left in his body and even more his whole body was in sharp pain and it was all happening because of that black coloured pill.

Ye Feng without paying any attention to him went forward to pick up the pistol. He picked it up then started playing with it but then suddenly he raised it and aimed at the entrance:  “Come in, shut the door.”

That black handkerchief goon opened the door and remained there standing completely stunned by seeing the condition of the room, the boss was actually subdued in just few seconds?

Just now what was that blurred afterimage thing left behind by that boy? And how did he escape the bullet?

The black handkerchief goon was somewhat confused and couldn’t believe what he just saw was true or just an illusion. But at this time Ye Feng’s gun was pointed at him and he had no other choice but to go inside.

When he saw the sight of that glamorous woman lying on the ground all bleeding then he didn’t had any doubt left that if he would try to run away from him right now then Ye Feng would not hesitate a bit and shoot him. As he already knew that like Ye Feng, he didn’t posses any such kind of ability to escape the ferocity of a bullet. Hence he had no option left than to submit to him.

The black handkerchief goon finally stepped into the room and closed the door conveniently.

Ye Feng keenly focussed on the other party’s body movement and what he discovered was that while closing the door the other party was making some hand signals towards outside. Ye Feng narrowed his eyes and said.

“Well, don’t play any tricks or else you will die.”

The pistol was in Ye Feng’s hand so he felt relieved. He turned back and gave a quick look to the scarred face bald man and what he noticed was that his whole body had curled up into a ball, he was constantly shaking, apparently he was being tortured extremely by that pill but still he never groaned, obviously it was due to his firm willpower.

“Good, now get up.”

Ye Feng stepped forward and casually kicked his foot, while kicking him he channelized his zhenqi in his kick and transferred it secretly into the body of the scarred face bald man. By doing so, he suppressed the efficacy of that drug for a temporary period.

“Later you will need to see me once in every week otherwise the efficacy of that drug will break out in your whole body, the maximum time limit you will get then to resist it is one hour after that you will lose your life. I am called Ye Feng, going to be your boss in the future, of course from behind the scenes.”

Hearing this made him scared and he started sweating. He barely held the table to stand up.

He raised his head and looked at Ye Feng, while gritting his teeth tightly, he said: “Really courageous……..Aqiang, come over here.”

After hearing this that black handkerchief goon gave a quick glance to Ye Feng.

Ye Feng nodded. He was still very calm and was playing with the pistol that was still in his hand.

Aqiang moved a step towards the boss, at the same time that scarred face man took up a fruit knife kept on a table and suddenly stabbed it into Aqiang’s chest neatly.

There was an expression of disbelief and shock on the face of Aqiang. Scarred face man covered his mouth and pierced that knife twice in his chest continuously. The blood gushed out from his chest and Aqiang quickly fell down on the floor.


The scarred face man dropped the blood covered fruit knife on the floor and took a napkin to wipe his hands. The boss then raised his head and looked at Ye Feng.

“Good job.”

Ye Feng nodded with a smile.

As far as the current action of the scarred face man was concerned, he was really very sharp. As a gangster boss, he knew that the prestige was the most important thing to maintain in front of his subordinates. And right now, under this situation where such a thing happened and it was clearly seen by Aqiang, so it had become very essential now to eliminate that potential informant, otherwise he would undoubtedly have spread the news about this incident outside.

For this scarred face man, apparently his life was more important than anything else and he also knew that the efficacy of that drug on his entire body was not a fake story. After he heard Ye Feng saying that he would be the boss of this gang, but from behind the scenes, it was already quite clear to him and he understood it all.

“Afterwards if there is something to dispatch, give the orders.”

Scarred face man said in a sinking voice.

“I know that you are not convinced, you can freely go to the hospital to get yourself checked.”

Ye Feng turned around and said with a smile: “Don’t blame me for not reminding you that because of the random drug treatment, there is a possibility that it may worsen your condition then even I cannot save you.”

“Elder brother Ye, rest assured.”

Scarred face man looked up and said: “You can call me Scarred face, I know you are not an ordinary person, just a moment ago that agility of yours, as well as ……………..”

He tilted his head and looked down on the ground where that beautiful woman was lying with her bleeding chest.

People were usually most frightened of the unknown things.

Not only Ye Feng dodged the bullet but also killed that beautiful woman with a certain technique, leaving that scarred face man extremely scared!  If Ye Feng wanted to kill him then he would be dead by now and his corpse would be lying on the floor just like the dead body of that beautiful woman.

“Are you a martial artist?”

The scarred face man asked in a somewhat hesitated manner.

“You shouldn’t ask, must not ask.”

Ye Feng snorted and said: “Well, I wouldn’t be too difficult on you, I am letting you do things that you have handled till now in your way and I really don’t care about other affairs. You are still the boss of the Heavenly Serpent Gang.”


The scarred face man replied accordingly in a polite voice.

“As for the people standing outside, I will let you deal with them.”

Ye Feng kept the pistol in his pocket and advanced towards the door.

Just a moment ago the gesture of that black handkerchief goon had given an idea to Ye Feng that many people were standing outside the door and most of them had been attracted to the sound of the gunshot.

“You don’t worry.”

The scarred face man nodded many times then he opened his mouth and yelled towards the door outside: “I am telling you all to come inside, take hold of these two trivial dead bodies, drag them out of the room and deal with them!”

“Bang” rang a sound and the door from the outside was forcibly opened and many people suddenly rushed in, those gold medallist goons also came in. At first they had devilish expressions on their faces, but in few seconds, their facial expressions changed, they were now standing stunned since the real situation in the room and their imagination both were polar opposite.

“What are you gawking at? Why haven’t you quickly dealt with these two traitors! This is my younger cousin and he is the one who saved my life just a moment ago. Later you see him, give him respect in the same way you give respect to me!”

The scarred face man gave a furious look to them while pointing his finger at Ye Feng to introduce, making those men stay silent.

“Then I will go first.”

Ye Feng didn’t want to complicate things here so he decided to leave first. He greeted that scarred face man and left the room immediately without consulting anyone. The group of people really thought that he was the younger cousin of their boss so they greeted Ye Feng while seeing him leaving the room in a respectful way.

The scarred face man wanted to personally see him off, but the situation was quite inappropriate, he needed to first get rid of these corpses and explain things to his men.


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