Chapter - 26: Moron Cousin
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Ye Feng stopped from moving ahead since he was called out by Su Menghan. He turned his head and asked: “What happened?”

Su Menghan took out her phone, there was her grandmother’s address recorded in it, she read it and with a little embarrassment she said: “You accompany me.”

“You are such a big girl and still want people to accompany you?”

Ye Feng frowned, obviously he was not happy.

“You…… I, I don’t have money……”

She was holding her white skirt and pinching it with her hands while looking at Ye Feng coyly. Actually her father, Su Xinchang, had controlled her pocket money very strictly, it was not his idea though rather he was forced by that Xie clan’s woman to do so.


Ye Feng was somewhat speechless. He looked at the time, it was exactly 12 P.M. in the noon. The antique trade fair was about to start at 6 P.M., so he had no reason to worry about it.

“Let’s go then.”

Without wasting any time he stopped a taxi and along with her he moved toward the address of her grandmother.

Out of Langfang city, towards eastern side, few villages and small towns were located. Su Menghan’s grandmother’s house was in the same direction and luckily the antique trade fair was also located in the same direction. So Ye Feng was at ease as he didn’t need to worry about not having enough time to reach the fair on time.

All the way, Su Menghan was somewhat emotionally disturbed. It was because of two reasons. Firstly, she was going to meet her grandmother after a decade and secondly because she was going to see her with a guy.

Half a month ago, she and Ye Feng were merely unfamiliar neighbours. But now he was actually accompanying her to her maternal home together. He was really a very violent guy and Su Menghan had already seen his brutal self. In case his beastly self showed up then she definitely wouldn’t be able to resist him.

Certainly after getting along with him in last half a month time, Su Menghan finally decided to believe in Ye Feng. The most important point was all the time, Ye Feng never showed any interest in her appearance and he usually looked quite cold and indifferent towards her.

Perhaps in Ye Feng’s eyes, she was unimportant.

Su Menghan thought that a woman’s intuition was generally accurate, from Ye Feng’s consistent attitude, she could now feel that the other party was not acting hard to avoid her rather he really was not paying attention to her.

This made her to show a trace of frustration, didn’t she even had a little charm to attract him?

After covering three or four kilometres of distance, the taxi stopped in front of a residential area. Ye Feng paid the fare and instructed Su Menghan to get out of the car. They took a broad view of the whole area to look at a peaceful auspicious scene, the buildings stood in great numbers, the alleys were interlocked, it could be seen clearly that the cars were parked everywhere, obviously this economic development was quite good.

They asked the taxi driver to ascertain the concrete address direction. After that they walked toward the destination.

“Ye Feng, I am a bit nervous ……”

Su Menghan said this while grabbing the lower part of her clothes. She was really quite disturbed.

“Why are you nervous, although you have not seen her for so long, but still, she is your relative then what are you afraid of?”

Ye Feng shook his head, he couldn’t help but thought about his own life. Whether he was in the World of the Immortals or he came to the Earth after his rebirth, he did not have any family member at both the places.

In the World of the Immortals, he had only one master and here on the Earth as well, he had only one relative, his mysterious grandfather.

How did it feel to have a complete family?

He didn’t know, because he never had one.

Following the house number plate, they quickly arrived at the outside of a courtyard in a building. They stood at the entrance. Su Menghan had a very anxious and fearful look on her face. Ye Feng stepped forward to press the doorbell.

“Who is it?”

An impatient, middle-aged woman’s voice came out, “Come inside.”

Middle aged woman’s voice?

Ye Feng quickly guessed that it was Su Menghan’s Aunt. Su Menghan’s grandfather had already died, he had total four children, the youngest one was her mother and the rest three were her uncles.

He had heard that her grandmother was living with her uncle.

Soon the door opened and the person who appeared in front of the two was a somewhat fat middle-aged woman. She looked at them very strangely: “Kids, are you looking for someone? Dai Gen is not home.”

Seeing Su Menghan that middle-aged woman was somewhat in amazement. But then she hid the envy and contempt in her eyes. It was quite obvious that Su Menghan’s beauty and charm made her own Aunt jealous of her. It was really quite easy for women to get jealous.

“I …..I am Su Menghan.”

Su Menghan was little hesitant to ask: “May I ask you something, aren’t you my Aunt?”

“Su Menghan?”

The middle-aged woman repeated the name, she then reacted and with a puzzled look on her face and asked: “Are you Su Menghan?”

Su Menghan nodded again and again out of the fear that the opposite party didn’t recognize her.

The middle-aged woman said in a thick voice: “After so many years, what brought you here?”

“I…… I have actually come to see my grandmother, and……”

While she was saying this she got interrupted by her Aunt.

“The old woman got sick and died a few years ago.”

The Middle-aged woman looked very indifferent as if she was talking about the death of a stranger. Suddenly she remembered something, in a somewhat vigilant way, she looked at Ye Feng and Su Menghan: “If you have nothing else to do, then leave.”

She was very vigilant, it was not without a reason.

The people of this area did not know anything about how Su Xinchang’s business was flourishing bigger and bigger day by day because he used to be a poor guy when he lived around here. Su Menghan’s mother leaving everything behind followed him and finally ended up dying in a car accident, and the people of this area didn’t know what happened after that.

Who would know that Su Xinchang had remarried a person of Yanjing city’s Xie clan, unexpectedly he got not only power and position but also fortune as well. Until now, Su Sheng group had successfully hit the market with a sale price of one billion!

Here, people used to think that Su Menghan must be having a hard time after losing her mother for the past few years. Now she suddenly came back, then she would certainly want to borrow money.

“Hello, how can this……”

Seeing the other party was about to close the door on their face, Su Menghan became very anxious, she never thought that her Aunt actually would not welcome her.

“Just leave, we can’t help you.”

The middle-aged woman finally looked at them once again, that look in her eyes was very strange, but she shook her head to close the door. But suddenly at the same time, she looked at a face which was not far from the alley.

“Help, mummy, save me ……”

It sounded like a very distressed voice, passing from far to near.

Ye Feng and Su Menghan together turned back and suddenly saw a young person wearing short sleeved clothes. He appeared to be in a very difficult situation. He was running while limping, and behind him, three men, who obviously looked from the crime world, were chasing him.

“Not paying back our money and on top of that running away from us, it’s completely useless, pay back the money.”

One of the ferocious men said, his eyes appeared very ruthless, he moved forward to catch him then kicked him very hard, the short-sleeved young person got kicked and fell on the ground. Another man took a brick and hit on the skull of that youth.

“Dai Gen, do not hit him, do not hit him……”

Middle-aged woman suddenly got panicked, her hands and feet were shaking, she, without paying attention to Ye Feng and Su Menghan, went out of the house. She was crying while running towards him: “Dai Gen, didn’t I tell you to not gamble, but you never listen to me…”

“Not only gamble, he also takes drugs.”

A black jacket man rolled up his sleeves while looking at the middle-aged woman who was running over to him, then said: “Are you his mother? This boy owes us 300,000 so hurry up and pay back our money, otherwise just wait to collect his dead body.”

“300,000?” Middle-aged woman suddenly went into shock, from where would she manage to arrange such a huge amount of money now?

“Ye Feng ……”

Su Menghan pulled at the back of the sleeves of Ye Feng, wearing a look of pleading on her face, she wanted to help that youth.

“Other party is not willing to recognize you, still you ask me to help her?”

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