Chapter - 31: 31 Swift and fierce sword
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Ye Feng was not a bit interested in beautiful women, but as he knew very clearly that irrespective of which world he was in, the strength was the most important thing. He didn’t want to think too much about this stuff before he acquired enough strength.

For example, at present that dark skinned capable-looking young man was going to face tragedy.

“Do not attract my attention this way.”

Long Wan’er moved towards the opposite party, while curling up the corners of her mouth as she said: “I, Long Wan’er, am not interested in men who are weaker than me.”

As soon as that dark skinned young man listened to what she said, immediately, his complexion changed.

Indeed, like she just said, he already had the intention to attract the attention of her just by causing commotion to stir things up, but at this moment, he didn’t expect that it would be easily seen through by her.

“Just because you spoke words of provocation to provoke me, it doesn’t mean you really sincerely convinced me, that statement of yours isn’t enough.”

Long Wan’er smiled tenderly: “I have heard that the boxing technique of God Fist Sect is matchless, it just so happens that I feel like testing it myself.”

Her voice just fell, and right then, everyone saw her fragrant body instantly rotating once, and in a flash, her leg swept towards that dark skinned young man, swiftly like the wind!

The dark skinned young man was totally speechless when he saw her displaying such a quick movement, however, he immediately took a stance and started condensing his entire body’s qi in his fists. Actually, he wanted to use Chinese boxing to block her kick.

But before he could even think about throwing a punch, her fierce kick swept on his face, and she simultaneously used her other leg to kick him on his both legs, throwing him off balance and he suddenly and heavily fell on the ground. This whole thing happened very fast and neatly!

Ye Feng was watching everything from one side, he felt a slight faint pain in his chest. This scene reminded him of the incident, which happened days ago in the hotel room. Wasn’t he also kicked in a similar fashion by Long Wan’er?

She then landed, her skirt slightly hiked up, revealing a pair of her sleek and smooth white calves, plus a pair of sandals on her exquisite delicate feet, each and every man standing around was staring at this sight without moving an inch, as if they were mummified.

8 years of cultivation.

At this time, just by watching her in action, Ye Feng got an idea about the strength of Long Wan’er. A mere thought about her true strength startled him a bit. Her kicking style was exquisite, her speed was extremely fast, she was remarkably swift and flexible, was this martial arts?

But right now, he somewhat hesitated.

One of the two main objectives that dragged him here to this trade fair was to inquire about the existence of martial arts in this world, which was basically completed. Another objective was to find the things he could use to enhance his cultivation, but unfortunately, he could not find anything useful until now.

And he also wanted to sell these compounded drugs. Ye Feng wouldn’t have any hesitation if Long Wan’er had not been here. However, now, he was running out of time to show off, not to mention if she recognized him then he would be in serious trouble.

For a while, he deeply thought about it then finally decided to give up on selling his compounded drugs, it wasn’t money that he needed right now, because the most important thing for him currently was his own safety.

“Well, our Dragon Clan has organized this small trade fair, so all of the guests will have to maintain an order and refrain from making trouble for us.”

She finished saying this with a sweet smile on her face then looked around and Ye Feng’s mask suddenly caught her attention. She slightly paused for a moment then turned away thinking that participating in the trade fair with a mask on, perhaps he wanted to keep his identity a secret.

Meanwhile, Ye Feng heaved a sigh of relief when he saw her turning away.

Long Wan’er and other disciples of Dragon clan began to maintain order in the venue hall so that no one would dare to cause any trouble again. Meanwhile, that thin man, along with the Jiangsu Duo, was ready to leave the trade fair, but before leaving the hall, he maliciously stared at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng sneered secretly in his heart, so they wanted to gang up on him outside the trade fair? It won’t be an easy task for them.

After that, he put on an act of randomly strolling around and checking out stuff.

In the entire trade fair, most of the stuff was jade ore concentrates, as well as some superficial compounded drugs. Except Huang Lao’s pitch black broken Blade, mostly everything was being sold at tens of thousands or several hundred thousand. There were few good medicinal herbs with good healing effect but they were being sold at 3 million.

Apart from a veteran martial arts user like Huang Lao, the rest people present there were all young martial artists, along with some people like thin man, who only did business in the secret world of Chinese martial arts.

Ye Feng looked towards Huang Lao and saw that Huang Lao was walking with Long Wan’er and talking about something. He couldn’t help but shook his head since his original plan was to rely on his compounded drugs to attract the attention of Huang Lao and form a relationship with him, so that in future, he could use this powerful connection to scare off Jiangsu Duo or any other possible threats that he might encounter in the world of martial arts.

But now, there was no need for that anymore. Even without Huang Lao, Ye Feng was confident enough to get rid of this Jiangsu Duo, because while he was wandering around in the trade fair, when he inquired about the so-called Jiangsu duo, he found out they only had 5 years of cultivation, hence he should be able to deal with them.

These two guys were villains, many people had heard about their ferocity, they had taken dozens of lives, they would rob everything from the victims, also, no one knew how many young girls had been raped by them. If the time would come to dispose them off then Ye Feng wouldn’t mind to remove few harmful pests from the world of martial arts.

Just when he was about to leave the trade fair, suddenly his phone rang. He pulled out to take a look, it was Su Menghan’s call. This call was quite unexpected so quickly replied: “Hello?”

“Ye Feng! Ye Feng, where are you, come quickly to the People’s Hospital……”

Su Menghan’s hurriedly said in her crisp voice and immediately hung up the call, it seemed like there was some urgent matter.

Not good!

Ye Feng didn’t think that she would hang up the phone like this, he instantly moved towards the doorway of the hall and hurriedly walked out of it. He was not worried about what was going on with Su Menghan, actually what worried him was that Su Menghan called out his name very loudly on the phone.

Meanwhile, Huang Lao and Long Wan’er were busy with their conversation, but when they suddenly heard these two words “Ye Feng”, they hurriedly turned towards him and saw him moving out in a hurry.

“Stop right there!”

The complexion of Long Wan’er suddenly changed!

From the report of Chief Liu, she already knew about the name ‘Ye Feng’, besides she also knew that the golden leaf grass from the previous time was also taken by him. Although, she had promised that old man that she would no longer pursue him, however there was a condition!

Now that Ye Feng had come on his own initiative, how could she possibly let him off so easily?

“Stop him!”

She pursued Ye Feng hastily, the handsome youth was also with her, but his strength was not enough and his agility skill was more rotten, not only he could not keep up with Long Wan’er instead he stumbled and almost fell down. Right then, several disciples of Dragon clan saw Long Wan’er pursuing a masked man and also began to pursue him.

In the hall, there were over a hundred of people, they were all startled by this sudden commotion, they were confused and trying to guess the identity of this masked man, who made Long Wan’er so impatient.

Huang Lao wrinkled his eyebrows but didn’t seem to care about it and continued to keep his eyes close and sit in repose.

At one side, the clever-looking youth was watching everything, he was lucky since he didn’t allow the masked man to place his compounded drugs in his stall or else wouldn’t it be like offending the Dragon Clan? Everyone knew that in today’s flourishing martial arts world, offending such a powerful and influential Dragon Clan was just like willingly courting death!


Ye Feng ran along the passage of the hall, he was very vigilant in his heart as he was well aware that Jiangsu duo must be waiting for him outside the hall to ambush him, and he also had to worry about pursuers.

He tightened the Ancient Dragon Sword Ring on his finger, then took out several compounded drugs from his pocket and tossed them into his mouth. He started taking counter measures beforehand as he was expecting the fight to begin quite soon.

The moment he ran out of the small log cabin, he saw the two figures were standing proudly in front of him. One person was holding a double axe, known as Tornado axe, and the other man was with a sword, also known as Wolf sword, together known as Jiangsu duo! However they didn’t know that it was someone called Ye Feng under this mask and Long Wan’er was pursuing him. So they weren’t paying much attention to him, but both of them still appeared very ferocious, one must know that they were peerless villains and their hands were stained with blood of several people.

“Boy, handover your money, leave behind an arm, then you can leave this place!”

Tornado axe was trying to threaten Ye Feng to hand over the money, also giving him a hint that if he would try to offend the so called Jiangsu Duo, then the result could be fatal.

But Ye Feng didn’t pay attention to them since he knew that a very dangerous pursuing team, led by Long Wan’er, was after him.

It was already too late!

He didn’t want to be overtaken, so his only option now……

In an instant, Ye Feng took his decision, he started channeling his zhenqi and condensing it simultaneously in his feet and also in his ‘Ancient Dragon Sword Ring’, meanwhile he cast out ‘Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace’ leaving behind only a faint blurred afterimage, and at the same time, the ‘Red Ancient Sword’ flashed out!

The red flash startled Tornado axe, his heart was beating very fast, he hurriedly turned his head to his side and saw that his companion, Wolf sword, who had been with him for so many years, had his head chopped off and his headless body was spurting blood everywhere.

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