Chapter - 4: – Dragon Sword ancient ring
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Ye Feng saw a tall and beautiful woman standing outside the door, but he did not get out and did not allow her to enter as well. He just stopped her at the door and said: “Girl, why have you come to visit so late at night?”

Assistant Hu Meimei was a bit annoyed at this attitude of Ye Feng. How could he make a beauty like her to stand outside the door and did not even ask her why she had come to him? He actually stopped her at the door and did not even allow her to enter the villa, how outrageous!

Moreover, it was very strange that he called her “girl”. Just in what era was he living that he actually addressed her in such an odd way? No wonder, Director Su Xinchang had an unfavorable impression for this boy, as he was certainly a big bumpkin.

“Director Sue has asked me to bring you a word.”

Hu Meimei glanced at him and when she saw his filthy appearance, a look of disdain appeared in her eyes: “Miss Su is not worthy of people like you, afterwards, do not try to get close to her. Director Su has sent this for you, do you accept it?”

She handed over the check.

Ye Feng took a look at it and was suddenly surprised to see two hundred thousand written on it. Did it even seem like Su Xinchang actually hated him? Why would Director Su give this money to him? After giving it a thought, he figured out that it was a “transaction fee” from the other side to make him leave Su Menghan.

But the problem was that there was really no relationship between him and Su Menghan, then why would the other party give money in vain?

Ye Feng really didn’t hesitate to take the check and then with a “bang”, he closed the door and didn’t even give a glance at the beautiful assistant.

Right now, to Ye Feng, this two hundred thousand was really a timely help. No matter where one would want to practice, whether in the world of immortal or in this mortal world, one would still need adequate resources.

Without any cause or reason, he was getting two hundred thousand, so why must he not take it!

Next, he would take a bath first then look into the matters of cultivation.


When Ye Feng slammed the door, Hu Meimei’s complexion suddenly became very unsightly.

As the beautiful assistant of Su Sheng group’s director, Su Xinchang, she was very much used to getting all kinds of flattery from others, but what just happened right now? This young hick had actually disrespectfully shut the door on her face…………

She grew more and more unhappy and returned back to Su Xinchang but seemed to be in a very bad mood.

“How did it go?”

When Su Xinchang saw an irritated look on her face, he asked in an indifferent tone.

“Director Su, he took it.”

Hu Meimei diligently reported.

“That’s good.”

Su Xinchang nodded: “Go upstairs and take a look at that girl, why hasn’t she come down yet.”

“There’s no need for that, I have come down.”

A melodious voice of a girl came over from the staircase. It was Su Menghan who had just come down after taking a bath. When she was coming down the staircase, at that moment, she distinctly heard Hu Meimei’s phrase “he took it,” and all of a sudden, she felt a little agitated.

“Oh? Good.”

Su Xinchang turned his head and looked at his budding flower-like beautiful daughter who had just taken bath and motioned her to sit down on the sofa opposite to him, then said: “Meimei just now went to talk to that Ye Feng and between you and two hundred thousand, he chose two hundred thousand…… “

“How many times do I need to tell you that I don’t have any relationship with him!”

Su Menghan was very uncomfortable sitting on the sofa. She thought that her dad was really a fool that he actually gave money to someone for no reason.

But in her heart, she was unable to determine why she was feeling so uncomfortable at the moment.

She had yet to realize that Ye Feng had already made an important place for himself in her heart. When she just heard that Ye Feng had actually chosen money over her, the favorable impression for him inside her heart disappeared all of a sudden.

“Tomorrow, we will move to our villa in Yanxi Villa district, let Meimei pick you up.”

Su Xinchang said in a tone that could not be refused.

Yanxi Villa district was Yanjing city’s new district for luxury villas with their living standards a lot higher than the villas in Qingfeng Park, but the distance between Yanxi Villa district and Su Menghan’s High school was a bit too far.


Su Menghan suddenly stood up and stared at her dad with her big beautiful eyes: “I’m not going.”

“It’s not up to you to decide.”

Su Xinchang sternly said.

Su Menghan was reluctant, but couldn’t do anything. Just because her dad had seen her roaming outside, late at night, he was making her move to a place that she did not like?

Unconsciously, Su Menghan had become even more annoyed at Ye Feng.


Ye Feng certainly did not know about Su Menghan’s disgust for him, and even if knew, he simply wouldn’t care.

As for the 200,000 he had gotten his hands on, he again didn’t care.

It was not that he did not know the value of two hundred thousand, but to him, this was barely enough to meet the basic requirements of practicing and nothing more than that.

In this whole world, the only thing that could make him feel excited was the ring he was wearing in his hand.

When he was in the hidden treasure trove of Fire Dragon Cave, he had stumbled upon this magic ring and at that time, this ring looked to be entirely made up of stone, but now, he actually saw two words written on the ancient ring “Dragon Sword”.

For the sake of this Dragon sword ancient ring, he had accidentally stepped on a trap mechanism which had caused him to fall all the way into this modern metropolis.

“Dragon Sword ancient ring, so it was not just a legend after all……”

Seeing the ring in his hand, Ye Feng was incomparably happy and ecstatic and this joy was much more than the joy of getting two hundred thousand. Let alone two hundred thousand, even two billion could not buy this ring!

Using this legendary Dragon sword ancient ring, one could open the ‘Dragon sword ancient tomb’ and get ancient immortal tools, but right now, forget about the Dragon sword ancient tomb, Ye Feng could not even go back to the world of the Immortals.

“This world’s air is polluted and I don’t think there are enough heavenly treasures left to help me with my practice……”

Ye Feng shook his head and did not think about it too much.

He did not know whether this Dragon sword ancient ring had any other functions, but clearly, now was not the time to study about its functions.

In the world of the Immortals, he had cultivated in order to become an immortal and it totally depended on the time spent on cultivation. Under normal circumstances, the longer the cultivation time was, the stronger the cultivator would become. So if someone possessed the cultivation of a decade, then he would obviously be  much stronger than those with a cultivation of five years.

Before coming here, Ye Feng had cultivated for 10 years in order to become an immortal, but after coming to this metropolis, he had completely lost his hard-earned cultivation in an instant.

He wanted to improve his cultivation as fast as possible in order to become an immortal and for that, he needed to practice a cultivation method so that his cultivation would keep on increasing steadily. There were a lot of ways to increase the speed of cultivation, like by consuming some of the heavenly treasure medicinal pills, or relying on other fortuitous encounters. If his luck went against the heaven’s will, then even if he were to practice only for a year, he could obtain ten years worth of cultivation.

In order to become an immortal, the cultivation of a decade was like a watershed.

‘Decade cloud god’ and ‘Century sun god’ were the most popular cultivation laws in the world of the Immortals.

Ye Feng recalled the cultivation law that he had practiced in the world of the Immortals – Revolving star tomb tactics. This was the most basic cultivation method for growing one’s cultivation day after day.

He had heard that some advanced core laws could increase the practice speed by ten times, but unfortunately, Ye Feng could not obtain such an advanced core law in this metropolis.

After taking a bath, Ye Feng returned to his room and tried to practice ‘star tomb tactic’, but suddenly, his complexion changed.

Because he found out that his body was actually unable to practice!

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