Chapter - 3: – Warning
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When Su Menghan called out to stop him, Ye Feng turned his head  and asked: “Why?”

“Take me home.”

Su Menghan glared at him and thought that this guy was really stupid. First, he saved her, then he threw her down on the road and now he was leaving her alone like this in the night.

“I don’t have time for that.”

Ye Feng refused.


Su Menghan couldn’t believe her ears. How could this guy be so stupid? He had no time? Both of their villas were located next to each other then how could taking her home be a waste time for him?

“Take me home, or I’ll tell my dad.”

She again said the same words, however, with one more sentence added at the back.

Ye Feng did not want to get involved with her, but when he heard the newly added sentence, he abruptly stopped. In his new memories, Su Menghan’s father was definitely not an affable person and had never been nice to ‘Ye Feng’ of this world.

If her dad found out that tonight, Ye Feng had dared to peep at his daughter while she was taking bath……

Ye Feng broke out in cold sweat, because at his current strength, would he not be easily killed by the opposite side?

“I was a bit hard on you, but try to walk faster.”

Ye Feng had to compromise and he caved in, but he was incomparably aggrieved because this was his first time submitting to someone other than his master and that too before a little girl!

However, he didn’t have a choice other than surrendering to her, because he no longer possessed the hard-earned cultivation that he had achieved in the world of the immortals.

Su Menghan looked at his aggrieved appearance and secretly rejoiced in her heart, but in the next moment, she was in a bad mood. If other people would get an opportunity to take her home at night like this, then they would certainly be ecstatic and cheerful, however, this Ye Feng had an expression of reluctance on his face?

“Today’s events, you are not allowed to tell anyone.”

While both of them were walking back home, Su Menghan said to Ye Feng. If her father found out that she went to a sketchy place like the Bar Street at night, then won’t he break her leg?


Ye Feng nodded absentmindedly, because right now, he was busy thinking deeply about his practice plan.

Su Menghan looked at his absent-minded appearance and noticed that he was not even paying attention to her. This made her feel even more uncomfortable and unhappy in her heart, but then, she recalled how Ye Feng had come to her rescue and how he had shouted “grandsons” in the alley, followed by that piece of flying brick, making her feel a little touched.

Although this bumpkin was only good at playing online games, moreover, he had also dared to shamelessly peep at her, but speaking the truth, he still seemed a lot more pleasing to the eye compared to that ‘gong zi’ Tian Youliang and was definitely very reliable in the face of danger. (NT: ‘gong zi’ is an honorific for ‘son of an official’)

They continued to walk and were about to reach the ‘Qingfeng park’ when a midnight blue BMW 7, deluxe model, Limousine suddenly stopped next to them.

Seeing this car, Su Menghan immediately gawked. Was it not her father’s car?

Ye Feng saw a rather dignified middle-aged man sitting on the front passenger seat and this man was looking at him and Su Menghan with eyes full of anger.

Ye Feng immediately felt that something was wrong.

In his memories, Su Menghan’s father was always busy with business and would always be out on business trips and seldom returned to the ‘Qingfeng Park’. In the Su family’s villa, located in the Qingfeng Park, most of the time, only a maid would be present to accompany Su Menghan in the night.

Ye Feng did not expect that her father would actually come back tonight……

“Get inside the car.”

The middle-aged man rolled down the window and looked sternly at Su Menghan.


Su Menghan opened the back door and looked once at Ye Feng before getting inside. She could not help but be somewhat worried for him.

Ye Feng, although, also lived in a villa located in the Qingfeng Park, where the value of each of the villas was in millions, but he had always lived alone in his villa. Su Menghan’s father, Su Xinchang, had already investigated him and knew that Ye Feng didn’t have a father or a mother, he had no social relations and the villa where he lived actually belonged to his grandfather.

Su Xinchang had never seen Ye Feng’s grandfather. Even after so many years, he had never made an appearance, so he would definitely not be any special character. The most important thing was that, owning a villa in Qingfeng Park was not something incredible in the eyes of Su Xinchang.

Therefore, Su Xinchang had never allowed Ye Feng to have contact with his daughter.

However, today, he had seen Ye Feng and his daughter walking together on the road and that too this late in the night! Damn it, was this brat trying to hit on his daughter?

Su Xinchang had become extremely furious.

How could he tolerate seeing his precious daughter together with such a poor boy? It was time to give a good warning to this brat and then move Su Menghan from the Qingfeng Park to somewhere else.

Of course, for a big personality like him, it was a disgrace to come forward and personally talk to Ye Feng. He would leave this matter to be managed by his assistant-driver. (NT: The person he is referring to holds both the positions of his assistant and driver)

The Limousine sped up and soon went into the Qingfeng Park’s parking lot.

Ye Feng had seen a look of disdain in the eyes of Su Xinchang, but he simply did not care. He was cultivating in order to become an immortal, so why would he bother about such an ordinary person?

Now that Su Menghan was not around anymore, Ye Feng relaxed a bit and quickly ran towards the Qingfeng Park.

In accordance with the previous Ye Feng’s consistent practice, he continued to climb up the water pipe along the wall. Of course, his movements would be more flexible and swift than the previous Ye Feng, and in a very short amount of time, he had already reached the second floor and from the balcony window, he jumped inside to go in. (NT: He didn’t have the keys so his only option was to follow previous Ye Feng’s trick of climbing up the water pipe)

At this time, Su Menghan did not want to be scolded by her father so once she entered the villa; she immediately rushed towards her room to hide in the bathroom.

When she entered the bathroom and looked out of the window, she saw Ye Feng crawling up the water pipe and then going inside the villa. After looking at this scene, she could not help but cover her mouth with a hand.

“So he really was just trying to enter the villa and was not peeping…..”

At this time, she finally understood the original misunderstanding and realized her fault. She had forgotten to draw the curtains and because of that, her whole naked body had been seen by Ye Feng. When she recalled that scene just now, her delicate face turned red all of a sudden.

“It’s so far away, he should not be able to see anything right?”

Though she felt unlikely, but could only console herself.

Recalling the scene from the Bar Street, where Ye Feng had suddenly appeared in front of her eyes at the critical moment, had just now made her heart to pound a little. She quickly pulled the curtain and turned on the water to re-take a bath.

And downstairs, Su Xinchang was sitting on the sofa, wearing an elaborate western-styled suit, which made him look matured and decent. His whole personality revealed a high-ranking temperament of the Chairman of Su Sheng Group, who owned innumerable resources.

His beautiful woman assistant-driver was sitting opposite to him on the sofa. She looked matured and intellectual, wearing an OL dress and black-rimmed eyeglasses. Her long hair was trailing over her shoulders, and her pitch-black short skirt in coordination with the skin-colored stockings was making her look very tempting. (NT: The term ‘OL dress’ stands for ‘Office Lady Dress’)

“Take this two hundred thousand and go warn that kid to make him stop dreaming of something he cannot achieve in this lifetime.”

Su Xinchang signed a check and handed it over to the beautiful woman assistant.

“Yes, Director Su.”

The beautiful female assistant took the check and turned her small waist to leave the villa and walked towards the neighboring villa to give a warning to Ye Feng.

Su Xinchang was sitting on the sofa, watching her seductive backside, but the anger in his heart had still not disappeared. Later, he must teach a good lesson to Su Menghan otherwise she might get out of his hands.


Ye Feng entered his room from the second floor’s balcony and guided by his memories, he turned on the lights inside the villa.

To be able to live in such a luxurious double-storied villa was very enviable, but ‘Ye Feng’ of this world had his own difficulties. In this villa, he could only go to three places; the hall, his bedroom and the bathroom.

If he ran wildly all over the place then his damn grandfather would stop sending the living expenses to him.

So, ‘Ye Feng’ indeed was a poor chap.

He was about to start practicing when he heard someone ringing the doorbell. Ye Feng had some doubts about who would come this late in the night?

He ran up to open the door and saw a bespectacled intellectual-looking royal elder sister standing in the doorway and immediately recognized her. Was she not the beautiful driver of Su Xinchang?

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