Chapter - 27: Trying to stop injustice
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Ye Feng raised his head to look at the front where those three gang members were beating the short sleeved youth badly, it really seemed like he was about to die, his fresh blood was spattered everywhere.

How could Su Menghan have ever seen such a miserable scene, she kept on pulling Ye Feng’s cuffs again and again and begged him for help.

“Stop it.”

Ye Feng failed to ignore her continuous begging, finally he reluctantly shook his head and quickly walked forward and in an instant he blocked the hand of one of the men, who was holding a brick to hit that youth.

“Boy, who are you?”

One of the men looked at Ye Feng with a quite brutal facial expression and said: “Mind your own business!”

“Trying to stop injustice, that’s all.”

Ye Feng replied to him in a very soft tone, in this situation he knew already that he shouldn’t give any chance to the other party and it was quite obvious that the opposite party was not willing to give up. Just in order to get their money back, they were terribly beating that youth to death which was quite weird behaviour for Ye Feng. He didn’t understand this type of attitude at all.

To her surprise, seeing Ye Feng unexpectedly came out to help her son gave her a powerful shock. Normally in this kind of situation if it were some other person then he might have run away very far from this fight. Who would dare come to help some stranger?

In an instant, Ye Feng came into action.

He turned away and very conveniently took the advantage of this opportunity. He started condensing Zhenqi into his fist and in a matter of seconds and punched one of the men with a “Bang”. Since everything happened so fast that the man didn’t get enough time to react to his punch, and all of a sudden, his whole body flew and bumped against the wall. He was very badly beaten up by his punch.

While on the other hand, seeing the solid attack of Ye Feng, the other two men barely tried to respond to his shot and got away from him but Ye Feng couldn’t be underestimated. He was way faster than those two, instantly he fired two punches back to back towards them!

These two punches couldn’t be underestimated at all!

Once again the simple two fists of Ye Feng sent those two adult men flying several meters away. Both of them crashed on the ground and the impact caused the dust to fly upwards. After that a series of pitiful scream spread out in that area. In addition to those three men, Su Menghan’s moron and useless cousin was also there accompanying them in this screaming, he was also yelling due to severe pain.

“Well, quickly take him to the hospital.”

Ye Feng shifted his vision toward the ground to look at Su Menghan’s moron cousin. He was lying down on the ground screaming badly due to intense pain. Ye Feng then said to the Aunt while looking at her: “By the way, there is no need to thank me, just say ‘thanks’ to her.”

Hearing this, she immediately ran toward Su Menghan with a smile on her face.

It was needless to say that how much happy Su Menghan was, it could be noticed easily. Her smile could be compared with a blooming flower at that time. She was thinking that Ye Feng was really very ferocious back then. How easily he dealt with these three gang men. Being together with him was surely not a bad idea.

But who would have thought that Su Menghan’s Aunt was actually not at all grateful for the kindness shown to her, instead she started scolding her in a loud tone: “Thanks? Do you even know that you have brought a big trouble for us? These men were the member of Heavenly Serpent Gang and you don’t know how powerful they are……. Dai Gen, hurry up let’s go to the hospital, they hit you really hard with something and here we are doing something very irrelevant………..”

While she was scolding her, she took her cell phone out simultaneously and started making a call.

Both Ye Feng and Su Menghan were completely speechless listening to her words, they never thought that an unexpected kind help could also be blamed like this. However, the Heavenly Serpent Gang? Who would have thought that the existence and influence of the Heavenly Serpent Gang could be in this place as well? It appeared that the power and sphere of influence of this gang was way larger than what Ye Feng had imagined.

Since this matter was about the Heavenly Serpent Gang, so Ye Feng didn’t need to be afraid of anything.

“Boy …you dare to hit the people of Heavenly Serpent Gang ……keke. You are a dead man, keke ……”

A man from that gang, who was lying down on the ground, said this to Ye Feng and then he pulled out his cell phone and started calling for help.

Too lazy to care for what he said, Ye Feng took out his cell phone and called directly the scarred face man: “Scar, the people of your gang are also there in Langfang city?”

The phone call from Ye Feng obviously startled him a bit, he originally did not know what to do in this situation, but then he immediately recollected his composure and replied: “Brother Ye, did you bump into them? Yes, our people also work there, but not many……”

While speaking about this place, he suddenly started hesitating, he was confused whether he should say it or not.

“Go on.”

Ye Feng gave him the hint to continue.

“Yes, actually they are there to test new drugs and they are just trying to create a new way to earn extra and convenient money.”

The scarred face man thought that there was something that was not right to tell him, but still he replied.

“New drugs?”

Ye Feng frowned hearing his words : “I will talk about this matter when I come back, for now, just withdraw your people from here at once, and one more thing, from tomorrow, Heavenly Serpent Gang is prohibited to do any type of drugs business anywhere in future.”

“What? This……”

His statement apparently startled the scarred face man.

Not to do the drugs business in future, this order of Ye Feng would certainly cause a great loss to the gang. The source of income of entire gang would reduce by half because of this!

The most important point was, now, the supplier of new drugs was not affable! Suddenly stopping the purchasing merchandise, it would be troublesome if the opposite party began to investigate into this matter. Even if Ye Feng was a martial artist, he might not be able to handle the opposite party……

“It’s settled then, and if I later find out that you are still continuing this business, then you better be prepared for the consequences.”

Ye Feng did not say much, just warned him then hung up the phone.

Su Menghan listened to everything and was secretly scared. She was thinking that in the end what was the identity of Ye Feng, making a phone call to stop Heavenly Serpent Gang from doing the drugs business? Even if he were the boss of this gang, still it should be impossible for him to achieve such a thing! After all, the interest of the whole pack was not the matter that a single person could decide by himself.

But listening to the tone of Ye Feng, the way he said it, there was a huge confidence visible in his appearance……

Anyway, Ye Feng’s impression in the eyes of Su Menghan changed a bit. Now, she was seeing him in a new light. As the danger of taking drugs was well-known, and here, Ye Feng was just trying to ban Heavenly Serpent Gang from doing the drugs business, the idea was very good, of course, the goal could not be reached, she was still quite skeptical about it.

“Well, you heard it too.”

Ye Feng glanced at her: “Listen closely, if you dare to spread the word about my relationship with Heavenly Serpent Gang then….”

As soon as she heard him saying this, she immediately stared at him to shut his mouth. Inside her heart lots of things were going on which were making her very restless and uncomfortable as she didn’t know at all about the relationship between Ye Feng and Heavenly Serpent Gang.

“You haven’t gone yet? Just go, don’t hurt us.”

Su Menghan’s Aunt said this and rushed toward her son while waving her hands. She then started trying to lift her son up. That short sleeved youth was already in a very miserable condition. He was limping and was also unconscious.

“Let’s go.”

Ye Feng pulled Su Menghan to go since they were not welcomed by the other party, so there was no need for them to stay anymore.

“But …….”

Su Menghan was little hesitant, she poured her gaze upon her unconscious cousin and seemed worried about him.

At this moment, suddenly the sound of a motorcycle resounded from far and gradually came closer second by second, and simultaneously, a rough male voice transmitted: “What happened here? How is Dai Gen?”

Su Menghan’s Aunt who was standing at the doorway while supporting her son, Dai Gen, immediately turned around, looked at him then started complaining with tears in her eyes: “He has been hit terribly, hurry up, take him to the hospital or else, or else…..”

“How did it happen? He was hit by whom?

The motorcycle then turned around, the man riding the bike was a forty year old man. He gave a quick glance around the area and was a bit startled seeing the situation. He then said: “We don’t have money for the hospital. I just took a loan to purchase the vehicle…..”

Then the motorcycle stopped at the door and that man, without paying any attention to Su Menghan and Ye Feng, took out his phone to make a phone call. He just took loan for his son to buy a car, his son was about to get married and he didn’t have cash left on him.

Of course, that man also had two brothers.

“Brother, what, the money which was there to be used for the house renovation ran out? Well, well….”

“Brother, what, you recently picked up a project and your entire money was used up in that?”

Soon, that man put down the phone, he seemed dejected and did not expect that in such a critical moment, even his own blood related brothers would turn out to be so unreliable. This was really the world’s most frustrating situation for him.

“No matter what we will take him to the hospital first, we will deal with this money issue later when the time comes.”

The man finally made his decision and started preparing to start his motorcycle so that they could rush to the hospital to admit their son, Dai Gen.

“Ye Feng ……”

Su Menghan looked at her side and pulled on the sleeves of Ye Feng. She looked at him and appeared very pitiful, her current appearance could compel even a heartless person to take pity on her.


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