Chapter - 38: Youth in western-style suit
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The high-speed rail went fast and it would take only 20 minutes to reach Yanjing city.

In the train compartment, Ye Feng and Su Menghan were sitting adjacent to each other, but at this time, Su Menghan, who was leaning against Ye Feng, was asleep and appeared to be too tired because of yesterday’s fatigue. Needless to say, at this time, Ye Feng was in a pleasant mood, after all his school’s Xiaohua was sitting so close to him and it was quite pleasant when the intermittent bursts of her fragrance was greeting his nostrils ……

(Lastvoice: Xiaohua is the Chinese term for ‘school beauty’)

“Ah, you beast!”

Suddenly, Su Menghan woke up with a painful look on her face.

“What happened?”

Ye Feng lowered his head and looked at the somewhat wet eyes of this pretty Xiaohua. There was a very sad look on her face and appeared somewhat bewildered as well. Damn, could it be that this girl didn’t realize that she was sleepy and fell asleep leaning against him? Was this the reason why she called him a beast?

In this high-speed train’s compartment, a lot of people aimed their line of sights towards them, pointing towards Ye Feng, without a doubt, others had seen his arm around an attractive beautiful woman, but when this beauty shouted “beast”, all of a sudden, he was seriously regarded as a beast by everyone. Some elderly started to sigh and talking about current society’s moral degeneration, while some also began to compare the new generation with the young people in the old days.

“I’m sorry……”

Su Menghan woke up and hastily separated from Ye Feng, the bright red blush on her face made her look even more attractive.

She then suddenly remembered that she was with Ye Feng on a high-speed train and going back to Yanjing city.

But that dream just now……

Su Menghan’s heart was in a somewhat trance-like state, she was basically absent-minded and still could properly differentiate the reality from her dream, making her heart to beat rapidly even now.

Her eyes secretly looked at Ye Feng and she continued to stare at him, while there was confused look on her face.

She quickly tilted her head to one side and looked out of the window, reorganizing her disorderly skirt and hair in a somewhat chaotic manner but didn’t speak anything. That dream just now was really too embarrassing, she did not want anyone to find out about it.

In the dream, she actually made a romantic confession to Ye Feng then began to live happily together with him, but at this time, that beautiful woman in untidy appearance from last evening suddenly appeared out of nowhere! And, after having a one night stand with her, Ye Feng abandoned her and went to stay with that beautiful woman. She had a severe heartbreak and could not help but shout out, “beast”……

“Beautiful lady, what happened?”

Just then, all of a sudden, a voice filled with righteous indignation transmitted from Ye Feng’s side.

Both of them looked up and saw a young man wearing a western-style suit and tie. He had a 23 or 24 year old appearance, high nose, looked handsome and was standing beside Ye Feng and staring angrily at him.

In the high-speed train compartment, a lot of people immediately applauded for him.

At this time, he dared to stand up for justice and undoubtedly was a real man among men. Apparently, everyone present in the surroundings assumed Ye Feng as an indecent beast who tried to harass a beautiful girl while this youth in western-style suit was actually a good and brave citizen who was behaving righteously.

However, other people could not see the kind of look apparent in the eyes of this youth. He was actually secretly looking at Su Menghan’s breasts, and was obviously very much attracted to Su Menghan’s beauty and coveted her. He seemed quite anxious to replace Ye Feng and sit next to this beauty, and seemed to be literally drooling over her.


Su Menghan looked up and actually noticed the look in the eyes of this youth. She frowned and a feeling of disgust appeared in her heart, she immediately crossed both her hands on her chest, thereby blocking the line of sight of the opposite party.

“Get lost.”

Ye Feng was too lazy to deal with this nonsense, he directly stood up and blocked the line of sight of that youth, so now, he could no longer peep at Su Menghan with his dirty vision. This guy actually dared to peep at his woman and that too right in front of him? How could Ye Feng allow this!

When the youth in western-style suit saw Ye Feng standing up and was almost as tall as him, he simply refused to be outdone, and said in a cold voice: “Young man, you shouldn’t interfere when two people are talking, hasn’t your family taught you about this?”

At the same time, he raised his right hand and properly rearranged the tie near his chest in a refined but arrogant way.

While he was putting the tie in order, he was constantly thinking how he should scold this boy and put him to shame, so ashamed that it would end up difficult to bear. But Ye Feng definitely wasn’t in a mood to talk so much nonsense with him!

Ye Feng had suddenly gotten very angry!

The opposite party actually brought his family into this, and Ye Feng would get very touchy whenever his family, especially his mother, was mentioned, because he had never seen his mother! Ye Feng blew a fuse, and being a hot headed guy, he couldn’t control his anger and immediately threw a punch which pounded on the chest of that youth. In an instant, he was sent flying several feet away and heaving fell in the corridor.

Ye Feng did not use his full strength. Otherwise his real fist could simply explode the body of that youth.

“Boy, you dared to hit me …… My uncle works for Heavenly Serpent Gang……”

The youth in western-style suit clutched his chest and barely managed to stand up, then said while pointing his trembling finger at Ye Feng.

“Heavenly Serpent Gang? Well, isn’t that good.”

Ye Feng sneered and completely ignored the opposite party. He went back and sat down beside Su Menghan.

As soon as the people in the surrounding heard the name of Heavenly Serpent Gang, there were somewhat surprised, so are in abundance flamboyant, did the organized crime come out? They looked at Ye Feng and thought that this young fellow would soon face tragedy.

When Su Menghan heard the name of Heavenly Serpent Gang, she couldn’t help but laughed a bit, because she was the only one who knew that Heavenly Serpent Gang simply couldn’t pose any threat to Ye Feng. She couldn’t believe that they were bumping into the members of Heavenly Serpent Gang just anywhere.

But when she saw how Ye Feng didn’t even bother to explain things, he directly hit the opposite party and sent him flying, she was a little dissatisfied: “You are too violent, well, cannot you use speech to settle things out?”

“With such a person, what’s there to say?”

Ye Feng disagreed with her, anyways, when his powerful fist was like the truth and could easily solve the matter then he was certainly not willing to waste time in talking nonsense with unimportant people.

“You’re really…… humph.”

Su Menghan said but it didn’t have any effect on him, so she angrily turned away.

“What’s going on here?”

Soon, two train marshals walked into the train compartment and when they saw the painful look on the face of that youth, one of them stepped forward and asked in a loud voice.

While clutching his own chest, the suited youth barely managed to point his finger at Ye Feng: “Just now, that boy sexually harassed a female passenger, when I went forward to stop him, he hit me …….”

The two uniformed train marshals looked at Ye Feng, discussed a bit then made a nearby female train attendant to support the suited youth and help him in leaving the compartment.

But both train marshals, one tall and one short, walked over toward Ye Feng.

“Did you hit that man?”

The chunky train marshal arrived right in front of Ye Feng and asked while staring at him. He looked at Su Menghan sitting nearby and could not resist from having a feeling of shock and amaze, he once looked at her and this time, his eyes were as if glued to her.

“Yes it’s him, we saw.”

An aunt stood up and immediately gave her statement. She really could not stand watching today’s young people going too far.

“He hit the other guy, and before that, he even harassed the beautiful girl sitting beside him, we all heard her cry ‘beast’!”

At the same time, an uncle who was incomparably envious of Ye Feng stood up and said, while his words were filled with righteous indignation and fervent.

The chunky train marshal heard this and immediately believed in it, he turned to Ye Feng and said: “Come with me, the train is soon going to stop at Yanjing city station, I must ask you to get off with me at the station.”

After getting off the train, he would surely inform the police station and make them come to take him.

Ye Feng thought to make a phone call to that Lin Hongchuan after reaching the police station. He basically wanted to witness how much influence this Lin clan actually held. Therefore, he stood up and was all ready to leave the compartment with the chunky train marshal.


Su Menghan abruptly stood up and held Ye Feng, then clenched her teeth and said: “You didn’t even ask me, the other party, involved in this, how you can just casually take him away like this?”

At this time, she was certainly standing on Ye Feng’s side. It was needless to say that the man in suit simply induced disgust in her heart, and this whole thing actually started when she shouted “beast” out loud, so if Ye Feng was taken away like this then she would feel restless at hear.

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