Chapter - 30: Long Wan’er
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Not far away, Jiangsu duo were standing, the sudden action of Ye Feng startled them. Although they were involved in all kinds of evil, but still in this trade fair, which was conducted by Long Wan’er, they could not dare to cause trouble in the hall.

(Lastvoice: ‘Long’ means ‘Dragon’ so this trade fair is being conducted by someone from Dragon family)

Therefore, they did not act rashly.

But that thin man was being forced by Ye Feng, but similarly, even he didn’t dare to raise hue and cry. Because he was wrong in the first place, and if this matter caused commotion and came in the knowledge of Long Wan’er that they were blackmailing people in this trade fair, then all three of them would face serious consequences.

Shortly after that, Ye Feng got some satisfactory answers from the thin man.

It turned out that in China, there existed a hidden world of martial arts, a circle of martial artists, where people could practice martial arts, however there were also people like this thin man and that fat merchant, who did not practice martial arts at all but knew about this secret world.

Nowadays, all the major schools and families used to respect just their own value, outsiders had no means to obtain the martial art heart sutra from these major schools and families, so for outsiders, practicing martial arts was impossible. Revealing one’s heart sutra to outsiders was considered a big crime in the world of martial artists, and any such group or family was treated as a traitor and immediately disposed by the rest of the martial arts community.

Thus, in China, those who practiced martial arts were honored and held very high status and respect.

The strength division was the same in this world and in the World of the Immortals, but when it would to the practice of martial arts then martial artist in this world used inner qi rather than zhenqi.

Ye Feng had felt a strange power flowing inside the body of the oval faced maiden, which was different than zhenqi. However the power of inner qi was only half of the power of zhenqi. So now that Ye Feng had the cultivation of one-and-a-half year, he could easily compete with those martial artists of China, who possessed three years worth of cultivation or less!

Of course, willingly doing that would be none other than being stupid and reckless.

Ye Feng believes that whether it was agility type or other type of martial arts, the martial arts of this world were definitely inferior to the martial arts from the World of the Immortals. With the help of an immortal technique like ‘Rapid shadow trace’ and the red zhenqi sword of Dragon Sword Ancient Ring, if he had to play a sneak attack, no matter how much high the cultivation of his enemy was, he would be able to deal with them.

Finally, he inquired about “Huang Lao” and left the corner once he was satisfied.

Jiangsu duo was watching from the sidelines, they remembered this masked man firmly. This fellow dared to not give them face, so they would wait until the trade fair was over then kill him!


Ye Feng returned to the venue and soon found Huang Lao.

He saw an old man standing before a stall with his eyes closed, wearing a grey robe, was over sixty years of age, had grizzled hair and beard.

The old man had very vigorously and tightly gripped his both hands. Ye Feng took a quick look at them and noticed that Huang Lao’s hands were truly amazing and very powerful, hinting that he must have been practicing Kung Fu for a long time.

Huang Lao was an old friend of Ou A. He was also the person who arranged the invitation letter for Ou A, currently being used by Ye Feng. He had come from Zhejiang province, Mt. Tianzhu. Currently, he was 65 years old, he began cultivation when he was 40 years old and now he had 30 years of cultivation. He was an expert of palm method.

Ye Feng previously wanted to stay away from him, but now he decided to rely on Huang Lao.

Beside Huang Lao, there was a clever-looking young man standing at a stall and was dealing with that thin man from earlier. It seemed like he was the apprentice of Huang Lao.

Ye Feng stepped forward to look at their booth, but suddenly a pitch black broken blade caught his attention.

“Is this actually a sharp weapon?”

In the World of the Immortals, magic weapons were used by martial cultivators, but the point was that the magic weapons were very difficult to find, and not everyone could have them. Moreover under the category of magic weapons, the weapons were also divided into two ranks – ordinary weapons and sharp weapons.

The examples of ordinary weapons were kitchen knife, fruit knife, butcher knife etc. But the sharp weapons of a certain level held the power to cut even the iron like mud or easily cut the hair, for example in the ancient times, there was a rumor that there existed ten great swords in Chinese country, and as per the estimate of Ye Feng, the modern ordinary firearms were probably at this level.

So in other words, it could be said that the might of the pitch black broken blade, which was there on Huang Lao’s stall, might be compared favorably with an ordinary pistol!

Unfortunately, it was a broken weapon.

“Hello friend.”

At this moment, that clever youth saw Ye Feng coming toward their stall, he hurriedly stacked a smile on his face and began explanation: “This pitch black blade has been following master for many years, although it is broken now, but it still used to be at a sharp weapon rank, if you want it then you can have it for 100 million.”

Hearing him saying 100 million so casually, Ye Feng smacked his lips, 100 million?

It seemed like the people belonging to the martial arts world of China were really very rich, that was the reason why even a Broken Blade was being sold so expensively, if it would have been intact then they would surely sell it for 800 million.

No wonder why the other people would shake their heads before moving away from this stall, obviously because this Broken Blade wasn’t worth the price. They were selling it so expensive because Huang Lao still was emotionally attached to it.

“Don’t mind me, I’m just looking around.”

Ye Feng smiled and shook his head, then he asked from that young man: “I have some compounded drugs, but I have no stall to place them, could you place them in your stall? Then you will be entitled to 30% of the total sales”.

He then turned around and found that in the entire, there were very few people selling the compounded drugs personally, this made him chuckle to himself. He had arrived in this world, almost half a month ago, and depending on the resources provided by Heavenly Serpent Gang, he managed to obtain lots of expensive and rare medicinal herbs. Finally, he used a technique from the World of the Immortals and his own zhenqi to produce some crude compounded drugs.

These compounded drugs had of great benefits, they could be used in treatment of various internal injuries and wounds, to restore zhenqi and so on. Of course, since these drugs were of extreme help in recovery of zhenqi so he kept few for his own use, while the remaining drugs were supposed to pull out money from the selling point.


At first, the young man hesitated a bit then said: “Only master can make a decision regarding this matter.”

The compounded drugs were quite rare in the world of martial arts and this masked man (i.e. Ye Feng) said that he wanted to sell them? If any problem occurred then others would surely blame Mt. Tianzhu.

Ye Feng looked at Huang Lao who was sitting nearby with his eyes closed. He thought, if at this time, some people performed an experiment then it would be good. His compounded drug’s main effects could come in play only when the drug was mixed properly with the qi, but achieving this was way too difficult for others, moreover his compounded drug was extremely good in healing flesh wounds.

Just when he was thinking about all this, at the same time, suddenly two people started quarrelling in the venue hall. They were not far away from the stall where Ye Feng was standing.

One was a dark skinned young man and other person was a fat middle-aged man, clad in a western-style suit. The reason of quarrel was a mutual disagreement between them which later led to the mutual accusation on each other, thus this thing later on grew stronger and stronger, and finally resulted into a quarrel.

“Maybe I should add fire to the fuel and make them fight and hit each other? If someone gets injured then only I can test my drug’s effect. I will test it in the form of demonstration, which will also act as a convenient advertisement.”

Ye Feng thought in his mind.

Just when he wanted to act, a moist and crisp voice suddenly transmitted from the entrance hall. The voice belonged to a female and sounded very sweet, just like the voice of an oriole: “Hey you two, you are causing trouble in the trade fair hosted by our Dragon clan, are you so impatient to die?”

The crisp female voice, all of a sudden, attracted everyone’s attention.

Ye Feng looked up, indeed she was the same lovable oval faced young girl, she walked into the hall together with several people. They all moved toward that dark skinned young man and middle-aged fat person, who were quarreling.

“Long Wan’er has arrived!”

“Long Wan’er is here!”

People screamed one after another.

Ye Feng finally got to know that the oval faced maiden’s name was actually Long Wan’er.

Still wearing the white blue skirt, wrapped tight around her delicate body, her front pair was plentifully tall and straight as if the cotton material was about to burst. The twins were stretched closely and squeezing too tightly into each other like they existed just to seduce men. The men on the scene couldn’t help but swallow their own saliva.

Ye Feng couldn’t help thinking of that day in the hotel when he had probed her chest to search for the golden leaf grass, the touch of that soft creamy and rich elasticity……

Could it be that this Long Wan’er had quite a distinguished and honored identity?

“Well, maybe others are afraid of your Dragon clan but I am not.”

Just then, a cold fiery voice came out, it was the voice of that dark skinned young man who was in the quarrel a moment ago. He was exhibiting a very arrogant look at Long Wan’er.

His words caused a commotion among the people in the hall!

“Oh really?”

Long Wan’er showed a faint smile while slowly walking toward him.

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