Chapter - 32: Pursuit
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When Long Wan’er came outside running all the way, she happened to see that greedy Wolf Sword, the sword in his hand was broken into two parts, and with a “bang”, they soon soon fell on the ground, accompanied by his headless corpse falling on the ground as well. The whole courtyard was bathed in fresh blood.

Meanwhile that masked man, Ye Feng, was already out the courtyard and running away.


Tornado Axe was sweating all over just by imagining that if Ye Feng’s goal was him, then it would be his headless body lying on the ground!

He killed a man in just one sword strike.

“You guys deal with him, I will pursue him.”

Long Wan’er clenched her teeth, and in a flash, her beautiful figure fluttered out of the courtyard and rushed towards Ye Feng to catch him up.

But now she had some suspicions that the guy in the mask might not be that Ye Feng from the hotel room. Because she knew, Ye Feng was a high school student who was easily be caught by the police. But this masked man could skillfully use a sword and so easily killed a very skilled swordsman, who was supposed to have five years of cultivation. No matter how flamboyant a newbie was, it should impossible to progress so fast.

Long wan’er must investigate about this masked man who killed someone in the trade fair or else wouldn’t it ruin the reputation of Dragon clan?

Several juniors from the Dragon clan came outside, but they remain startled after seeing the headless corpse of Wolf sword, however they immediately went into action. First of all, they must make sure that the corpse won’t be found by the city police, their second aim was to catch the murderer to settle this case.

The Tornado axe’s whole body was soaked up in cold sweat, he had never experienced such a moment where he was so close to death. When he came back to his senses, he found himself sitting in a small room while in front of him, there were several people of Dragon clan. They were inquiring him about what exactly happened there few minutes back.

He did not dare to conceal anything from them, he explained everything very hastily: “Earlier in the venue hall, we blackmailed that masked man, later he came out with his sword and killed my brother……”

“Did he use just a sword to kill him?”

Some people started inquiring.

“Yes, a red sword.”

Tornado axe nodding his head.

“His sword cut off Wolf sword’s long sword into two parts quite easily. It seems that his sword is a sharp weapon, such a character is rarely seen nowadays.”

Some people frowned hearing his speculation.

“I know the identity of that man.”

Just then, the door of that small room opened up and that handsome young man from earlier rushed in. While panting heavily he said: “He is called ‘Mo Jiuge’ and has the invitation card of Huang Lao ……..”

“Huang Lao?”

The Dragon clan’s people started looking at each other in bafflement, their complexion also changed since they knew it was very difficult to deal with that old man, Huang Lao.


On the other side, the compounded drugs, swallowed by Ye Feng in the hall’s passage in order to restore his Zhenqi, took some time dissolving in his blood, but by now, they began restoring his consumed Zhenqi in the meridians.

He kept on running all the way, and soon he covered several kilometers and finally reached Langfang city centre. This place was crowded which was very convenient for his escape by blending in. This was one of lessons he had learned from the many years of experience in his own world.

However, that remote village was still 34 kilometres away from the city centre. So, until he reached that place he had to ensure that he wouldn’t get captured by his strong pursuer, Long Wan’er, in the meantime.

“Stinky girl, I cannot imagine how quickly she is chasing me.”

Ye Feng turned back to take a look and actually saw the beautiful figure of Long Wan’er, wearing a long skirt. She was running after him really very fast. In the absence of the technique ‘Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace’, even if he had been running at his maximum speed, he still wouldn’t stand any chance against her speed.

Long Wan’er had a total 8 years of cultivation which could be felt from the tyrannical aura around her. Although she was a female, but she was running at an incredible high speed and moreover with light footsteps that not a trace of dust was spreading out. Just like the gentle flow of wind, she was getting close to him second by second.

“Ye Feng, stop right there!”

Ye Feng heard her clear and melodious voice.

“Girl of the Dragon clan, you have got the wrong guy.”

He said this in a very low and deep voice. Obviously, he was trying to hide his true identity from her.

“Humph, it doesn’t matter who you are, your methods are cruel, you are an enemy of the martial arts world!”

She snorted lightly and it could be seen that she was gradually getting closer and closer to Ye Feng.

Hearing her saying such things caused disdain in his heart, could his methods be called cruel? In the World of the Immortals, no one was blamed even if someone was to kill a person or erase an entire family and so on. Moreover, in the current situation, it was the other party who annoyed him first, so naturally he couldn’t stop himself from behaving like he did. It what he did was cruel then so be it.

If he had not used that method to kill that greedy Wolf Sword, then the Jiangsu due would have ganged up on him and wouldn’t let him pass through, ultimately, he wouldn’t have been able to escape from there and would have been captured by Dragon clan.

He didn’t like the feeling of being captured by someone.

“Right now, my cultivation is still too low. Before I get powerful, I should make sure to annoy the people of Chinese martial arts world as little as possible and only when there’s a scope of getting treasures to promote my cultivation……”

In order to kill Wolf Sword, he had to use ‘Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace’ along with his ‘Ancient Dragon Sword Ring’. The overall zhenqi consumption was enormous, even the meridians present in his legs were a little bit sore. Under this current level of his cultivation, activating ‘Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace’ once again would not be easy for him.

If he had the cultivation of five years, he could not only use ‘Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace’ several times but he could also easily escape from Long Wan’er.

Something ran across his mind and he started looking for a narrow alley around him so that he could escape from her. She was just 10 metres behind him and if this trend would keep up then it would become impossible for him to get away from her.

Just by swallowing few compounded drugs, less than half of his zhenqi was restored. That pumped up the fire of strength in Ye Feng, and all of a sudden, he stopped, quickly turned around and fired a punch!

Long Wan’er, who was also running after him at a very speed, suddenly arrived very close to him and noticed this sudden and surprise attack, which startled her for a second. Before she could react, Ye Feng’s fist, which was extremely fast, arrived in front of her in a fraction of a second!

Meanwhile, Ye Feng was busy in condensing his entire body’s zhenqi into his ‘Ancient Dragon Sword Ring’. He had a feeling in advance that the other party was going to dodge his attack surely, so he had already planned to use his sword simultaneously with his punch. Suddenly, the red light flashed and a red zhenqi sword instantly congealed out from the ring!

Tear it up!

Long Wan’er possessed eight years of cultivation and it was not just for show, even if she was in this urgent situation, she instinctively used her agility technique to barely avoid the danger at the key moment.

However, after the red sword light flashed, the thin cotton cloth on her chest was actually cut and formed an opening, suddenly exposing the snow-white color of her bare chest, which was now in the direct view of Ye Feng.

Suddenly, Long Wan’er realized something and shouted angrily: “You are courting your death!”

Hurriedly she used her hand to cover the front of her chest to cover up her snow-white skin from getting all exposed, while her eyes were constantly staring at Ye Feng. And at the same time, she also flung her leg to kick him!

Ye Feng thought, since he had already felt the touch of her chest, so what was the big deal if he saw it?

Ye Feng was actually in a surprised state since his sword attack completely failed to achieve the desired result. Her reaction time and agility skill were obviously beyond his expectation.

Seeing her kick coming at him, he rolled back and dodged the kick from her beautiful leg. He once again exhausted his entire body’s zhenqi to congeal the red zhenqi sword so that he could hold it for a longer period.

But she managed to clearly see the weapon in Ye Feng’s hand and quickly went few steps back.

In her life, she had never seen an expert like this masked man, who could manipulate his qi so flexibly to handle a sharp weapon. In the martial arts world, the existence of such an expert was simply like going against the heaven’s will. Not even those old seniors with decades of cultivation could achieve such a level of expertise in qi manipulation.

Ye Feng had an upper-hand in this battle, he was continuously wielding his sword and swinging horizontally, although this was a very chaotic form of swordplay, but she had to be very careful while dealing with it. But accidentally, he cut open the white bottom of her skirt, thereby exposing her two very beautiful snow-white legs, which unwillingly attracted his eyes towards them.

Long Wan’er was breathless and furious at this moment. She must hide her exposed snow-white flesh, so there was no way to display her true strength.

Just in a moment, several holes appeared on her white skirt and her snow-white skin was visible from everywhere, her skin was extremely attractive. While on the other side, Ye Feng’s condensed zhenqi in his sword got exhausted and his red zhenqi sword suddenly disappeared without a trace.

“Let’s see how you chase now.”

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