Chapter - 35: School beauty’s mind
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Long wan’er returned all the way to the trade fair. Deep within her heart, she was extremely angry, and at the same time, ashamed of herself.

She was the leader of the young generation of Dragon Clan, how could she possibly go through such an experience? Unexpectedly tonight, that masked man had toyed with her quite a lot, this was really hateful!

She firmly believed in her inspection that Ye Feng was just an ordinary person, she could never be wrong about this.

Depending on this point, she had a solid reason to believe that the masked man and Ye Feng were absolutely two different people! Because, in this world of martial arts, it was not at all possible to conceal one’s cultivation by using any kind of method.

“Judging by the nature of that old man, I guess he wouldn’t dare to teach his grandson to practice martial arts.”

Long Wan’er thought to herself: “It seems like previous time, we accidentally meet once again…… Humph, that masked man, if I ever get to know about his identity, then he should consider himself as dead.”

She finally returned to the entrance of trade fair courtyard, took one step inside and immediately saw that handsome young man coming quickly to welcome her. But seeing her disheveled appearance, a surprised look appeared on his face.

“Long Wan’er, did u chase after that guy?”

He hurriedly asked.

“Long Xian, when will you start using your brain?”

She snorted lightly and said: “Just look at my appearance, doesn’t it tell you whether I chased after that masked guy or not?”

“Well, that is also right.”

That handsome young man, Long Xian, scratched his head in a somewhat awkward manner and said: “I know that masked man’s name, he is called Mo Jiuge and he was one of the guests invited by Huang Lao.”

“Mo Jiuge?”

She frowned after hearing this strange name, was there really such a skilled swordsman present in the world of martial arts?

“Huang Lao said that Mo Jiuge is his friend from long ago, but he was kind of a loner since he was not in the contact of anyone for a very long time, so reputation is not significant.”

Long Xian quickly explained this to her.

“Huang Lao?”

Long Wan’er asked.

“He just now left the trade fair.”

Long Xian said in a somewhat helpless manner. Considering Huang Lao’s cultivation, at present on the scene, no one should be able to stop him.

“Ok, got it.”

Long Wan’er lightly nodded her head: “Did you guys dispose off the corpse?”

The handsome young man happily smiled and said: “All these things have been buttoned up, I, Long Xian, can handle such type of matters quite well.”


The Long Wan’er snorted then once confirming that there was no need for her to stay there, she turned around and walked away.

She really had suppressed plenty of anger today, and not just that, she also kicked that Ye Feng, perhaps now his grandfather might come to inquire about it so she must do everything possible to deal with him, which was really bothersome.

She thought of when she heard ‘Ye Feng’ when the masked man was in the trade fair answering the phone call. Now she knew that Mo Jiuge and Ye Feng was not the same person, but there definitely was some connection between them. It might be possible that Ye Feng had given those three golden leaf grasses to Mo Jiuge.

In that phone call, she had faintly heard “People’s Hospital”, although she couldn’t succeed in pursuing the masked man to the hospital, but who would have thought that she would end up kicking Ye Feng, not only she failed to capture Mo Jiuge but she also kicked Ye Feng and hence caused a big trouble for herself.

Right now, she just wanted to find a place to take a good bath and change clothes to the ones she liked.

Just the thought of that masked man would turn her so mad that she wanted to smash things around her.

“Mo Jiuge, the next time we meet, you will be dead!”

She thought and a cold look flashed in her eyes.


At midnight, Ye Feng finally recuperated his meridians completely and restored them to the original state.

He lightly breathed out and opened his eyes.

The compounded drugs took a lot of time in restoring his zhenqi to its original form and repairing meridians completely, although he had used his connection with Heavenly Serpent Gang to obtain these herbs but their cost was not less.

That Scarred face man had been given the time of just two weeks to collect a variety of herbs, it took more than two million for him to collect them, however they had almost been used up by Ye Feng tonight.

Of course, compared with the cost of the herbs, the value of the compounded drugs was apparently much higher. If one could find sales channels, then there would certainly be a guarantee that these drugs would sell in millions!

Whenever there would be a shortage of money, he could look for a path to sell these compounded drugs to the people of the martial arts world, but before that, he must wait level up his cultivation and become capable enough to protect himself.

“It seems just like the World of the Immortals, there are only a handful of experts who walk outside and they rarely stir things up to cause problem. They are never caught in any kind of trouble. So long as one can achieve the cultivation of 10 years, it should be enough to guarantee one’s own security.”

Ye Feng deeply thought to himself, from today’s experience in the trade fair, he could now make a conjecture about the current status of martial arts in this world.

In the World of the Immortals, if anyone wanted to quickly level up his cultivation then all he needed was to just eat some precious medicinal herbs and so on, but that was not realistic. Instead, the most effective way to rapidly grow one’s cultivation in that world was to practice!

In the World of the Immortals, the practicing speed to level up the cultivation could also be increased. There were few big factions, they could even double the practicing speed, and on top of that, the effect would be remarkable. There were many old cultivation freaks in the World if the Immortals, who used to stay in the blessed spot and practice all year round without going out.

And now in this martial arts world as well, it seemed like the situation was most like the same. Huang Lao, from Zhejiang province, Mt. Tianzhu, wasn’t he known as the so-called seventy-second pearl of China?

Ye Feng opened his eyes, moved slightly and then tried to wake up Su Menghan, who was actually sitting beside him on the sofa but had fallen asleep.

“You woke up, are you feeling any better?”

Su Menghan worriedly asked while rubbing her eyes.

“Relax, everything is all right.”

Ye Feng replied to her with a smile on his face as he was feeling a bit sorry seeing her so worried and concerned about him.


Su Menghan raised her head and her sleepiness vanished in an instant, she started rubbing and massaging his body all over in order to check his injuries but she realized that he wasn’t feeling any pain. She finally felt relieved seeing him all better now.

Ye Feng looked at her actions and found it funny: “It seems like you’re taking advantage of me…”

“What are you ……….. saying?”

Su Menghan’s face suddenly turned red, hurriedly she pulled back her hands, but soon, something came in her mind and her complexion changed. She asked directly: “You haven’t explained yet, just who in the world was that beautiful woman?”

“Don’t ask about this, sometimes not knowing is better.”

Ye Feng shook his head and said.

He was well intentioned, involving Su Menghan in the world of martial arts, in spite of knowing that she was leading a modern life in this modern world, was not at all a good idea. However, unfortunately, Su Menghan didn’t thinking so because she thought that Ye Feng and Long Wan’er had a secret.


Su Menghan was somewhat disappointed with his reply, she stood up and said: “Then consider this as finished, I want to sleep now, you rent another room.”

There was no doubt that she was in a hurry.

“It’s just, I thought about so many things, but I never expected that it was all a self deception, alas……”

Originally she thought that if ye Feng came up with a reasonable explanation then she would be willing to accept him. But now, by no means she could accept him when he was together with that beautiful woman.

In order to prevent any kind of accident, she didn’t want to be together with Ye Feng in the night. Hence, she needed a separate room.

“Well, then remember to get up early tomorrow, since we have to go back to Yanjing.”

Ye Feng was somewhat disappointed, he got up and walked away. He had a feeling that now she hated him.


Su Menghan nodded as she saw him going out of the room. She was feeling very uncomfortable since lots of complicated thoughts were running in her mind.

With a great difficulty, she had made a favorable impression of Ye Feng in her heart with a great difficulty, but now, wasn’t it like the school beauty’s sweet and pure first love ended right after beginning?

Ye Feng was not at all aware about this school beauty’s thoughts, otherwise if he knew that she liked him then he would definitely explain things to her. Sadly, things went wrong between the two, not to mention Ye Feng was also very much fond of this good-hearted girl.

In the World of the Immortals, Ye Feng had never dealt with any girl, so at this time, he naturally couldn’t correctly guess what was going on in Su Menghan’s mind, instead he made an assumption that she disliked him.

He went out of the room and just wanted to go to the front desk to rent a room to rest for the night. But when he looked up, he actually that the door to the opposite room was open and there was bright light shining inside. An old man was sitting on the sofa, sitting in repose with eyes closed.

“Huang Lao? Not good……”

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