Chapter - 34: Jealousy
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At this time, Long Wan’er was clad in a relatively loose white shirt with tight clasp buttons and had put on a black lace skirt, covering up to the knee, revealing only two parts of her white smooth leg.

The price tag was still tied to the shirt collar, showing that she must have been in a hurry to buy the clothes and then she directly put on the new clothes over the previous ragged skirt, which was still tightly wrapped on the inside. Several small cloth strands was blown outside by the wind from time to time.

And, at the time, her cute ponytail was also in a somewhat disheveled condition. Her beautiful eyes were spouting fire while looking at Ye Feng, and with her head held up, she stood upright with her chest propping up a wonder arc under the loose white shirt. It seemed as if her beautiful figure was shining extraordinarily under the nightfall street light, making her appearance especially charming.

A beautiful woman was blocking the way in front of the hospital entrance so it naturally aroused the interest of many people.

“Ye Feng, who is she?”

At this time, Su Menghan seemed very anxious. When she saw Long Wan’er, all of a sudden, she became vigilant and tightened her grip on Ye Feng’s hand.

She could not help thinking, what did Ye Feng actually do? Why did this woman in disheveled look come looking for him and looked angry as well?

Originally, she was very pleased to hold hands with Ye Feng but now it seemed like Ye Feng was already tangled up with another woman.

“It’s you?”

When Ye Feng saw Long Wan’er, he did not panic and said: “So it’s you, what’s the matter, are you being chased down by someone?”

This, of course, was an act in order to get rid of the suspicion of him being the murderer.

He had already taken off the mask and changed clothes before entering the hospital, plus he also had a trump card. Basically, he had enough confidence to make the opposite party to not suspect him temporarily.

Long Wan’er lightly snorted while her eyes were covetously fixated on him: “Stop acting and come with me, do not compel me to take severe measures!”

“Crazy bitch, Su Menghan, let’s ignore her and leave.”

Ye Feng gave her a baffled look then clasped Su Menghan’s soft hands to leave.

But Ye Feng never thought that at this moment, Su Menghan was extremely jealous of Long Wan’er. There was a fire of jealousy burning inside her heart, she instantly suppressed the feeling of gratefulness in her heart towards Ye Feng and threw off his hand. She stared at him and said: “First you make it clear, what’s this all about.”

Ye Feng didn’t have a choice so he had to say: “Last time, I saw her faint near the school so I helped her by renting a hotel room for her to rest, but that Tian Youliang gave false report to the police ……”

Su Menghan immediately remembered of how the last time, Tian Youliang had publicized the news about Ye Feng being involved in prostitution. So this was the real story behind that rumor?

But then why did this beautiful woman in disheveled appearance come looking for him and why did she look so angry? She felt that Ye Feng was deceiving her, but when she looked into his eyes, suddenly, her heart thumped. It seemed like deep down in her heart, she believed in him.

Anyway, Ye Feng wanted to get rid of this disheveled beauty, right? Regarding her other questions, she would ask later.

“Ok, let’s go.”

A sweet smile bloomed on Su Menghan’s face and she held his arm to leave.

Long Wan’er saw this and was still stubbornly blocking their way: “You don’t want to acknowledge? Well.”

As the eminent leader of the younger generation of Dragon clan, she always had a vigorous and resolute disposition. At this time, when she saw that Ye Feng stubbornly refused to acknowledge his crime, she suddenly lifted her right leg and aimed a heavy cross-kick at Ye Feng!

When Ye Feng saw the kick aimed at him, without any hesitation, he immediately pulled Su Menghan behind himself and boldly stood there to take on her kick.

“Bang” With a loud sound, Ye Feng received the heavy kick on the waist and his entire body was sent flying several meters away, then heavily fell on the ground.

“Ye Feng!”

Su Menghan was extremely shocked, she quickly ran up to him and held him. She actually saw fresh blood flowing out from the corners of his mouth. The blood clearly indicated that he was seriously injured.


Long Wan’er frowned, why didn’t he resist? If he was really that masked man who killed Wolf sword in a blink of an eye, then it would have been very easy for him to dodge her kick. In the event of not dodging her kick, it was possible for him to have died on the spot!

She quickly walked forward and caught Ye Feng’s wrist, then began to inspect his inner qi.

(Lastvoice: Ye Feng has ‘zhenqi’ which is two times stronger than ‘Inner qi’)

Soon, her complexion slightly changed.

“Ordinary person?”

Long Wan’er pulled back her hand, bitterly turned around, hesitated for a moment then finally left.

Su Menghan, who was standing nearby, seemed vigilant and ready to act anytime. She was annoyed in her heart when she Long Wan’er escaping from there. She decided to report this to the police right away but changed her mind because right now, taking care of Ye Feng was the most important thing for her.

“Ye Feng, are you okay?”

Su Menghan leaned forward and asked in a worried tone.

“I am fine……help me in finding a place to rest ……”

Ye Feng could feel that he had received some minor internal injuries from the kick, but a good few of his meridians were broken, making him to vomit blood.

Fortunately, he had already activated the immortal technique called ‘Covert kill technique’, which completely concealed his cultivation and thus dispelled her suspicion all of a sudden.

This ‘Covert kill technique’ was his trump card!

Considering the current level of his cultivation, he barely managed to use this technique and so it caused big damage to his meridians.

While ‘Covert kill technique’ was active, both his zhenqi and cultivation were completely concealed, making him no different from an ordinary person. How could an ordinary person possibly kill a martial artist like Wolf sword?

This immortal technique was widely used for assassination in the World of the Immortals, and in this situation, Ye Feng used it appropriately.

“Do you want to go back to the hospital?”

Su Menghan asked anxiously when she saw him vomiting blood. Shouldn’t he go to the hospital and get treatment?

“Go to the hospital? Do you have money?”

Ye Feng coughed up blood and held her to stand up.

“All spent……”

Su Menghan hesitated, indeed, they didn’t have money to admit Ye Feng in the hospital? But she suddenly changed her mind and quickly said: “I can tell my dad to admit you ……”

“Well, forget it, why take so much trouble, let’s just rent a hotel room and rest tonight.”

Ye Feng shook his head, looked up but saw a lot of people around, some of them were taking their pictures so he quickly wiped off the fresh blood from the corner of his mouth. After that, along with Su Menghan, he hastily got out of there.

This whole year, there was certainly no shortage of nonsensical news in the media.

Ye Feng imagined, in a while, the news channels would flash his photographs with a title like “The man caught two timing and kicked so hard that he spat blood near the hospital entrance”……

Fortunately, the pictures weren’t very clear because they were taken hastily by mobile phones in the dim light of night.

Ye Feng was leaning casually onto Su Menghan while walking on the street, looking for a hotel. They used their identity cards to rent a hotel room. They had to use the last remaining money left with her.

After entering the room, Ye Feng immediately sat tightly on the sofa, pulled out a good few compounded drugs and swallowed them. Now he was ready to heal his injuries.

Today, he beheaded Wolf sword, offended Long Wan’er and the Dragon clan, he had been quite impulsive lately and must think carefully, there were a lot of loopholes, but in fact, from the very beginning, he had thought of the consequences of this series of events, and right now, he was thinking of ways to deal with them.

Su Menghan looked at Ye Feng and seemed quite worried about him. She not only prepared a wet towel for him, but also quickly boiled water for him in a pot. She appeared delighted while taking care of Ye Feng.

Poor girl, she herself did not know what kind of feelings she held for Ye Feng in her heart. Initially, she was undoubtedly disgusted of him, but after whenever she was facing danger, Ye Feng would always dutifully stand in front of her. Whenever she remembered those moments, her ignorant heart would start beating rapidly.

Mere the thought of how Ye Feng was kicked by that disheveled beauty near the hospital entrance would make her restless and feel uneasy.

There was no doubt that she was jealous, and this jealousy was not light.

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