Chapter - 29: You want to blackmail me?”
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Ye Feng’s mind had long been drawn out of this matter.

As per the location mentioned in the red invitation letter, he directed the thin man of Heavenly Serpent Gang to take the van to a very remote village, which was almost two kilometers away from his actual destination.

Ye Feng got off the van then sent him away. Then after he found a remote deserted corner, he took out a mask which he had already prepared.

The martial arts existed in this modern world but had been kept hidden from the rest of the world. Ye Feng believed that no one would their true identities in this trade fair.

If he were to use the camouflage technique to transform his appearance, then at his current level, he wouldn’t be able to hold it for a longer period of time. So, it would not be an appropriate idea to fully rely on it.

After putting on the mask, he ran all the way towards the target location. After nonstop running for ten minutes, he arrived in front of quite an ancient looking courtyard.

At the entrance of the courtyard stood a handsome young man, he was there looking around in all directions, and suddenly, his eyes stuck on Ye Feng. He raised his eyebrows and started observing him.

“Who are you sir?”

That handsome man opened his mouth to ask, it was really a bit effeminate. Besides, there was a mole on his chin which made him appear incomparably outwardly submissive but inwardly evil-hearted.

“Mo Jiuge.”

Ye Feng answered in a low voice.

He certainly wouldn’t use his real name until he was clear about the situation. This name ‘Mo Jiuge’ was the name of the guy whom he used to dislike the most when he was in the World of Immortals. It was because that guy was the fiancé of his beautiful master.

Ye Feng guessed that in the future, he would definitely do lots of things to offend several people, then those people would blame Mo Jiuge for all those things.

He also thought that when his cultivation would reach higher levels then he would transform himself into the appearance of Mo Jiuge and would deceive people.

“Mo Jiuge? Never heard of this name.”

The handsome young man glanced at him disdainfully, he wasn’t a bit interested in his appearance.

“Here is the invitation card.”

Seeing his reaction Ye Feng took out the invitation card at once.

“Oh? This invitation card is originally meant for Huang Lao, anyway go in.

The handsome young man took his invitation card and looked at him again with a lot better attitude, he waved his hand to beckon Ye Feng to enter the courtyard.

Ye Feng pretended to be very normal, he strolled in by passing by that handsome young man. When he came inside, at that time, he really sensed the breath of martial artists of this world, apparently it seemed like the right place.

“Huang Lao, he must be the friend of Uncle Ou……”

Ye Feng thought to himself, after entering the courtyard, there was only one path leading to a dilapidated wooden house, however it didn’t seem like a place where trade fair could be conducted.

But when he entered the house, he saw one side of the cabin had a passage leading to the underground, although it was hidden but was a very beautiful spot.

“Wan’er, you finally came, we have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Just then, it seemed like that handsome young man saw someone and was quite excited.

Ye Feng was very curious, he turned his head to look and what he actually saw was one group of people just enter the courtyard which was unexpectedly headed by – that lovable oval faced beautiful young girl! It seemed as if that handsome young boy was very respectful to her.

This startled Ye Feng, he didn’t dare to stay there any longer and he quickly walked along the passage.

Although the passage was very long and narrow, but what appeared before Ye Feng was a spacious underground hall, it was brilliantly illuminated, obvious modernized breath headed on, but in the hall the person’s shadow was flickering. At a glance it looked like there were over a hundred people.

Ye Feng, wearing a mask, slowly walked in, he looked around in all the directions and felt that the hall was similar to a vegetable market, people were there everywhere with their stall properly set up, but not arbitrarily complex and chaotic, instead it was neat and orderly.

It wasn’t the case that all of the people present in the hall were from the world of martial arts, such as in front of Ye Feng, there was a stall of fat man, he was really extremely fat and was constantly crying out to sell his things.

Ye Feng saw that the fat man was selling something like antiques, but his Ancient dragon Sword Ring didn’t react at all. It seemed like these things were of no use to Ye Feng, but was really attracting the attention of many people, they were busy in negotiating and asking prices.

“This fat person should be similar to the status of Uncle Ou, I don’t know from where do they get lots of antiques, and on top of that, they also expect to sell them at the high prices at this trade fair ……”

Ye Feng shook his head and turned around to leave.

In such type of place, as long as there were useful things, the price would never be lowered, basically those who were qualified to participate in such a trade fair would surely make a lot of money, for example Uncle Ou A had half a sprit stone.

“Buddy, come this way.”

Just then, suddenly, a wretched thin man appeared in front of Ye Feng and said furtively: “I picked up a sky blue and white porcelain in the morning, would you like to go and have a look?”

Ye Feng saw his wretched appearance, he seemed monkey-like and fragile, with little to none cultivation whatsoever. Ye Feng did not know what the reason for him to be so careful, why didn’t he want to expose his goods in front of everyone?

That sky blue and white porcelain must be something good but Ye Feng had no idea about it, neither did he care.

Ye Feng was a bit worried since no one had informed him anything about the martial arts thing, however meeting this guy was somehow good for him. He slightly nodded and followed the thin man. They eventually came to a remote corner in the hall.

Everyone in the hall were busy discussing about their own respective matters, nobody noticed them radically, however occasionally some people noticed them and also casted strange looks at them, but finally ignored them altogether.

“Look, this is the best quality sky blue and white porcelain, just eating this can promote one’s cultivation equal to five years worth of cultivation. It costs you only five million, fair trade honestly.”

The thin man pulled out a plant from the cloth bag on his waist and said with a smile.

Ye Feng took a look, what the heck was this best quality sky blue and white porcelain, wasn’t this just a fragrant-flowered garlic? He had come from the world of Immortals, how he could get confused between fragrant-flowered garlic and medicinal herbs.

“You want to deceive me?”

Ye Feng’s eyes flashed coldly with anger, he said in an angry voice.

“Is this how a chivalrous person speaks? This is the sky blue and white porcelain, you saw it already, now you don’t want to buy it? Things don’t work this way.”

The thin man sneered loudly then he turned his head to the other side and hinted Ye Feng to look in that direction.

Ye Feng tilted his head in that direction, and to his surprise, he saw two ferocious men, with bare upper bodies, standing at one side. At this time, both of them were looking fiercely at him as if Ye Feng was a lamb, ready to be slaughtered.

“Hey buddy, do you know them?”

The thin man proudly said: “Jiangsu duo, they are called Tornado axe and Wolf sword, it is said that they have taken dozens of human lives! This sky blue and white porcelain is being sold on their request……”

Obviously, Ye Feng was not dumb to not under his current situation?

Unexpectedly, it was blackmail!

Perhaps at this trade fair, this Jiangsu duo would not dare to attack. But clearly, if Ye Feng refused to buy this fragrant-flower garlic with 5 million now, then when he would leave the trade fair, they might come to trouble him.

Tornado axe seemed like an overwhelming guy, he looked quite ugly and ferocious-looking. There was a large and conspicuous double ax on his back. Wolf sword looks vicious, like an experienced killed who must have fought numerous battles without a doubt.

Ye Feng was standing far away from them, so it was a bit difficult to figure out how many years of cultivation they had, but still it could be estimated that their cultivation was quite high ……Presently he had no chance of winning against them, hence only sneak attacks would be worth a little.

Supposing, this thin man was considering Ye Feng as a greatly fat sheep (means extremely rich), what a pity, Ye Feng was just a cultivator, aiming to become an immortal, how could he possibly get trapped in this blackmail? Moreover, he could not manage to arrange five million anyway.

Suddenly an idea hit his mind, soon he thought of a safe escape strategy. As for now, he might as well try to actually draw out something from this fellow’s mouth.

“If you don’t want to die, answer my questions.”

Ye Feng groaned coldly, and in an instant, he grabbed the collar of the other party and said: “If you compel me, I, your father, will have to kill you first.”

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