Chapter - 37: Crafty old man
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Finally, Ye Feng displayed the ‘Covert Kill Technique’ in front of his grandfather so that he could inspect him properly.

Even his grandfather, Ye Wentian, couldn’t feel anything even though Ye Feng was a martial cultivator! Moreover, he just felt that the strength present in Ye Feng’s body didn’t seem to be the same as inner zhenqi……

“Who taught you?”

Ye Wentian inquired.

“An expert living in seclusion.”

This reminded him of his beautiful female master from the World of the Immortals, suddenly his expression changed since he turned a bit sad: “Grandfather, even your cultivation is inferior to her.”

“Is that so?”

Ye Wentian frowned a little because he didn’t believe in what Ye Feng just said. Although he was not considered at the top of martial arts world but he was still a first-class master.

Was it possible that there was an expert living in seclusion that possessed higher skill and cultivation than his?

However, Ye Wentian did not ask too much, just helplessly said: “Well, since you have already embarked on this road and have found a way to hide your cultivation, this old codger won’t interfere anymore… However, you little brat, you have to be careful and never let other people catch you. Especially the Dragon Clan, understood?”

Dragon Clan?

Ye Feng did not ask anything, just nodded: “Yes, I know.”

“Right, just memorize this number, it belongs to an old friend of mine, later if you have anything to ask then you can ask him for help.”

After saying that, Ye Wentian took out his cell phone to find a contact number to hand it over to Ye Feng.

Ye Feng saw this and was a bit startled, what the hell, this old codger had a mobile phone?

“What happened, why do you look so surprised? Little brat, quickly record this number in your phone, this old man’s time is very precious.”

Ye Wentian gave a light tap on the back of Ye Feng’s head and said in a serious tone.

Ye Feng helplessly looked at the number and noticed that the contact name was called “Lin Hongchuan”. His heart suddenly moved and he directly opened his mouth to ask: “Grandpa, isn’t this Lin Hongchuan from the Yanjing city’s first clan, the Lin Clan?”

“Yes, he is.”

Ye Wentian nodded: “We have reached an agreement, when you get admitted to the Yanjing University then we will betroth his granddaughter to you.”

“Wait, wait, wait.”

Ye Feng waved his hands hastily, he felt very uncomfortable in his heart. Any modern young person of this world would react the same way if they were suddenly faced with the idea of arrange marriage, they would obviously not feel well about it.

“I’m a talented guy, do you think that I would just give in to this?”

Ye Feng thought that who knew whether this Ling Hongchuan’s granddaughter was good looking or ugly? Whether she was fat or slim, tall or short, and has a good temper or bad temper……?

However, based on what Ou B said, it could be interpreted that generally, the females of Lin Clan were considered as great beauties, but Ye Feng couldn’t be sure until he would see her and get to know her. It was not like whatever said by the people was always going to be true.

“I don’t accept it.”

Ye Feng deeply thought of it and said firmly.

“Little brat, it’s not choice whether to accept it or not, you must accept it.”

Ye Wentian scolded him first then said with a smile: “Or is it true that you really love that little girl living next to your villa? I tell you, just wait till you see the granddaughter of Mr. Lin, you will stop caring about other women. You will simply forget that other women even exist in world.”

“Why are you so exaggerating her? What’s her name?”

Ye Feng didn’t give any explanation about Su Menghan’s matter, rather out of curiosity, asked her name from his grandfather.

“Lin Shiqing, she is a well known persona in the Yanjing University.”

Ye Wentian patted on Ye Feng’s shoulder and said: “Do not hesitate because this kind of romantic luck is something others cannot enjoy even if they want to. Also, do not carelessly get involved in the matters of martial arts world, it’s not good for your own safety. I will send someone to monitor you ……”

“Wait a minute.”

Ye Feng’s complexion suddenly changed: “How about we make an agreement?”

He couldn’t afford to be monitored frequently, that much supervision was going to hurt his freedom? In order to attain freedom, a little sacrifice of other aspect was necessary in this situation. At least it wouldn’t hurt him anyway.

“What agreement?”

Ye Wentian frowned and asked.

“I promise you, I will gladly accept that girl, Lin Shiqing, and I will also pass the entrance examination of Yanjing University.”

Ye Feng said slowly, “But, you can’t send someone to monitor me. You don’t need to interfere in my matters, what do you say? If you don’t agree then I would rather die than surrendering to your selfish commands!”

“Well, brat, you have certainly gained courage.”

Ye Wentian put on a crafty smile and said: “Well, since there are only two persons remaining in the Ye Clan, you and me, so this old codger may be unable to send out someone to spy on you, ha ha.”

Ye Feng listened to him and secretly cursed in his heart. Fuck! His grandfather was playing with him!

This old codger was radically like a polished rod commander. How could sending over someone to monitor him be a tough job for a man of his status?

“Well it’s settled now, you will never regret it. Well, old codger should go now.”

Ye Wentian said deceitfully then smirked and finally disappeared in front of Ye Feng’s eyes. His floating body opened the door, and like a gust of wind, he suddenly disappeared.

Ye Feng criticized that old codger deep in his heart, so this crafty old fox was really playing with him.

What should be done, could it be that it was really very important to accept that Lin Shiqing?

“Well, it’s not necessary to deeply consider this matter. Even if I am willing to accept her, probably she is not ready to accept me?”

As he was thinking so, he stood up in front of the wardrobe and sized himself up.

Well in one look, he didn’t seem like a tall, rich and attractive guy.

Since Lin Clan was the first Clan of Yanjing city, therefore certainly, Lin Shiqing would have high hopes and keen eyesight, would she develop a liking for someone like him?

Ye Feng didn’t’t think too much about this matter, in fact he also didn’t’t go to the front desk to rent a new room. Instead, he decided to use the same room, where he was conversing with his grandpa moments ago, for the night which would also save him some money.

He comfortably took bath then lied down on the bed, and after a while, he fell asleep.

But, without spiritual sense, his sleep was not steady and safe.

If he had 10 years of cultivation, then just by congealing his spiritual sense, even if he was in a deep sleeping state, he could clearly feel the slightest trouble in his surroundings. This method, which simply went against the heavens, could only be used by cultivation immortals.

Even the great martial arts practitioners of this world like Huang Lao could not use this technique. Or else, Huang Lao did not need to seize the arm of Ye Feng just to inspect his cultivation. A person, who was able to use spiritual sense, could directly check one’s cultivation from afar without ever coming into contact, which was extremely convenient.


Next morning, Ye Feng and Su Menghan got out of their beds respectively, and after some time, they walked out of the hotel to take a taxi to go to the train station.

“I’ll later pay you the amount of 200,000.”

In the taxi, Su Menghan bit her lip and said lightly.

“Forget it.”

Ye Feng, who was sitting beside her, shook his head.

Now, he knew about this little girl’s family situation, even if he would wait for her to return the 200,000, he didn’t know how much time it would take, so he might as well just forget about it.

Anyway, now he had the support of Heavenly Serpent Gang, obtaining a mere two hundred thousand was not really a big deal for him.

“No, I do not want to owe you.”

Su Menghan looked out the window, her long eyelashes were trembling while there was very peaceful look on her face.

“Then do as you like.”

Ye Feng did not say much, he did not bother to disincline her decisions.


Su Menghan turned her head and stared at Ye Feng, she wanted to say something but somewhat hesitated.

“What’s wrong?”

Ye Feng looked at her strangely.

Su Menghan wanted to ask something, but the words stopped at the tip of her tongue and couldn’t speak. Her heart was struggling constantly, reminding her that she didn’t want to be with Ye Feng after she witnessed the tragedy caused by the beautiful woman at the hospital entrance with her own eyes……

“Well, it’s nothing.”

Su Menghan shook her head and determined her heart to no longer have any relation with Ye Feng.

Of course, Ye Feng could not read minds and did not know what was going on in her heart.

He made a random guess and said: “Are you still thinking about your cousin? Do not worry, I’ll go back and certainly investigate thorough about the source of drugs, then give you a proper explanation.”

“No I am not, you fool.”

Su Menghan cursed loudly in her heart but did not speak out loud.

After having gone through so many things, she was very confused and did not know how to deal with her relationship with Ye Feng. She was quietly looking out of the window, pretending to look very calm and tranquil, but her plump chest was rising and falling rapidly, showing that her heart was not at all tranquil.

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