Chapter - 24: Let’s go to the school together
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Finally, Tian Youliang, his father and Brother Tie, all of these three were handed over to the men of Scarred face man to deal with. On the basis of the personality of the Scarred face man, it was quite obvious that those three wouldn’t be killed, rather their skin would be peeled off in order to extremely torture them.

Those three men including Brother Tie were taken away by force, Ye Feng saw that but he simply didn’t care at all, instead suddenly something hit his mind that he had probably no money left. So he looked at the Scarred face man and said “Oh by the way, is it fine to conveniently borrow some cash from you?”

This stunned the scarred face man for a moment. He thought that as per the skill of Ye Feng, how could he possibly not have money?

However pondering for a while, he then nodded and said: “Come with me.”

Ye Feng looked at his back while thinking that he just asked for a convenient few thousands, then why did he need to go with the scarred face man? He then guessed that the Scarred face man might have something to talk about, so together with him, he left the hall leaving behind a pile of dumbfounded members of Heavenly Serpent Gang and other night visitors who were still whispering about the whole incident.

From all this, it had become clear to everyone that the group leader Brother Tie would be removed from his position, and the boy named Ye Feng, whose appearance was still clear in the minds of many people present on the spot, was listed among one of the people one must never offend!

Ye Feng didn’t expect that his actions would have so much impact on people.

A moment later, while following the scarred face man, Ye Feng came to a relatively secluded room which was a small warehouse.

The Heavenly Serpent Gang was ranked as one of the top three gangs of Yanjing city that had extraordinary natural wealth. This small warehouse was usually used during emergency situations, like when they were in need of cash for ransom to save a fellow gang member, it came in handy.

The scarred face man opened a complicated door lock and then took Ye Feng inside along with him. In the entire small warehouse, there were ten wall cabinets embedded inside the wall, it could be figured out just by seeing that this place was newly constructed in Tianhua Casino.

Without any hesitation, the scarred face man arrived in front of a fixed safe cabinet and inputted his fingerprints, passwords and so on and finally opened it. What appeared before Ye Feng was a cabinet full of cash, a glowing red piece, he could roughly calculate just by one look that this was probably one million worth of cash!

“Brother Ye, is this enough?”

He asked this as he knew that the cash one million was way too much for Ye Feng to carry off and felt that the same would be going on in the mind of Ye Feng as well.

“That’s enough.”

Ye Feng remained very calm and casually took two packs then put twenty thousand cash on his body, this was more than enough. At present, there was no such thing as the storage ring or storage place on him, so it was really inconvenient for him to carry too much cash.

The scarred face man was observing him continuously, seeing Ye Feng’s reaction to this situation, he secretly nodded, as he once again affirmed that Ye Feng was really not an ordinary person, since he saw such a big amount of cash but still didn’t bat an eye.

He still kept on observing Ye Feng’s expression. Finally, he gathered all his guts, clenched his teeth and said: “If Brother Ye wants more money, I don’t have any objection, so long as you accept my one condition.”

“What condition?”

Ye Feng asked indifferently. He had already guessed that there was something going on in the mind of the other party. The scarred face man was the boss of such an influential gang and it was not possible for a big gangster like him to obey Ye Feng easily, no matter how much he feared the death.

“Teach me martial arts!”

The scarred face man said firmly with an apparent fiery look in his eyes.

The statement took Ye Feng by surprise, to teach him martial arts?

After slight hesitation, Ye Feng did not answer him instead asked something from him: “What do you know about martial arts?”

Actually, he just wanted to clarify about the situation and status of martial arts here on the earth.

Unfortunately, the scarred face man did not know much about it, but he still said: “Not much, but this scar on my face was inflicted by a knife welding martial artist……”

While the scarred face man was telling him about this scar incident, his eyes were exhibiting a look of envy. It was obvious that he yearned for martial arts.


An hour later, Ye Feng left the Tianhua Casino along with twenty thousand cash.

From what that scarred face man said, it was quite clear that he did not know much about martial arts, but after hearing about the incident in detail, Ye Feng got a rough idea about that knife wielding martial artist, about how fast and strong his attacks would have been when he attacked the scarred face man.

That knife wielding martial artist must have possessed approximately ten years of cultivation, from the explanation of that incident that Ye Feng heard from the scarred face man, his knife skill seemed quit exquisite, and his agility-class technique must have been at first-class level!

At that time, if there had not been a little brother to protect the Scarred face man by blocking the knife of that martial artist, then that knife would have killed him definitely. During evening time, when that martial artist was passing by, he heard them making too much noise and found it annoying, which resulted into the death of a dozen in just an interval of few seconds, he started killing people with his double edged knife without giving a second thought.

After that incident, when several people were chopped down by a knife, the scar of the knife gave him a nickname of “Scarred face man” and it became very popular. Now, no one remembered what he was really called previously.

“If I met that knife wielding martial artist, we would be far from rivals! Besides, that was ten years ago …… if he is still alive then he had the cultivation of almost twenty years, in that case, he is probably on a completely different level when it comes to strength.”

Ye Feng was now secretly very alert as he finally knew that in this world as well, there was the existence of several expert martial artists.

After listening to the scarred face man, Ye Feng fuzzily said that as long as he would obey him properly, he would teach him martial arts, making him happy. So, after ten years, he finally had this kind of opportunity!

Just before leaving, Ye Feng made a request to prepare three million by tomorrow morning, and also to collect certain traditional Chinese herbal medicines in next half a month of time. He was preparing all these things to attend the trade fair in Langfang.

Seeing that the scarred face man promised him to fulfil both the requests, Ye Feng left a phone number and left.


He finally returned to his villa in the “Qingfeng Park” and took rest for the rest of the night until the dawn. After a peaceful sleep, he resumed his energy to the most flourishing condition.

When the sun came out, he stretched himself to get out of the bed, opened the door to go to the school.

“Ye Feng, be a bit faster or else you will be late for the school.”

He just came out of his villa and heard a very pleasant, clear and crisp voice, wasn’t it Su Menghan’s voice?

“Even if I am late, that’s none of your business.”

Ye Feng said in a very rude manner, he raised his head to look and noticed Su Menghan’s figure, bathing under the sun, she appeared exceptionally beautiful and attractive, while her beautiful sweet smile surprised him for a moment.

A white flower on the collar of her small shirt with natural folds brought out her attractive S -shaped figure. An under knee-length white skirt, a pair of white legs were elegantly close to each other, making her seem slim and graceful.

Under the sun, her delicate oval face was suffused with a smile, she was really extremely happy seeing Ye Feng.

“Come on, let’s go to the school together.”

Su Menghan saw him standing and gawking, she stretched her hands and waved twice in front of him to bring him back to his senses. In his heart, he somewhat chuckled: It seemed like this girl’s charm was really very big.

“Why do you want to go together?”

Ye Feng regained his calm and did not know what she was scheming so he asked this with a light hmph.

“My dad doesn’t let anyone to come pick me up, so I have to go with you.”

Su Menghan said in a somewhat grieving manner: “I have been waiting for half an hour at your door.”

She thought that Ye Feng finally promised to take her to Langfang so this was the time to develop and maintain a good relationship with him, or else he might go back from his words. Just because of this, she was deliberately waiting for him in front of Ye Feng’s villa so that they could go to the school together.

“I do not know what you’re exactly thinking, well, let’s go.”

Ye Feng shook his head then walked towards the entrance of Qingfeng Park.

“Wait for me, ah, why are you going so fast?”

Su Menghan was trying to mach up her speed with him, her pure and beautiful figure seemed very charming and lively. When they passed through the entrance, the young security guard was unable to take his eyes off her, her beautiful figure almost made him to drool all over himself.

They had just left the Qingfeng Park and saw that four strong-looking men were waiting at the side. There was the mark of white snake on their sleeves which clearly indicated that they were the members of Heavenly Serpent Gang!

Ye Feng saw them but didn’t stop rather kept on moving.

“Oh, run!”

Su Menghan figured out that they were not good people, suddenly she panicked and pulled taut Ye Feng’s arm to escape. She thought that Ye Feng had annoyed them several times, and now, these four men came here to teach him a lesson, just by their looks, it was clear that they looked very serious. If she didn’t quickly escape with Ye Feng then this would really be a dead end for them!

“Why do you panic?”

Certainly it was not possible for a young girl like Su Menghan to pull him and run, but when Ye Feng saw her so genuinely worried for him, it touched his heart. He then said to calm her down: “Relax, they’re not looking for trouble.”

Although he said so, but how could Su Menghan possibly believe him so easily?

The way Ye Feng provoked them many times, according to the style of an organized gangster group, it was already a strange matter for them to still leave him alive! Moreover, so early in the morning, four goons were waiting outside, what could possibly be their goal besides looking for trouble?

Suddenly, Su Menghan became extremely nervous in her heart, as she noticed that Ye Feng was not at all in a mood to escape with her, so she finally hid behind him.

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