Chapter - 36: Ye clan in the past
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When Ye Feng looked up and saw the old man, Huang Lao, at the same time, Huang Lao also raised his head to look at him, their eyes suddenly met.

“What should I call you, Ye Feng or Mo Jiuge?”

Huang Lao indifferently asked this, he then shifted his gaze and relentlessly fired his stare at Ye Feng.

“Old man, probably, I haven’t seen you before, right?”

Ye Feng smiled while saying so, he tried his best to pull a superficial act just to prove that he really hadn’t seen him before.

“Is that so?”

Huang Lao snorted loudly: “I am Ou’s friend from Mt Tianzhu Huang Province. You can fool others but you cannot hide the truth from me, are you really Mo Jiuge?”

“Sorry, Mo Jiuge is just a friend of mine whom I meet occasionally. But are you looking for him?”

Ye Feng was standing in the doorway in a state of alert as he had a feeling that the opposite party could launch an attack any moment. Huang Lao had 30 years of cultivation so obviously Ye Feng was far from being his match. However he had a curiosity to know the goal which brought this old man here.

Huang Lao carefully looked at Ye Feng’s face, it didn’t seem like he was lying which startled him, he hesitated: “You’re not?”

“No, I am not.”

Ye Feng shook his head.

“Well, even I told that old codger, how you can possibly practice…..”

Huang Lao sighed and said: “Do you know where I can find Mo Jiuge?”

“How would I know? He has always been very elusive, who appears and disappears unpredictably. It’s always he who finds me, not the other way round.”

Ye Feng shrugged his shoulders, but at the same time, a doubt took birth in his heart regarding that old codger, mentioned by the other party, could it be that this old codger was his grandfather? So it appeared like there were some people in the world of martial arts who knew about him and what kind of status he held?

At least, they knew that he was not some ordinary person.

“Well, if he comes looking for you, then you convey my message to him.”

Huang Lao stood up and said in a low voice: “Killing that greedy Wolf Sword is not a big deal. But if you want to be a part of Jianghu, just come to Mt Tianzhu and look for me, otherwise the Dragon Clan will never give up. Goodbye!”

Finally, after finishing his talk, Huang Lao’s stature moved like the wind, it didn’t feel like he was over 60 years. In a flash, he arrived at the doorway, brushed with Ye Feng, passed through and suddenly disappeared from that place.

But suddenly, Huang Lao extended his hand in order to grab Ye Feng’s arm!

However, Ye Feng didn’t hesitate to use the “Covert kill technique”!

Covert kill technique was not the type of immortal technique which could only be used for assassinations, it was also used to camouflage oneself as an ordinary person. It was like hiding in the crowd and waiting for the right opportunity to act. At this moment, all of the energy flowing in the meridians within his body suddenly stopped, his Dantian was instantly polluted as well, thereby successfully camouflaging him as an ordinary human being.

“So you really…..”

Huang Lao finally believed that Ye Feng and Mo Jiuge were not the same people.

Merely a single strike of the sword was capable enough to kill that Wolf Sword, how could an ordinary man possibly achieve that?

After confirming this, Huang Lao took sudden footsteps, his whole body seemed to be floating and went far away, and in an instant, he completely disappeared from the corridor.


Ye Feng cursed out loudly, he reluctantly displayed his ‘Covert kill technique’ but since used at such a low cultivation level, his meridians were unable to withstand the load and were severely damaged. If Ye Feng would keep on using this technique again and again, then very soon, this would negatively affect his body.

But he knew that if he hadn’t displayed covert kill technique at this time, then he would be facing a bigger trouble right now……

“I am only waiting to achieve 5 years of cultivation, then I can very easily display techniques like Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace and Hidden Kill Technique. But how should I promote my cultivation rapidly?”

Ye Feng clenched his teeth while thinking so. Earlier, he obtained golden leaf grasses and the half piece of spirit stone, but only by coincidence. In the World of the Immortals as well, he never had so much luck.

In order to promote the cultivation quickly, orderly and routinely practice was a very slow method. Besides, he must wait till the university graduation to achieve five years of cultivation, but that was a very long period of time, so obviously he might not wait that longer.

“As soon as I go back, I will ask Ou B about the place from where he obtained that half spirit stone. He can tell me about that place, certainly it would be somewhere in the immortal paradise. If I find out the hidden source of spirit stones then I should be able to progress twice with half the effort…… ”

Ye Feng felt relieved and also deactivated the covert kill technique.

Just when he thought of going to the front desk to rent a room, suddenly a gust of wind blew in the corridor!

This gust of wind was faster than Huang Lao. Ye Feng didn’t even get enough time to respond and suddenly a vigorous and powerful hand gripped his arm.

This feeling, resembled a bit like……

Ye Feng cursed loudly and thought that the old man had come once again to visit him.

If this sneak attack was not done by his grandfather then who else could it be?

He failed to activate Covert Kill Technique at the crucial time, poor boy, moreover his one and half a year of cultivation had already been exposed to the other party.

“Little brat! Who taught you this technique?”

A serious and old voice transmitted into the ears of Ye Feng and it was followed by a solid force which suddenly pushed him inside the room.

Ye Feng swayed like a carp back and forth to set out, he turned back to look and actually saw an old man wearing a gray outfit, standing on the doorway as if blocking it, had straight eyebrows slanting upwards, sharp eyes like an eagle, very swift and fiery vision, tall and straight stature. The way he was standing there, people might think that he was like a ten thousand years old motionless palatial!

This time, he finally saw the true colors of his grandfather.

“You, yourself, will destroy your Dantian, otherwise I, Ye Wentian, will personally act!”

Ye Wentian was Ye Feng’s grandfather, the way he was speaking was very awe-inspiring and was constantly staring at Ye Feng.

“I don’t understand, I am your grandson, then why?”

Ye Feng acted very coldly and asked in a puzzled manner.

Himself destroy his Dantian? He absolutely did not want to do that, because deep within in his heart, he had always thought of one day returning to the World of the Immortals. He couldn’t put down the memories of the time when he had been constantly together with his beautiful female master for more than ten years ……..

“Do you really want to know? Good, then I will tell you.”

Ye Wentian snorted loudly then he paced into the room and conveniently locked the door.

“In the past, Ye clan used to be a big aristocratic clan in the world of martial arts, but unfortunately, a night of destruction arrived which destroyed everything. I, Ye Wentian, have managed to preserve the Ye clan till now by signing off a deal with the other party that if you don’t practice martial arts, they will not come after you……”

Hearing this suddenly gave a powerful shock to Ye Feng’s mind.

So this world’s Ye Feng actually belonged to a clan, which, in the past, was actually considered a big aristocratic clan in the world of martial arts?

As for the reason behind the destruction of clan, he asked his grandfather but didn’t get a reply, but Ye Feng could make a guess. Now he finally understood why Huang Lao said those words and why his grandfather asked him to destroy his Dantian.

Once he started his practice, then that would definitely attract the attention of those hostile forces. Preventing him from practicing was just for his own safety purpose.

“Do you think I, Ye Wentian, is some coward who has given up on his revenge?”

Ye Wentian snorted and said: “Jianghu’s man has an unpredictable heart, they are playing games from all sides and their situation is complicated, there’s no need for you to know. As long as know, I am here for you, so …….”

“Wait a sec.”

Ye Feng raised his hand and said: “I have a way to hide my own cultivation so I don’t need to destroy my Dantian, right?”

“Well, I saw when Huang Lao was inspecting you.”

Ye Wentian disdainfully said: “He didn’t find out that you little bastard was using a technique. However, I clearly saw through your little trick. For being prepared against contingencies, I have no other choice but to cripple you.”

“Go cripple your sister.”

Ye Feng said without hesitation: “If you force me, I will commit suicide! Don’t you want to kindle our clan? If I want to die, you cannot always come to stop me can you?”


Ye Wentian stared at him angrily: “Little bastard, your courage is growing bigger and bigger!”

“Thank you very much.”

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