Chapter - 25: Goes to Langfang
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“Brother Ye, your cards.”

Those four men came in front of Ye Feng and handed over two bank cards to him.

Ye Feng took the card. He was quite aware that one of the cards had two million cash and the other card had three million which he had asked from the Scarred face man to arrange by morning. He had the plan to give this bank card of three million to Ou B.

For the Scarred face man arranging three million cash was not a big deal, although the Heavenly Servant Gang didn’t use to keep huge amount of liquid cash. Still arranging three million was not a big problem for him.

This could also be considered as his sincerity towards Ye Feng.

Could it be possible to subdue the Scarred face man this quickly and take hold of the Heavenly Serpent Gang behind the scenes? Ye Feng sighed at his good luck. If the Scarred face man didn’t have such sort of past, he hadn’t known the techniques and moves of martial arts and there wouldn’t have been the feeling of deep fear in his heart from the martial artists, and a simple threat by Ye Feng couldn’t have been successful alone to force him to act obediently.

If the target of Ye Feng would have been to capture the other two big gangs, then this action wouldn’t be so smooth.

After handing over those two bank cards to Ye Feng, those four men bowed respectfully then they turned back and left.

The actions of those four men stunned Su Menghan, who was still hiding behind Ye Feng.

What was with this situation? Was not Heavenly Serpent Gang supposed to be a very flamboyant and fearful gang, then why were they being so respectful to a high school student? She couldn’t help but recalled that how her father Su Xinchang tried to keep her close to Ye Feng by all possible means, could it be that the background of Ye Feng was unexpectedly formidable, so not even the Heavenly Serpent Gang could dare provoke him?

Moreover “Brother Ye” this name ……  had Ye Feng also became one of the members of the Heavenly Serpent Gang?

“Come on.”

Ye Feng put away the bank cards and said in a light tone which interrupted the thoughts of Su Menghan.

All the way, she obediently did not say a word, she just had a guess about the status of Ye Feng, but she did not dare to ask from him.

Since she did not speak a single word all the way, this silence made Ye Feng quite happy. After the two walked twenty minutes to reach the Yanshan High School, then suddenly, they became the centre of attraction among the people present in the surroundings.

Did Ye Feng and that Xiaohua, Su Menghan, walk all the way to school together? (Xiaohua – means school beauty)

There was no mistake!

They walked side by side all the way to the classroom, Ye Feng as if heard the sounds of many hearts shattering, including his best friend Ou B as well.

Barely they sat on their seats and Ou B pulled himself together, he was filled with righteous indignation and said: “Small bee, you too didn’t do justice, you actually took hold of the prettiest girl of our school so silently? Sure enough you have the advantage of being close to her, but first month ……”

“Do not make guesses so randomly.”

Ye Feng took the bank card out, he put aside the former discussion and said: “Take it back to your father, I don’t like to owe others. This card has three million cash, the password is written on the back of the card.”

“What, what?”

Ou B subconsciously took the bank card, his mind was still in a stunned state.

Just a moment ago he was in a very bad mood. To express his anger, he had come to Ye Feng and Su Menghan’s seat, but now suddenly, he had been stunned by Ye Feng’s words.

Three million?

Just over a night’s time had passed and he earned three million?

Ou B’s first reaction was…. this guy was lying! But to think carefully did he really need to lie at the first place? How much money this card had, it could be figured out the moment it would be used in the ATM, then for how long he could conceal this fact?

“Small bee, you are kidding right? We don’t want you to pay back the money……”

A look of surprise was there on Ou B’s face.

“Well, your father has given me a very clear idea in my mind, so I feel relieved.”

YE Feng smiled while patting on his shoulder.

Ou B accepted the bank card although he was not fully convinced by his statement.  He was being sceptical, but Ou B suddenly tapped his head and said: “Yes, this is an invitation to the trade fair.”

Until this time, Ou B realized that Ye Feng had completely changed and he had a feeling that it might be because of his grandfather?

Ye Feng thought that he should open up a precious invitation letter now, so he kept it in his pocket.

He took a look at the invitation letter, it was an envelope with a red title page, in the title page it was printed ‘soaring dragon’, there was nothing strange about it when he looked at it for the first time, but in no time he felt the seal position of the envelope, actually there was a faint strange power flowing around it!

“Thank you.”

He quietly kept aside the invitation letter, but an idea was unceasingly floating around in his heart.

This so-called antique trade fair was not a simple thing to talk about! At the seal of the invitation letter there was a strange energy flowing which was totally similar to the internal energy of that oval faced young girl. Until now Ye Feng had no idea what this energy was called but now he had a little idea that this energy was definitely related to this world of martial arts. (Ye Feng’s internal energy is called zhenqi and its stronger than the internal energy of this world’s martial artists)

“Little Ou, does your father hold more invitations?”

Ye Feng asked.

“Just one, why?”

Ou B replied with a strange look on his face.

“Nothing, just asking.”

Ye Feng was perfunctory, he was thinking very fast about this invitation case. There was no doubt this invitation was really very precious, Ou A could go that far to get one obviously for the sake of that half spirit stone.

It seemed like there was a possibility that the organizer and all the participants of the trade fair might be from the world of Chinese martial arts!

Could he also bump into that oval faced young girl?

Some interesting thoughts were going on in Ye Feng’s mind regarding the antique trade fare. Fortunately, after two weeks, he was able to achieve the cultivation worth of one year and five months, and now he could use the technique called “camouflage”, then he would be able to change his appearance for a certain amount of time, even changing the height and build was possible.

“In this world, people should not be aware of immortal techniques. But just in case, in order to provide against contingencies, bringing a mask is better.”

Ye Feng made the decision.

He looked around and noticed that Tian Youliang didn’t come to the school today. When he inquired about it, he found out that last night, Tian Youliang requested for his transfer from the school, since he no longer dared to continue studying in Yanshan high School.


Half a month passed in a flash.

Now in the month of April, in Langfang, it was raining lightly. From now on, there were two months left for the college entrance exam.

“…………I’ll be careful Uncle Ou, you rest assured.”

Ye Feng hung up the phone, he took Su Menghan out of the Langfang Railway Station along with him. At noon, the sky was a bit gloomy, Ye Feng felt the fine drizzle, he was in a slightly bored mood.

While Su Menghan on the contrary was in an extremely good mood, she was being very cheerful all the way because now she could visit her grandmother, which was the main reason behind her heartfelt excitement.

For Ye Feng coming to Langfang was to attend the Trade fair, moreover one of the more reasons was to bump into some good stuff. But the most important reason was to scout the level of martial arts on the Earth.

But for Su Menghan, her goal behind coming to Langfang was to visit her grandmother, whom she hadn’t met for almost ten years, naturally her mood would be good.

“To visit a family member, and on top of that, your father is not accompanying you, this is actually a very responsible behaviour.”

Ye Feng smiled and said this in a sarcastic tone.

“He has to deal with Xie clan, he would never dare to come.”

Su Menghan lightly snorted, she didn’t speak anything rather she turned and asked: “Your mock test, how was it?”

Before coming here to Langfang, their school had arranged two mock tests. Su Menghan was not at all worried since her score used to come as one of the best scores in the school. As for Ye Feng, he was one of the lowest scorers in the class.

The talk about the examination brought a smile on Ye Feng’s face, some time ago, he had been very busy refining the compounded drug, he was preparing his own drug to sell in the trade fair, so how could he possibly get time to study for the mock tests?

Undoubtedly, his exam results were very bad, even worse than before…… But Ye Feng didn’t need to worry about it since as per his present memory, even if he started studying one week before the college entrance examination, he could still do fairly well for entering the Yanjing University. (As instructed by Ye Feng’s grandfather)

“Well ……good I guess, anyways now you can go your way, I can go mine, let’s not interfere in each other’s affairs.”

Ye Feng said fuzzily then he turned around to walk away.

“Hey you wait!”

Su Menghan saw him going away and hurriedly stopped him. She didn’t know what made him come to Langfang, she had a rough guess that he might have come here with her just to accompany her, but now it seemed that it wasn’t the case?

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