Chapter - 23: Brother Tie’s tragedy
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Ye Feng walked out of the room, he took elevator and came down directly to the lobby, and meanwhile, he coincidentally saw many unexpected people.

Besides Tian Youliang and Brother Tie, whose nose was covered with a layer of gauge, there were several other people who were passing through the other side of the compartment, they  were chatting and laughing among themselves, it seemed like they were in a very happy mood, full of life like they had accomplished something big.

Ye Feng planned not to move forward rather to stop and eavesdrop for a while.

“Relax! Since I have received the money, this matter will absolutely satisfy you.”

Brother Tie, wearing sunglasses, with his nose covered with a layer of gauge, said this with a cruel look on his face: “Just waiting for tomorrow morning, I will definitely make that guy cry and beg for mercy!”

Heavenly Serpent Gang’s group leader ‘Brother Tie’ was quite illustrious in this area, it was not just because he used to fight fiercely and he was involved in bad things, but also because his younger sister was the mistress of the boss of the Heavenly serpent Gang and she also held a position of minor boss of the gang.

Obviously, Bother Tie was not a knuckle-head that he would like to become famous relying on a woman and that was the reason why he paid more attention to train his team including his henchman. When he came to know about Ye Feng and his strength then he tried to attract him to join his team, it was not at all strange, but unfortunately Ye Feng declined his offer without giving a second thought.

“If he was beaten up severely and got crippled, will there be any trouble?”

Tian Youliang was a young guy after all, so the matter which was being discussed right now had scared and somewhat startled him. It took only a trivial amount of tens of thousands for him to disable a high school student, now he would be on a wheelchair throughout his life, it was really very cruel!

“Hmphh! My Heavenly Serpent Gang has means to kill people, crippling someone is a trivial matter for us.”

Brother Tie coldly groaned, it was obvious that Heavenly Serpent Gang had a strong supporter supporting them from background, so there was no need to worry.

“This is natural, Ha ha.”

Seeing a discontented look on Brother Tie’s face, Tian Youliang’s father promptly gave an explanation to defend his son: “My son is somewhat surprised that Brother Tie has decided to assist us in this matter, please don’t mind him.”

“Hold on Dad, Brother Tie ……”

Tian Youliang was originally in a drunken state, and at this time, he suddenly pointed his finger towards the two men and said: “Isn’t that Ye Feng?”

As expected, Ye Feng was standing there, behind those people, he was in a very calm and collected mood and slowly walked away from them as he already understood the intention of the other party and wasn’t in a mood to continue wasting his time here anymore.

Hearing him, Brother Tie turned back, he finally saw Ye Feng who had established a profound impression on his mind. This was the boy who smashed Brother Tie’s face with a brick last time and he also dared to decline his offer, certainly it seemed as if he didn’t care about the influence of Brother Tie and his gang, Heavenly Serpent Gang!

“You boy, you actually dare to look for your Brother Tie? But you are too late!”

Brother Tie laughed, he had already taken it for granted that Ye Feng came here because he had recognized Brother Tie, he couldn’t help but felt proud of himself and said: “Lots of opportunities come in the life of a human being, but only once, right now, even if you kneel down to beg me to accept you as my little brother, that will never happen!”

“Is it?”

Ye Feng smiled slightly while looking at other party.

“Ye Feng, do you know what place is this?”

Tian Youliang was very much drunk and said in a carefree manner, he was holding the wall to support himself and was also very much excited as he had already imagined how Brother Tie was going to beat the crap out of Ye Feng.

Even his father hadn’t expected that he would see Ye Feng at this place, although it was actually a pleasant surprise for them. Obviously, now there was no need to wait till tomorrow morning, they could now take a hold of this Ye Feng and teach him a lesson.

“Begin! Make this boy understand the fate of those who dare to offend our Heavenly Serpent Gang.”

Brother Tie ordered, two gold medallist goons of Heavenly Serpent didn’t waste any time and immediately rushed towards Ye Feng.

Ye Feng remained calm until these goons came in front of him, then in an instant, his hands moved – Bagua Boxing! His fists were quick as the lightning and left afterimages as they advanced towards those two goons and hit both of them, in just a couple of seconds, two sounds resounded one after another – Bang, Bang and both of the goons were blasted away by the two simultaneous punches, both of them instantaneously flew upside down and then crashed against the wall and fell miserably on the floor and started groaning pitifully.

This sound suddenly attracted the attention of everyone present around that place.

How couldn’t the people in Tianhua casino possibly know that who was in charge around here? But today, they were seeing something unexpected, that in the headquarters of the Heavenly Serpent Gang, someone actually dared to oppose them and was hitting the members of the Heavenly Serpent Gang one after another. This scene had greatly surprised the surrounding people and the expressions on their faces seemed as if they just saw an alien.

When they saw that just a casual flick of hand, used by a youth who seemed like a high-school student, was enough to send these two goons crashing against the wall, they were very shocked in their hearts. They thought that today, probably, this boy wouldn’t be able to leave this place alive.

Brother Tie was stunned by seeing his two subordinates on the floor after being punched and what was shocking that everything happened in a flash, which completely startled him. He already knew that Ye Feng was capable of fighting back but he didn’t know that he could fight at this level, keeping in mind that those two goons were considered the gold medallist goons of the Heavenly Serpent Gang!

Ye Feng drew out his fist and looked calmly at Brother Tie and said: “I advise you to get out of the way, do not get involved, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences.”

“Bullshit! Arrogant kid is threatening his dad!”

How could Brother Tie accept the threatening by a high school student, he waved his hand to give instruction to the dozens of members of the Heavenly Serpent Gang to rush towards Ye Feng!

All the visitors surrounding the Tianhua Casino were ready to see a show on the spot, they were thinking that very soon, Ye Feng would be killed, exactly then, a voice burst out from behind Ye Feng: “I, your boss, order you to stop!”

Ye Feng turned his head and saw the scarred face man, there was an angry expression on his face!

The scarred face man had given the work to his men to deal with those two dead bodies, and after that, he had immediately run down quickly to catch up with Ye Feng and request him regarding his matter, but after seeing the current scene, how could he not be furious?

Brother Tie suddenly shouted out: “Brother, this boy doesn’t care about our Heavenly Serpent Gang, I was about to teach him………”


Scarred face man coldly groaned and quickly interrupted Brother Tie’s words, he took a quick glance around that place and indifferently waved his hand: “Ye Feng is a distantly related younger cousin of mine, just a moment ago, he also saved my life, and you say that you want to teach him a lesson?”

All the people around that place gawked hearing this statement.


This high school student was the distantly related younger cousin of the boss of the Heavenly Serpent Gang, and on top of that, he even rescued his life? Lie! Must be some mistake right?

Tian Youliang felt lifeless all of a sudden. He couldn’t accept that Ye Feng had a relationship with the boss of the Heavenly Serpent Gang. No wonder Ye Feng dared to be impolite with the Heavenly Serpent Gang, certainly, he was actually the distant cousin of the boss of the Heavenly Serpent Gang! So the discussion they just had in the private room all went in vain? Now, not only they wouldn’t think about teaching him a lesson, but they also invited a bad luck on themselves!

“Ah Tie, how long have you been working for me?”

Scarred face man asked this while looking at Brother Tie.

“Brother, three years………..”

Brother Tie didn’t know why did the boss ask this question and what would happen to him now? Frightened, he looked at Ye Feng once then replied.

“In these three years, you gathered your younger sister and Aqiang in your team and then unexpectedly, you guys tried to collaborate and made a plot to murder me, if it weren’t for Brother Ye then I would have lost my life few minutes ago and wouldn’t be standing here in front of you!”

The scarred face man was saying all this in a very serious and ruthless way, it seemed like this was the truth and had actually happened. On the other side, Ye Feng was very much impressed with his acting skills and truly admired him for his performance. This man was really a talented person, as expected of someone who was able to hold such a high position of the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang, it was absolutely beyond the capacity of a mediocre person.

This sentence gave a good enough explanation to everyone about the death of those two people, and meanwhile, he very conveniently also mentioned the importance of the existence of Ye Feng in his explanation, thus by this way, he killed two birds with one stone.

“Brother, how is this possible…..”

As soon as Brother Tie heard him, he went into shock.

It was over!

Tian Youliang and his father both looked at each other in dismay. They didn’t expect how unexpectedly the things would develop like this. They actually encountered this kind of thing, wasn’t this the so-called unexpected strike of big bad luck for them? Both of them then looked towards Brother Tie, such kind of thing happened all of a sudden, the most tragic one was this guy…..

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